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  1. Weird way to spell troubling. First thing that comes to mind when I hear Armada is the Spanish Armada. Why go from Redskins to a name that is also linked with a troubling colonial past?
  2. What they should have done is managed time a bit better so the 4th down call would be after the 2 minute warning, then they should have gone for it, but have their fastest dude run it back into their own endzone for a safety and gamble on the bucs not making the fieldgoal.
  3. Or they just got really, really worried
  4. Kind of surprised people are calling this a weak class. Sure, the class lacks a Tom Brady or a Peyton Manning but all of these players were elite in certain aspects of the game for a varying period of time. I mean you have Hester who is arguably the GOAT returner, Allen who was an elite sacker, Ware who was the Cowboys D at times and Willis who was an insanely productive MLB. That said, I think the HOF needs a wing called the Hall of Famous WR's cause tbh I think Holt, Johnson and Wayne all deserve the nod. As do like 10 WR's that are getting backlogged. It's not their fault you're o
  5. Aka Chapter 1 of the story how Footballsfuture.com entered the top 10 of rankings of the FBI's top most visited sites. Also dear mr sir most esteemed FBI/CIA/KFC agent esquire, if you're reading this do know that all my posts up to this point have been satire and I have no involvement with the ET80 as an individual or any organized deathcults aimed at murdering Mr Easterby and/or mr Caserio in minecraft that may or may not have poker nights every thursday. Yay capitalism, go America (but not in a too nationalistic kind of way), etc
  6. If game 1 would have played out the same way as the SB did there is no way the Falcons beat the Pats. One kind of overlooked aspect of the loss is that the Falcons Oline got banged up too hell during that game. Afaik someone even ended up playing on a broken leg (Schraeder or Mack I think?). That and the soul crushing defeat would be enough to make it a sweep for the Pats imo.
  7. I'm sorry that my lack of privilage when it comes to the mastery of the english language offended you. That said, I do not appriciate the racial slurs. I have no relationship to the 'new world',so calling me chief is implying that I would be a cultural appropriator, which I'm not. Also I would have you know that calling someone a strawman is very offensive in my region since a lack of straw caused by wildfires was the main culprit of a famine in 1302 that decimated my native region. This is my non football related post of the year so far. I mean this has layers upon layers and
  8. Yeah, I know this is hard to believe but I'd have imagined that if someone was a real racist POS in a very multicultural enviorment I would have expected this to have been an issue way, way before now. But I have a feeling you're climbing on your high horse of moral superiority so I understand if life is completely black and white from your perspective. Too me Chucky always seemed to be that one friend that you'd have a beer with that would suddenly claim the wildest nonsence and you'd kind of nodd while not really listening because in the end of the day everyone knows he's still a good dude w
  9. I think it because all mentioned parties (left/right, woke broke/1% etc) all realize that Gruden isn't the biggest catch in this ******* rodeo. Has Gruden made racist remarks? I guess based on what we've seen. Do I believe he's a real racist? No. I still rate Gruden over people like Goodell and Snyder and probably 90% of WFT higher management. And that is why people would like that full release.
  10. Love this! Chucky to spread the NFL wide and put two legal banana's in there? 10/10. From a legal perspective as someone who isn't intemately familiar with US law nor all the circumstances of the case I'd venture it's going to be a very technical lawsuit being based on any predetermined confidentiality agreements between the involved parties. Should be a fun one to follow regardless and with how sloppy the NFL can be in it's ruling at times I could see Gruden having a shot on a technicality that has been overlooked.
  11. Prime example of over reliance on stats. The Falcons had two aweful games, vs the Eagles and Panthers, but were competative in all other games. On paper the Bucs game looks like a blowout but they were hanging with them untill quite late in the game and the Washington should have been a win with better coaching. Could they have lost vs the Dolphins, Giants and Saints? Sure, but most teams have that kind of variable in their wins and losses. Overall this team is what it is, a .500 team that is slowly learning, growing and being battle tested. While it has defenitive weaknesses this is
  12. Is the NFL turning into the NBA? Look at how stacked some teams (TB, LAR) are with FA additions compared to the vast majority. Honestly while I salute those franchises for making the Eagles Dream Team a reality I'm not quite sure if I enjoy the fact that it is working. The any given sunday aproach, while sometimes infuriating, is still what makes the NFL special imo.
  13. When people talk about QB's having to 'elevate their teams' show me a team that goes and dies by their QB more then the Falcons. This entire forum is generally sleeping on Matt Ryan like it's 1303 (kudo's if you get that reference). The Falcons consist of Ryan, Patterson, Terrel, Jarret, Pitts and Jones (and maybe Foye Olunkon (sp?)) with a few bright sparks like Hawkins and sometimes one random Olineman or safety stepping up. The rest? Purely mediocre journeyman level of play at best. Beating this team is easy on paper. On offence: Get a passrush going (not hard against like the 28th Oli
  14. This is an Atlanta Falcons Public Service Announcement: We understand that as a franchise we are pretty cursed. Therefor trying any jinxing, voodoo, wiccan or manipulation of matter beyond human cognition is entirely at a persons own risk. The Atlanta Falcons are not liable in case of; Opening an extra dimensional portal too a timeline in which Jimmy Johnson became a psychologist and the Cowboys ended up relocating to Cleveland, cursing your own franchise with horrible luck or other events happening that degredate your personal happiness. We wish you a good day and an enjoyable game
  15. Jeez. talk about sloppy seconds (or thirds...) Not expecting much but the rest of that Panthers roster is pretty legit. If he's healthy and willing to put his body on the line one last time this could be a good last hurrah I guess.
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