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  1. Offseason Thread

    I hear a sucking sound on that cap money already...
  2. Well now, it sounds like someone is butthurt. I'll see myself out...
  3. Offseason Thread

    Did seem to do ok in the return role aside from the muff. A lot better than having #1 or #2 wideouts back there
  4. Very much a non-issue. Dumb, but non-issue. And he'll be back next year. Only way I see him not being there is if he retires, which I think he'd entertain if TB12 moves on.
  5. I approve this. He's my favorite one of the bunch.
  6. Playoffs Thread

    1. Titans. 2. SF I'm 'meh' on the rest of the field. Not fond of the Chefs, Rodgers bugs the hell out of me.
  7. 2020 opponents

    I see losses vs. HOU, SEA, SF, LAC, LAR, BAL, and 1-2 div losses. Miami always a trip in Miami, and if Buffalo doesn't regress. Jets I think we sweep. This all sorta assumes we muck things up again personnel wise.
  8. 2020 opponents

    Looks like it could be a grind
  9. Offseason Thread

    I thought Caserio was heading to HOU?
  10. I was leaning towards "no that's not happening" to thinking he's 28 and in the last year of his contract. Sorta in that Bellichick window of moving off of
  11. Fair enough. Does he start seeing a heavy dose of action in the pass game this coming season?
  12. LOL! Screams Eddie Murphy "Wasn't me..."
  13. White standing out like a Grail-shaped beacon on that list and Michel is useless in the pass game. Dorsett didn't have any drops?
  14. If Brady does in fact leave...

    OMFG this is brilliant https://twitter.com/stoolpresidente/status/1214256961929334786
  15. If Brady does in fact leave...

    If Brady won; "It was Brady all along, not BB". If Brady lost "ROTFLOLOlOMg it was BB all along Brady sux!" ...and I'm just over here feeling like I'm in "Sophie's Choice"