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  1. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    I like the blue and yellow together, they’re very complementary. And the yellow for the face mask pops a lot. I just wish they’d get rid of the white strip that goes around the shoulder bolts. It just looks like the bolts were stickers and the white is the part of the sticker paper that they were supposed to pull off once the bolt was on... but they just never took it off. I also don’t like the number font at all.
  2. Alterraun Verner signs 1-day contract to retire with Titans

    I was kinda hoping he’d sign a 1-day deal with Minnesota to retire a Viking.
  3. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    I'd honestly prefer the exact opposite order.
  4. I won’t ever try to change anyone’s mind that he’s a 1st ballot HoF, but count me in the extreme minority that say he is not (for some of the reasons listed already). Longevity (not only being capable of playing many seasons at a high level, but also actually doing it) is not overrated but underrated. He would be 1st ballot in everyone’s eyes, surely, had he played several more years, perhaps even just a couple. Some of us have slightly different priorities in what goes into a 1st ballot HoF, and I don’t think we or anyone else is wrong in their priorities. All that hat being said, knowing some 1st ballot HoF’ers have already missed such longevity, I really don’t have an issue at all here.
  5. Jets' New Uniforms Leaked

    Don't most teams do this though?
  6. Jets' New Uniforms Leaked

    Both sets of stripes are lame, otherwise nothing bad.
  7. Your team relocates, are you still a fan?

    It depends. I don't live in Minnesota and there's no necessity for the team to be in Minnesota for me to like them. So while I understand the owner is screwing over other fans of the team, I personally don't care as long as the brand remains. However things become different if it's a team whose location is integral to my fanhood. In the impossible hypothetical where my college team moved, I would swear the team up and down. In my state, the college team is among the biggest parts of our culture. Nearly every person in the state roots for the big college team here. The university through its team vitalizes our state's economy more than almost anything. For them to leave would be the biggest sin.
  8. However rudimentary the idea may be, I believe receivers are still luxury pieces that don’t win you football games moreso than any other position (sans the obvious FB/P/etc), Combining that with the fact that his prime will never align with a theoretical window for the current Giants’ regime, I don’t see how this trade wasn’t for the better (if not still painful on a personal level for NYJ fans).
  9. Emmanuel Ogbah Traded to the Chiefs

    Never heard of Jones? Chris "flopping weenie" Jones?
  10. Not even tier 1? I hate the Saints as much as anyone, but Kamara has my vote as THE best back in the league.
  11. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    Favorite uniforms - Bears Favorite helmet - Vikings FVORITE LOGO - Steelers
  12. Who has the best uniform / logo in the NFL?

    As a Vikings fan, I agree.
  13. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    Bell grew up/is a Jet fan.
  14. Just Danielle Hunter for sure. I wouldn’t trade him for anything less than 2 1st rounders. Harrison is an elite safety, but he’s just got a couple elite years left I think and plays a low priority position. Diggs and Theilen are both great, but I’ve always been of the mindset that WR is a luxury position, so I’d definitely trade one of them for a cheap first-round offensive lineman. No other player would give me hesitation.
  15. Rumor: teams interested in Duke Johnson

    Could we make the free agency rumors into an off-season rumors thread? We probably don’t need to see many more threads about trade interests in backups.