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  1. My grades for 1st round position need - Day 3 FA

    Why would we use it on Vea? We just had arguably the best DT in his prime at DT and it made ZERO difference in stopping the run or getting to the Qb. Why use the #11 to just get the same D we already had? DO you really think he's going to come out and immediately outperform Suh?
  2. Ok we're on day three of FA now. Yesterday saw us signing Sitton and Kilgore while saying see ya to Pouncey. So, essentially we found a older but healthier Center who is a locker room leader and we FINALLY fixed the guard spot with Sitton. While doing that and our other moves we've made $25 million in cap room. So, looking at what has happened before, here's my grade on what I would rate each position in terms of need FOR THE #11 PICK. KEEP IN MIND THIS IS JUST FOR THE #11 PICK. We're going to start with what I call the tv breaking moves. These are the WTF positions that will cause me to have an aneurysm, throw my tv in the pool, fire up my big green egg and burn a couple dolphins hats out of anger. These are the selections that will cause me to lose my mind, randomly burst out screaming in tongue, crying, laughing and to go find the spackle and touch up paint. DT, DE, OL - F We just spent three years with the best road grader in the NFL at DT. It mean nothing as we were consistently one of the worst rush Ds in the league. Any talk of Vita-man in round one is about as dumb as saying that non alcoholic beer tastes like beer. With Vita-man we AT BEST spend our pick so we can have the same performance of the last three years from DT which seems to matter not one bit in terms of stopping the run or sacking the QB. We just spent last year on Harris at DT and we got Quinn. OLwise, we just made some big moves yesterday. Look to other rounds for both O and D lines. Epic fail if we use #11 on either. DON'T DO IT! CB - F. We're fine here. RB - F. I like Chubb and Guice in late round two or round three. Epic dumbf@ck move to make huge reach at #11 for anyone. Barkley will be long gone. TE - F. No TE is worth the #11 pick. I like Andrews in round two if he lasts. S - C. I know we need a FS. Only James is worth even contemplating at #11. To me, we have bigger needs. The beneath position selections will not cause substantial damage to my house, wife's opinion of me or to my liver. LB - B minus. We need a LB. We have had garbage LB play since Zach left. And yes, that included Crowder who is not only the fugliest NFL player in history but also the most meh. If Roquan Smith is available, I'd be ok with selecting him. Though by doing so, we're admitting that we are ride or die with Tannehill which I do not agree with in year 7 of the Tannehill project. WR - B. Ridley. I'm up and down on Ridley. I think Antonio Callaway is the most sure handed WR in the draft but he's taken a big knock from his credit card fraud thing at Florida. I can stand us taking Ridley but personally, I'd wait on Callaway in a later round. QB - A plus. I've said it before. We're in year 7 of the Tannehill project. The progress was slow enough when he was the non injured iron man. Now we have to worry about his health as well as his plodding ascension to be a consistent #10 QB by year 2023. This is the NFL. Figure out the QB spot and everything else falls into place. We're 19 miserable trips around the sun since Danny boy shuffled off into the shadows. Let's finally fix the QB spot. The mindset at this point should be to take the best QB in the draft every year until we get hit on the right one. Be Dolphan for one minute. Isn't it time? I like Mayfield, Allen or Rosen and I don't care if I need to ship them my dogs, wife or niece to bundle into a package to get the one they are in love with. Enough is enough. Let's stop the mediocrity carousel and kick this thing in the ***!
  3. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    Dilly Dilly I agree with Swampbilly.
  4. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    I'm a Gator. Tebow didn't set any passing records. Get your facts straight.
  5. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    I hear what you're saying. But regardless of the Oline Tannehill has never had the pocket presence to avoid the rush. Watch the tape if you want. He just crumbles. So yes, the Oline has been horrendous at protecting him T-hill himself almost runs towards them ala Favre with Sapp's last sack. We're year 7 of the Tannehill project. Now he's injured and we all have to say has the distinct possibility of being less mobile than pre-injury due to both physical and psychological ramifications of having been injured and what it meant for him. Mayfield has been the best QB in FBS for the last two years setting records in tds, yardage, completions and low ints. That wasn't all against Big 10 porous D's either as he tore apart both the dominant Buckeye and the Bulldog defenses single handily. You wouldn't take him at 11 or make a move to snag him and cause competition and have a succession plan? Then take Andrews Guice or Chubb in second round and sure I agree then toss the rest at O line.
  6. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    I don't know how you know that there is no better qb in the draft than Tannehill. I haven't read that anywhere. All four of the top QB prospects have really bright upsides. Tannehill will have missed 20 games due to injury and both Matt Moore and Doughty suck. So, we have a question mark at starter due to missing over a full season and no reliable backup that can win if T-Hill goes down. WE also have a coach whose bread is butter by enhancing QB play in his third year after botching it last year with no backup plan when Tannehills knee wasn't held together with fairy dust and hot wife tape. So, knowing that and every FA qb being hot garbage unless Brees breaks free of NO, we should draft oline and CB? No offense intended, but that sounds like the exact type of bad thinking that has been employed since JJ retired as coach. The lets play it safe and cross our fingers approach. So....let's play out your thought. Tannehill starts and we find some middling 5th round QB as a backup AGAIN. We play t safe and I don't know I guess take Nelson as OG or James at Safety or Smith at LB. Tannehill is at best dusty and even slower to avoid sacks now (league worst at pocket presence and being able to escape sacks as evidenced by the shipping container of them he has taken so far. PLUS, he's now not as quick to go on the run which is the only thing that ever made him dangerous to begin with. So, by the 5th game he's taken 15 sacks. Someone whacks the knee. Boom he's out of the game pending an MRI. Let's plug in WHO EXACTLY? Whatever scrub we have as backup is meh at best and we finish the season 4-12. We now are a year later with no QB groomed and even bigger questions on Tannehill that is worth nothing in trade as he's made of pre-fractured crystal and movie window panes. Gase is fired and we get to start all over with a coach who probably isn't as good as Gase even is. But the good news is out OG/LB/safety position got better which helped win maybe one whole game. OR we could go my route. Scoop up one of the top four QBs and groom him behind Tannehill. Let Tannehill play this year. But, if he goes down we actually have someone that could win as many or more games as Tannehill. They could eventually become a top five QB. We could actually win games as we have worked to shore up the most important position. It's called having a plan. Its called bringing in competition. Its called making the team more capable of winning and recovering from QB injury that ultimately ruined last season.
  7. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    You'd rather just go into year 7 of the Tannehill can become a top ten QB project with no QB hope on the horizon? Sounds miserable.
  8. Who do we select at pick 11?

