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  1. If you like Power Metal check this album out!
  2. That Carlton vs North Mel game was close. Not a good sign given Melbourne are at the bottom right now. Still Carlton is doing alright, number 11 on the ladder. Hawthorn up next.
  3. I originally had Max winning, but when I saw the total strikes from each round I knew it'd be close. I know "total strikes" isn't the most reliable thing to base a fight off, so I took it with a grain of salt. A split decision didn't surprise me and given the champ has an advantage in decisions, Volk walking away with it really shouldn't have surprised anyone imo.
  4. Just finished the highlights. Close game. As you said, Geelong came back towards the end there, but couldn't pull it off. The last two Carlton games really emphasize how important behinds can be. They don't look like much at first glance, but they add up. That Eddie Betts tackle sealed the deal. Glad Carlton won, but not so happy that it had to be against your team. Sorry about that bud. Here's hoping Geelong goes on a tear.
  5. Watching Hawthorn vs RIchmond there now. Hawthorn giving Richmond quite the trashing. What a lopsided game.
  6. Just finished watching the Dee's v Blues highlights. Close game. Our behind points kept us relevant, particularly in the 4th quarter, but too little too late. Just can't seem to put it all together.
  7. One of the best fights I've ever seen. That was the fight that earned MacDonald a ton of respect from the hardcore fans.
  8. The Dogs vs Pies game is playing on TSN. Essendon and Fremantle is on after that. This might be an opportunity for the sport to expand in the country. Going to be some eye balls on these games tonight.
  9. It's a relief that it's going forward. The UFC is going forward with their events too. Everything else is being canceled, so I'm glad that the AFL season is still happening.
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