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  1. Haven't heard anything on Edelman's condition, thought he went in for X-rays on his foot during the game? Hopefully nothing?
  2. Liked Dion here but TN had/has wayyyyyyyyyyy more cap than us. I don't think I'd have gave him his current contract either. Played 1 full season, and just under half of 2 others. I really don't get what his beef is. Not to mention our method a) brought him to the team and b) he's got a ring, c) has netted 2 decades of success. If was going to retain anyone it would have been Amendola.
  3. I’m gonna have no voice tomorrow after this
  4. LOL, jesus... lookit CP go...
  5. Rowe to IR

  6. Why do these games always have to take a year or two off my life. Whew.
  7. 19-0 in 2007 or the 2 Super Bowl wins

    Fair enough on the rest, but in our case 2K7 would be a high-point, not an only-point. If someone wants to compare Brady, Bradshaw, Montana we always have "yeah but '07" and if someone else completes a perfect season we'd have "Yeah but '01, 03, 04, 07" Here's a twist on this topic if anyone wants to entertain it. Would you trade '14 & '16 for '07 and the opportunity to compete in 1 more SB before TB12 walks away?
  8. 19-0 in 2007 or the 2 Super Bowl wins

    True. It was nice to see Sherman & Pete humbled a bit. Have to give Sherman credit for being the first one to shake Brady's hand though.
  9. 19-0 in 2007 or the 2 Super Bowl wins

    I'm reading what others are saying and still torn. For whatever reason I don't really have much attachment to '14. What the 'haws did to Manning doesn't mean anything since we outplayed the '13 Broncos even with Brady tossing 2 picks. The Butler pick also isn't something that holds a lot of emotion. Don't get me wrong, I loved '14 for it being the first title in 10 years but the other factors don't mean a lot, for me anyway. Good game but I still wouldn't bat an eye hawking it for '07. '16 is a different story. The narrative coming into the season, Brady being suspended 4 games and all that. Then the offense choking for 3 quarters. We all know Atlanta botched that game, but the comeback, Jules circus catch, Hightower's sack, the OT coin toss and marching down the field, and watching Roger have to hand that trophy to Kraft and Kraft rubbing it in his face... it was a special game. That would be hard to give up. '07 would be just as historically significant as either of these games though. A win in that game leaves at 4-0 in SB's with one being a perfect season. The "Montana never lost in a SB" nonsense wouldn't exist, and regardless of how Joe played, he never put the cherry on the sundae to that degree. Shula can have a nice fat cup of STFU. We simultaneously strip Eli of one of his titles and Moss goes to the hall with a ring, the "Eli owns Brady" narrative never existed, and of course galvanizes the '07 team as one of, if not the greatest, offense ever fielded and surpasses any debate between the '13 Broncos vs. the '07 Pats. And sure, TB12 would have 4, same as Bradshaw and Montana but we'd have done what neither did. I think with a win, that mystique of the perfect season changes completely and it's one of our rallying cries. I don't think it hurts the legacy with one less ring to be honest, especially with one being '07. We had 4 before, legacy was still insane.
  10. My eye can finally stop twitching