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  1. You could move Dodson to RG , his more natural position Green could play LG if you draft a C And leglue has to stay on the 53, sounds like he can be a very solid backup swing Olineman ...maybe potential to be a starter
  2. I kept saying I don't know who that 77 is but I'm not mad at him Not saying I studied and watch his every play but I was impressed he wasn't a liability that I could tell
  3. Quinton lake too Grab joey porter and carnell lakes son in the same draft
  4. Ok I played with the draft simulator sitting here waiting for my son to be born. Obviously in this during FA they put some money into the Oline , at least 1 significant signing I really like the McCreary and wright pairing, both those guys are dogs at the CB position and tackle well for the position too PIT 16. Jordan Davis DT Georgia PIT 48. Roger McCreary CB Auburn PIT 80. Mykael Wright CB Oregon PIT 97. Rasheed Walker OT Penn State PIT 177. Arnold Ebiketie EDGE Penn State
  5. I'm with everyone else I don't think Davis is a luxury at all... The dline needs some talented youth on there The oline just had a injection of youth , in theory Green and Moore should get better going into their 2nd season ... Not at all saying they shouldn't address the oline though It all depends where they decide to spend the FA money on though Big Munford and kinnard fan though
  6. I'd be ok with this . We agree on Mariota , do I think he'll be the answer , no but I'd be interested to see how the offense changes and as a stop gap One thing is for sure, is that there will be new faces with the amount of money they have to spend ... Really hope they bring in a CB and Olineman What's your thoughts on the big boy Jordan Davis to beef up that Dline? Anlaulu / heyward / tuitt are all getting up there , time for some high pick youth on that Dline
  7. What's wrong with Russel okung or Mitchell Swartz? Or do we not have enough room to bring anyone in?
  8. Some of these vets will sign cheap closer to the season and cuts start happening...I wouldn't be in a rush to sign those guys there will be an abundance of them A Combo of Ingram / Houston and Poole / denard would be pretty good though
  9. I'm most intrigued by Willis And as well as someone who might be around when we draft (preferably 32 but most likely in the later half of the 1st Rd)
  10. So colbert said they had a late 3rd early 4th grade on roche. So that means they had a higher grade on buddy johnson and whatever that wisconsin guy name is? Huh make it make sense to me
  11. Maybe they're really high on Pierre And there are actually still a good bit of slot CB type guys out there James wiggins , ar'darius washington, thomas graham jr, Kary Vincent Jr, Jason pinnock ...just off the top I'm sure I'm missing some guys
  12. I'll take roche this late Unusual to get a 3rd OLB this late, but I like roche as a rotational guy
  13. I'ma guess thomas graham jr or shaka toney
  14. Still some good edge and slot guys here Really hoping Really hoping for wiggins
  15. Every round is a crap shoot basically Steelers always do well Ravens always do well Cinci and cleveland have been stepping their drafting game up (as evident by their recent success) I feel like the north is one of the better division in football (3 teams making e playoffs)
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