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  1. Well, considering we now have 11 picks combined in the first 3 rounds for the next 3 years, us trading three 1st rounders and Jimmy for Watson, still leaves us with a lot of early round picks
  2. Looks like Scangarello is no longer with the Eagles, I would love to bring him back especially if we Saleh takes anyone from the offensive side. Just makes too much sense https://ninerswire.usatoday.com/2021/01/07/49ers-coaching-staff-rich-scangarello/?utm_source=49ersWebZone&utm_medium=dt&utm_campaign=affref
  3. If we got Wilson, Phillips and Sermon in the first 3 round, then added an IOL in the next round......this would be a win for me.
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't Scangarello unemployed at the moment (fired from Broncos)? I would welcome him back if we lost either/both LaFleur or McDaniels.
  5. I agree, I think the Ryans hire would really hinge of which defensive coaches stick around and which ones Saleh takes with him, especially retaining our D-line coaches. If we can keep the defensive coaching staff together, I think Ryans would be a solid pick. IF Saleh robs our defensive coaching staff, I would lean more towards Morris, simply because Ryan's would be new to the role and have to add to the coaching staff, where as Morris probably has all the guys he wants to come in. I think a defense starting from scratch would be better built by Morris........he also would improve
  6. I still believe that we could sign Alex Mack for a decent price and sign back Garland to fill in at Guard. We could then draft a guard in the earlier rounds, drop Richburg (money saved goes to Mack). That O-line looks promising with T. Williams, Tomlinson, Mack, Garland, McGlinchey. Add a rookie guard, with Brunskill.....I would take that all day
  7. Yep, Unfortunately, I dont think a rookie nor any veteran that is attainable will provide any better chance next season for a SuperBowl over Jimmy..........ok, maybe Stafford
  8. Yeah, I am very torn on the QB issue. As much as I believe Zach Wilson would be amazing under Shannahan, I do think those two early pick could be better spent elsewhere and would benefit our team greatly, especially if it is keeping Jimmy G on his feet. As for Veterans, I would love to see Stafford under Shannahan, but his is at the backend of his career, probably give us 2-3 years tops. Dalton would cost too much at this point, Winston may be able to resurrect his career here, not too many great options after that. I still think Jimmy G can bring us to a SB, but he needs the pieces
  9. I said this in another thread, but Mack makes waaaay too much sense if he chooses to continue his career. I would be a very big fan of that signing, now if we could just find an above average Guard, we would be set on the o-line. I would also like Kerrigan to com in and split time with Hyder (if -re-sgined) opposite Bosa. Release Dee Ford, that's a no brainer at this point. CB is my biggest worry, while I think Moseley will be easy to re-sign and Verrett shouldnt command to much, those are two shaky options heading into the season. I think Sherman will price himself out and we will n
  10. At this point, I would be thrilled to draft Zach Wilson in the 1st and CB in the second round, then IF we got a draft pick in the 3rd round for Saleh leaving, I would go IOL or Edge. I really think that our O-line issues could be fixed in FA this year, just ditch Richburg, Sign Alex Mack to replace him and find a more competent Guard as well. I'm also assuming we re-sign T. Williams. On defense, If we could keep Hyder and sign a vet like Kerrigan, those guys opposite Bosa next season would be very productive IMO. Yes, I would ditch Dee Ford at this point as well and draft an EDGE at
  11. I would agree, but I think Hyder may be willing to come back at a discount simply because Kris Kocurek is here. He hasnt had much of a career outside of playing under Kocurek......that said, if he is in high demand, I wouldnt blame him for taking the money. I like Tartt, he just cannot stay healthy. Many people were hesitant on Ward for the same reason, but I think Tartt would need to take a discount to come back at this point.
  12. No brainer at this point, solidify the left side for the next few years and go out and get a G/C for the right side. If McGlinchey can step his game up a bit, we could have a solid line for the next few years, i know it's hard to imagine right now. Very curious where Sherman, Williams, Hyder and Tartt are on their priority list at this point. I think Hyder and K. Williams come back, Sherman and Tartt are just going to cost too much at this point unless they take a team friendly deal. Sherman will follow Saleh to Detroit
  13. Dont you ruin this for me......Hurd is gonna make something of his life!!!!!!.....Taylor maybe
  14. I am very much hoping that Hurd can get back next year and also hoping that Taylor just needed a year to get back )so hopefully next year he is at full strength, but i have my doubts. It is exciting to see how far Aiyuk has come in his rookie year with spotty QB play. The thought of Aiyuk, Deebo, Kittle, Hurd and Mostert (maybe even J. Reed if brought back) on the field healthy is still very intriguing. I dont see the comparison with Julio outside of the length, but thats not a bad thing, Aiyuk has already proven he can play at a high level.
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