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  1. Am I wrong for comparing Josh Jacobs to Emmitt Smith? Both: - get stronger as games go on as thus should get 20+ carries - show football intelligence as they protect the football and almost never lose yards - the heart of their offense due to their effort - lack almost any truly elite measurables, but are at least above average in all
  2. Houston is the epitome of a lose-lose game. Of course there's reason to duck Houston. (Not saying they did.)
  3. I wish I could say I was surprised. That was dirty.
  4. Asking myself the same thing. Look completely unprepared and without a gameplan.
  5. Ok. Get your 1st overall QB. Then what... when is the last time a 1st overall QB won a Super Bowl? Eli Manning who was drafted over 15 years ago? History says it’s unwise to go this route.
  6. Vikings have played worse than all three of them this year.
  7. With how bad we look... I hope we don't bring Hunter back week 4 or soon thereafter. Neck injuries are horrible, and he should be placed on a long term plan.
  8. Same. Have loved the Zim era. We're currently in an obvious need of a (further) dump and rebuild, though. We'll see by year's end what the Vikings feel is necessary to rebuild.
  9. Glad to see Andy Janovich with a bit of a spotlight last night. Dude’s always been a great player.
  10. Vikings are eager to finally get in on this.
  11. The very poster you’re quoting claims to be a Pats fan and still likes the Saints, so I guess that’s technically wrong.
  12. Yeah, don’t underestimate the Eagles.
  13. Tomorrow The new slogan of the B1G. "Why vote today when we could vote tomorrow?"
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