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  1. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    They could also be drumming up interest in their own pick or trying to bait a QB needy team into trading up ahead of them so that another player falls. Could be a nice little strategy.
  2. Vikings On the Clock

    Gary's traits are very very rare. Plug him in at 3T and let Patterson work with him and he could be special.
  3. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    I'd guess he's still safe with how much he'll be making. I'd assume it will be Beebe, Zylstra, and Taylor fighting for two spots if we don't draft anyone.
  4. My Annual Forum by Forum Mock

  5. 2019 Draft Talk

    The thing is, Thielen and Diggs are two of the best contested catch receivers in the league. I think "jump ball" receivers and contested catch receivers get confused. If you're talking about people who can go get the ball over somebody in all parts of the field, we already have two of the best. Obviously, it would be nice to get a guy who runs a 4.4, is 6'3", and doesn't drop the ball, but more often than not that type of guy is taken high in round one. Obviously you listed a few exceptions like Mike Thomas, but you are lucky to get one of those in round 2 or later. As for a lot of guys you listed, I don't really consider Keenan Allen, Tyler Boyd, or Robby Anderson jump ball guys at all. They're tall, but that not really their game. Fitzgerald is another guy who is a great contested catch guy, but his nuanced route running is what makes him special. It's not really that pure "jump ball" guy you're talking about. And Julio Jones has actually been pretty bad in the red zone.
  6. 2019 Draft Talk

    De'Andre Hopkins is right at 6'1" and is probably the best jump ball guy in the league. That dude is incredible. Outside of him, though, there's not a lot of guys I'd just throw 3 straight fades to in the red zone.
  7. 2019 Draft Talk

    You're not wrong in your line of thinking, I just don't share the same opinion. Antonio Brown, Devante Adams, and Tyreek Hill were the top 3 WR's in touchdown receptions last year. I don't really consider any of those guys true big "jump ball" guys. Adams is probably the closest, but all three of those guys win with great route running and strong hands. Thielen and Diggs were #9 and #10 in receiving touchdowns last year. In my opinion, I'd rather have a true deep threat receiver to help us get to the red zone. Thielen and Diggs both can go deep, but they excel in the short to intermediate areas. If we have someone to take the top off the defense it will open up those short/intermediate routes and have a bigger impact than a bigger "red zone" guy I think. Now, if you can get a guy like Boykin who you mentioned that can possibly do both of those things, that's even better.
  8. 2019 Draft Talk

    Isn't Rudolph that guy for us? And I'd rather have a guy like Diggs or Thielen who can create instant separation in close quarters rather than a true "jump ball" guy anyway.
  9. Everson Griffen Rejoining Team

    Not a great start, has been better recently, has to nail this one.
  10. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    I would give Danny Isadora just as good of a shot at being a good starter as the other guys you listed. For your second question, yes I'd hate it unless it was Quinnen Williams or Ed Oliver who I think could bring our defense to a different level. I also think you can find guards later in the draft, I just think we're pretty much forced to take one in the first.
  11. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    One common thread between the Colts, 49ers, Raiders, Lions, Browns, and Cardinals is that they all had copious amounts of cap space. They could afford to pay people who were on the bench. We don't have that luxury. Teams in our cap situation have to rely on the draft for cheap starters and depth pieces.
  12. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    And my point is I think that's a waste of resources. If we trade our third round pick for a veteran guard before the draft, and then end up drafting a guard who starts over the guy we traded for, I think we just threw away a third round pick. Even if we trade for somebody, we're probably going to take an OL in the first anyway as I don't think there are legit starting OL for sale out there right now If you draft a guard at #18, you have to believe that guy is good enough to start right away. No use wasting cap space or draft capital on someone thats going to sit on the bench behind them.
  13. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    And who started? The guys that were there or the guy drafted early?
  14. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    The Cardinals completely wasted $5 million (I believe that's what they ended up paying him) and practice reps on a few games from Sam Bradford. And that didn't change their draft plan at all. They still took a QB #10. The Browns traded the first pick in the third round for 3 starts from Tyrod Taylor and they took a QB #1. I don't think these are good examples to support your point. If the Vikings trade for or spend money on a player and it doesn't change our draft plan at all, I will be upset. That would be a waste of resources for no other reason than planning on our early draft picks not being ready to play.
  15. Vikings Sign Josh Kline

    I agree that you shouldn't go into the draft with a glaring need from the standpoint that it telegraph's who you will take. However, plenty of teams depend on starting their rookie offensive lineman, and plenty of offensive lineman have success early. I can't off the top of my head think of a first round OL who wasn't needed to start on their team.