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  1. Titans Hire Mike Vrabel as Head Coach

    Like the hiring of Vrabel. Getting a defensive guy as a HC allows him to focus on the D and have the OC focus on the offense. Like everyone said the OC hire is going to be very important. I'm not expecting much next year but the years after that this team could really start to compete. The roster seems pretty solid to me, the coaching was the biggest issue.
  2. PFF Grades 2017

    Thanks for the list OP. Really cool. Some small errors I noticed: Laremy Tunsil, Kyle Fuller and Jimmy Smith are all double in your list.
  3. Divisional Round GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    I'm willing to give Sark a second year but he better show early that he's getting creative in an efficient way with the playbook. Also stick with the hot hand when it comes to RB. Freeman had 10 carries for 7 yards, Coleman 10 carries for 70. How does that happen? D. Coleman needs to go. He's by far the worst player on the team and he's actually detrimental whenever he's on the field. I wonder what Freeman's trade value is. He started the year hot but he's been mediocre after his concussion. He's been fumbling and he's a major liability in pass pro. Gabriel also needs to get cut. He's a good player but it's obvious Sark doesn't know how to use him. It's a shame that the year the defence really got it together it's the offense that couldn't get it done.
  4. Recap of the Cleveland Browns 0-16 parade.

    On one hand it's a good thing that it is bothering the players, on the other hand they deserve it. Lets face it though, a little protest isn't that bad. Imagine if the Cowboys, Patriots or Greenbay would have a 0-16 season. I'm fairly sure some cities would burn.
  5. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    Funny that you pick me out since I'm hardly the biggest Wilson fan around. I can't deny however that Wilson is very adept at being efficient while having playing with pretty bad Oline. I don't know to what extend a better Oline would help but I can only assume it won't hurt. Furthermore I think it having a decent/good running game is an essential component for Seattle to be good offensively.
  6. Seahawks Fire OC Bevell

    That's is one SB window that got slammed shut in one season. Really though, Wilson with a proper offensive line and running game would keep them in contention while LOB will lose its potency.
  7. GWT: Week 19 Falcons @ Eagles

    I think that is the one thing that really makes these Falcons scary in the playoffs right now. They aren't the flashy high octane team of last year, instead they are this gritty bunch that do just enough to win games and just keep grinding. I mean, every team in the playoffs scares me but if I was a fan of another team I wouldn't want to face the Falcons right now.
  8. Fans of Playoff Teams

    I get your point but I'm fairly sure Philly is considered a bigger market then Atlanta and the Falcons haven't won a SB either.
  9. Per NFL.com. Kind of strange to see no one made a thread about this yet. Was the extension that obvious or do people just not care about the Panthers? Or both? Imo the extension makes a lot of sense. As a defensive HC he can take some credit for how good the defense is. The offense only goes as far as Cam goes right now, which is slightly troublesome at times but not all Rivera's fault. The timing of the signing made me chuckle a bit though. Wasn't it a few years ago the Panthers did the same thing with Rivera right before their first playoff game?
  10. Divisional Round GDT: Falcons @ Eagles

    Don't ever post that .gif again. I legit thought Ryans career was going to be over when I saw that happen. Lets post .gif's instead that everyone can enjoy!
  11. Team Needs?

    I'm surprised by how much Poole has regressed this season. I'm not quite ready to replace him though. If he was a high round pick everybody would be talking about how he's just having a sophomore slump. I mean the dude did ball hard last year. Drafting another corner is still good idea though. You can never have enough depth at corner. We're just that next level with our forum tactics. It happens if you have a game like we had last year...
  12. Week 18: Bills @ Jags

    Honestly the only reason I regret putting money on Jax is that I'm not allowing myself to cheer for the Bills right now.
  13. Raiders hire Jon Gruden as Head Coach

    I like Gruden a lot, he's my favorite caster by far and I'd definitely have a beer with him if I'd ever have the chance. I think he'll be a great players coach and will be able to develop Carr even further. That said a 10 year contract is just too long. The only coach I'd give a 10 year contract is BB. No one else comes even close, even 5 years would be too long for me in most situations. I mean sure coaches contracts aren't part of the cap so it's basically money that doesn't matter in that regard. But then again it's not like the Raiders are the richest organisation. The real problem is the message. You're basically telling everyone in the organisation that this guy will be here forever, and the guy himself knows it too. Now I don't think Gruden will allow himself to consciously start slacking but subconscious. Who knows? Then again, he had a super cushy job casting so it would take something special to bring him back into coaching.
  14. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position for 2017

    Actually if you're willing to put in the work anyone can get the complete list. If you go to the rosters of the individual teams you can click on the names of the players and see their ratings. Creating a complete list of one position is going to be quite the amount of work though.
  15. Fans of Playoff Teams

    Falcon's fan. Scary: All of the NFC teams are scary. Vikings scare me the most though, Keenum played great against us last time and their D is no joke. On the AFC side it's the Pats. Somehow the Steelers don't scare me that much (they probably should), I just think losing Shazier will really hurt in the playoffs. Least scary: NFC: The Eagles would be an obvious candidate but they aren't like last years Raiders who everybody knew wouldn't be able to compensate for losing Carr. Eagles still have a great D and good running game. Foles has proven he can get hot in the past, will be interesting to see if he'll crumble on pressure. In the AFC Titans I guess? If they make it to the SB it will take some serious great play so by then they'll be scary anyways.
  16. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position for 2017

