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  1. Only Chiefs-Titans, Bucs-bears, and NE-NY this week for me. I’ll take Titans, Bucs, NE. F it.
  2. Would like zero turnovers and to see the O move the ball.
  3. Hightower Bentley (someone will throw $ at him) Wynn traded (unless he turns his ish around). 10M/0Dead. If continues regressing, flip him for some kind of capital while we can. Collins DMC Harry (good riddance) Keene
  4. They've done better than I expected too. The saints game is the only outlier where we legit lost by multiple scores, which I'm shocked by. Clean up a turnover here and there and *boom*
  5. To be fair, I expect a lot of growing & acclimation pains on O with 2-3 new WR's, 2 new TE's, and a rookie QB, in a system that has been notoriously complex to adapt to. The does need help though.
  6. god did he look completely gassed for a good part of the game.
  7. From the look of things, I'm betting next year we'll start winning games like this. Curious to see where we stand at the end of the year.
  8. Holy hell!!!!! Too quick though I think?
  9. Gotta get the O back on track and put some more points up
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