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  1. Not to mention it was directly in front of the ref. Unreal
  2. Boy, do I love watching Chubb run when it isn't against the Ravens. The guy is a transport truck.
  3. Jesus. I've rarely ever entered the Gen section. Now I know why this poster had a mini meltdown in our forums the other day..
  4. Fine, he won a SuperBowl, he still isn't that good! Wait until he gets injured! It will honestly never end, I've accepted it. They can stay jealous.
  5. But Lamar hasn't won a playoff game yet! He's not a real QB. He's a RB! You gotta love the fact that the kid played less than half a season his first year, went 14-2 the following year. The kid has started 26 games! 26 games including playoffs. Has a 20-3 record as a starter. He's played one and a half years of football. All they can come up with now is that he's 0-2 in the playoffs. It's incredible.
  6. Let's save Stanley for Week 3 against KC. Let's not take unnecessary risks. If there's any chance of aggravating the hip again, it's not worth it.
  7. Really hoping Madbiuke (sp?) is ready to go Sunday. With all the good things said about it, I'm ready to see the big man in rotation. On paper we should really smack the Texans all over the field again. You never know though..
  8. He looked the part last night. Didn't have a massive numbers day. Went 4 catches for 56 yards. Had a couple drops. He's electric when the ball is in his hands, shifty and you can tell him and Lamar are good friends. Same type of moves and jukes. Still gutted we didn't land him but I'm more than happy with PQ and the other picks we saved not going up to get him.
  9. Yes, he absolutely did. I remember the play and remember saying to myself "wow". He had a few flashes but some lowlights too. Very raw talent.
  10. I used to mock hamstring injuries when I was younger and played football. Until of course, I had a hamstring injury. It. Never. Goes. Away.. It felt constant until off season and I could actually rest. Every little thing, you can just feel it. So, yes. Nuisance is the perfect way to explain it.
  11. Rilvary aside. It's good to see Ben back healthy this year. Good luck tonight (not really). Here's to healthy year and 2 great matchups this football season!
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