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  1. I always like seeing Rodgers get run over. Was surprised how sour that game turned for him though. Yikes.
  2. One of our daughters and her partner have C19 as well, they're coasting through it fortunately.
  3. Maybe the extra time can clear Cam too... long shot but...
  4. Even at 32 I'd expect a bigger impact and better performance. And watching him run is almost like watching TB12 run.
  5. I'm legit shocked the line has done as well as it has. That was my biggest concern/question coming in.
  6. OSBORN RIDDY! #LetsGo Will be interesting to see if TB12 can deal with the attrition TB is seeing in their WR corps, and if Gronk can be more of a factor now that Howard is done for the season.
  7. He looks slow and generally lackadaisical at times. I'd agree he seems off.
  8. Same. My wife heard me though. Which subsequently hurt my shoulder.
  9. His 2nd half looked pretty solid though.
  10. I'll be in my bar firing up the popcorn maker, shooting darts, and pouring Morgan & Coke and loudly slurring my dissatisfaction with the play calling or Hoyer thorwing INT's. But I'm genuinely curious to see how the coaching staff bails themselves out of this one.
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