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  1. Should every GM tell every player of every position group when the team is going to draft a player for their group? Why is it doing Rodgers wrong when he was not informed of the team’s target when even head coaches are so often left out of the mix until the pick is in? Why would you tell your starting QB you plan on drafting a QB round 1 in the upcoming draft? They’re liable to blow their stack on social media and then anybody can connect the dots and see you have a QB as your target and jump you. Including Rodgers in the loop, and especially letting Rodgers have say in roster m
  2. Sure. You could insert any franchise QB into my question. Those two guys failed (and if Watson does succeed in getting traded in the future, it will be in part because of him being damaged goods), so I’m using Rodgers.
  3. Is it possible that, if Rodgers successfully forces his way out of GB, it sets the precedent for franchise QBs to be easily able to do the same? His success in getting traded wouldn’t technically change or create anything, but it could make realize they have their franchise’s by the neck. And if Rodgers does well on his new team, a year after Brady/Bucs win the SB, I think QB’s would have the motivation to force themselves to get traded to the best available roster.
  4. Bengals going to have to select a wheelchair for Burrow in the 2nd.
  5. Ok. What alternative media coverage do you suggest?
  6. ESPN true class? The same network whose draft coverage reveals to the world every drug problem and death of each prospect’s family?
  7. Good tackles who were day 2 and 3 picks are not common. This is a deep draft in the sense that many players have potential, but most will bust. Take Sewell.
  8. For sure missed Green and Hopkins. Both would’ve made the list.
  9. Who do you have? Preferably in ranked order. (All production outside of the decade isn’t considered, at least for me.) 10. TY Hilton 9. Dez Bryant 8. Michael Thomas 7. Bey Bey Thomas 6. Larry Fitzgerald —— 5. O’Dell Beckham Jr 4. Mike Evans 3. Julio Jones 2. Calvin Johnson 1. Antonio Brown
  10. KC-Tampa is my favorite SB since the 2000’s. I know it wasn’t close, but it was such a masterful defensive display by Tampa. Most disappointing for me from a neutral perspective is Indianapolis-Chicago. The mid 2000’s Bears teams were so unorthodox in how they’d dominate games. Mostly through special teams and turnovers like strip fumbles. It was incredibly interesting to watch. But after the first play of this game, it was just Manning audibling for 34 seconds before each snap and making safe throws.
  11. Mother of god. They really did it, they brought back everyone (besides maybe Brown, who was irrelevant).
  12. When did I say MVP's automatically makes a player better? I simply answered a question unrelated to this.
  13. Why would the NFL go out of their way to punish the Saints, one of their more (recently) lucrative and successful franchises? And I haven’t been keeping track. Are you still continuing the facade that you’re a Patriots fan, even though almost all your team-specific posts are, and have always been, for the Saints?
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