    I've been watching pretty closely. I think we are going to make a move for a QB in the draft. Don't know who but I hope it's Mayfield. We'll learn so much by the end of next week. By then the Landry situation will have played out and we'll have figured out multiple players cap wise (Pouncey, James, Suh etc). I don't see them going after anyone in FA from a QB standpoint. Foles is brittle, Cousins seems a system QB, Keenum could have been a fluke, and NO will get an 11th hour deal done on Brees. I see: Cousins going to Broncos Keenum or Bradford staying in Minn Keenum or Bradford going to Jets Foles staying in Philly. Qb needy team wise that leaves in draft order CLE, NYG, MIA, AZ. If the Browns have a brain in their head they'll take Barkley at #1. Giants take Rosen and Browns take Darnold at #4. At that point we have Indy sitting at #3 ( I know i've already done #4 but go with me) with Luck coming back. Here it gets fuzzy. If we wanted to jump up and trade with Indy #11 for #3 we'd have to throw in Landry if he hasn't gotten us a deal or we'd have to make up the difference between their pick (2200 points) and our pick (1350 points) so we'd have to find 850 points. So, without adding in a player we'd have to swap first rounders and do something like give them this year's third and next year's second and fourth. https://www.drafttek.com/NFL-Trade-Value-Chart.asp?RequestTeam=mia So, taking the average of those rounds we'd be giving a value of 683 (I used the middle pick for next year's rounds) and a player to later be named who would have to be worth 167 or more points(middle third round) or see if they want a 2020 third rounder which obviously is wayyyy kicking the can down the road. This is the price to move up and grab either Allen or Mayfield at #3. It's a lot to give up but if we are that in mega love with them that's how we scoop them up before teams like AZ and NO start making deals to move up and take them.
  9. 2018 1st Round Mock Draft (no trades)

    Mayfield isn't getting past the Dolphins....
  10. Duck's Mock Draft 7.0

    Dolphins aren't going to spend a first rounder on oline. You don't have anyone getting Keenum or Bradford or giving up a first for Foles?
  11. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    I would be. We are garbage at developing Qbs if you look at Doughty and Moore and even Cutler's performance. Maybe we can develop an offense that doesn't need a QB.
  12. Who do we select at pick 11?

  13. Is It Me Or Does Rosen Have A Stink Of Cutler/Leaf?

    I guess the main potential issue is that if he doesn't need the money that comes from playing football due to his family, at what point when things get tough might he choose to say it;s not worth it. It's a decent conversation. Though, we should keep in mind that most starting QBs by the time they get to their third contract don't necessarily NEED the money and are doing it for the love of the game and the money pads their bank account. Rosen has said that he feels the due to him not needing the money and playing due to a passion for football make him a more sure thing than others. I mean....I guess. Hunger to succeed can come form multiple sources. Maybe to make your family proud, disprove doubters, make money, or just simply the desire to be the best at something. I think it's an issue that deserved it's moment in the sun but there are multitudes of players that could have made the same money or better not playing football. Every player isn't going to become a corner crack peddler without football. I see the Dolphins looking to make a move to resolve the QB issue this year with whomever they deem the right fit. If it's Rosen, I hope they make a move to get him. If it's Santa Claus I hope they make a move to get him. I don't care if the QB is a damned rutabaga as long as he is a top five QB and make our team dominant. Sick of being a fan of an average team.
  14. Rams trade DE Robert Quinn to Miami

    Yep. Great player but we are in full fledged cap limp mode because of his contract. We can designate him a post June 1 cut and have $14 million in cap space. Sure, then we have a big hole to fill but it's a buttload of money and if Suh is making our D stronger, I don't see it.
  15. Rams trade DE Robert Quinn to Miami

    Harris needs to make his own opportunities. We'll put in the hot hand whoever it is. We don't owe a certain percentage of snaps to any one player on D. If he balls he'll get the call right? I love the Quinn acquisition. I think we just made our D a lot better for almost nothing. Anyone that thinks anything else is just grumpy lol.