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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Just meant names that fit the position
  2. 2019 Draft Discussion

    This is the Draft of the names RD1 Greedy RD2 Chase RD3 Savage
  3. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Was bored this morning and did a simulator using Matt Miller's Rankings and I think this would be a near perfect draft...thoughts? 20: R1P20 TE TJ HOCKENSON IOWA 52: R2P20 S CHAUNCEY GARDNER-JOHNSON FLORIDA 66: R3P2 LB VOSEAN JOSEPH FLORIDA 83: R3P19 CB AMANI ORUWARIYE PENN STATE 122: R4P20 RB JUSTICE HILL OKLAHOMA STATE 141: R5P3 WR EMANUEL HALL MISSOURI 175: R6P2 EDGE PORTER GUSTIN USC 192: R6P19 DL DAYLON MACK TEXAS A&M 207: R6P34 LB BJ BLUNT MCNEESE ST 219: R7P5 P JAKE BAILEY STANFORD
  4. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    The Steelers select tj Edwards
  5. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    The Steelers select Andrew Van ginkle @Tugboat OTC
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Give me mack Wilson in the 2nd please I'd take mack in the 2nd over Bush in the 1st
  7. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    Steelers select Tytus Howard @Forge OTC
  8. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    The Steelers select Chase winovich , OLB, Michigan @jch1911 OTC
  9. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    The Steelers select mack Wilson Not sure if I'm on the clock yet but hopefully I am
  10. Mini TCMD Draft Thread

    33 the Steelers select OL Garrett bradbury @EaglesPeteC Philly OTC
  11. Mini TCMD - Discussion Thread

    Taking Devin Bush threw me for a loop, thought I'd be able to get him at the beginning of the 2nd
  12. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Why would it, you win some, you lose some... The player won this time, good for him Teams win all the time by just cutting a player when they see fit
  13. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    The AB situation was unavoidable, he wanted out ...and made it very clear and destroyed his trade value in the process You weren't going to "let him rot" in the bench ... That's childish and detrimental to the team Do I wish AB would of handled it differently and we may have been able to get a more OBJ package but he didn't and it's done That's what I mean when I say Steelers fans are acting like a bitter ex ... Listen he wanted out, and he may have "cheated" , to go along with the ex comparison, but man move on... If seeing him in the raiders gear all clean cut and stuff now hurts your feelings, there is something wrong with you
  14. Deboo with the early 3rd
  15. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Haha I'm a firm believer in the teams that spend big in FA are perennial losers for the most part And you can't win a division in March ... I'm happy for Cleveland and their fans deserve it and it'll make the games much more fun to watch, but the Steelers or the Ravens are still the top of the division until proven otherwise