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  1. Best recently hired B1G coach?

    Indeed, putting Chryst on would have been a runaway (and Harbaugh too, who were both hired in 2015). Even so, I would have added them regardless if I felt they were recent hires. Chryst/Harbaugh are tied as the 6th longest tenured B1G coaches, meaning they have coached at their school longer than the majority of coaches in the conference. I wanted to use coaches from just the past two years: 2017 and 2018. (I did accidentally put D.J. Durkin on the list, who was hired in 2016, a year earlier than I remembered.. but that's not seeming to have an effect on the poll.)
  2. Best recently hired B1G coach?

    No love for P.J. Fleck? ˙ɯᴉɥ ɹoɟ ǝʇoʌ oS ¡ɥsᴉɹǝd llɐ llᴉʍ noʎ 'ʞɔǝlℲ ɹoɟ sǝʇoʌ ǝuo ou ɟI
  3. I feel the conference has had some good hires, many of them being some of them being hidden gems. So who’s the best coach?
  4. Minnesota 511: Rhodes closed

    Now why can’t I recall old information this accurately when my wife asks me questions about our relationship?
  5. Minnesota 511: Rhodes closed

    In an interviewer around the time of the draft (I think it was with the Nate Burleson and the crew of Good Morning Football, but I can't remember), Rhodes said that he noticed all of top-ranked CBs in the game today are big talkers. He said he felt he needs to do the same to garner the same respect. I don't agree with his logic, and I wish he'd just be himself, but I don't really care at the end of the day what he says.
  6. NFC North 2018 Thread

    VikeDaddy is probably the longest active user on Footballsfuture.
  7. Jim Brown or Jerry Rice

    I’d argue that the all-time rankings for running backs is far more stacked than that of receivers. Mostly due to the NFL being ruled by the running game and one back systems for so long. So I don’t count this against Jim Brown. I never watched either, though, outside of a couple replayed games (Rice) or NFL Films highlights (Brown), so i cant say.
  8. Top 10 safeties

    I know the list sucks and is a projection for next year, but still: Regarding the NFL's top 100 players of 2018, Harrison Smith came in at #46, Earl Thomas at #42, and Eric Berry is yet to be revealed but was #13 last year. Placing Thomas above Smith at this point is a joke. Some tweets for comparison. It's not even close. And I'd guess Berry gets a similar ranking as last year, which means he'll get 25-35 spots above Smith which is also a joke.
  9. Most complete back in NFL history

    As far as today’s backs go, I actually love Zeke’s all-around game. Great balance, power, vision, and blocking. Good speed, agility, and catching. And he’s very durable. the most complete back I’ve seen since I started watching in the mid 90s is LDT.
  10. My 10 Most Overrated Players in NFL history

    Honestly, it was more of being a beloved Longhorns QB on a winning team.
  11. My 10 Most Overrated Players in NFL history

    It’s never smart to make large stances on who or what team is overrated or sucks, because said players and teams are some other peoples’ favorites and thus a constructive conversation can’t be expected. And it also comes off as attacking, even though it’s not. So you’re going to get these responses. There’s a couple things I disagree with, but that’s not saying much as you threw out a lot of info and opinions. I will say a lot of this was informative and interesting, which is more than I can say about a lot of posts on here (including my own). So props.
  12. 2018 NFL Top 100 Players

    No, I simply didn’t think I needed to explain the phrase to someone, so I felt t was an apt phrase to use. I do stand by what I said: Watt is a much better player than Sapp ever wish he was.
  13. Shaun Alexander; HOFer?

    Who’d be first of these Seahawks HB in the HoF? Shaun or Marshawn?
  14. Statistically, Rhodes may not be a top3/5 corner. He plays press, yet loses on too many slant routes. He also can get beat deep once in a while (not often, but more than you’d like from a player you want to designate as elite). I haven’t followed Jenkins’ career, but he may have better stats than Rhodes. Regardless I will take Rhodes. He shines where the stats won’t show. There’s not a single more intimidating or stronger corner than he. It allows him to match up favorably with hws receivers like Julio and shut them down. And he’s the best CB at tackling. I like how one announcer put it (more or less as this, going off of memory), “Once Rhodes gets his hands on you as a ball carrier, the play is over. Right there. He drops you like a rock.” I will also take Smith over Collins. Collins had a great year in ‘16, but Smith has been at least great since entering the league. His strengths may not be as high as Collins’ (notably their playmaking ability), but Smith literally has no weaknesses or bad games. He’s as great and as dependable as any safety in the league.
  15. 2018 NFL Top 100 Players

    It’s just a colloquial phrase that means “quite a bit better than.” I don’t think anyone has ever used the phrase literally. I don’t think for every impact Sapp made or could make, that Watt would double it. To rephrase my statement, Watt was quite a bit better than Sapp.