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  1. I threw my laptop across the couch with some profanities laced in. Miami just had their Catalina Wine Mixer. Just hope we can stomp a mud hole in Pit next week to set the tone for the remainder.
  2. Week 11 @ NYJ: The Empire Strikes Back

    Fouts reminds me of an old woman at a grocery store looking for an obscure flavor of ice cream who insists you check in back even though you’ve already told her you don’t carry it.
  3. The Other Games Thread 11 *Bye Week*

    Sweet baby Jesus. Sure wish I could have watched that one
  4. MNF WK 11 Chiefs at Rams NOT IN Mexico City

    Can’t watch the game but just looking at the updates on ESPN, this is insane
  5. Haven't heard anything on Edelman's condition, thought he went in for X-rays on his foot during the game? Hopefully nothing?
  6. Liked Dion here but TN had/has wayyyyyyyyyyy more cap than us. I don't think I'd have gave him his current contract either. Played 1 full season, and just under half of 2 others. I really don't get what his beef is. Not to mention our method a) brought him to the team and b) he's got a ring, c) has netted 2 decades of success. If was going to retain anyone it would have been Amendola.
  7. I’m gonna have no voice tomorrow after this
  8. LOL, jesus... lookit CP go...
  9. Rowe to IR

  10. Why do these games always have to take a year or two off my life. Whew.