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  1. Sounds good man. I think (hope) you knew I wasn't saying early success is a bad thing. Recent success, however, is good. Progression is good. You could easily argue Biadasz regressed in college. That's not a good sign. You listed 15,000 random prospects. Most of them first round guys. Of course you want a guy who was a stud as a freshman and continued to get better throughout college. I'm not stupid. We were talking about Biadasz not the entire last 6 years worth of first round picks you listed. When it comes to Biadasz, he is not a high ceiling guy, and I don't know that his floor is that hig
  2. People also get better throughout their college careers and as professionals. If you want high floor, low ceiling players you can do it your way. If rather have players with upside. And yes I know there are guys like Oliver that still have a ton of upside, but being good as a freshman doesn't automatically make a better pro.
  3. I don't think "knowing who someone is" is how you should value draft picks. Yes people knew about Biadasz because he was a key part of arguably the best OL in the country and they were talked about non-stop. Houston is not a talked about program like Wisconsin. You may not have known who Jones was, but he started more games at Houston than Biadasz did at Wisconsin. He's been good for a long time. If all you want is household named you'd have a team with only Ohio State and Alabama players.
  4. How do you feel about Jonah Jackson? I think if we could come away with Josh Jones in the first and Jonah Jackson in the second I would be a fan. Plus having a left side of the line with first and last names all starting with J would be a huge plus.
  5. In the first, we might have to choose if we want the best guard or the fifth best tackle. Would you rather have Josh Jones and Muti, or Ruiz and Niang? It's a tough question.
  6. Right, but as long as they continue to draft well and Mahomes continues on this trajectory I wouldn't worry about them. And there's no way he plays on that 5th year option either.
  7. They'll lose a couple guys, but they'll be alright. They have no space this year but are scheduled to have almost $70 million next year.
  8. I think I'd agree with that. The only thing I don't like about trading Harris is it just opens up another hole. Sure, Williams is an upgrade on Reiff, but Reiff is far from the biggest problem on the OL. So we still wouldn't have any answers at guard, and now we also need a starting safety.
  9. Do you think they would take that two for one trade? Or would we have to throw in a pick?
  10. Yes if Tua is there I would personally take him, but with Spielman and Zimmer not having long term contracts taking a 1st round quarterback when we're stuck with Cousins for a minimum of 2 years would be a bad pick. I think I would puke if we took a first round running back. I think that would be the worst pick for this team outside of a kicker or punter in the first round. We have 2 more than capable backs and backs are probably the easiest position to find competent starters. And yes, you don't want to have a bad reach, but if Kenneth Murray is your 18th ranked player, JK Dobbins i
  11. Winfield is the only one I would be okay with because I think he's is versatile enough to play slot consistently. I don't see us making that pick either. Spielman and Zimmer are trying to save their jobs. Spending a first round pick on a position that is currently a position of strength with all the holes on this team would likely mean they are drafting someone that will benefit the new coaching and front office staff next year.
  12. We have to go BPA at a position of need, which shouldn't be hard because we have a multitude of needs. QB, LB, TE, RB, and Safety are probably the only positions I wouldn't touch in the first 2 rounds no matter what as things stand now.
  13. Exactly. Attitudes aside, we are a worse football team right now than we were a few weeks ago. We got worse at CB, DE, WR, and OG. The only position you can argue we got better at is NT. If we don't nail this draft it will be a big failure of an off-season.
  14. I just love how much and how effectively Jones plays in space in the run and screen game. He did that consistently in college and was fun to watch in those situations.
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