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  1. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    I don’t mind the play-by-play guy *shrug*
  2. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    I can’t think of an NFL team that’s changed more in identity and, to a lesser extent, production, than this year’s Bears.
  3. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

  4. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    Mack makes me believe in the good of football.
  5. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    I don’t think that’s the best definition of blue blood. It’s more accurately, imo, the teams that have been good for most of the sport’s past and thus are “seen” today as the premiere teams (regardless of all other factors, including today’s success). The Bears and the Packers are in tier 1. Tier 2 probably has the Steelers and Cowboys.
  6. MNF: Seahawks @ Bears

    I’m not familiar with this play-by-play announcer, but he’s better than anyone else MNF has had in years.
  7. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    The Raiders are a mess. How do you not have more awareness than that, Cooper?
  8. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    All GB fans mad about that call can blame.... their boy Aaron Rodgers. He’s the reason why that was a rule and thus a penalty.
  9. Bigger than any of the plays he had a sack or tfl on was the play he got called for a block in the back in OT. That penalty (along with their kicker sucking) was the main reason they didn’t score on that final OT drive and didn’t win.
  10. I'll take Larry every time.
  11. Rosier can’t be the best QB they have.
  12. Week One | #8 Miami vs #25 LSU | SNF, College Style

    Not really. Miami looks way more talented and athletic. They’ve just committed 8 bad penalties in one half and have made other sloppy mistakes like throwing it right to a defender for a pick six. LSU honestly looked bad in the first quarter and only recently seem to be catching rhythm. They’ve just been calm and steady, letting Miami trip over themselves.
  13. Week One | #8 Miami vs #25 LSU | SNF, College Style

    Wow. Two immensely huge penalties. Miami is playing incredibly sloppy.
  14. Week One | #8 Miami vs #25 LSU | SNF, College Style

    Life is good. Ty Coach O.