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  1. These tough games are going to kill me before the end of the season.
  2. The Other Games Thread Week #11

    Does that time that Brady kicked Ed Reed in the nuts during a slide count?
  3. I'm curious how much our O-line & TE group issues are playing into that.
  4. We're on to the bye...

    **Expecto Patronum!**
  5. We're on to the bye...

    A blocking dummy would be an upgrade over Newhouse.
  6. Midseason Survey

    Is Dwayne Allen still rehabbing a knee? I'm surprised we haven't worked him out, at least for blocking help.
  7. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    Max Kellerman is awfully 'edgy' today ain't he...
  8. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    I want to paste Newhouse's face into that blanket party scene in Full Metal Jacket
  9. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    Outside of the initial horrific play, the D surprised me and did put ya in a position to win that game. The O was able to move the ball a bit. If they can get the dumb errors resolved that’s a very winnable game.
  10. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    Oh wow that was a nice grab by White
  11. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    I expected it to be a loss but this is embarrassing
  12. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    Even Newhouse sacked Brady on that one.
  13. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens

    Gotta move the ball this possession
  14. GDT - The Baltimore Runvens