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  1. Throwing to Josh Boyce, Aaron Dobson, Kembrell Thompkins, Hooman, Dola & Jules. Gronk only active for middle part of the season and then gone again with the ACL vs. Cleveland.
  2. couple examples 2008 11-5 Pats out, 8-8 Chargers in. 2010 10-6 Giants/Bucs out, 7-9 Seahawks in. There's something cringe about that, but the system is the system regardless.
  3. Receiver & Run D. The bar is so low for receiver that even a mediocre increase is going to be substantial, especially with functional TE's
  4. Hogan was actually Ok for us too. Not world beating but did well enough. Though your point still stands, we've been straight *** developing wideouts.
  5. He looked slow as dirt in his college highlight reel too. The fact that his agent chirps about being unstoppable at the point of attack in college says it all. But wait, he was "unstoppable at the point of attack"... in college...
  6. Would have to change out to Papa John's... which is worse... but still an overpay for Harry
  7. I liked Malcolm Mitchell too. For his limited time, he seemed to fair ok in the system. Think he woulda panned out ok if the health issues didn't nix his career.
  8. What if he goes to Miami N'Keal's it? (I see your pun and raise you)
  9. Still think Cam starts regardless of how good MJ looks TBH. But I think he'll be on a short leash. 2 games, maybe 3 and they give MJ a shot if Cam looks like trash.
  10. Stid was supposedly the most consistent. Wonder if that leaves Hoyer the odd man out.
  11. Last day of minicamp, they say Mac struggled and Cam looked sharp and more accurate. Bring on TC!
  12. I'm excited to see how this season plays out.
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