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  1. First Mock Draft Round 1 (14th Overall) Tyler Linderbaum Center - Iowa - The value is just too much here. I'm not a fan of drafting a C this high but he completely bolsters our interior line for the remainder of Lamars days as a Raven. Round 2 (45th Overall) Devonte Wyatt DL - Georgia Went back and forth between Wyatt and Faalele here but I believe he'll be gone near the top of Round 2 and Wyatt is good value here. Round 3 (76th Overall) Jalen Pitre CB - Baylor Really like Pitre on tape. He fits the exact mold of what we like in our
  2. One of the two will definitely be back between Calais and Williams. I expect Wolfe to be back healthy as he just had hip surgery. Folks have differing opinion on him but he's an elite run stuffer. I'd say Madibuike comes as advertised. He's a solid fldfenskve linemen who does things that don't always show up on the stat sheet. Queen was waaaaay more good than he was bad this year. Open field tackling remains his weakest point by far. Year 3 is normally the "aha" moment for ILBs. So let's hope for the best. Chuck Clark is a great leader but man he was a liability out there thi
  3. Whitt appeals to me because I believe he can really whip this secondary into shape but Weaver is a great coach too. I wouldn't be mad either way.
  4. Yeah, I like this. It's not a driving factor but it has to be mentioned that if he does well and eventually gets hired as a HC. 2 3rd round comps is a plus.
  5. Yeah, I think it was this combined with lack of sacks and consistent pressure. They probably want to change it up as I'm anticipating a heavy defensive draft for us.
  6. Can't say I didn't see this coming. I always thought there was more of a chance of Wink leaving than Roman. I wonder who's in line to replace him. A hire within or someone who as fired. Would like to see us make a splash and get Mike Zimmer in here.
  7. Watching the Steelers get dog walked makes the L last week a bit better. This is glorious 😂
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