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  1. Bucs fire DC Mike Smith

    Smith should have retired after his stint with the Falcons. Still crazy he was one dropped Harry Douglas pass away from the SB and probably winning it. It really seems that season sucked the soul out of him (that and that heart attack scare). He should just get a nice coushy position coach gig and have a nice time.
  2. It's sad how dead this sub forum is tbh. So lets see if we can start some sort of a discussion. What is everybody's thoughts/feelings about this years draft class? 1. Calvin Ridley: I really, really want to like this pick but I'm not sure if I can. Ridley seems to be a fine player and will be a very nice weapon for Matt. I just have a feeling Taven Bryan would have had a bigger impact overall. 2. Isaiah Oliver: I don't understand why this guy wasn't a first round pick. Dude is a long, fast corner and has these freakish long arms. Could easily see him become a bonafide CB1 in our scheme. 3. Deadrin Senat: Don't know much about him tbh but from what I've seen and read after the pick he seems to be a solid selection. 4. Ito Smith: Not that hyped. Would have liked a FB/Short yardage back at this point or maybe some more competition at OG. 6. Russell Gage: I really, really like this pick. CB converted into a WR, heard from some LSU fans QB play and horrible play calling held him back a bit. Fierce competitor and ST ace. I've got high hopes he'll turn himself into a legit WR. 6. Foyesade Oluokun: Had some decent film, likes to hit. I'm not really expecting him to push Riley too much since I really see the latter improving a ton this year. Still, for a 6th rounder he has some upside. Overall I'm pretty happy with this draft. Would have like some OG help but I can't really knock the FO for that looking at how the draft fell into place.
  3. Panthers sign Eric Reid S

    I guess with king clown Newton on the team another clown can't hurt.
  4. Eric Berry Still Not Practicing

    Maybe if you're stuck in 2013 but I'd say there are plenty of good safety's in the league. Sure, it might be lacking compared to the top heavy years of Dawkings, Reed and Polumalu but it isn't horrible right now.
  5. Report: Gruden causing divide in Raiders front office

    My "Sources" within the Raiders organization told me the same but also that Davis is willing to let it slide since both him and Gruden have the same hairdresser. Next season Gruden will have a winning record and Davis will extend both his contract and that of the hairdresser for another 10 years.
  6. Injuries

    If Allen is done it's over for the D this season.
  7. brian poole

    Elite rookie year, sub par sophomore year and questionable third year. I'm not yet ready to give up on him though. Look at how long it took Alford to be decent. There were times he'd get atleast one fragrant PI call against him every damn game. I'm honestly more upset with our Dline. Grady is a beast but apart from him I've been unimpressed. Shelby was actually showing up for once pre-injury. Takk is a sophomore, Beasley is just ehhhhh, Crawford's name never gets called, Senat has one play a game and McClain or w/e the vet is supposed to be is absolutely invisable. Then you have Brooks Reed who's just old and seems done.
  8. Injuries

    Levitre as well. Plus JJ and McKinley banged up. This might be a long season..
  9. Fair point. I can agree with that line up thinking and I agree with the family part.
  10. How is America losing? That money is just going to go to another player. It doesn't just disappear. It's only Kendrick's that looses out.
  11. Falcons place LB Deion Jones on IR (Possible Return)

    I was wondering when the first Eagles fan would show up to mention Ryan and his contract. Luckily, Ryan can't do much worse then Flaccid has done these past few years.
  12. Falcons place LB Deion Jones on IR (Possible Return)

    Might as well IR 90% of the starters and give the backups some playing time to see if they can be turned into trade bait while collecting a high round draft pick because this team isn't going anywhere this year... The only hope is Sark somehow turning the offense around and just straight up outscoring the opposition.
  13. Falcons S Keanu Neal tore ACL

    I made a typo. Ment that Kazee is more of a FS and Ish more of a SS. Also I'd slot Grady as #3. Although all three are major studs.
  14. Falcons S Keanu Neal tore ACL

    Love me some Neal, second best player right after Debo. At least this should mean Kazee gets some playtime. Thoight he was going to be a baller last year, now its his chance to show it. Kazee is more of a SS to me, so I'm expecting Ish to get the lead role. Ishmeal has been underrated imo so its not horrid. It's just that Neal is an all pro..
  15. ATL VS PHI

    I'm a bit drunk and I've missed most of preseason so take this with a but of salt but no, I haven't heard about him having a bum knee. Last time Matt missed serious time in my memory was 2009 with a turf toe injury. He has been through hell and back behind our Oline though...* *There is this sack he took against the Eagles in 2011(I think) that looked straight up career ending and he was fine after missing one series so god knows what Matt is made off
  16. ATL VS PHI

    I'm not worried about losing the game, the penalties or the sloppy execution. It's Matt that scares the hell out of me. I have a strong feeling he's injured. He just didn't play like himself at all.
  17. How does tossing away those 2 cents impact your HoF chances? Serious question.
  18. Whats the over/under on him getting a season ending split nail injury? If I wast STL I'd have taken the second rounder and have run with it. If ET doesn't want to be there it's just going to poison the lockerroom and the team as a whole. Unless they get off to a red hot start and ET sees a chance of winning another ring, which I find highly unlikely since Russel is the offensive line at this point (apart from 99 year old D. Brown).
  19. Are Sacks overrated?

    Are you Mike Smith?* *if you are just send me a pm, I'll never betray you.
  20. Broncos ink Adam "Pacman" Jones

    Should have gone to LA so that the Rams could pay another player before paying Donald and so he could be part of the most thug secondary in quite a while with Talib.
  21. 49ers trade Eli Harold OLB to lions

    JJ would be a beast on unblocked blitzes.
  22. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    Hahahahaha Clearly you don't watch playoff Matt Ryan either. The only truly bad game he's ever has was against the Giants (who won the SB). Before that he lost to the Cards (NFC champs) and the packers (SB champs). In 2012 he took the legion of boom to school and then was one dropped pass from Harry Douglas/one not called PI on Tony G away from the SB. Friendly reminder that that same Seahawks team decimated the league the next year. Then in 2016 he had the highest QBR of a losing QB in the SB ever. It's true you don't have to like him but giving him a bit of the respect he deserves would behoove you.
  23. Who are the most overpaid players in the league?

    You clearly don't watch the Falcons and only grab Matts stats from ESPN. Matt played legit last year. He had the lowest turnover worthy % of throws in the league. Now look at how many INTs he threw according to the stats and you'll realize he had one of the most unlucky seasons for a QB in recent years. Also how on earth do you judge talent in QB's for Ryan to be top 10 - 15? Hand size? Circumference of their calves? Amount of Syllables in their names? Legit curious.
  24. Jalen Ramsey's QB Tiers

    And why do we get to take Ryan's best seasons out of the equation but not his worst? Friendly reminder that Ryan once made Harry Douglas a 1k rec guy because White and Julio were on IR. And that he's played behind some Seahawks tier Oline for at least two seasons. Wilson/Brees/Rapistburger >Ryan is arguable but saying Luck is better is just following the media hype.
  25. The Bo Jackson overhype is ridiculous

    You don't know Bo