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  1. Yeah, if I was his agent I'd be pretty pissed. What kind of take away can you get from these tweets other then that he's acting like a child? Guy is on his way out of the league if he keeps this up.
  2. I can't facepalm hard enough that Ravens vs Titans is supposed to be a better game then Saints vs Falcons. This is honestly the worst timeline.
  3. Makes sense. Was talk about the Cowboys wanting to draft him.
  4. Usually I don't try to talk **** about ex-players but Takk kind of deserves it. Dude has always been more talk then walk so far in his career. I get the idea that even if he does figure it out on the field he's going to derail himself off it.
  5. I'm feeling more dejected in this season then about the SB loss to be honest. It seems obvious the team doesn't have the right ingredients to truely compete. Fire Quinn, IR Ryan, Julio, Ridley and any other vet that we would like to keep that isn't in a contract year and lets start tanking, get a top 2 selection and trade back to reload for real with a new HC (and probably new FO).
  6. Shaquemele Griffin getting released from the Seahawks and causing a lot of jokes about him missing a hand. I thought Shazier was going to be the next big thing in the NFL but I was worried about his lack of mass. Kinda wondering if it was just a genetically thoughness thing or if mass plays a factor. Anyways glad he isn't getting himself killed.
  7. Agreed. Dude acts like the real deal but in the end he's just basic. First ballot hall of basic b*tch to me. Over/under to him getting imprisoned on federal charges? I give him 4 years tops.
  8. I don't have an appropriate gif on hand but... what? Bill "Imma trade my best WR for peanuts because I can use the peanut shells to stuff my underwear to make my nuts look bigger" O'Brian in the same tier as Mike "One brilliant coordinator having a brainfart away from winning a SB" Quinn? Really? I mean Quinn isn't a great coach, but he isn't horrid either. Biggest issue with him has been finding balance with his coaching staff and bad injury luck. It's fair to put NO and TB ahead of ATL. It happends every year (Exchange TB for the Panties when appropriate). However this is an even year. And on even year ATL balls out. Compare 08 (#2 NFCS with a rookie QB), 10 (#1 Seed), 12 (#1 Seed), 14 (Hard Knocks Curse), 16 (NFC Champ), 18 (ehhh) with the uneven years 09 (Matty Ice ded), 11 (Blown out by the Giants), 13 (everyone on IR), 15 (Kyle having growing pains + no center), 17 (SB hangover), 19 (slow start) and you'll see a clear pattern. 2020 Falcons overachieving confirmed.
  9. Bedankt! Same. But I Matt Ryan has shown he can take a middling D for the long haul as long as his offensive line is good and healthy. I'm expecting the Oline to be mediocre this year since the youth still needs to grow and jell.
  10. If Atlanta's oline is top 12 they are taking the #1 seed If Atlanta's Oline is top 5 and healthy heading into the playoffs ATL wins the SB.
  11. Welp, there goes our SB window. Time to get hammered.
  12. Needed a bad call on Ray Rice vs the Chargers to get that SB brah.
  13. I don't understand how this is a season ending injury. If the pec keeps Alford from holding he'll actually be a better CB.
  14. Best move this offseason imo. Love me some Zimzam.
  15. Tbh I'm still recovering from the lack of a HOF game in 2016. If only for that game to get dailed in I'm sure the Packers would have won another SB.
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