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  1. Chiefs Oline vs. 49'ers

    Fisher is serviceable. Bosa is a beast, and overall I thought Fisher did a nice job on him. Do we need to add a tackle in the draft - yea possibly. I wrote earlier that if Tyler Biadasz is available at pick 32 I would take him. He is a rock in pass protection and a mauler in the run game, and would make our entire offensive line better.
  2. 2020 Mock Drafts - Free Agency Time!

    I would draft Yetur Gross-Matos in a heartbeat. Watching tape of him shows he is a beast. Teamed with Clark with Jones et al up the middle - WOW! I see no chance he gets past the middle of the 1st round, but we can always dream.
  3. Post your Final Score for the Super Bowl.

    Chiefs 28 49ers 20
  4. 2020 Mock Drafts - Free Agency Time!

    I would love to have a shot at center Tyler Biadasz out of Wisconsin. He is very solid in pass protection, and a downhill road-grader in the run game. He would snap to and protect Mahomes, and open holes in the run game. IOL are not sexy 1st round picks, but Biadasz would solidify (arguably) the best offense in the NFL for many years to come.
  5. Game 5: Colts at Arrowhead GDT

    When was the last time the Chiefs took an interior offensive lineman in the first 2 rounds of the draft? Rodney Hudson in the 2nd in 2011, yet we didn't pay him and he went to Oakland where he is a Pro bowler every year. Even Will Shields was drafted in the 3rd round in 1993. I'm sure I'm missing some, but my point is that without protection, even Mahomes in vulnerable. And there is no run game without good front line blocking. I was amazed watching Quenton Nelson block last night. Pair him with Anthony Castonzo and you can't miss. It's time to pony up and draft some offensive line help in the early rounds of the draft.
  6. Jalen Ramsey

    Jacksonville claims they received an offer of 2 first round picks (2020 and 2021) for Ramsey, but turned it down because the team was a super bowl contender and they would be drafting at the bottom of the first round. Sounds embellished, and would be stupid to turn this down for a player that has stated he wants out. It also sounds like it could be the Chiefs if true.
  7. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Wow. Assuming our O-line stays healthy, nobody is gong to stop this Chiefs offense this year. Now we just need the D to make some stops!
  8. Chiefs acquire LB Darron Lee

    Darron Lee was a former 1st round pick, #20 overall, and the second linebacker chosen in the 2016 draft. I mean this is a brilliant addition for a 2020 6th round draft pick on the last year of his rookie deal. He's coming to a re-vamped Chiefs D that I think is going to have a chip on its shoulder and play above expectations. They have the Chiefs O as an inspiration. There is virtually no downside in this signing. Can you guys say "2020 Super Bowl Champions the Kansas City Chiefs?"

    The prospect of Hill being gone is going to hurt the Chiefs ability to stretch opposing defenses. I'm of the opinion that given enough time, Mahomes can connect with any receiver on the field. I therefore believe the chiefs should draft a flexible offensive lineman like Dalton Risner. He's smart, athletic, and can pretty much play anywhere along the O line. A receiver is also a must tonight, and a corner would hopefully be in the mix as the 3rd draft pick.
  10. Frank Clark to Chiefs

    Watching tape of Clark is exciting. At 6'3" and 265 pounds he is fast and strong at the point of attack. Looks good in both run and passing situations. Together with Chris Jones he's going to be a major disrupter. To trade up and get an impact player like "Frank the Tank" (Josh Allen?) would cost the Chiefs a couple of first round picks and possibly a third, and the player would still have the rookie learning curve. The rookie salary helps, but the Chiefs now have a proven stud on their defensive line to win now. I liked Dee Ford a lot, but he was injury prone and a 1 trick pony. Great pass rusher that constantly over-ran running plays. We'll see how people feel about this trade when the Chiefs win the Super Bowl in 2020.
  11. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Apparently his sons arm was broken. I'm filling in the blanks, but he was brought to a hospital and there was some suspicion of abuse. I would be surprised if Hill intentionally hurt his son, but if it turns out he did he may be gone.
  12. Steelers sign Steven Nelson

    Nelson will be a good addition to the Steelers D. He is solid in man coverage.
  13. We need to trade up and draft Devin White

    As much as I love Devin White and know he would be a stud linebacker on our D for many years, we just have too many needs to trade up this year. Trading up for Mahomes was genius, but there is a big difference between QB and linebacker.
  14. New two-round mock draft with trades

    Solid Chiefs draft. A cb that can start in the 1st and 2 offensive linemen with our 2 2nd round picks. Your trade of Houston and Ford nets us 2 additional 3rd rounders which can be used to address the defense.
  15. Potential Bargin Targets

    Not quite a bargain target, but Devin White ran a 4.42 40 yard dash and had a vertical of almost 40 inches. Athletic freak and a tackling machine. I can at least dream of him in the Chiefs linebacker formations.