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  1. You know that, I know that. The media just wants clicks.
  2. I don't disagree. But I'm sticking at 2 seasons. I'll give him another pass if we are sub .500 next season. I don't think we have enough capital to fill the holes this season coupled with a more competitive AFCE, especially in the off chance Watson ends up in NY or MIA. Cap strapped this season so we weren't getting anything better than Cam on the deal we got him on. Did we even have 3M free at the start of the season? It was pretty gross if I remember correctly. The only point I'm making with TB is he proved his success wasn't reliant on BB or his system, and with the tools he ca
  3. Well I mean... for one, the last 20 years have had TB12 manning the helm of the offense. His first season away left NE with a -5 win differential over last year while he and his new team took home the title in his first season there. That's going to raise some questions, especially by the reactionary bobbleheads in sports media. Now the flip side is, how many times have most of us in this forum parroted stuff like, "BB can take a bunch of UDFA's, VFA's, and cast offs and win championships?" "In Bill We Trust" should be in the heading of this subforum. So we can't really say "Oh... wel
  4. First article is from 2011 Too early to say how much the transition affects Bill’s legacy. I think the better question is, how many poor performing seasons would it take to change your perception of BB. I still like seeing some pressure on Bill. TB proved his point; give him the tools and he’ll succeed, even at this point in his career. The next two seasons will be telling depending on how the team trends.
  5. Babe. TB would have languished here and the decline talk would be through the roof since our supporting cast is pretty abysmal. For what he's brought to the team, and what was bound to end sooner vs. later, I don't see much of an issue with him leaving.
  6. Probably only took the equivalent of one Zima too. lol. Good to see him enjoying himself and not being a complete mannequin
  7. See him lob the Lombardi to another boat? LOL. NNNNOPE.
  8. Chiefs were weird this season in spite of their record. They looked vulnerable at times. The Browns, by all rights, should have had that game. Hell, even Hoyer moved the ball well against them, he just choked badly in the redzone. I'm fairly confident TB12 wins that game in the regular season, I don't think NE w/ TB12 makes it far enough to face them in the SB though.
  9. San Fran wouldn't have gotten him much since the injury bug wiped them out of contention completely. I'd say a worse record than staying in NE with the NFCW being a bit tougher. The discussions would all center around "TB and BB needed each other, they both suck separately" I think the Pats record would have been closer to 10-6, 11-5 if TB12 stayed and have been a little less frustrating to watch with Meyers' improvement and Edelman being utilized better. They probably split with the Bills and go 2nd in the div, lose in the divisional. Raiders I'd see something like those maddening
  10. The whole game was garbage time essentially
  11. Pretty much. Even with his drops he was over 100. Consistent but not flashy. I did enjoy seeing them held to 3 FG's too. TB finally got the SB win I'd wanted him to have in NE; a near perfect game with a blow-out win over top tier competition. None of that "He NeEdEd HiS kIcKeR or He NeEdED HiS dEfEnCe tO bAiL HiM oUt" Mic Drop.
  12. I don't think BB puts a lot of thought into what TB is doing. I'm sure he's congratulatory. NE has a metric ton of work to do to start building that team back up. Whether Bill is petty or not, I'm more inclined to think he's far more focused on trying to stabilize what he's got in NE vs any catty theoretics over Tom's success elsewhere. The only thing in that vein I can see BB putting some thought into is wanting to be competitive without TB. The question is how long that'll take to accomplish, if at all.
  13. Nah. He’s brought us more than enough. Good to see him prove the doubters wrong for sure
  14. His contract is something like 4/98M left. OTC says a post-june trade leaves PHI with 9M dead and 25M saved (before that is 33/800k) so I can see the move, but to get someone to take it on is gonna cost em I'd imagine. I'm not sure what our options would be with a restructure. I didn't see him play this past season but if it's as bad as everyone says it is, I don't see committing 25M/yr cap to it as being prudent. That's half of what our assumed cap space is going to be and we have some big ol' holes to shore up.
  15. Always got a kick out of his web bits, the one he did with Chandler Jones and the one with Shane Vereen were pretty entertaining
  16. I'm rooting for them. Would love to see TB12 & Gronk hoist another trophy.
  17. There's no Rodgers Rate in NE. He's not coming here.
  18. He's annoyed me at times with some questionable moves and decisions. I wouldn't say it's changed given how crap the roster is, but there's a side of me that is enjoying seeing him struggle while TB is going to the big game again (even though he's likely going to take another L in it). I'm really curious to see how long he stays as HC and how quickly the team recovers to being competitive.
  19. He's had some really good games. I'm wondering if his quad issue is lingering. F'nette had some good runs. Even Godwin... probably the most frustrating of them all.
  20. You ain't kidding. Watching solid passes bouncing off of RBs over and over... and over... and over...
  21. Jules is 6M. 2.6M Dead/3.4 Saved if we move on from him. I could almost see the Bucs calling for him if Godwin leaves. TB12 gets the band back together for one last year.
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