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  1. PHREAK'S Dynasty League (Discussion Thread)

    Draft day (not ours of course), here we go again.
  2. Everyone has their opinion on what we do/don't need. What's the "biggest" need, etc... It is hilarious to me, some of the differing opinions on here and other websites about the Lions. For instance, last season everyone really disliked/hated Ebron for his inconsistency, we spent a high draft pick on him, etc... Then he started playing a bit better but we still didn't like him. We traded him and people went nuts. Now TE is a big "need" again. Even though we drafted one last year and got one in FA. We've been bottom 5 or so in rushing for what seems like forever, but many don't think getting a RB (at #20) is much of a priority because it's a "deep class" at RB this year. Plus, no point in getting a RB because we don't have an OL to block for him. But an edge rusher is the "big need?" Then, I've seen, "Ziggy is the only good pass rusher we have", we tag Ziggy, now many can't believe we're going to pay an "injury prone" edge guy that much. The list goes on. Point being, NOBODY IS GOING TO GET IT "RIGHT," as far as a mock draft. So, here's mine anyways. (no trades, can't ever predict those) Round 1 Pick #20 - Derrius Guice - RB - LSU - Fellow fans, the Lions put up just over 1200 yards rushing last season. I think it's time to get someone who has the potential to get that by himself. (Back up pick- Hubbard OSU) Round 2 Pick #51 - Uchenna Nwuso - DE - USC - You want/we need an OLB/Edge guy? Here he is. This man gets nothing but results. A major disruptive force for QB's and a great tackler. (Back up pick - RB!!!! Jones USC or Penny SDSU) Round 3 Pick #82 - Ian Thomas - TE - IND - IF !!!! we're going to get a TE this draft, IMO, this is the one to get. Once the ball is in his hands, he's hard to bring down. ( Back up pick - B.J. Hill DL NC St.) Round 4 Pick #117 - Fred Warner - LB - BYU - 4 year starter at SAM and/or Nickel defender. Good in coverage. ( Back up pick - Kameron Kelly - CB - SDSU ) Round 5 Pick #153 - Colby Gossett - G - App St. - 6-5 320. Did play lower level competition, but owned it. ( Back up pick - Cole Madison - G -Wash St.) Round 7 Pick #237 - BPA/Need = Tray Matthews - S - Aub - Good size, Great speed. Added bonus, plays both safety positions. ( Back up pick - Reginald McKenzie - DL - Tenn ) With only 6 picks, you can't cover everything. But I believe we do need a RB badly. I know we need an Edge guy and interior DL. But I also think the LB's will be helping the middle a lot more this season than the past. We do need OL help, but if our starters are on the field, we're good. I saw a stat from last season that our 5 starters played a total of about 10% of the season together. Anyways, I went with what I believe would help us all around. Let the disagreeing commence.
  3. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft (Now with Time Slots)

    LAST ROUND ! We made it Pick 6.1 - Gerald Everett - TE - LA Rams
  4. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    My time slot hit. Pick 5.1 and 6.1 are done, USMC has been msgd.
  5. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft (Now with Time Slots)

    Pick 5.1 - Matt Bryant - K - Atl (I believe i'm in my time slot)
  6. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft (Now with Time Slots)

    Pick 4.1 - ArDarius Stewart - WR - NYJ @USMC_PackFan is otc
  7. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    Pick 3.1 is in. @chisoxguy7 has been messaged.
  8. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft (Now with Time Slots)

    Pick 3.1 - Cooper Kupp - WR - Rams
  9. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    He did.............
  10. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    2.1 is in. USMC has been messaged.
  11. The Gnat's Dynasy League 2017 Draft (Now with Time Slots)

    Pick 2.1 - K. Golladay - WR Det. @USMC_PackFan is OTC
  12. The Gnat's Dynasty League - 1 Opening

    Well, this is moving along just great........
  13. Preseason GT #2: Lions vs Jets

    Unfortunately no, I'm out of town for a soccer tournament. Not on in my area anyways.