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  1. Some of these vets will sign cheap closer to the season and cuts start happening...I wouldn't be in a rush to sign those guys there will be an abundance of them A Combo of Ingram / Houston and Poole / denard would be pretty good though
  2. I'm most intrigued by Willis And as well as someone who might be around when we draft (preferably 32 but most likely in the later half of the 1st Rd)
  3. So colbert said they had a late 3rd early 4th grade on roche. So that means they had a higher grade on buddy johnson and whatever that wisconsin guy name is? Huh make it make sense to me
  4. Maybe they're really high on Pierre And there are actually still a good bit of slot CB type guys out there James wiggins , ar'darius washington, thomas graham jr, Kary Vincent Jr, Jason pinnock ...just off the top I'm sure I'm missing some guys
  5. I'll take roche this late Unusual to get a 3rd OLB this late, but I like roche as a rotational guy
  6. I'ma guess thomas graham jr or shaka toney
  7. Still some good edge and slot guys here Really hoping Really hoping for wiggins
  8. Every round is a crap shoot basically Steelers always do well Ravens always do well Cinci and cleveland have been stepping their drafting game up (as evident by their recent success) I feel like the north is one of the better division in football (3 teams making e playoffs)
  9. Of course the ravens end up with wade Humphrey, peters and wade in the slot Man out division has been drafting ridiculously good too
  10. You can sell me on the more considering we still had a ton of options at Slot/CB But you can't sell me on buddy johnson Day 1 & 2 A+ Day 3 D
  11. I was with em all draft until that pick Meh he probably don't even make the final 53 , maybe as the 4th tackle if they carry 4
  12. No way they are going 4 straight offensive players
  13. Give me 4a - wade / nasirildeen / wiggins 4b - hayes / toney
  14. Yeah 4a I'm with you , give me one of those guys or james Wiggins (statistically one of the best slot defenders last year) insane athletic abilities Wade I think reports are character concerns, not getting along with coaches and stuff? At least I think that's what I read
  15. I think you guys are not giving green enough credit, he'll be starting by mid season Probably should be starting sooner rather then later, but I could see the coaching staff going with Finney similar to Dotson/Feiler last year At worst he can be LG next year, and move Dotson back to his natural RG position, but I think he'll be the C for 10+years
  16. I didn't expect freiermuth to be there in the 2nd and most guys have it a C or D grade Give me a combo of any of these guys and it's a successful draft Edge - daelin hayes , shaka Tony, FSU guys , quincy roche , weaver , chris rumpf, elerson smith, charles Snowden, hamilcar rashes CB - shaun wade, Kary Vincent Jr, Thomas graham jr, tre brown, robert rochelle S - hamsah nasirildeen or james Wiggins (both great options for big nickel/slot guys)
  17. Quinn here to make y'all happy I don't know how you can pass up on browning here though
  18. Green , Hainsey, Trey hill will start sooner rather then later at C Don't want to trade picks when you still need 2 CBs, and a backup edge or 2. Developmental Tackle They got the best RB in the draft and the 2nd best TE
  19. Browning JOK Azeez Cosmi Freiermuth Ossai Perkins
  20. I love this Najee will quickly become a fan favorite
  21. Man so many guys left I'd love to get Browning Jok Cosmi As jr Azeez Ossai Ronnie Perkins Creed
  22. Let's go browning keep dropping Not only cause I'd love to see Bush and browning on the inside for the next 10 yes ... But the local media would implode
  23. Man listening to the fan on the way home from work and these guys are completely bias pushing a narrative. Now I remember why I don't listen to these sport talk shows
  24. I don't know why ppl don't think harris would help a rookie QB? A complete RB will certainly help with Ben and after Ben
  25. They like kendrick too , klem worked him out at his pro day But I'm with you browning , kendrick green or Hainsey in the 3rd
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