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  1. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    Every time I hear something from OTA's there's always something thrown in there about Rob Kelly and how good he looks. I'm tired of seeing it to be honest. Even before he got hurt last year he was stinking up the joint (including preseason games). The only exception was the Ram game where all our rb's ran well. I want to hear more about Guice in the offseason. You know, the guy that is actually going to start!!!!
  2. Ugghh!!! He retired as a bargaining chip, he got screwed on his contract. His agent got him to sign for a restructure paycut. The deal was bad based on the performance hes been playing at so Richie fired him. Now he has a new agent and got out of Buffalo. That's basically all there is to it. We would be foolish to at least not look into it. Great run blocker and we got a new shiny toy at rb. Might as well showcase him
  3. Hes going to play I bet. His agent convinced him to restructure deal last year and he took a pay cut. One of the top guards in the league. Buffalo screwed him in my opinion. Hes worth more than he was going to make. I know he has some baggage but at this point in the NFL, who doesn't? I think the wrap he has is actually worse than what it really is.
  4. Richie Incognito is a free agent. This would be a pretty good signing for us. Even a 1 year deal to get us to 2019. Hes better than any option we have at left guard In my opinion
  5. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    I dont think its about Crowders production as much as Doctsons. He has to step up this year. Is Doctson worth the 5th year option right now? I don't believe so, though I hope he proves me wrong. Between Robert Davis, Quinn and Harris somebody is getting knocked out of starting lineup sometime this year I bet. I don't think Quinn is just a slot, he is 6 foot tall. But we'll see what happens
  6. Redskins to Sign WR Paul Richardson

    Evidently we made the right move letting Garcon and DJax move on. They did jack squat last year. Way too much money for them we can use wisely elsewhere. I think they were a product of our system. Jay may not be able to design good run plays but the passing game? Hes about on point as it gets. Made Kirk Cousins a lot of money, can't question that.
  7. All-Inclusive OTA's Thread

    If Quinn sticks around and I think he will, it makes Crowder expendable which I hate. I really like Crowder. Maybe Quinn can play outside some too. All I know is our WR core better produce, this Quinn kid is taking a spot from somebody.
  8. Sean Welsh just retired. Not even kidding. What the hell
  9. I know you were just using it as an example. I don't care how clean a person is people will always find a way to criticize over something
  10. Redskins Make National Headlines

    It's all hearsay until its proven. That's all I'm saying. I just dont feel comfortable with these types of stories, they're horrible in nature but there's been so many like these I feel it's to the point people say guilty way too quickly. I just want to be clear if this story is true then something should definitely be done. I'd just like to know if things really went down the they're accusing
  11. Hard to have a dominant roster from top to bottom and if you do its salary cap hell.
  12. Redskins Make National Headlines

    I just dont like how stories come to light from years ago. Especially at people's work. Small problems have a pretty good batting record to become big ones when they are no longer employed by the company. Maybe there's merit to their story but I would have found it easier to believe if brought up a lot sooner than now.
  13. Redskins Make National Headlines

    I think this is an overblown story. Cheerleaders on Today show said best years of their lives were with the skins and they were never forced to do anything. Sounds like a journalist trying to cause some trouble. Never be to quick to jump on the first thing you hear. Jumping on a bandwagon is to easy. I know many fans don't like Snyder but this is a little over the top. Even referring this case to the Sterling one is ludacris. They aren't even in the same ballpark
  14. I'm 37 and not ashamed to say that I can't wait for BO4. I'm a gamer. Work every day, faithful to my family and spend loads of time with my kids. If being a gamer makes you a weirdo then by all means i'm a weirdo!!!!
  15. This news doesn't bother me at all, I'm on the Sean Welsh bandwagon. Truly believe we stole one when we got him as UDFA. My question is why keep Kouandjio when he still can't beat out Lauvao? Dont make no sense. These other free agent guards must really suck in the eyes of other NFL teams to still be out there.