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  1. heard he didnt want to move his family
  2. Milton is a phhysical monster. but no position. too small to stop the run at NT or even 3 tech and too big to have the speed rush ability to get to QB. I like Alim a ton
  3. have to say..didnt call it but hey I was talking about him before we got him!! (;
  4. heard it was over vaccine? not sure. easily could be family or even just save his body and brain. either waay wish the best for him. We need TE depth lol. Hock is a concussion away from sitting a year too.
  5. i wonder the deal with jabril
  6. some had Levi as #1 DT!!! I like his pass rush ability of Barmore. and I dont really want Bama players so thats a win!! I give the draft an A. Two DT back to back isnt "pretty" but we needed it so bad. We couldn't stop the run. we couldn't generate pressure from the interior which would help the edge guys. everything comes after that. the QB gets hit, he tosses it up, easier opportunity for an INT. Just think we are set at DT for 3 years at least. That means next year we can go for a position more "fun/pretty" like a WR/LB/S/Backup edge. I think we should always take an Olineman no matte
  7. hahahahahahahaha. ive just only you seen you be negative. so all well. too bad you dont post too much. people are missing out on your opinion
  8. https://www.mlive.com/lions/2021/05/udfa-tracker-lions-signing-big-arkansas-state-wr-jonathan-adams-jr.html
  9. @detfan782004 has been a hater as long as I can remember being on here (;
  10. imagine your nickname being bobby trees...hahahahahahaha
  11. we really got sage as a UDFA. Nice!! saw him mocked to us sooooo many times.
  12. Welcome brother!!! Welcome!! Can't wait to see what Alim can do!!
  13. lol out of allllll WR in this draft. this was the one guy I was always nahh. funny we got him lmaooo. my karma!!!! hahahahaha. only pick in FFMD we did when Patriots got him I was like ha!!! losers lol.
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