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  1. 2020 Draft Thread

    Interesting read, especially with where we stand in Round 1 and lack of picks after "The Seahawks then traded that No. 30 pick, which is pretty close to where the 49ers sit now, to the New York Giants for the No. 37, 132, and 142 picks.The moves didn't end there. A third trade sent that No. 37 pick to the Carolina Panthers for the No. 47 and 77 picks. The Seahawks finally made their first selection at the No. 47 spot, and then made several other trades with their new arsenal of picks to further move around the draft order.In the end, after busy days of negotiations, the Seahawks turned their initial No. 21 overall pick into picks No. 47, 64, 120, 132, 142, and 204. That's a first-rounder in exchange for two second-rounders, two fourth-rounders, one fifth-rounder, and one sixth-rounder to add to their draft picks." https://www.49erswebzone.com/articles/135021-seahawks-provide-roadmap-49ers-gain-more-draft-picks/
  2. New Corner

    I dont see any reason for hitting the 'panic' button when it comes to our CB's, and by 'Panic Button' I mean having the CB position as the highest need -Witherspoon: Started the season on fire, many people were pegging him for the pro-bowl. Unfortunately injuries happen and it seems like he never regained his footing - whether that be because of lingering injury or something else. If he can get it back together like he was early in the season, he is starting caliber. -E. Moseley: This guy came in a played admirably for the entire season, he had a HUGE slip up in the SB, but so did Sherman. Considering this was basically his rookie year, he is only going to get better. Very comfortable letting him battle it out once again with Witherspoon in camp. -Sherman: Yeah he has lost a step and YES he got burned in the SB, but he is still top tier in the league. His intelligence at the position slightly negates the step he has lost. He still does struggle with certain types of WR's,but he kinda has his entire career. He is still a very good starter in this league and is a year or two away from MAYBE switching to Safety. -Tim Harris: Cant really judge an injured player, but the size and skill-set are there. Luckily we didnt need him this season, but I can be optimistic that if he can stay healthy, I expect a serviceable #3or #4 CB out of him at worst. I would definitely put Safety ahead of CB as a need for us, especially if we lose Ward. I dont completely trust T.Moore, skillset is there, but he needs to study up this off-season and really run away with the position. I would love a Safety in rounds 1-3 (if we get some draft capitol) to come in a compete. Im going(in order of importance: OG, Safety, WR, CB (This could all change if we lose Ward/ E. Sanders)
  3. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    We still got Kocurek, so Im happy. Maybe he takes on a larger role
  4. I think we renegotiate with McKinnons contract, its a risk, but I think Shanny is still licking his chops at what he could potentially do with McKinnon in the line up, and from the sound of it, it sounds like McKinnon would be willing to do so. His spot will definitely come at the cost of losing Breida or Coleman...most likely Coleman due to his price tag. I can see them taking a shot at a late round RB, but I dont think its a priority, especially with what our running game did last season with what we have on the existing roster. I mean, beside Breida's late season fumbles, all these running back have produced very well. When one doesnt, it seems like another picks it up.
  5. That sucks, really think Kiffin provided a spark for our D-line. But the Bills D-line has been pretty good over the last couple seasons, so hopefully this replacement is, at worst, a lateral move
  6. Yep, makes sense. I could be happy with McKinnon, Mostert, Breida, Wilson backfield......maybe even see if they draft an RB
  7. Very interested to see what they do with McKinnon, he does have a skill set that our other running back dont have in that he is a top notch RB/WR. Im just wondering who the odd man out will be? Mostert is definitely in, so it would come down to Coleman and Breida, and based off of how Breida ended the season it doesnt look good for him. On the other hand, McKinnon kinda blanks out Coleman and it would save us money releasing Coleman, especially on a cap strapped year. McKinnon is also a huge gamble, but I tend to be overly optimistic with players coming off big injuries like McKinnon, Hurd and T. Taylor. If these guys stay healthy, it is adding very potent pieces to an already above average offense. Having Deebo, T. Taylor, Kittle, McKinnon, Mostert and potentially Sanders back in the fold looks great on paper. Then you add in the potential of Hurd, really could make our offense look different (in a good way) next year.
  8. Welp, the only issue I would have with that is he was in the dog house since week 4 or 5 (correct me if im wrong, but thats what it felt like), if that is the case, he had MORE than enough time to 'get his mind right' or fix whatever the issue was by the end of the season. Dont get me wrong, I thought at the end of his rookie season he had potential to be special, but now I am seeing what seems to be a player with a lack of passion for the game, a finesse player that had NO 'dog' in him. Just look at our other WR's, one of these is not like the other(s).
  9. I am very curious to see what they do with Pettis and even more curious why he was in the doghouse and couldnt get out. He made some huge strides towards the end of his rookie year and looked very promising, especially with an off-season coming that he could work on his craft. NOW, he looks like a failed pick that, if not traded this off-season, will get cut next training camp.
  10. Joe Woods to be Browns new DC.

    Welp, he will be inheriting a better secondary I hope
  11. Joe Woods to be Browns new DC.

    Ah, gotcha. I know he had success in Seattle, but I dont remember the Cowboys secondary being anything special
  12. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    in other news, Jaguars set to become the new 'All ACL Team'
  13. Joe Woods to be Browns new DC.

    Not doubting you, but what makes you think Kris Richards would be the best replacement?
  14. Rough SB loss, but i think we are definitely built for the future. We may not have a lot of cap space this off-season, but I see cutting Goodwin and McKinnon saving a bit of money (Correct me if im wrong) and possibly re-working some contracts. I dont see Staley retiring, he has 1 or 2more years left in him and I think he sees how close they got and that they can get back, unlike last time we went to the SB. To do list: Extend: Buckner and Kittle Trade: Armstead (tag and trade - we wont be able to afford him, may as well get something back), Pettis (I know it's early, but for all the skill he has, he seems to lack that 'dog' mentality and work ethic) Re-sign: E. Sanders, Blair, Bourne, Breida, Ward (if possible), S. Day Draft: OG, Safety, CB, OT, WR, RB - in that order unless Ward leaves, then I would put Safety as priority Notes: -Our interior O-line didnt play well and got owned in that SB loss, they were a glaring weakness and it is time to upgrade. - If we sign back Sanders and Bourne, I think our WR group is solid (if healthy)and this draft is stacked if we trade out of the 1st round and get some mid-round picks - Sanders, Samuel, Taylor, Hurd, Bourne, rookie - I like what we have at LB and TE currently on roster, if we can upgrade that would be fine, butI would be comfortable heading into the season with what we have. - Definitely wouldn't mind looking to add a mid-tier pass-rusher and OG in FA....possibly see whats out there for DT if Armstead leaves - I wasnt that disappointed in Garappolo outside of the first INT and the over throw of Sanders at the end. He wasnt comfortable and that had a lot to do with our Interior O-line struggling and the Chiefs secondary actually playing well. - Very surprised at the rise and fall of Breida, to not get one touch in the SB is saying a lot considering what he did throughout the season until his fumbles. Just some thoughts
  15. I cant wait to see Kentavius Street play, hoping he provides a spark with Ford and D. Jones out. We are gonna need it this game, Falcons have been playing well the last few weeks and will definitely provide a challenge considering all the injuries we have had. I expect the offense to carry this one, hopefully our defense can step up