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  1. I can hear the sport radio shows here in pittsburgh and all the call ins of ppl so pissed if the Steelers end up going S and a OLB Haha oh the panic ...it'd honestly be great
  2. The pittsburgh steelers select Ronnie Perkins, OLB, oklahoma @mountainpd otc via your trade
  3. Haha so I'm not the only one that thinks the value is way out of whack Nice to know I just can't bring myself to give up basically another top 100 player to move up a few slots
  4. Haha I know I know I just hate giving up that value to trade up though
  5. Well there goes trading up for Etteine
  6. Steelers interested in moving up , Pm me what it'd cost to make that jump
  7. At the playground with daughter here is a Raiders BB Wyatt davis Kelvin Joseph
  8. Haha thanks most Steelers fans would flip their **** if they took moehrig But what the heck let's try something different
  9. Just made the pick to keep this thing rolling Trying a different route this time with moehrig in the 1st
  10. With the 24th pick The pittsburgh steelers select Trevon moehrig , S, TCU @LinderFournette otc
  11. I got a trade out to @mountainpd he hasn't read it yet ... So I'll give a bit of time to see if he gets on to see it, if not I'll make the pick
  12. I'll be on throughout the day, but I'll drop a raiders BB to keep this thing moving as fast as we can 1 - JOK 2 - Caleb Farley
  13. I can do the raiders as a 2nd team if you can't find anyone for them And start date , the earlier the better for me, doesn't really matter though
  14. Good watch on Najee Harris Watching this it's hard not to root for the guy, and seems like a guy Tomlin would love ... And the fans would take to him quickly https://youtu.be/ImsK9gpsO18 I don't know how to embed the videos but
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