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  1. I heard announcers talking about it but didn’t see anything. I know what the other HC is dealing with, but what did Georgia do?
  2. Week 3 Game Day Thread

    Love you, Sparty. Always giving miracles wins to other teams. Very unselfish team, they are.
  3. This got under your skin about as bad as a horns down.
  4. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    What? This was the most solid overall performance of this week. Defenses were worn down because of numerous 10+ play drives in the first 3 quarters. Had nothing to do with a lack of want.
  5. Week Two Gameday Thread

    They’re looking better than Michigan today
  6. Week Two Gameday Thread

    Miami would be celebrating.
  7. Week Two Gameday Thread

    New year, same crap. Michigan is a phony.
  8. Calling a route short of the goal line with one play left wasn’t a ridiculously dumb decision? (Steve is on record saying that Dyson broke his route shorter than what was called, but still.)
  9. SNF, College Style | Houston @ #4 Oklahoma

    You wanna try saying that again?
  10. GOTW | Week One | #11 Oregon vs #16 Auburn

    And just like that, the media’s memory of all the bad SEC performances this weekend have been erased.
  11. Week One Gameday Thread

    Man FSU’s fan attendance is just embarrassing.