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  1. Are people looking at the wrong person on the video or whats up? How is leveling a player 50 yards away from the play in any way a "football move"? Laying people the F out is part of the game, and a part I can enjoy, if it's part of the game action, this was just some cheapshot that had 0 to do with the evolution of the play. It says enough about the culture that he doesn't cry about it. Any rational person knows that if he would cry about it, he's going to get targeted even more for it and unlike a QB a lot of it will get overlooked.
  2. It's cool. I'm covering all of them by hailing Jack Easterby as our lord and saviour. I mean, we can't have ET utter a word in his praise without hell freezing over
  3. And the Lord sayeth; He who will come By Easter, he who will be named Jack, will shed the monster who toucheth thy women and will bring salvation with an army of choir boys too the land of the long horns. So He sayeth and so will be done. - The Book of Jack Easterby 1:4 Extreme Edition I'm not surprised at all. This is all just a prelude too the rapture. See the next verse; He will bringeth the man that is 15 warriors, the last of the men that was praised for kneeling and that man will beat the 16, showing at 15 is the greater number - The Book of Jack Easterby 1:15 Extreme Edition
  4. This game felt like a preseason game too me, not a season opener. The amount of penalties and lack of execution of offense was staggering and the playcalling wasn't very inspired. I get wanting to establish the run but at some point you have to challenge a defense deep in order to stretch the field. Longest completion was like 18 yards, that was like the average depth of target in 2016. Matt Ryan has always been a rhythm passer, get him out of the rhythm by having the Oline mess up and games like these is what you end up with. I don't mind Ridley and Pitts having less then 10 targets, if
  5. Plus Freeman is super demotivated because his favorite childhood team the Saints axed him. But who knows, maybe Baltimore is truly is favorite, favorite team.
  6. Ofcourse they are. Except Jack Easterby is just hoarding them because they are good choir boys, not because they are trade bait.
  7. I think this is all part of some grand scheme Step 1. Ravens murder all their RB's Step 2. Hoover up any remaining unsigned RB's Step 3. Contenders start losing their starting RB's to injury Step 4. Ravens laugh because there are no decent backup RB's to sign left because they signed them all Step 5. Trade some scrub washed up RB for a relative kings ransom to a contender Step 5. Win SB's Truely next level 2d chess.
  8. What a name... Good for him for finding a new team.
  9. Quite unlucky he played in the same era as JJ Watt, Donald and Geno Atkins. Would have gotten a lot more recognition if it wasn't for them.
  10. Nice post + username combo
  11. They'll get refball help the next few seasons so I wouldn't worry about HFA aspect of it. Just hope everybody stays safe and dry.
  12. I could actually see him ending up in Atlanta just because Blank wants to throw the fanbase a bone after trading JJ. I'm personally hate it but eh, would create some revenue and he might be better then Rosen/Franks.
  13. What a horrible lineup of matchups. ZERO teams with winning records are playing eachother. Dear NFL, how am I supposed to get hyped watching a bunch of 4th stringers like this?
  14. Disregard my earlier post in this thread. I've received new evidence that at the time of my previous post wasn't yet disclosed. Therefore I would like to amend my position with regards to the subject of this thread, mister J. Rosen. Based on trusted sources it would seem that subject has signed a contract to join my team. This single act will suffice to radically change my view with regards to the capabilities and career trajectory of said mister Rosen. Aforementioned signing shows that mister Rosen is in possession of a supremely competent decision making process. The fact that this hasn
  15. Why use a company logo for a personal announcement? I mean with a name like Vinny Curry it shouldn't be hard to start a personal brand.....
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