    Agreed. Dude has been so bad I rather see Poe line up at FB. Those two millions might literally have bought this team two wins.
  17. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position for 2017

    That was his worst game of the year. He's been having a weird year. Sure some throws have been off but you can't blame the lack of production on Ryan completely when something like 7/12 INT's have been caused by drops by your receivers and your teams drop % has been second in the league.
  18. ProFootballFocus Top 5/Bottom 5 at every position for 2017

    This tbh. According to PFF metrics he has actually thrown the lowest number of turn over worthy throws in the league this year.
  19. Is Baker Mayfield Skip Bayless's next QB Crush

    Does this really deserve its own thread?
  20. Ravens Defensive Coordinator Dean Pees retires

    How do you consistently field a top 10 defense with a bad coordinator over multiple years with different personnel? One thing that always impressed me about the Ravens defense is that they always seemed to have good depth, if a starter goes down a relative nobody comes in and does a good job. Wouldn't at least a part of that be down to the defensive coordinator and the way he develops talent? Or is that all assistant coaches and the fact that the scouting is just that good? As an outsider I have a feeling Pees might have been under appreciated. As a Falcon fan it feels like a small miracle every time to D gets a stop on a 4th quarter drive, instead of expecting it to happen. Wouldn't surprise me if quite a few fans of other teams will feel the same way.
  21. Might have been better if he got ejected. That may have been Trufants worst game ever, or at least since his rookie season.
  22. Gettleman Makes His Marc; Cuts The Hart Out Of Giants!

    So Hart lost his heart? I'll be taking my leave now.
  23. Your Team's 2017 Regular Season Report Card

    Individuals Your MVP Most valuable is going to be Matt Ryan. He hasn't been playing great but a decent portion of that has been bad luck. Out of his 12 INT's I think around 3 or 4 have been really his fault. Also having the second most drops in the league from his recievers really hasn't helped him this year. Your best 3 players this season Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Alex Mack Newcomer of the season Dontari Poe was a pretty decent FA pickup. Takk McKinley is looking like the real deal when we're talking about rookies. OPOY Julio Jones DPOY Hard one. Either Keanu Neal or Deion Jones. Going to go with Jones I think. Coach of the year The Athletics staff. Haven't had any major injuries. Team Grade Weeks 1-4 B+. Season started pretty good. Beating GB was nice, games against Chicago and Detroit were a lot closer then they should have been though. The loss against the Bills was stupid and needless. Grade Weeks 5-9 F. A team this talented shouldn't have lost against Miami and Carolina at home nor make the Jets game such a close affair. I saw the loss against New England coming but it was still upsetting to be blown out this badly. Grade Weeks 10-13 C+. It was nice beating the injury ravaged Seahawks and Dallas. The win against the Bucs was kind of expected but still nice. Not that suprising to lose against the Vikings but would have been nice if the team didn't feel that powerless. Grade Weeks 14-17 C. Always nice to beat the Saints, always horrible to lose against them. Beating the Bucs was kind of expected but not that it would be this close of a game. Overall Season Grade C. It's been a depressingly average season. This team is way to talented to be this inconsistent with their execution. Best Unit The defense seems to have improved compared to last year. Offense just isn't clicking even if they have the better talent. Best 3 Performances vs Green bay, at Seahawks, vs Saints Worst 3 Performances at Saints, at New England, vs Miami Most Enjoyable Win vs Saints Worst Loss at Saints What Three Things Have Defined Your Season Dropped passes often leading to interceptions, sloppy execution and dumb penalties killing drives and good plays How Confident Are You Heading Into The Post Season/Next Season? (1-5) Post season a 2. If the offense can start executing again this team could be a real dark horse. Next season a 4. Shanny wasn't the greatest OC in his first year here, I'm hoping Sark will be able to improve. What Would You Like Your Team to Address in The Off-Season? Get an extra guard for the Oline, a WR to compete with Sanu for the #2 spot and maybe a CB to push Trufant, Alford and Poole. Before I forget; a proper FB. Derrick Coleman has been horrid so far this year. Rest of The League Who is your NFL MVP for 2017 Tom Brady has been the best QB so he'll probably win it even if Gurley might be more deserving. Shame about Wentz getting hurt. Which team (other than your own) impressed you the most? Saints have done a good job this improving their team. Vikings are starting to look legit. Jags could be the real deal. I guess the Rams impressed me the most overall. The player you would take for your own team (just one) Gronk would be fun and a nice throwback to the Tony G days but I would prefer Luke Kuechly. Would be amazing to have him, Jones and Campbell as a LB core.
  24. Tampa Bay informs Dirk Koetter he's returning for 2018

    I'm trying to find some logic in this but it isn't easy to do. Maybe this saying something about Jameis' position within the team as well? Join Koetter and Jameis at the hip. If the team (and thus most likely Jameis) dissapoints next year get a new HC and allow him to bring in his own guy? Or does it even mean they want to keep Koetter around to develop the next QB they draft since they don't see Jameis as the answer? Honestly I'm probably looking into it to deeply. Seems like it's just a weird dumb move to retain Koetter.
  25. Falcons vs Saints Rd 2. Penalty or no Penalty?

    Worst officiated game I've ever seen. It was obvious from the first quarter that there was no way that the Falcons would be allowed to win it. I mean, first & forty? Really? Just got to win out next week and hope for a rematch in the playoffs with decent officiating.