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  1. I just think it comes down to coaching and them handling adversity like theyve been there before. If KJ goes down they shouldn't skip a beat and just change up the plays for a game. If ts the season. It sucks, but again they still have other pros. Im hoping they figured out some mistakes last year on the oline. I didn't watch every game, but didn't they have a crazy stat where they had a bunch of different units out there throughout the year from injury. I think Melvin will be #2 for now. But injury does happen and I wont be surprised to see someone we dont even have right now starting week 6... for the success. I agree. We MUST MUST MUST find balance. I dont get it. Last year at least it was so predictable. and then they would gve up since they were down two possessions or more. Hopefully CJ can take a lot of power work and then KJ on a toss or screen and get the YAC. I think Will Harris will be one of the teams (underrated superstars) as in maybe no pro bowl. But he will be huge. Captain while playing for BC...We have their coach that was their D coordinator dont we? So I hope he is already ahead of the game. Also think Oruwariye is going to play way better then is pick says he should. And I am really excited to see Trey Flowers. Hoping he can bring some aggression and leadership along with his talent
  2. Veterans From Other Teams Who Could Help The Lions

    how long of a contract would you like to see?
  3. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    im sorry but you sound like a straight up cry baby...first off idk who you are even talking to. Only like one guy on this forum really wanted a TE....like one...its done with....what do you want. a time machine? Then you go on to say. "You guys know a TE doesn't improve the run game as much as a better RG would?" .....WHO IS ONE GUY THAT COULD OF DONE THAT? Draft a RG in RD 1? You're a genius lmao....You think you know everythin when you know nothing...you werent in the interviews...you werent watching all their film...and you havent put together a playbook that requires certain fits...you have no idea lmao...everytime you post I cringe. I cringe so hard I wonder is thi some young idiot or old idiot...Ed Oliver wont get more then 5 sacks this year....AND THEN LMAOOOOOOO YOU SAY BUSH....Who most DID NOT HAVE IN TOP 10....and stop sucking on Ed Oliver so hard...he aight but not Aaron Donald...
  4. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    1st rd pick should 100% be a major contributor. what are you talking about? and of course he will 100% struggle...every rookie will..EVERY SINGLE ONE... Some will adjust quicker...and still will be hit with different issues whether its coaching, family, mental, injuries...no one knows...but if he is playing with some passion and out there. Hopefully lead the team in TD Rec and 2nd in receptions...and hopefully hes one of our best blockers.

    you should focus on other things then
  6. Lions Select TE T.J. Hockenson #8 Overall

    See Ya!
  7. 2019 Schedule

    we could have some fun trick plays also. nice flip to Nauta after a PA fake to Kerryon. and have TJ seal the outside and make a move on the LB and see ya

    lol dont disrespect T.J. like that. like comparing a delicious apple to a tart grapefruit with no sugar...

    personally i like having a 4 down player in the first. then a guy coming off the bench.

    well it already happened and everyone will continue to make millions while you cry...so I wouldn't cloud your mind with bitterness. We just got a better Kittle. You still never answered my question as to where Oliver would even play....back up to snacks? take snaps from a'shawn? be a rusher on the edge. cause thats a joke...so it leaves him at 3 tech or nose...we dont need either...so that leaves bush...obviously they got a great look and think someone else would work better in "their" defense....remember its theirs...not yours...if you know so much why you sitting on the computer. you should be a scout since you know everything.

    trust me as far as talent goes. i do like oliver...bunch of fun prospects. But can only pick one. and it already happened. so might as well support now or jump ship (:

    but just think TJ will only build the locker room...only build leadership. Probably be a pro bowler by year 3..Who could we trade down with to get that pick? why would any team trade up? only guy wworth it was Oliver...and so many people even said. Can he play with his hands? Also. where would he play on this defense? RE? NT? DT when were in Base 4-3 rarely? 3 tech in nickel formation. Maybe they saw him being on the field like 50% of TJ that can play four downs...and can create a mismatch with a LB...Oliver would be better in Pittsburg or Houston between like Watt and Clowney....not try and takes Snacks spot...which wont happen..
  13. 2019 Schedule

    Fingers crossed. But I agree. Hope we bring the heat on defense like 3/4 of the plays. and we have an offense with lots of nice dump off options. solid maybe even above average possession/red zone threat receiver in Golladay. Now just need a little more production from Marvin Jones and he can take the top off the defense. plus we have some more guys that are speed and can go in the slott and fly down the field. Excited to see the first single back setup with the 3 TE set. Get some play action going it will be fun to watch.
  14. UDFA Signings Thread

    Like Tre Lamar. Right around spot our LB was going to selected and was wondering what team picked him up since hes another big LB thatt can blitz. Boom on our team. Woohoo. I love like 4 UDFA we have right now to make the team by end of this year. (start on practice squad and sign when an injury happens) LB Tre Lamar, Clemson (Source)TE Donald Parham, Stetson (Source)OT Ryan Pope, San Diego State (Source) -UPDATE: Lions reportedly gave Pope $145,000(!!!) guaranteed to sign himOG Beau Benzschawel, Wisconsin (Source) Who knows who will get hurt though. But I like these guys forsure. Not a knock on other ones. Just don't know much about them. I picked up that Parham in Madden a few weeks ago cause he was 6'8" lol. Solid Redzone threat forsure lol. but now he has so much competition. Love it though.