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  1. I think it's an interesting question. I wonder how many elite players would trade down their stats a bit for a ring. After all, statistical successes can be overtaken, but being a SB Champion is forever. Look at how we look at the elite players and how they tend to fade across eras as the game and rules evolve and we debate their impact of the game now vs the game then. It's a good debate either way.
  2. I'll laugh my *** off Rob & Tom are doing one of their goofy "Tommy & Gronky" episodes and Jules beams in
  3. His retirement video got my feels a bit. Finished in typical Jules fashion too.
  4. The man. Minitron. Incredelman. One of the Pygmys. Gonna miss watching him play.
  5. Yep, that's exactly the same thing that hit me. Forever a Patriot, Jules
  6. He’ll stick around to mentor I’m sure. I’d also put big money on him retiring and moving into a media position too. He’s got the personality for it.
  7. I'm 30 for the 20th time. HBD and Grats on making it this far! From here on out, it's just landing on Luxury Tax and Boardwalk with Hotels.
  8. The new signings aren't elites, but they're huge upgrades from where we were, especially at TE. Remains to be seen if we're still the worst receiving corp in the league. We just need the receivers to be serviceable to make a significant difference. All hinges on Cam, which I don't have a lot of faith in. Still calling for .500, and will be quite happy to be wrong.
  9. Won't be anyone to start the investigation as all heads outside of New England will rage-explode
  10. I'm going to be so bummed if Cam's passing game looks like trash again with us stocking up on the skill positions.
  11. I hadn't either, so trying to catch some of the offensive plays from the season. He's definitely better than Cam through the air, by a long shot. Doesn't look like WFT's OL did him any favors either.
  12. Nope, but assumed he'd be an upgrade to the passing game over anyone on the current roster, which really doesn't take much.
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