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  1. Matt Ryan is, statistically, already a HoF QB. So mentioning him doesn't get any "bleeding edge hot take points" Now the 2012 Falcons. The team that DECIMATED the Seahawks (for 3 quarters) and only lost to the 49ers (because this dumb game has 4 quarters instead of 3) thanks to Harry Douglas being the definition of anti-clutch early on and the 49'ers getting away with some big time holding, now that would be interesting. Personally I have 0 doubts this team would have ran all over Joe Blow and his Ravens in the SB. They won in 2010 and comparatively the Falcons roster only got better sinc
  2. Sounds like a straight investment into the booming snow shoveling industry!
  3. Ryan got hurt year 2. It's kinda crazy how durable he's been behind an Oline that has been bottom of the league for most of his career.
  4. Literally the only reason Ryan and Flacco weren't "superstars" was small(er) market teams, the fact everyone was on Payton and Brady's nuts and maybe a feeling to give them some slack. Both Ryan and Flacco had some pretty impressive rookie campaigns. Ryan taking a decent team but one that seemed to be condemned to years of mediocrity following the Ron Mexico and Bobby Petrino debacle to a playoff appearance (and with a bit of luck that might have actually been a deep playoff run) while Flaccid did the same, as in reaching the playoffs, on a stacked Ravens team so he also deserves some credit
  5. What are you talking about? I heard messages have been contributing to the growth of the economic pillar of society in Houston for quite a while now.
  6. Trading up for Julio Jones would get my vote. I'd say it worked out. Even with durability and some drop issues he's been a HoF player.
  7. Even so, he might really want to get out of Houston after a game there.
  8. How is this football related? Does this show he is an above average pass blocker cause he protected the damsel in distress? Or was this a run blocking play and he pancaked the DE? I'm throwing a flag for double standards. If we get to discuss this I also want to discuss Mahomes latest desperate attempt to get out of Houston, weather by prison escort or death penalty.
  9. I'd say this is a pretty good signing. He might not be a bellcow back so the signing might not exclude the drafting of a RB but I'd be okay heading into the season with Davis, Smith and Ollisson + mid/late round rookie RB in a runningback by committee approach. Basically this should allow the Falcons some freedom in the draft when it comes to RB. If Harris is there with their 2nd round pick they have options. Maybe even gamble a bit and trade back if the offer is right. Also the value seems to be pretty decent.
  10. Unless the Pats have different criteria it's a bit like a HoF for just a decade. Longevity will play a factor but if you were a bad player for a long time at a position you won't get chosen over a dude that lit the league on fire for a shorter time. If a player is good enough not to warrant an upgrade from the team for a decade I'd say they firmly deserve the recognition.
  11. I see a lot of people claiming trolling but I do have a serious question. What does a deal like this do too the franchise tag? Isn't that based on the top X% best contracts at the position? So does this deal impact this? Or is it only guaranteed money of a deal that counts? If not this is just Loomis taking the piss of the NFL cap again. Sign a big question mark to a massive deal and ruin any team looking to franchise their QB in order to have a better shot at landing said QB on the Aints during FA. Truly 4d chess if true.
  12. He's also the most exceptional QB I've ever seen when it comes to stat padding. It hasn't been as frequent in recent years but there were quite a few years when he was allowed to collect some sweet stats when in fairness it made more sense to run the ball/get the backup. That said I gotta respect the guy. Although he will always be Bree5 to me ('cause the timing of that game was just hilarious)
  13. Are you sure? Seems to me the Pats are shoring up that O-line for Watson/Wilson.
  14. Vontea Leach and Ovie Mughelli should be HoF FB's imo. Kuhn and Tolbert might have gotten more hype then Mughelli during their careers but the competition at FB was way down as well.
  15. I didn't know that. Baller as heck, and if it wasn't for the azn senzation we have at punter I'd welcome him to the Falcons.
  16. Haha, I'd be so onboard with this. "Cornball brother" Wilson hooking up with Jack Easterby (who cares who anybody else is in that organization) would be hilarious. It would either result in some unholy SB victory for the Texans powered by black/white magic or Wilson losing his faith and the ultimate confirmation that Easterby is, in fact, the anti-christ.
  17. Seconding this tbh. It's all cool and swell to be the bad guy. But you're only going to be able to be that guy once.
  18. Being an ex-falcon he should have been used to that tbh. Dude is done.
  19. He used to be though. Didn't like the dude for how good he was for a rival but I respect his game.
  20. Pretty sure Tate had an affair with Wilson's first wife. I mean, they could still be friends but I'm not THAT sure about it.
  21. Tbh this sounds pretty based to me. The Texans seem to have turned into this magical land and when growing up Easterby just had one childhood wish, to go total #Yolo on an NFL franchise.. and now here we are. Honestly this story kind of reminds me of that guy working on an airfield that one day decided to hijack a plane and then without any training what so ever did a sick loop. That's Easterby in my mind from now on out, he's just raging against the machine and living out his fantasies while doing so.
  22. Based on another thread I propose the title of this thread gets changed to; Small Potato released by Small Potato team
  23. B/B+ It feels weird seeing people like TJ Yates and Peelle be coaches on a team while Ryan is still the QB. The silly thing would be to be mad at that ('cause Ryan is better than them). However Ryan has to actually play, so he can't spend all his time on studying opponents/tendencies/w.e. In that regard having coaches that are familiar with his strengths and weaknesses makes sense. Overall it seems to be a solid team of coaches. Imo the Pees hire makes or breaks this. Ravens fans hate him, Titans fans think he's okay. Looking at the histories of teh defenses of those franchises he mi
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