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  1. What a frustrating season, looking forward to seeing how they address things. Pulling for TB in the playoffs, or if they crap the bed, Buffalo.
  2. ToP is 20 vs 12. It’s not surprising to see the D gassed.
  3. This could go one of two ways... bad, or worse than bad. I suspect we’re gonna get lit up. I’m not sure why we’re still fielding Cam either. having said that, watch us now put together some magical gameplan and execution and we pull out a close one.
  4. Bucs/Lions, Phins/Raiders, Rams/Hawks,Titans/Pack, Bills/Pats
  5. Ravens always stressed me out. Played us tough all the time. Drove me insane. Didn't like playing Manning ever. Chiefs are in that tier at the moment.
  6. Probably watch or check in on Bills/Broncos, Lions/Titans, Bucs/Falcons, Chiefs/Saints
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