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  1. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Steelers trade block Jaylen Samuels Chuck okoafor
  2. Pittsburgh trades 0234 - Bobby okereke Carolina trades 0967 - Greg little @PR
  3. 2020 - Inside the Locker

    Great write up, Glade someone noticed the case keenum signing, I thought that was my best move Turay is a gamble but: in 2018 ranked 43rd among 102 qualifying players. The 14.8% pressure rate that ranked eighth among qualifying edge rushers indicated he was getting pressure at an elite rate early on, though. He was beginning to really flash as a situational pass rusher this season — such as on this play, where he throws Cam Erving into Patrick Mahomes — before an early injury derailed his sophomore campaign. Across the first five weeks of the season, Turay’s 91.0 pass-rushing grade ranked second among all qualifying edge defenders, and his 22.9% pressure rate ranked second to only Nick Bosa. If he comes back from injury and reaches that potential, I have a good counterpart to Watt on a rookie deal for 2 years until Ben and pouncey are off the books and I can resign Turay and Watt (if not Watt this next off-season)
  4. 2020 - Inside the Locker

    I was in the Red and was trying to fill holes with cheaper talent So I could make other roster moves to try and create cap space without creating holes in the roster He was pretty much on there since the time I took over the Steelers to the start which was like a week + I think... I posted it a few times... Granted ppl might not be very active until the thing actually starts
  5. 2020 - Inside the Locker

    His caliber when he had AB , yes ... By his self he hasn't shown it... Granted it was a bad year and injuries and Ben got injured... But there are questions about his ability to be a #1 Keenan Allen is a #1 and has proved it already being "the guy" Article about Turay https://www.google.com/amp/s/coltswire.usatoday.com/2020/01/04/indianapolis-colts-kemoko-turay-ben-banogu-upside/amp/ Him and Watt were rated the best edge players until Turay got injured Now him with Watt, heyward and tuitt ... I'm ok with that
  6. 2020 - Inside the Locker

    It's easy to say, but where were the other offers? Easy to say what you "should" of got, but there weren't a bunch of ppl knocking down the door And I don't think a former 2nd round pick who showed promise but got injured A 3rd round pick, who played well and steps in and fills a role for like 6mil cheaper then the guy he's replacing ( that's the difference from me signing perriman from you in FA) And a 3rd round pick is terrible value
  7. 2020 - Inside the Locker

    It's all good, it's just for fun
  8. 2020 - Inside the Locker

    Once I seen bud Dupree wanted 20+ apy to keep him, I knew I would have to make moves I don't see Baron for okereke a wash in anyway, okereke is the better player and far cheaper, Baron was going to be a cap casualty Turay is a gamble, but his upside was worth it knowing I was going to get other weapons ... I guess we'll see, thing is he was playing super well for the colts and got injured... Here in Pittsburgh with Watt heyward and tuitt he'll be getting all 1v1s I had other deals in place that losing JuJu wasn't that big of deal to me. I don't see juju to Keenan Allen as that big of a drop off if any I knew I was going to get Keenan Allen , and I was going to get Evan Engram but that deal fell through because of the tag and trade... Both parties agreed it was best to abandon If I remember correctly for me it ended up being essentially Juju + Baron ( who was going to be cut) + James Washington + cam sutton + 4th round For Keenan Allen + Turay + okereke + 3rd + a depth Dlinemen i forget his name Only thing I didn't like was adding that 4th but meh this is for fun You guys also killed the Bengals for trying to extend the RB off the rookie deal but let the colts extend juju for something like 5 years 8 mill total, not even APY
  9. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    3 first, stop being greedy and let us no 1sts get one
  10. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Any schedule changes are ok with me
  11. TCMD- Depth Chart Thread

    Steelers QB: Ben / Case Keenum / Rudolph RB: James Connor / Benny Snell / Jaylen Samuels / Kerryth White FB: Rossy Nix WR: Keenan Allen / breshard perriman / diante Johnson / Deon Caine TE: Eric Ebron / Adam Shaheen / Zack gentry LT: AV / Greg little LG: Derwin Grey C: Pouncey / JC hassenauer RG: DeCastro RT: Zach banner / Chuck DE: Cam heyward / Stephon tuitt / Tyson alualu / Justin Jones DT: Isiah buggs / Henry mondeaux OLB: TJ Watt / kemoko Turay / Tuzar skipper / O Adeniyia ILB: Devin bush / Vince Williams / Bobby okereke / ulysees Gilbert / Tyler matkovich CB: Joe Haden / Steve Nelson / Mike Hilton / Justin Layne S: minkah Fitzpatrick / Terrell Edmunds / Marcus Allen K: Chris Boswell P
  12. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Steelers are happy to add case keenum on a cheap contract for a top end backup QB , possible even starter With Ben's health and recovery a top knotch backup was a major priority this off-season. Mason Rudolph is trash and this team would of been in the playoffs with a half decent backup QB Now prematurely releasing Ramon Foster thinking resigning BJ Finney was a given , was a huge mistake on my behalf
  13. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    With that said Steelers are in the market for a LG since I created an unnecessary hole Someone who can be a stop gap
  14. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Damn you stealing bj Finney , I should of resigned him last round when there was no offers That was my bad game planning
  15. 2020 - TCMD GM Mock Draft Discussion

    Steelers 1 resign 1 vet QB since Rudolph sucks and who knows about Ben injury recovery