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  1. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    Nice side step by Watson.
  2. Monday Night Football! Houston @ New Orleans!

    Damn, thought Hopkins had that.
  3. Packers & Bears Postgame

    Say wha?
  4. Packers & Bears Postgame

    That Amos interception was legendary.
  5. What Fight Are You Watching?

    Conor definitely had one foot out the door going into this fight, but even if he took it 100 percent seriously, he still wouldnt have anything for a beast like Khabib. They ever rematch expect more of the same.
  6. MMA Thread

    Guys looking beastly. Used to fight at 170. Still cant believe he made it down to that weight.
  7. MMA Thread

    Big morning/night for Chinese MMA. Been hoping the Chinese make it big into the UFC for a long time, so I'm loving it. Three really good fights on the main card, Li Jingliang really impressed. Kara France had a good performance. I kinda like having events on at 730 AM, I've done it a few times for One Championship and for the AFL to watch the West Coast Eagles. I can get behind China becoming a main market.
  8. MMA Thread

    Just finished watching Zhang vs Torres. Weili made a fan out of me, hope she wins.
  9. What Fight Are You Watching?

  10. What Fight Are You Watching?

  11. MMA Thread

    Good points. All that you listed could be great fights. Yan/Sterling is a fight that I'm interested in. I just figured they'd want to add a title fight because it is the annual New York event, all eyes will be on it. 209 was such a stacked card, although that was then, this is now. It's already shaping up quite nicely though.
  12. MMA Thread

    Interesting read about fighter pay.