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  1. Ever heard of Michael Jordan?
  2. Steelers fan voting for Carter, then Largent, then AB
  3. Would This Team Win a Superbowl?

    It's not letting me post it in general or comparisons so yeah..
  4. Would This Team Win a Superbowl?

    QB - Dan Marino RB - Barry Sanders WR - Randy Moss WR - Cris Carter WR - Steve Largent TE - Tony Gonzalez T - Anthony Munoz G - Randall McDaniel C - Bruce Matthews G - John Hannah T - Joe Thomas DE - Bruce Smith DE - Deacon Jones DT - Merlin Olsen DT - Alan Page LB - Derrick Thomas LB - Richard Butkus LB - Kevin Greene CB - Champ Bailey CB - Aeneas Williams FS - Paul Krause SS - Brian Dawkins
  5. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    Bills are your 14-2 Super Bowl Champions https://playoffpredictors.com/Football/NFL?L=EwkRmDPCz-TXlJs1wMyTtV5vbJGygo65qHL4KUUIEHp35OoOu5PqIu1HcBMUjDLl+OFL2G4gA
  6. Is the Steelers offense overrated?

    Best RB in the league (debatable), best WR in the league (not debatable), and a HOF quarterback.. no they're not overrated at all
  7. James Harrison has Retired.

    Bills were always just so bad haha I remember thinking in 2009 that they were bad because of missing the playoffs 10 years in a row.. if only I knew how long it would continue for
  8. James Harrison has Retired.

    I was born in 2001 and he was one of the first players I remember watching.. he made me a Steelers fan and I live in Buffalo. Wishing him and his family the best and congratulations on a terrific career.
  9. EJ Manuel but I've only watched the Bills for the past few years