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  1. I'm just surprised that with the NFL being a pretty much perfect cashcow for the vast majority of parties involved it still turns into such a mess at the highest levels. Funny how extreme greed tends to cause situations as this.
  2. WEEK 9 -- Falcons @ Carolina

    Didn't really feel like posting during the game because what was there to say? Problems with this team right now: Oline can't get a push in the running game and was over matched in pass protection Telvin Coleman and Gabriel are being misused (apart from like 1 play). Both need the ball in space. Execution. Matt overthrowing JJ, Matt running into sacks, JJ not catching the most crucial ball of the game. Hooper falling down. The list goes on. The frustrating thing is that you can tell this team has the potential to be really, really good. Normally I'd say 4-4 isn't a bad place to be at this stage of the season but I doubt it will get turned around. I'd be okay with Kubiak coming instead of Sark. Sark needs to be an assistent coordinator for atleast a season or two because right now the Offense is just painful to watch.
  3. Jimmy Garoppolo traded to Niners

    This was my take as well. Other possibility might be that there is a QB that Bill is predicting that is going to slide in this draft that he wants to pick up and needing some draft capital in order to pick him up.
  4. Who was the worst draft pick by your team in your lifetime?

    Yeah I'd go for Anderson as well. Al tough technically he was drafted before I became a fan. Honorable mentions: Sam Baker (Dude probably shortened Ryan's career by a few years. Was decent when healthy which was 2 seasons out of his entire career. One of those years got him a big payday though...) Peria Jerry (Honestly an injury bust. Got injured in his rookie year and just lost all his explosiveness) Second round picks are a lot uglier though..
  5. 🏈 Week Eight: Panthers (4-3) @ Bucs (2-4)

    Not going to waste my time then.
  6. 🏈 Week Eight: Panthers (4-3) @ Bucs (2-4)

    Franchise record for most attempts but it was the defence and the rushing attack that carried him? Sounds legit.
  7. 🏈 Week Eight: Panthers (4-3) @ Bucs (2-4)

    Yeah, Matt Ryan was straight trash his third year in the league.
  8. Game should be over. Happy with the win. Still a lot of dumb penalties and bad execution. But the O looked in rhythm from time to time and the D held up so it's an improvement.
  9. This is the fumblebowl. Nice to finally have a lead though.
  10. Another Fumble... Maybe wear your Gloves Matt?
  11. Liking this drive so far. Good catches by Toilolo and Hooper. Hooper balling out so far. Nice TD all around and nice rhythm during the drive.
  12. Yeah, looks like it's going to be one of those games. Toilolo dropping an easy pass, getting lucky with a holding call but then only throwing the opportunity away with a fumble. Great. It's going to be one of those games where both teams are playing more against themselves then the opponent? Sloppy FG miss by the Jets.
  13. Oh god. Hope Beasley isn't hurt badly.. Its going to be one of those games? Allen with the PI. Giving up a TD to the Jets and making them look good in the progress?
  14. Lets try to pretend this team is still relevant (both on this forum and in the NFL..) Expecting a big win. Matty Ice throws for 400 yards and 3 TD's while the defence shuts down the Jets O all game long. A man can dream right?
  15. Week 6 GDT: Falcons @ New England

    I'll be honest, I didn't watch the game. Like I posted I had the feeling it would be a sloppy one (from our side it was from what I've heard) and SNF is from 3 am to 5 am so I decided to get some shuteye instead. From what I've heard not the worst decision. This team is quite out of sync though and my guess is that it starts with the offense. While the concepts are the same I've seen an analysis that the WR's aren't being used for the routes they were so successful with last season. Then there is too much shotgun calls instead of the play action. This D is build to play with a lead. Not to get ground down by a running game while being behind. Then there are the discipline issues. Roughing the passer when getting an INT, silly PI and holding calls. I honestly wonder if we're looking at a .500 season or worse at this point in time. This team is way to talented for that to happen but if they're so busy with beating themselves instead of the other team I could see it happen. I hope they can get it turned around during the season but right now it is looking like it's going to take an offseason to fix it...