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  1. Man looking back my draft wasn't the greatest for Pitt Although having Akers and hurts would be nice right now....but the rest of the draft meh
  2. I'd be glad to run Pittsburgh Just lmk
  3. Based in over the cap, no but to be honest I can't say I know for sure if vance will be a FA or not I was just going by them If they didn't have a losing season starting duck Hodges at QB I think they can put something together ... Also maybe a chance to draft a QB (Ben was like the 13th pick I think) I don't think your losing much in vance, pouncy or Vince ... Replacement already on the team ... The backup center played well enough to be that you didn't notice pouncy was out those games Spillane fills in for Vince (or you bring back Avery for cheap) Does Vance even p
  4. According to over the cap with a projected space at 176 million which is way down cutting Ben, pouncy, vance , Vince restructure heyward and tuitt Gets them to 20mil cap space.. Enough to sign juju and maybe Bud Then worry about tj and Fitzpatrick next year collect the comp picks for losing Villa and feiler
  5. Could stash Hunter Bryant, Thad moss, or Stephan Sullivan and let them learn until next year
  6. Please no AJ green No thanks to a 4.6 CB , especially in our division
  7. Fully expect Evan Weaver or AJ green to be the 6th round pick
  8. I'm a big Reggie Robinson fan Robinson and Hudson would be forced for Special teams ...and Robinson has potential to be a solid CB
  9. I was really against a NT but remembering our division and Lamar Ingram/Dobbins , Chubb/hunt, Mixon all twice a year And the last game against bmore with rg3 , and they knew they were going to run the ball and the D had nothing for them Yeah give me fotu
  10. Agreed just was throwing some names out Need to get Simpson, biadasz, or barch with the next pick...need someone that can move bodies off the line to help those guys
  11. Patrick Taylor Jr or Xavier Jones are RBs I wouldn't mind in the 6th or 7th
  12. Man it would be a tough choice between, Winfield, delpit, Mims or Josh Jones Didn't think any of them would still be close
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