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  1. Chargers Make Powder Blues Permanent Home Uniform

    LOVE THOSE UNIS. Maybe just switch it up with the yellow facemask with blue or white in different games..same with the socks and shoes. Always fun with minuet changes. When is Tampa making the switch to Creamsickles??? ha
  2. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    Yeah but would you take Gronk top 10? I still think Brady and Bill were 98% of it...hes fun to watch so maybe that part is worth it. I just personally dont value TE. Out of the 44 people on the field I would say they are the most overrated position on the field other then a #3...I personally would rather use KJ. I just hope he stays healthy for like 12-14 games. We literally can upgrade every spot on Defense....except Trey Flowers...only cause he's a new FA...I personally think he's a bit overrated. Hoping for the best though.
  3. Lions Den - Introductions

    okay makes sense now lol...Detroit at least has fun players to watch...though i do persoanllyl ike josh allen
  4. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    there we go...facts...
  5. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    only one i agree with is Kelce and Hill....neither drafted before the 3rd...thanks for proving my point.... Graham had really really good QB's throwing to him...his best in NO with Brees and like 3 really good WR's...im good on Jeffrey...im good in Evans....I do like Engram but only for his speed..im good on OBJ..they obviously agree.. with their picks (Couldve had OBJ)..this is why I personally think its Matthew Stafford that is our biggest weakness....and Donald was undersized to most teams at like 6'1" 280lbs...most guys are 6'3" 310 lbs (or close)
  6. Lions Den - Introductions

    youre not from michigan area and you like the lions? are you insane? or just like the torture
  7. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    still not worth it...even if TE is first option...
  8. Possible Trade-Back Scenarios

    Im not Coach. I do play a lot of Madden. and for my TE if he has the will to be physcial (chip a DE) and can run about 3 routes and catch the ball and not fumble. Thats all I need lmao. Also, most teams with a sweet TE dont have a sweet WR. So their numbers will look better....or they had a HOF QB lol...I think its harder to find great pass rushers....obviously QB if your coaches stink...MLB and CB is also very very tough. cause you make one wrong turn or wrong gap its gameover...I personally wouldnt draft Fant. At all. Maybe in the third. but thats where i value TE's. I think we can get same production out of a undrafted guy if he stays healthy and is coached well. I personally like trade back for Brian Burns. Funny I drafted him in Madden a year ago and HE WAS SICKKKKKKKK. lol ( i know madden is a video game and not realistic look)
  9. A "Fant-astic" Mock

    I just saw a mock on espn that was interesting. it was trading back and getting a guy like Burns. then trading back into the first with extra picks and get te hockenson. Doubt he is there in the 20's though. But still could get a sick corner like Murphy or who knows who will drop. But if we can get two pro bowl players in the first. That would be a change and makes picking a TE less cringy.. (only cause Ebron broke most Lions fans hearts at the time of pick and during his time here and now hes a PB player on Colts lmao)
  10. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    Bosa plays for OSU nuff said....and his brother is looking to be a stud. Idk. I personally think if a smaller school can go top 5 before the draft.. I want that guy vs a guy with a name and a big school....but to me this has to be one of the worst draft classes I have seen in a while.
  11. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    were you medicated during your response? causeeee first one has no substance and i use real stats...you use what? your brilliant thoughts.....and your second response makes no sense.
  12. All Mocked Out--Final Mock Before The Draft

    Have to say I really like it. If we were somehow to manage to pick up one more guy. Say Safety? Full time DE? I dont love Burns at 8 tho. Unless raft completly messes with us and leaves none of these big names we keep guessing
  13. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    Yet Bosa will go top 2 and had....4 sackss....LMAOOOOO....17.5 HIS WHOLE COLLEGE CAREER....Yet this guy is ehh
  14. First-Pick Mock with Tradeback (Washington)

    gotta love a kid who will write off a guy off a play...or even a game....heck even a season
  15. Under-Rated Draft Prospects

    What do you guys think of LIL'JORDAN HUMPHREY?? Really slow 40 at 4.75 will make him drop.