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  1. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    i did forget about Revis. Others idk i dont follow the jets and im younger so they might be older generations
  2. Martha Ford Steps Down

    buh byeeeeeeeee. please sell the team to someone who really cares
  3. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    hey all good points. me personally if my team I agree.. Idont pay anyone over 10 mill unless its the QB and maybe the bset pass rushers. But he is the best Safety the NFL has seen in a little bit..yeah other really good guys to but thi guy is on another level. He should break that 15 mill cap...just like other positions have in the past...it didnt always use to be a only QB gets insnane money league and it shouldnt be
  4. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Id like to see this superstar take 12-15 mill a year with huge inscentives (20+ mill a year if he balls out plays 16 games)...on the Bills or Patriots...
  5. mock draft research

  6. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    funny thee hardcore jets fan doest even recognize their best talent in hmmmm how long???? I cant think of another Jets player in history other then overrated Namath...maybe that guy Mark Wahlberg played. That one bum that played a game?
  7. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    lmao I like howo you be attacking people in this forum...dude you pic is sanchez. piss off you dum troll. yes the jets are the worst team in the their conference...division...shoot state even..theyre trash. trash trash. get over it...no one cares about them. Everyone cares about Jamal Adams...he needs to get out of the crap hole so he can win and become the best safety of this generation...not waste away and watch Darnold suck a$$
  8. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    cause hes a king amongst men. hes the best that d has seen almost ever and hes so young
  9. Jets S Jamal Adams demands trade

    Adams best pick that laughing stock team has drafted in the last 25 years....they should give them whatever he wants or someone will. Shoot Id take him in Detroit even though hes not needed....Jets will always be trash for reasons like this.
  10. Several Cowboys and Texans Players are COVID-19 Positive

    dont tell cnn
  11. Definetly agree on the soft part. I just dont get how they expect a DB to run with a WR play after play after play after play when no one is touching the QB. I know its a chess match but sheesh. Thats fundamentals. You must get to the QB. Unless your corner is amazing at baiting and gets a bunch of picks. But I think we were at the bottom for picks and tied for 2nd worst in sacks...thats rough..
  12. Rookies We Face That Make You Cringe

    Only rookie I'd be worried about is Chase Young. But you just have to double him and help with chips and quick throws or run right at him. But no WR scares me. Excited to see how Brown turns out. and I think Taylor will just be average while Swift has a little more explosive plays and catches more balls. But who knows. He could go down in camp and J.T. run for 1500 yards and 15 TDs. So ready for football this year.
  13. Jarrad Davis off season transformation

    did some research and looks like all lthe guys do it. https://twitter.com/PrideOfDetroit/status/1152349818649550848/photo/1
  14. Jarrad Davis off season transformation

    though i kno hes getting older but i hope he passes the drug test. that hairline fell right off
  15. Jarrad Davis off season transformation

    Yeah buddy!! get that 2nd contract. Make it out as the best LB from that draft and not look like a bust. Fingers crossed