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  1. Week 9 GDT

    Wow. Complete robbery
  2. Week 9 GDT

    Hunter going to be the DPOW: 3.5 sacks 1 fumble recovery 1 touchdown 0 missed tackles perfect against the run Honestly, I feel he's been the best defensive player of the year, outside of Aaron Donald.
  3. Week 9 GDT

    Update: he also scores touchdowns.
  4. Week 9 GDT

    Danielle Hunter has got to be in the conversation for the best DE in the NFL. Elite vs the pass (most sacks this season, was among the highest two years ago). Elite vs the run (was his specialty coming into the NFL). Plays extremely smart (can't remember one time he's received a Roughing/unnecessary roughing call; always lets the QB down easy and avoids head hunting). Relentless motor.
  5. NFL fires down judge Hugo Cruz

    Down judge is a referee position.
  6. Week 7 GDT

    I’m watching the game and it’s been one of the only interesting notes from a very ugly/boring game. What else do you want me to mention? How interesting John Harbaugh’s use of challenges are? Doesn’t matter, though, I’m posting about a game, and a mod is posting about me. Later.
  7. Week 7 GDT

    I’ve made two posts in this thread, and two ever about Lattimore. How about you post about games and not about posters?
  8. Week 7 GDT

    Glad to see Lattimore is getting dpi calls on his blatant interferences this year.
  9. Week 7 GDT

    Lattimore getting trucked. Perfect.
  10. Week 7 GDT

    Robby Anderson is such a loser. Always has been. Smh, throwing balls at refs.
  11. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Some beautiful passes and routes.
  12. Monday Night Football - 49ers v Packers GDT

    Lmao. one second Rodgers is nearly crippled after a tackle (looking for a flag). the next second he has no sign of an injury and briskly runs for 15 yards.
  13. Week 6 GDT

    Missing kicks is a lot more understandable than fumbling while falling into the endzone for the game-sealing win in OT.
  14. Week 6 GDT

    That’s not on Hicks; that’s on Drake. Worst choke of all time? Holy cow, just wow. Just hold onto it and fall in.
  15. MNF: Washington @ New Orleans

    Why do a pre-recorded halftime show? lol