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  1. Please don't talk about what you don't know. I never stated he was a model citizen. Not in the past or the current. His actions after that play was mildly dirty. So say he made a mildly dirty play and move on. No need for people to call him a POS for it (you) or make a joke in reference to when he sustains a major injury (someone else). A lot of hateful sentiments being thinly veiled as virtue signaling here.
  2. Yup, that’s what I’ve seen to, being around the area. But knew this would be the first comment.
  3. What? Mattison is probably a top 20 HB easy, if he was on a team without Cook, etc. No where near ****ty
  4. You have bias. You are a fan of the team in question.
  5. Same. Might have been interested otherwise.
  6. I feel so bad for the Texans and their fans. Screw BoB
  7. Miami with good QB play and their classic uniforms. This is true Dolphins football we deserve.
  8. Their current logo is amazing, so I’m fine with the change, but Denver’s throwback logo is great. It’a very strong, distinct, and the orange and blue work well together.
  9. This. Clickbait. When I saw Breaking News, I was actually expecting something.
  10. Had he not been injury-riddled, he would have been an all-time great; below only Reed, Polamalu, and Dawkins for 2000’s safeties.
  11. You’re right, it’s getting worse. And now there’s more rumors that it’s because a lot of Badgers went to a wedding and didn’t follow protocol.
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