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  1. Growing up, I was just an NFL fan in general as my friends and I would play football outside, play NFL Blitz and watch a bit of games that our parents had on. I didn’t feel the need to pick a team quickly, so I just continued watching for a couple years. I was always heavily drawn to the NFC North because of how badass those teams were. GB played in a frozen tundra and had great uniforms and were led by Brett Favre, the Bears were this team of legend that even made their way into my junior high English classes on multiple occasions, the Vikings had Randy Moss and Cris Carter, and the Lions had Barry Sanders. I can’t tell you why I ended up a Minnesota fan over the others. I still really really like everything about the Packers and Bears (the Lions have kinda just been there since Barry left).
  2. Only going to do one for each because it’s a free country. Past - Tony Gonzalez Current - Adrian Peterson
  3. Top 10 Linebackers

    The first quarter of the season yeah, but that was mainly against slot WRs. No OLB should be asked to consistently do that. Barr’s coverage numbers were better than Kendricks.
  4. Top 10 Linebackers

    I’d have the recent linebackers as: Henderson Barr Greenway Kendricks
  5. What do we make of Donovan McNabb's career in 2019?

    Good for him that the majority of his career was prior to that SB. He was far from trash.
  6. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Tony Romo is a terrible announcer, bring back Tony Kornheiser.
  7. Overrated-Underrated

    Underrated Quincy Enunwa, Jets WR Enunwa has a lot of problems staying healthy so it’s hard for many to see how good he is. He’s a prototypical #1 physically. 6’2 225 lbs and a 4.45 40. He is also the best blocking WR I’ve ever seen. He’s not super agile and doesn’t have great hands though. Still, if he could stay healthy, he would be well regarded. Mike Daniels, Packers DL Daniels is the Packers player I fear the most outside of Aaron. Great against the run and pass. He plays fierce and sets the tone for their defense. His play goes beyond a sack stat line - which isn’t even bad for what he’s asked to do. He should be considered just a notch below the elite players in the NFL. At least in years prior. I know some feel he’s slowing down and passing the star label to Kenny Clark.
  8. Top 100 Player Countdown for 2019

    Finally. Someone who gets how good Diggs is. I’ve been saying he’s the #3 player in the league behind Tua and Trevor for years.
  9. Your team’s all-time roster?

    I’d also nitpick and say EJ Henderson > Eric Kendricks for the honorable mention. (Perhaps there’s even better at the position, but not in my lifetime.)
  10. Kareem Hunt Involved in Bar Fight

    Bar fights should be legal.
  11. Your team’s all-time roster?

    I’d like to know your team’s all-time roster. Such rosters are available for some teams with a quick Google search, but not all teams, and the make-up of one team can vary a lot from one person to the next. I believe posters here are really tuned in to the sport and as such I’d value rosters posted here. Hopefully we can get all 32 rosters posted at least once each. Just one guideline I’d like to be followed (though not required): this isn’t meant to be “Who would be the best players today?” but rather who were the best players at the times they played. For example, I’d list Don Hutson over Devante Adams for the Packers. So here’s a template if you want to use it and change it to your liking. QB1: Name holder - blurb about player QB2: QB3: HB1: HB2: HB3: - FB: WR1: WR2: WR3: WR4: WR5: WR6: - TE1: TE2: TE3: LT1: LT2: - LG1: LG2: - C1: C2: - RG1: RG2: - RT1: RT2: LE1: LE2: - UT1: UT2: - NT1: NT2: - RE1: RE2: LOLB1: LOLB2: - MLB1: MLB2: - ROLB1: ROLB2: CB1: CB2: CB3: CB4: CB5: - FS1: FS2: - SS1: SS2: K: P:
  12. I can’t even imagine taking Mccaffery over Kamara.
  13. I’m pretty sure a rookie HC has never won a Super Bowl. That’s an extremely difficult thing to ask of Matt LaFleur. Tomlin has won a Super Bowl and has been to two, and he still has his QB from them whose still playing really well. I know there are other things to consider like division, conference, roster, and Rodgers (which are pretty split between the two teams anyway).... but I can’t for any reasons pick rookie LaFleur to win a Super Bowl over a coach who’s been there and done that.
  14. NFC North: Who wins it this year?

    I think our roster is being sold short in this thread (by many). We had a poor year last year relative to our expectations. It happens. Simmer and players have said they weren’t hungry after getting to the NFC championship the prior year. But we were a good team before that slump and we should be a good team again this year. We simply don’t have any poor starters outside of three positions (LG, RG, UT). That’s pretty absurd. Our only other noticeable flaws are QB clutchness and WR depth (the latter isn’t very important in our scheme). Along with that, we have a couple pro bowl level players at every level on defense and also at receiver. I don’t know if our roster will be better than the Bears this year. I know it’s idiotic to laugh it off like DH23 has done. If anything, I’d give the nod to the Bears because of precedence, but we’ll have to see. Really, criticism of roster quality should be aimed at the Packers before anyone else. Besides QB (which was the original premise) and LT, I can’t think of a single position where they are inarguably better than the Vikings and Bears.