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  1. I would say Shenault probably has a higher floor while also offering similar best-case scenario upside to Aiyuk. I would agree with your gut.
  2. I'd take him in Philly for like a 6th rounder
  3. Pick one to start non-ppr: Devonta Freeman @ NYG Justin Jackson vs Jax Chris Godwin @ LV
  4. Just a reminder I loved Tee Higgins pre-draft (picked him in the 1st round in a mock I posted on here) and you all said it was a terrible pick. Just a reminder.
  5. Well in Howie's defense... if our coaching staff is incompetent and he doesn't think we can develop young players then that would explain keeping vets 😂
  6. 29 points should be enough to win most games. This one's on the defense, mainly jimothy shwartz
  7. He looked like he just banged his head really hard on a guys torso on a tackle. Concussion worst case scenario
  8. Gotta give us one back after the horrible one on 3rd and 16 in the 1st quarter
  9. I called Fulgham being good in the training camp thread. He went to my uni, abused people every time I went to the games.
  10. Seems like something they saw on film and exploited. We have an insanely vanilla and predictable offense.
  11. Start Hurts after halftime and bench Wentz until the 4th quarter
  12. Like 4th and 16 to 1st and goal... most horse **** call...
  13. Worst pass interference flag I think I've ever seen.
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