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  1. Why would the NFL go out of their way to punish the Saints, one of their more (recently) lucrative and successful franchises? And I haven’t been keeping track. Are you still continuing the facade that you’re a Patriots fan, even though almost all your team-specific posts are, and have always been, for the Saints?
  2. The slow start and 5 losses doesn’t affect how I view them much. They were loaded with FA’s in the worst offseason ever. They had a sky-high ceiling and were able to play to it for much of the past couple months. For sure they’re behind 13 Seahawks... maybe 16 Patriots. But I think that’s it.
  3. And only brief formality mentions of this Tampa defense.
  4. This Tampa defense is football heaven. Funnest unit to watch this season.
  5. That’s the thing. What are you going to invest in: an old car on its last leg or the car you just bought? Chiefs are just playing sloppy. If the game was rigged, why not giving the Bucs that goal line TD? They wouldn’t have been able to overturn it.
  6. Why would I not be? Both were illegal. Are we just going to cry because we have results we don’t like?
  7. David was also picked on Kelce’s first catch on the drive, and then hooked on the next play. Both not called. Goes both ways.
  8. Good list you had. I always liked Nick Barnett (who never made a PB) more as a Packers LB than AJ Hawk. His stats don’t wow but he was very solid.
  9. We wouldn’t come close to 8-8 with Jimmy and our roster. Shanny hides a lot of his weaknesses with quick RPOs and short routes. That said, 8-8 with Kirk isn’t a great place to be, I agree.
  10. Listening to Romo and especially Nantz after Buck-Aikman is so nice.
  11. Yeah, no reason to rig. And GB had their chance. Especially Rodgers. He had three attempts at the goal line to get a TD. THREE. The call on 4th bears weight, as does their defense, but Rodgers should have been able to close the gap with three goal line tries.
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