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  1. Somehow that sounds like the most Jim Irsay thing to do ever.
  2. Saints trade Stephone Anthony to Dolphins for a 5th

    I was kind of annoyed the Saints drafted Anthony since I liked him coming out. I have a feeling he could work out well for Miami. I don't think you can have a rookie season that he had if you're absolutely unable to read defences.
  3. Week 3 GDT - Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions

    I'll watch the game like I watch any game; from the comfyness of my home. No bars here as far that I'm aware of that will air NFL games. I haven't followed the Lions much since Megatron had that ridiculous season so I might be 100% wrong on any of my assumptions. The best way to beat these Falcons is by having the offense control the clock by means of a strong running game. Things might have changed but Theo Reddick and the Lions O line never struck me as being particularly fearsome in that department. Their defense has been playing pretty well lately but then again, the Cards and the Giants aren't really offensive powerhouses (although the later would be with a younger Eli). In order to win Stafford has to bring his A game, their defense has to step up even further and Matt must have a bad day (most likely caused by poor Oline play). Expecting a score around 34-24 with a garbage time TD for Stafford making the game look closer then it really was. I also wonder if Orlando Bedwetter is going to mention his cousin playing for the Lions in any of his crappy pieces.
  4. Vic Beasley out with slight hamstring tear

    Well, could have been worse but this is still bad news. Would be nice to have him against the Pats but I guess that might not be happening. Just hope he doesn't get rushed back and gets seriously hurt. Then again I was told that last year Vic was just lucky in his sack % rate and he's actually really a medicore talent so I guess we'll be okay.
  5. Atlanta Falcons vs Greenbay Packers

    The game is a bit late for me so I watched it from bed on my laptop so posting would have been a bit awkward. I'm happy with the win but scared with all the injuries. I didn't mind some runs for 1 or 2 yards once in a while, if anything it keeps the D honest. Freeman had a great game imo, while Coleman also did well. Sanu was pretty clutch and Julio was Julio. I'd like to see Hooper/Toilolo be used a bit more often as passing options but ehh, can't complain. The D looked much improved from last year. So much speed. It wasn't all good though Alford had his typical dumb penalty and I was suprised to see Debo miss some tackles. I was afraid around the 3rd quarter they might have started to get gassed but they seemed to push through it. Loved the sack Clayborne had on Rodgers.
  6. SNF: Green Bay (1-0) at Atlanta (1-0)

    Happy with the win but concerned about the possible cost.
  7. Monday Night Football - New Orleans @ Minnesota

    I just realized how weird it actually feels for AD to be on the team that pretty much ruined his best chance at a ring.
  8. W1: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0)

    What a game. Didn't like the offense for most of the first half. Seemed like all the explosiveness from last year was gone. Liked the Hooper TD in the second half apart from the fact Matt got hammered. Really hope Schweitzer will improve soon cause the passblocking seemed shoddy. D played a decent game apart from letting Cohen feast on them. I guess they gameplanned for Howard so the shift to having to defend against a little shifty guy was a bit big but it still wasn't too impressive. Didn't really hear Takk get called all game. Duke made some rookie mistakes but he's a rook so ehh. Overall just happy with the win.
  9. W1: Atlanta Falcons (0-0) vs. Chicago Bears (0-0)

    I could see something like that happening. Score on first drive, force a punt on their drive and then add another 3 from a FG. After that just keep the gap large enough to be safe. Rookie QB's tend to do well against our D (tbh I'm not even sure if Trubinski is starting) but most of that happened during the Smitty years so I'm not worried. Mostly excited about the D making some plays. Takk and Riley should be good to watch.
  10. Saints LS Jon Dorenbos requires heart surgery; career likely over

    I'd also get heart problems if I was traded to the Aints. J/k. Happy for the guy that it was detected in time. Probably the only right diagnosis the Saints doctors have made all pre-season About the Saints throwing away the draft pick; shouldn't a trade be void if a player can't pass a physical? I can't imagine a trade agreement not having language like that in the contract.
  11. '17 Hardknocks - Tampa Bay Bucs

    I'll take Ray Lewis over him any day of the week. I get the impression Jameis is just a super tryhard knucklehead. No clue what people are seeing him in but to each their own.
  12. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    Real shame about both Hageman and Odom. I always thought Hageman had the potential to be an absolute beast. Shame he never put it all together for more then a quarter of playing time. Also weird how we let go of Odom, the Packers claim him and then deal another DE to the Cowboys for a pick. Don't get why the Cowboys didn't just claim Odom himself.
  13. The FO and DQ should get the benefit of the doubt so far. Most trades they have made have been pretty good. Plus we don't know if and which other teams might have been interested and what they were bidding. I agree a 5th sounds like a lot. We'll see though. With some luck he'll never have to see the field.
  14. Sheldon Richardson traded to Seahawks

    This is highway robbery. Seattle just got a lot scarier while the Jets didn't really get much in return.
  15. ATL Falcons Off-Season Thread 2017

    Cuts are starting to come in. Akeem King Tyler Renew Slightly suprised King is the first CB to go but then again he never really made any wow plays. I can't recall being mad because he completely screwed up either. Could see him turning into a decent player for another team in a year or two/three. Edit: More cuts coming in. OL Travis Averill, WR Bra'lon Cherry, WR Anthony Dable, WR Reginald Davis, OT Wil Freeman, OT Kevin Graf, OL Larson Graham, DL A.J. Jefferson, CB Jarnor Jones, DB Akeem King, OL Andreas Knappe, LB Jack Lynn, WR Josh Magee, K Mike Meyer, DB Jordan Moore, FB Tyler Renew, RB Kelvin Taylor, OL D.J. Tialavea, QB Alek Torgersen, DB Deron Washington Graf, Meyer, Knappe and Torgersen all had decent potential. Hope we can stash them on the PS.