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  1. Why does PFN exist lol. Raimann a first rounder Tolbert put up amazing numbers but small school. I think he goes in 2nd with Sky from Western. (my favorite two lowkey smallschool guys) (I went with Sky Moore in my Madden Mock franchise I have been playing) Stingley at 10???? Feel he goes top 4 but im no Nostradamus lol I dont like Perrion really too much Feel Arnold goes top 45 Burks isnt bad but the worst out of like 6-8 others imo Id rather London, Garrett, Moore, J. Williams, Olave, Metchie, Dotson. Then Burks. (Funny thing is I have B
  2. idk why but he reminds me of Kerrigan from redskins years ago. what do you guys think? Cant wait to see the combine this year
  3. so probably 50 mil after uncle sam...
  4. bahahahahahaha. "knocked helmet off" YES...WITH A PUNCH...YOU MORON
  5. the play call needs to be better but it will always be a gamble and always be changing every play, every game, every team. Crazy part. No team is good forever especially not now. They need to build the trenches. Get some playmakers. Sell tickets. Sucks this year cause this team has no talent at quite a few spots. Crazy we agree on guys and they are solid but then Lions take trash and get terrible results. Like give me a job lmao. Though we like Asante Samuel Jr. and he now has two concussions in like 3 weeks or something like that. Hope he heals up though. Basically I think its easier said the
  6. i mean not really brother. but if it makes you feel better feel good I guess. I bet you're having as much fun watching Denver as Lions fans watching Detroit. looked like they were gonna do something first couple weeks what happened???
  7. I agree..every fan should know they were not going to compete this year.
  8. forreal though. he is dog doo doo. he must give some sloppy toppy or some shiz
  9. I think wyatt gets a monster deal. and after browns game idk if id do that. (tho i did grab him in madden) Kayvon was trash vs Utah so idk rn how I feel about him. Love Lloyd. Almost wanna say he goes top 10. Dont want Fuller for a bag of chips No way I want Tua or Kevin King After this offseason I would say the team is about the same depeing on Kayvon. In madden I waited another year before trading trey and vatai. just hurt the cap so much with dead money unless there is a lucky time of year you can cut and have no dead money. and what did cornell d
  10. they drafted Aaron Brown the year they drafted Stafford Jahvid best with a 1st the next (2010) Mikel Leshoure the next year in the 2nd (torn achilles from avril in training camp) Theo Riddick in 2013 Ameer Abdullah 2015 (still playing on another team) Dwayne Washington 2016 (i know late rd pick) Kerryon Johnson in 2018 Ty Johnson 2019 Jason Huntley 2020 Jermar Jefferson 2021 CAN'T SAY THEY DIDNT TRY AT RB...NOT EVEN MENTIONING FREE AGENTS AND UDFA I can do the same for oline if yall need...I think NFL is rigged and De
  11. OKAY THEN POST YOU MOCK OFFSEASON THAT YOU DID THIS PAST YEAR. I wanna see all the guys you said to grab. Before the Goff trade even. Lets see it
  12. I think weve seen what we need from Tua personally. Id rather a new guy and not a lefty either.
  13. I think they should bench Goff. Looks like the only guy that doesnt want to be there. but who knows
  14. Tua?? Really? Don't wanna judge but at least I know who not to listen to in arguments lollllll. I wouldnt take Tua unless he came for a 7th rd pick lmao.
  15. whats one example? of something Hutchinson does that he cant do in the NFL.
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