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  1. Hard pass....Fuller is too often injured and the rest just dont have it anymore IMO
  2. Garnett was pretty huge bust considering where he was taken and that he was one of the "safer" o-line picks in the draft, I was very surprised at how little he accomplished. Im not throwing Foster or Thomas on that list because they still have a lot of time to accomplish something. AJ Jenkins and Balmer were epic late first round busts......I wont even go into Drunckenmiller
  3. Yeah, they definitely could be, but I would think they would want to sign somewhere closer to the trade deadline.....just because teams usually fill their needs there if they have a glaring weakness. Other than that, they would be hoping for an injury as it heads towards the post-season. I could see Suggs doing that, but I figure Wake would go to anyone that will take him
  4. Great list, I would still want Cameron Wake added to this list....he still has some gas in the take especially as a situational pass-rusher on the cheap. I may have heard wrong, but he has experience in the wide-9 as well......not seeing why we wouldnt kick the tires.
  5. Stoked out of my mind for Verrett, I have always been a big fan of his and he has had injury issues his entire career. Very glad he is back in top form and that it's proving to be a legit investment now and hopefully moving forward. Question is, when Sherman is healthy, who are the starters? To me it looks to be Sherman and Verrett.....we cant take him off the field based on his play. Maybe put Moseley in the slot until Williams comes back Hasty impressed me as well, especially if Mostert misses time, I would like to see him get additional touches. Great win, I think this is a real confidence booster.
  6. Here is a questions I would be curious the answer to: If the Niner game VS NE is postponed/ rescheduled due to Covid, would that week still count as a game week for players on IR? Or is IR just 3 weeks regardless if there is a game. I guess the same question could be stated for any suspensions as well.
  7. I would still like to see what it would take to get Kerrigan from the Skins', I have always liked him as a player and keep hearing he may be on the block. He may be getting up there, but he can still be a rotational difference maker. Also not understanding why Cameron Wake hasnt been looked at, I thought he would be perfect for wide-9 situational pass-rusher....and cheap
  8. Welp, it looks like Moseley and Witherspoon may not make this game and D.Johnson and Verrett may make the start...........thank god the PHI WR group is so depleted for this game. Was also hoping for a Mostert sighting, but that looks like it aint gonna happen. Fingers crossed for Deebo
  9. Im not not against Moseley, but i think top end/ healthy Verrett can be better than Moseley IMO. But as long as Verrett is first off the bench in front of Witherspoon, I could deal with that. I have always liked Verrett and think he is a special corner, when healthy. Moseley is still young and has played well, just think he needs to make a few more strides in his game that I havent seen this season thus far.
  10. This should be a very winnable game, though I do think the PHI pass-rush is easily the best we have faced yet and that will be the true test. Their defense can be pretty darn good, luckily we get Kittle back. I fully expect another Mullins start and we get back Kittle, but I DO NOT think we get Jimmy G, Mostert, Deebo, Ford or Greenlaw back. K. Williams injury scares me a bit also. I just think Shannahan will want to make sure those guys are healthy for when we start hitting the grind of the schedule and that we have a team good enough to step up and beat the Eagles as-is. I think that win over the Giants, even though they are the Giants, was a major morale booster for the backups that have come in and contributed. Side note: Also very much looking for to Hasty getting more snaps, I think he could be a wild card for this game and for Verrett to continue playing well. I think that if Verrett puts together another solid game, he could very well take over that #2 spot across from Sherman moving forward.
  11. I agree, let him rest. We have Reed and the rest of our TE group to pick up the slack, I would be more interested in resting him and letting him get healthy for the more difficult upcoming games. I agree, their logic is flawed.
  12. I feel bad for Thomas.....but im all for this. He has been a really pleasant surprise thus far, glad we have capable back-ups
  13. The the most obvious and least shocking signing that comes to mind, it just made too much sense. I am a fan of this signing for a few reasons, the two main main reasons, he adds talent (old talent, but still talent) to a thinning WR group. He also adds veteran leadership to a VERY youthful, some may say immature, WR group. I thought that's why the Sanders loss was so big, he had a veteran presence and showed how things are done the right way
  14. Looks like Aiyuk is back at practice, no Deebo, but that may just be them being super cautious and giving him an extra day considering he know the offense. If is doesnt make it back tomorrow, I would expect. him to be unavailable for AZ
  15. Shannahan, just keeping the opposition guessing. Even though, it's pretty obvious who is starting IMO
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