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  1. Agreed, I got some feelers for who I suspected I would. Gus Edwards. It would have to be a great deal to make it work though. Having discussions with 2 teams about potentially moving him for picks. What would you consider ideal compensation for him?
  2. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    0% chance. Can't let him get that close to Hollywood in a locker room. If it goes south with AB, who knows how Hollywood would take it. So many variables man. History of alleged domestic abuse, sexual harassment. We've steered clear of guys like this. AB is not coming anywhere near this organization.
  3. @ravens5520 @drd23 @Boodgyman5220 @diamondbull424
  4. I've made available for trade the following names. QB - RG3 RB - Gus Edwards OLB - Judon DT - Brandon Williams Doesn't mean we'd trade them for nothing or at all for that matter, I'm just gauging what the interest. Everyone cool with that? Any other names you'd throw out there?
  5. FFMD II '20 - Discussion / Guidelines

    The Baltimore Ravens will listen to offers for QB - Robert Griffin RB - Gus Edwards OLB - Matt Judon DT - Brandon Williams #28
  6. FFMD II '20 - League Office

    Baltimore Ravens Add DE. Derek Wolfe Remove DT. Domata Peko OLB. Pernell Mcphee OG. James Hurst DE. Chris Wormley ILB. Josh Bynes ILB. Patrick Onwuasor CB. Brandon Carr
  7. FFMD '20 GM Announcements: Announcements will be 4/1

    Here Kitty Kitty, Daddy's got some picks for you.... 🐱😂 I accept.
  8. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    Yup, can't believe it. Makes you wonder why the Broncos wouldn't re-sign him at this price though? Could be a durability thing. I know one thing about Wolfe. He's going to be a fast favorite in Baltimore among the fans. The guy brings it and has swag for days.
  9. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    I'd like to see what Brian McFarland has to say about where the cap is but from what I'm seeing, this looks about right. Let's get some interior o-line help now.
  10. Ravens sign former Bronco DE Derek Wolfe

    I actually wanted Wolfe before Brockers. Glad we got him at such a solid price too. He's a perfect fit. EDC doing his thing.
  11. FFMD II '20 - General Manager & Writer Sign Up

    Hey everyone, I'm down to be the Ravens GM. Will remain active as my schedule is wide open for 4 weeks due to the pandemic.
  12. Very nice. I'm open for the next 4 weeks with all of this stuff going on so it's something I can look forward to. On top of finding to find interesting stuff to do with the kids. I've DM'd @EaglesPeteC and volunteered to be the Ravens GM.
  13. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    His post is super noncommittal. I believe a lot of teams have entertained Clowney. We're no different. Do we land him? I don't see it.
  14. Just signed in to see I've been tagged. Haven't been involved with this before but I could give it a go.
  15. Jimmy Smith Re-signing with Ravens

    Yup, love Jimmy. Glad he's back, we're stocked in the backend. Would like to get another young Safety in the draft for some youth.