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  1. Patriots S Patrick Chung indicted for cocaine possession

    Give me one reason Gordon's locker isn't already next to Brady's. Oohhh wait I get it.... But isn't Chung the same?
  2. Former bears RB Cedric benson passes away

    I used to do legal work for an insurance company for a while. We used similair nomenclature for motorcyclist. I'm not aware of any cases in which equipment failure was the cause of a crash, not saying it hasn't happened just that in the cases I've worked on it couldn't be proven. It's almost always a human error that leads to the crash (speeding, not paying attention, ignoring road rules by either party). I realise my view might be really skewed but I'm not getting on a motorcycle unless absolutely necessarily.
  3. Saints sign WR Rishard Matthews; UPDATE: Matthews retired

    Oh wow another retirement because of CTE issues, at least judging by that unhinged twitter post. Such a shame.
  4. Eric Saubert traded to the Pats

    This is why you guys don't deserve nice things. Saubert has all the physical tools to be good. His hands need a bit of work but even Tony G once had issues with drops.
  5. This. Rewind like 8 years and the deals are just as crazy compared to the cap.
  6. Eric Saubert traded to the Pats

    Former 5th round pick by the Atlanta Falcons and future HoF'er Eric Saubert just got traded from the Falcons to the Patriots for a conditional 7th round pick. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001040899/article/falcons-trade-te-eric-saubert-to-patriots-for-draft-pick Dude is one of those typical "on the brink" guys but who end up being JAGs. Still would have rather send him anywhere then New England, especially for a condition 7th rounder.
  7. 2019 Atlanta Falcons Thread

    Blank seems to be really intent on making Julio a Falcon for life. I'm a bit afraid we'll overpay concidering Julio's age and give him a deal thats for to many years. Problem is you can't really give him a many year deal thats comperatively cheap cause he might just hold out after one or two years.
  8. Injuries

    Could you please excevate ourself from these premises. Micheal Bennett is a JAG who I will gladly offer on the shrine of the injury gods. As a ChargIR's fan you are being exceptionally foolish to even touch the subject of injuries. kthxbai
  9. Top Defensive Triplets in the NFL

    Grady Deion Jones Keanu Neal Pretty elite.
  10. Falcons DL Michael Bennett breaks ankle/out indefinitely

    Hageman is a lot of things but he was never a "meh" player. He's the ultimate boom or bust and he did both plenty. If he grew up and his athletic ability is still there he could easily make the team. Most likely he'll be trying to hang on for dear life and hopefully have some use on ST. Grady is (borderline) elite. Crawford and Tyeler Davidson should be usefull pieces. Deadrin Senat didn't suck his first year so he has some potential upside. But yeah, not a world beating DT Corps but with Grady it shouldn't be the weakest part of the team. (That actually might be DE unless Takk and Beasley step up). Also not sure if this guy deserves his own thread tbh. Dude is pretty much a JAG from what I recall.
  11. Seahawks DL Jarron Reed suspended 6 games

    I was going to make some cheeky post about the NFL not being inconsistent but just having different morals and values then most people. However after looking at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_suspensions_in_the_National_Football_League I really can't find any sense to the madness. I mean burglary and kidnapping (1 game), having two DUI arrest (2 games), child endangerement (3 games), conduct detrimental by using gay slurs (1 game), arrest for battery (1 game), stomping on another player (5 games), accidental shooting of a firearm (4 games), recieving improper benefits (5 games). Also pretty hilarious to see how often "indefinite" get overturned in a year. I know most of the bans are team imposed but even a few that I would reckon are league imposed seem to get overturned in no time at all.
  12. Falcons ink Grady Jarrett to new 4 year deal

    Its hard comparing DT's imo. Stats depend for such a large part on the system, their roles in the system and their teammates. The year Vic led the league in sacks quite a few were freebies because the QB ran into him instead of getting crushed by Grady. Takk and Vic have been pretty mediocre lately (in Vic's case that might be putting it mildly). I feel Grady is doing his job but the other guys just don't seem to be taking advantage of that. As a fan this contract gives me zero reason to pause. Grady has been healthy, is consistent, had experience playing in a SB and didn't crack under the pressure and seems to be improving. Will he ever be Watt, Donald, Cox or Atkins? Probably not but he'll be close to some of them. Will Grady be the weakest link on our Dline in the near future? Very unlikely.
  13. Former Bucs, Giants, Broncos DE Robert Ayers retires

    I don't know Ruskie. His longevity, number of teams and personal stats are big boosts to his chances imo. Might be closer then you think when the time comes.
  14. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    Talking about shooting yourself in the foot. Any chance Plexico Buress might unretire for the Raiders this year?
  15. Raiders sign OG Jonathan Cooper

    Somehow my brain thought of Jonathan Martin instead of Jonathan Cooper when I read the thread title. Now I'm kind of dissapointed tbh. It would be such a Raiderps thing to do