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  1. QB - Dak Prescott RB - Trey Sermon WR - Brandon Aiyuk & Diontae Johnson TE - T.J. Hockenson Picks based on value.
  2. I watched the whole thing too and obviously was like "wtf is this guy even saying right now" a few times but I agree it didnt seem horrible. The clip is bad though and is pretty hilarious.
  3. 1. Aaron Rodgers 2. Josh Allen 3. Deshaun Watson 4. Derrick Henry 5. Patrick Mahomes
  4. So glad we are getting rid of him. Go read the thread where we hired him 😂
  5. Trade Wentz, Ertz, and whoever else along with whatever picks (except #6) and GET WATSON
  6. Lol nah it was pretty obvious he was a freak.
  7. If he had an actual team around him, imagine how much better he would be.
  8. Maybe Doug's procrastinating with the playcalling
  9. I would say Shenault probably has a higher floor while also offering similar best-case scenario upside to Aiyuk. I would agree with your gut.
  10. I'd take him in Philly for like a 6th rounder
  11. Pick one to start non-ppr: Devonta Freeman @ NYG Justin Jackson vs Jax Chris Godwin @ LV
  12. Just a reminder I loved Tee Higgins pre-draft (picked him in the 1st round in a mock I posted on here) and you all said it was a terrible pick. Just a reminder.
  13. Well in Howie's defense... if our coaching staff is incompetent and he doesn't think we can develop young players then that would explain keeping vets 😂
  14. 29 points should be enough to win most games. This one's on the defense, mainly jimothy shwartz
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