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  1. I remember when people (media/fans) got upset about the Falcons drafting Neal over Lee and grabbing Jones in the second. I think he's the guy that would have been a star in the 90's or early 2000's but the game has just moved on.
  2. As a European that had family be oppressed by nazi occupation and lost parts that family to those concentration camps I say that your apparent knee jerk reaction to said problems is your personal problem. I think a historical perspective is invaluable, and while I agree that my comparison was harsh the correlation between death and concentration camps is harsh, it is something that should never be forgotten.
  3. I don't know about the opposite. Not a whole lot of freethinking opinions coming out of the lockerroom as far as I can tell. With regards to current players it's been fairly quiet when it comes to rejecting the message. I could buy apathy or fear of losing their jobs, but for the message to be rejected I'd expect a bit more backlash.
  4. Agreed. Sad we had to let him go. Could easily see him ball out in GB.
  5. I've heard through the grapevine that minicamp is indeed cancelled. Instead players and coaches will be expected to be attending Bible camp.
  6. Interesting thought but I wouldn't approach it this way. What you see in reality is that there are a few massive overachievers by this standard (Pats, 49'ers, Cowboys, Packers, Giants, WFT, Broncos, Steelers, Ravens and a few I'm missing), only a couple of average teams (Chiefs, Buccaneers and most other 2x SB champs) and the rest would just be bad (1x SB champs like the Saints) to horrible (any team that hasn't won the SB).
  7. Might be a crude example but; If you're an investor, do you read the Wall Street Journal? Probably. Do you adhere much value to it when it comes to anything but a broad overview? Probably not. Is it a source of information that can be useful once in a while? Probably. If I have a ~700 million dollar business to run, what is a 10.000~ subscription to get an edge on my nearest competitors to me?
  8. Bro, this is cursed ground that you are treading upon. This is the sports variant of going on an excursion to Treblinka* and then being like "Why doesn't anybody build here?" *'Cause lets be real. No one is going to top the Bills Auschwitz of 0-4 in this regard.
  9. Is it though? Because I could totally see a man that shrugged off cancer patient do such a thing. If it wasn't for the fact that GB would have traded him LONG before that in order to get any return on him.
  10. How is that funny? Interestingly, ironically, intriguingly, coincidentally, unsettlingly, unusually et al seem to be better words then funny to describe this situation.
  11. Show up, take 1 snap, pretend to be injured, ride the bike all TC. Thinking about that. How would it be ruled if he claimed to have a burnout/boreout? It seems to be considered a disease by most of the rest of the (western) world. So why couldn't a QB suffer from that?
  12. If I was a team with a young QB that could have used a vet #1 WR for a year or two I'd be hitting myself losing out on JJ for this price. Even if he'd have lost a bit of his explosiveness he could still be an elite possession receiver that could help greatly in the confidence and development of a younger QB. The odds of finding a bigger impact player with a 2nd and 4th round pick aren't that great, just that it might hurt your depth on the long run a little. Good luck to Julio. Curious to see him in a new offense with a different QB. I'm also curious to see how the Titans will stack
  13. Oh... I'll go remove that post. That could be read very differently than my intention was. My apologies.
  14. I don't get it. Raccoons are pretty cool creatures. Not like he's named Clinton-Dix or **** Butkus or something.
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