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  1. Mock Offeason/draft.

    dont like the truth??
  2. Post Free Agency Mock-No Trades

    dont know miuch about the guys but positions are good throughout the draft. Maybe a CB? I just wish we could use our first and still get Geuice
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    okay what tape? where would you draft him? and wheere would he play?
  4. 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    no thanks, undersized. and honestly how is he supposed to wrap up? This is the NFL...not college...i do wish him luck though.
  5. Mock Offeason/draft.

    There best Defensive player????? Noob....and he doesn't fit the transition to 3-4 which they are making. They are going to keep OBJ LMAO Heard of Landon Collins?
  6. Lions released TE Eric Ebron

    no i think they just cut him and have no plans... lol...im sure they have all the plans they need
  7. Lions released TE Eric Ebron

    I didn't read all the comments yet, but does anyone like Austin Seferian-Jenkins??? I like him over ebron
  8. Lions close to signing frank gore

    sorry, but would not be optimistic with that backfield....blount should probably be retiring soon...and gore....should be in a retirement home with lots of ice by now...and Riddick is trash for RB...yeah he can catch..but thats one dimensional...it's 2018 not 1954. we need guys that can do multiple things...we don't have a back that can rush for 5 yards up the middle...
  9. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

    yeah. i personally like Austin Seferian-Jenkins. I wanted him that year he was drafted, but went pretty early. We have to many holes. Especially for how much we use a TE, I don't think its number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or even 6 priority right now...they should just sign a FA that is healthy and can catch.
  10. The Lions Den: Visiting Free Agents

    no way guice even gets out of the first.....i really dont want gore either....if we could trade down for an extra 2nd or 3rd...then get Guice...and then maybe a C/DE and then DT...idk lol
  11. Cardinals cut honey badger

    Yeah I see Texans. Maybe Seattle???? They are probably going to lose their entire secondary by the year begins lol..
  12. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

  13. Eric Ebron cut by Lions

    i agree...we had Fauria for a Undrafted FA and he put up better numbers in redzone and was so much fun....and basically free!!! Never draft a TE in round 1....never....idc if its Gronk...the value isn't there for me....especially when you have a dumb coach that will just run in shotgun two plays and then everyone knows its time to throw and ohh nice in the dirt or a sack..
  14. Browns trade Danny Shelton to the Patriots

    and whats your point??? Patriots were 2nd worst at 4.7....still made it to the SB easily...
  15. Browns trade Danny Shelton to the Patriots

    sorry 14th worse in passing..and still gave up 14 rushing TD's which is tied for 7th worst in nfl...in my eyes Shelton was never a 1st round pick that year...and that D was so bad they gave up 2nd most point per game at 25.6...looks like Browns need more DB's. They only had 7 picks which ranks them 2nd worst in nfl also