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  1. A couple AFC East QB's if and when they take the field im looking forward to Josh Allen and Sam Darnold Rashad Penny curious to see how he helps Seattle Jordy Nelson in Oakland Leighton Vander Esch in Dallas
  2. What would you have done different?

    8)Roquan Smith 39)Courtland Sutton 51)Derrius Guice 115)Maurice Hurst 145)Ogbonnia Okoronkwo 181)Azeem Victor 224)Tavarus McFadden
  3. Your Personal Draft

    1) Sam Darnold 4)Bradley Chubb 33)Connor Williams 35)Derrius Guice 67)Antonio Callaway 105)Josey Jewell 150)Tavarus McFadden 175)Luke Falk 188)Bradley Bozeman
  4. 2018 Ravens 4th-7th Round Picks

    My opinion Bozeman and Elliot are the 2 best guys on the list I believe you got 2 potential starters.... especially Bozeman although overall whole list is not bad just these 2 stick out to me
  5. 1(3). Sam Darnold, QB, Southern California

    Didnt even notice that about Dex until u said that now thats all i see
  6. I like 2 guys comin off of surgery Malik Hooker,Duke Riley.....also like Mike Williams but that name scares me with wideouts
  7. Jimmy Graham...Wanna see what him and Rodgers can do.
  8. Most complete back in NFL history

    I totally agree i was wondering how long i would read before seeing his name i think a another name that should be at least mentioned is Roger Craig
  9. Your Most memorable draft moments of all time???!!

    The Vikings not getting there draft pick in!!!
  10. If you were an NFL GM how would you do business?

    Well first step to me is......who's in house.....Where have you guys just come from (record wise) If its good record obviously I'm not there.....so let's take a look at why we're losing watch tape! In between tape and sleep.....pick some brains that are there to see there philosophies, schemes why did they do this or that on 3rd and 2....etc and that's on both sides of the ball.....if your gonna get the job you have done your due diligence and studied every team in the NFL and if you think that's hard to do than you wouldn't be in that spot or in this business so trust what you know and believe in that! Don't give up on current staff but see if they can adapt if they can't adapt or have a total different view thats not a bad thing there smart in there own way so let them go and find there own path then turn around and find people that believe in your system or way of doing things.....Some people get mad cuz there is guys that just have a natural old school eye for talent... they don't have to use analytics which is not a bad thing to look at......sure use that to a certain degree but don't live off that! I know guys that can tell if he's gonna be good or not with a game let alone a quarter.......TRUST ME!!!!! Now things could change for that certain person after a game or a quarter but adapt and do your work for that player....That sounds crazy but its not if you know what to look for....aka schemes and stuff.... but if your smart enough a lot of players can fit in to any scheme depends on that trust worthy person coaching them or making them believe in your vision ...but there is so many scenarios that could take place with stepping into a GM job and we all know that ....!!!!! Free agents are a good thing but it depends on cap and all that so i would judge off of that! Now I'm a quality over quantity guy so I like studs not saying quantity is a bad thing there might be a draft where you need quantity over quality depending on what you inherit! Bottom line is stay true to what you know and stay strong to what you know! Ive had to work hard to where im at now in scouting but I've adapted to certain scenarios and things I didn't like....for example when the athletic director and head coach said certain things to me ...was I willing to adapt to make them better yes cuz it was it was all good until.................... they wanted us to just strictly do analytics and just study that....just study that.... just study that.....so i didnt agree so.....hence I get the side of people that have been removed or let themselves be removed and find what fits and that's what people need to do in my opinion! I got a million things to say about offense and defense..... stuff from up above but later on fellas and gals!
  11. Bold Predictions Thread

    Just couldn't resist Favre sorry
  12. Bold Predictions Thread

    Luke Falk takes over for Mariota and leads them to AFC championship game! Rashaad Penny leads league in rushing! Last but not least Favre comes back to replace injured Trubisky and throws 16 TDS 20 INT for Da Bears!