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  1. HOOPER told he’s not returning

    Would have liked him to be able to stay. Some contracts are starting to look pretty bad. Hooper should be able to get a top dollar contract which is nice for him and might end up resulting in a decent comp pick if Dimitroff pays attention to that stuff for once.
  2. Who is that man and where can we sign him -Falcons coaching staff 2010 and beyond
  3. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    To everyone saying the Pats overpaid: Do you remember Deion Branch? Superbowl XXXIX MVP? In my eyes that is what Sanu could be. Dude can be clutch as hell while not being the fastest or biggest WR out there. When he's on dude is straight up clutch (just ask Packer's fans) This is a great pairing and I'm expecting him to light stuff up in NE.
  4. Patriots acquire Mohammed Sanu for 2nd Round pick

    Dude is solid and not part of the problem. Gonna miss him. I hope the rebuild will be fast enough to get Ryan another shot at a ring. Dude deserves one.
  5. Bengals waive DE Jordan Willis; claimed by Jets

    Liked him quite a bit heading into the draft. Wouldn't mind giving him a shot altough I'm not sure how our cap situation is right now
  6. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Respectfully disagreed. If you look at the risk probability and the possible impact this is not "low" risk. The chance of AB going off in the future seems very likely. The impact that will have on a locker room or team organisation quite severe. I wouldn't touch him if I thought my team was in any way competitive. Maybe a smaller market team could take a shot and give him a season to sort himself out and get his head right. I also have a feeling that Seattle could be a dark horse candidate. They have taken on troubled players before like Harvin.
  7. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    Yesssss! And then trade Watson and Clowney straight up to the Colts for the rights for Andrew Luck!
  8. Am I the only one who thinks this is a pretty big overpay? I get Zeke is great but DAL had also consistently has had one of the better Olines in the league.
  9. Former Falcons LB Paul Worrilow retires

    While I will always have swole memories thinking about Worriswole there is no denying he isn't a good LB. Dude had great metrics, was a good leader and had a swole personality. But the guys instincts didn't kick in until the play was yards behind the LOS. He might have had more TFL then Campbell but I'm fairly confident his average depth of tackle (is that a metric?) Was also a lot worse. Tl;dr dude was swole and I'd have beers with him but he just wasn't a great LB even though the world would have been a better place if he was. I just hope he enjoyed his time in the NFL and made enough to have at least a semi carefree life.
  10. Who will win league MVP?!?!

    Oh boo hoo Matty Ice is a dome babby. Dude has outdueled "superior" QB's in the snow for half his career. He played at Boston College before he entered the NFL. The only true dome baby is Drew Brees.
  11. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    I need to think longer before posting so I don't need to edit. For what it's worth if instead of picking Sam "The sackmaker" Baker the Falcons would have done a Julio esque trade for a HoF LT Id have taken it in a heartbeat. We ended up with Matthews who is okay, but that was after Matt Ryan got murdered for years ;_;
  12. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    Look. I know this is going to be hard. But please show me on the doll where they touched you. It's not your fault and you're not to blame. They did this to you and there is no need to defend them. Just to clarify since this is 2019; I'm joking. And yeah, if you keep Watson healthy you can have a window like the Texans never had before. Once he's gone it's back into the lottery to find a QB that gives you a chance of winning.
  13. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    Haha oh man, you've got my sympathy. Being a Falcon fan can be rough but it's mostly just during the season or the draft.
  14. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    Fair enough. I just thought it was a nice continuation of the insanity of the last few days.
  15. Browns Cut Greg Robinson

    Imagine being BoB. You've just traded to farm for an OT and 24 hours later you see the Browns cut their starting OT. I'd be unamused.