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  1. Man, that was brutal. first thought, that Norman signing is looking like a damn good call. I’m not saying he is as good as Verrett at this point (who I am feeling extremely bad for at the moment), but at least we saw some solid play from Lenoir, Moseley coming back and Norman to step in…..all is not lost. Ambry Thomas played like crap especially in the second half. very disappointed in what the Niners showed in the second half, but hopefully teaching them a lesson
  2. WFT cut Jimmy Moreland, considering our CB’s at the moment and our current depth at nickel CB in the future, I would love the NINERS to kick the tires on him
  3. You are correct, I mixed him up with Justin Hilliard from this year…..I stand corrected now I’m questioning was it Hilliard or Griffith that has been lighting it up?
  4. Based on early camp observations, this rookie class is looking like one of the better classes with this FO. im not even counting Sermon, Banks, Ambry Thomas or Elijah Mitchell at this point, they still have a lot to prove. BUT, Lance, Jaylon Moore, Lenoir, Hufanga and our UDFA Jonas Griffin have really shown flashes this far and have me stoked. Especially Hufanga and Griffin, I think they have the potential to be late round/UDFA steals
  5. Late to the game, but I was very underwhelmed by Lance’s play, but it wasn’t unexpected by any means. He has a ways to go before he is ready to lead this team, but he showed his physical talents. At the same time I think this first game was a tad to big for him and he needs to work on a few aspects of his game, felt like he rushed a few things and made a few bad decisions, again, expected. Jimmy is gonna start the season and, based on game 1, he should. Lance is gonna be awesome, he just showed he needs time. I don’t think two more preseason games are gonna be enough. Just my opini
  6. I have this gut feeling that Hufanga Is going to outplay is draft position and be a huge staple on the Niners for years to come. this guy screams underachiever turned super star……or maybe I’m crazy. I hope this guy gets his opportunity, I’m not saying he will be Polamalu, but I think he can make his mark on this team
  7. Ambry Thomas was championed by Adam Peters.......so I’m on board with that pick
  8. Are there anymore Trey’s in this draft that we can take?
  9. I really expected a bit more maneuvering by the Niners with all those picks. Expected a couple trade ups into the 3rd, doesn’t look like that’s gonna happen as all the players I am hopeful for just keep getting picked.........and there goes amari Rodgers
  10. The pick of Lance, not too high, not too low.......just right. Even though it ain’t Fields, I’m stoked to what this offense will look like with Trey
  11. I wanted Fields, but Lance will do!!! No Mac Jones, I’m stoked
  12. Hahahahaha I don’t think I have gone back and forth that much. I think it’s Fields, but if I gotta throw another name in the pot, I’m glad it’s Lance and not Jones
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