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  1. Brett favre returning?

    What's next? Tebow converting to TE and making a comeback on the Pats?
  2. Adam "Pacman" Jones retires

    Odds on how long it takes for him to go broke or get into serious legal trouble?
  3. QB EJ Manuel retires

    Plus your still in the trenches every punt.
  4. Biggest Freak of all time?

    NBT for his unhealthy obsession with one of the biggest physical freaks of all time Randy Moss and elite hammy's. Where did that dude go anyways?
  5. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    Agreed with most of your other points but wouldn't it be safe to assume they worker out Ferrel privately so they could complete his profile?
  6. 2019 Draft Thread

    Meh sounds appropriate. Then again out best draft in recent memory was the one that was graded poorest by the media. I think this is kind of what you get with Seattle style team-building. Wish we could have traded down instead of up though.. I'm actually okay with going hard on the Oline. Keeping Matt upright is going to win us games as long as the defence is average. If this draft is the first step towards an elite Oline then I'm happy with it.

    Real question is does it not not make you a good NFL RB?

    Don't sweat it. Just having some fun. I'm sure you'd kick my 6' 3" butt in a grappling match.

    Lol, manlet competition going on up in here. Do I hear "I used to bounce at 5' 6""? Going once, going twice..

    Plz no. Dude is just as soft as Beasley with a worse physique.
  11. Falcons sign DT Ra'Shede Hageman after two years out of the league

    If he gets his head on straight and just puts in the work we all put in on an average working week then he's going to redeem himself. Dude is a BEAST when he's "on".
  12. Falcons sign DT Ra'Shede Hageman after two years out of the league

    Yes, I'm a ducking wizard for being right. The reason I love that they have brought Hageman back is his potential. Dude is a beast of a man. He's had an inconsistent motor but once it was on it was on and he'd dominate olineman in a way that few dlineman can. Also you could tell that near the end of the 2016 season he really started to get it together on the field. This could be a total wash of a signing if he had spend the past two years getting fat, drunk and/or high. If however he took care of his body and is actually motivated to dominate then this could be the best signing for the Falcons this off-season. Also I completely agree with you on Gary. I wouldn't think about touching him before the third.
  13. Falcons sign DT Tyeler Davison to 1-year deal

    I get the fit and he seems useful but I'd rather have Hageman back (if motivated).
  14. Giants to re-sign WR Sterling Shepard (4 year, $41M)

    Please tell me you sacrificed both of your nuts in exchange for the Rams to reach the Superbowl last year. If not please consider it this year for the sake of humanity.
  15. Calvin Johnson is a first ballot hofer; change my mind

    He should be. Dude was straight up dominant. The Lions at the time didn't have a running game, didn't have an oline, didn't have anything else at reciever and didn't have a defence. All they had is best summed up by this The only CB that I recall actually taking Megatron out of a game was Optimus Grimes.