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  1. Lets just hope it comes down to Brunskill or McKivitz, I don't wanna see Compton touch the field.
  2. New Forum - New Random

    ..but how do you really feel? haha
  3. New Forum - New Random

    They arent horrible, but they are far from great.I really hate that yellow line going down the legs (gray jersey). I love our uni's, but I wouldnt be against rolling with the throwback full-time for the year. They are so damn clean
  4. I cannot see anyway of us cutting Solly, we could definitely get something for him
  5. This is why I am super optimistic/excited about the WR group, when you have Deebo, Aiyuk and Bourne as ur top 3 (probably), then you add the POTENTIAL of Taylor, Pettis and Hurd???? IF....and I say IF, we can stay healthy, we have a very potent/young WR group that will be here for years. Im not even sure that Bourne will see the field much if the rest of these guys get healthy and put it together. I didnt even mention Jennings or James to that!!! ....and yes, I sound like a HOMER, but im fine with it!
  6. Im with you, I had very high hopes especially considering his skill set, he just offers something we don't have on the team and a mixture of skills that translates. That being said, his back injury worries the hell outta me.....like......i'm not 100% sure we will ever see him on the field, or his is injured early on. Back injuries are nothing to be taken lightly and considering he is looked at as a WR/TE/RB, thats putting him in a lot of dangerous positions.
  7. Man, Peter King sounds extremely high on Jalen Hurd, thinking he saw OROY based on what Jalen did at camp. Im not saying Peter King knows all, but just the fact that he knows talent, and to come away with that impression is very positive https://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/136532-peter-49ers-jalen-would-offensive-rookie-before-injury/
  8. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    As much as I would like to see Pettis climb out of his hole and take a huge step in production, I was high on Josh Jackson when he was coming out and his contribution to our CB group would outweigh Pettis's role in the WR group IMO. It's a no brainer because we obviously need a young/ talented CB at this point, considering we have added nothing to that group this off-season.
  9. 49ers trade for Trent Williams

    The more I read about this trade, the more I am convinced the Niners will bring back Trent on a long term contract. - Trent squashed deals from the Rams and I believe two other teams - Seemed to welcome the trade to SF knowing full well we were too strapped for cash this season to get a long term deal done -Lynch coming out and saying no rush to get a deal done and Trent being onboard with that , probably because the cap increase next season will open up the opportunity for us to make Trent a the top paid, or close to it, LT in football - Trent would get his money and stay with a winning team under a coach he is familiar with while still making 12 million this year, just seems like everything fits at this point.
  10. 49ers trade for Trent Williams

    I am stoked we got Trent Williams, especially with Joe retiring. The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that Trent wants to wait to renegotiate, which points to the direction of him commanding a lot of money in the off season and then taking off....another rental player. That being said, even if it is a one year rental, it does give us a player that can step in for Joe and play at a high level, while at the same time also give us another year to watch our current O-line group develop and see if the next LT (outside of a possible Trent extension) is on the roster.
  11. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    Yep, this pick has been getting higher marks than many ,including me, would give it. The guy is a beast with the ball in his hands physically, but he just seems slow and will have issues separating. I mean, If this guy was 6'5 and he was putting up these numbers (Stats and workout numbers), I could see the appeal, but 6'3 with these numbers doesnt necessarily scream BOOM prospect. But I will remain optimistic
  12. Niners traded up for Brandon Aiyuk at 25 WR

    I had a hard time with this pick considering the talent we had at #13 and the talent that would have still been on the board at #31, but I trust Shanny on this one. If this is his #1 WR that he was targeting and they felt the need to move up...not to mention them being comfortable with NO day 2 pick, I gotta trust the pick. I do have some concerns in that Aiyuk was a screen machine and I did NOT see examples of being able to run the entire route tree, but im sure the highlights i'm watching are very limited as well. That being said, im stoked to add some talent to an already talented (yet often injured) Wr group.
  13. Yeah, can’t argue with this move, they had talented WR’s on the board, but Shanny must have a plan at WR. We sure up Buckner spot, gain a 4th. Trade back from #31, we will be fine
  14. Picking up Kinlaw and getting an extra pick, I can’t complain. They must have different ideas for WR in this draft
  15. Welp, looks like the wheels are in motion for a Marquise Goodwin trade, Niners are letting him negotiate with other teams, bet we get no more than a 7th, but that doesnt mean I cant pray for a 6th https://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/136211-49ers-marquise-goodwin-permission-negotiate-contract-other-teams/