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  1. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Hahahahaha Clearly you don't watch playoff Matt Ryan either. The only truly bad game he's ever has was against the Giants (who won the SB). Before that he lost to the Cards (NFC champs) and the packers (SB champs). In 2012 he took the legion of boom to school and then was one dropped pass from Harry Douglas/one not called PI on Tony G away from the SB. Friendly reminder that that same Seahawks team decimated the league the next year. Then in 2016 he had the highest QBR of a losing QB in the SB ever. It's true you don't have to like him but giving him a bit of the respect he deserves would behoove you.
  2. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    You clearly don't watch the Falcons and only grab Matts stats from ESPN. Matt played legit last year. He had the lowest turnover worthy % of throws in the league. Now look at how many INTs he threw according to the stats and you'll realize he had one of the most unlucky seasons for a QB in recent years. Also how on earth do you judge talent in QB's for Ryan to be top 10 - 15? Hand size? Circumference of their calves? Amount of Syllables in their names? Legit curious.
  3. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    And why do we get to take Ryan's best seasons out of the equation but not his worst? Friendly reminder that Ryan once made Harry Douglas a 1k rec guy because White and Julio were on IR. And that he's played behind some Seahawks tier Oline for at least two seasons. Wilson/Brees/Rapistburger >Ryan is arguable but saying Luck is better is just following the media hype.
  4. The Bo Jackson overhype is ridiculous

    You don't know Bo
  5. Jaguars Suspend Jalen Ramsey For 1 Week Over Disdain For Media

    Plaxico Burress, Jake Plummer and some others kindly ask you to hold their beer.
  6. Atlanta Falcons extend GM and HC Dimitroff and Quinn

    Yeah, how dare he to try and have fun. I bet he also kneels during the anthem and sacrifices goats to Satan. OT: Pretty happy with the extensions. TD is a pretty great GM when it comes to the cap and drafting, as long as its clear which kind of players his HC wants. The latter is something Quinn has done a great job of.
  7. Giants sign OLB Connor Barwin to 2-year deal

    Sounds like high praise since Reed was pretty decent the last two seasons.
  8. Jets WR ArDarius Stewart suspended 2 games

    I think this might impact his HoF chances.
  9. Laughing out loud at the idea that the worst case scenario the Rams is winning their division. I think they will be fine but you can't deny they have some dream team 2.0 potential with a possible worse locker room. Worst case scenario imo would be: Rams stumble out of the gate because the offense isn't clicking. It turns out that the impact of Matt LeFleur on the gameplan was actually a lot bigger then previously assumed and McVay is struggling to adapt and evolve his scheme. The offensive struggles cause tension to rise between the offense and defense, something that has happened before under Wade Phillips. Talking about the defense. It's damn scary on paper but the amount of things that could cause locker room strife is also pretty staggering. How will Suh deal with being second fiddle to Donald? Or Peters and Talib with the dline getting most credit? Now throw in the LA nightlife and I'm left wondering what the over/under is for at least one ram getting involved into some deadly altercation.
  10. NFL player stories

    Did you know Tony Gonzalez played college basketball at Cal?
  11. Dead Body found at Janoris Jenkins house

    Wait, are you guys telling me it isn't normal to have dead people on my lawn?
  12. Atlanta Falcons 2018 Draft Class Review

    Welcome! You can like posts by clicking the grey football icon in the bottom left corner of a post. It should be on the same height as the quote button.
  13. Eagles LB Worrilow tore ACL

    The amount of people calling Worrilow a fringe player or making sarcastic remarks about him just proves the predictable and smartass nature of this board. All of you people try and impress each other with these funny text comments, from someone who doesn't spend all their life online, it looks ridiculous. Fyi Worriswole is the epitome of guy that "works hard" and "Is the first one in the gym and the last one to leave". I've got it from a dependable source that this season Worriswole was going to work so hard he was never going to leave the gym, not even for actual games. The mere idea of having to face a man who's deadlift routine gets counted in weeks instead of reps would have been enough to have the rest of the NFL forfeit their matches. 10/10 disastergrade on the Walter Cherepinsky scale.
  14. CB DeAngelo Hall announces his retirement

    Bucs should sign him on a one day deal just so Mike Smith can whoop his *** out of the building* ' *I actually don't hate the dude, hope he enjoys retirement. Don't think he'll ever get the yellow jacket he was talking about as a coach or FO executive though. He's no Ozzie.
  15. Worst places for visiting teams in the NFL

    I meant more from a players perspective. If you're not used to higher altitude you get gassed fast, at least in my experience. If Keenum plays like he did last year for the vikings I see no reason for the Donkeys not to be competative at home. Also I think its fairer to rank places regardless of how good a team is right now, but that might be me.