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  1. Some great memories. This dude brought it for us in one of our most exciting seasons in league history. Always a Raven πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ€™πŸΌ
  2. Anyone else think Doug Pederson is a good fit to run the offense? I liked the little I saw from him and Jalen Hurts. Him and Harbaugh do have the Coach Reid connection.
  3. Never ever in the history of this earth would I make that trade. They both bring different things to the table but I just like Lamar more. If we're talking sh*t's and giggles? I honestly have no idea how the trade would be structured. Lol
  4. Factor in that Yannick is likely being re-signed and there's Lamars contract coming up, Andrews too. A lot of unknowns. I'd rather pay less for Davis as we need a big body and hope to hit in the draft. Don't get me wrong. I won't complain if we sign Allen, I just wouldn't count on it.
  5. I think we hit on Hollywood. I think adding a big time receiver to take attention away from him will only benefit him and the entire offense. The WR position needs to be revamped in this team. Duvernay showed some promise this year and he's a Swiss army knife when it comes to sneaky screens and putting him in positions with space. Boykin can still develop but he disappeared far too often this year. Allen Robinson is a guy we'd all likely want to have but he will break the bank somewhere and we simply can not afford it.
  6. He will still be the top paid RT in the league once he hits market.
  7. Are you talking about trading Lamar for Deshaun? Or what kind of compensation we could get for Lamar and what could the Texans get for Deshaun?
  8. I know this is way out of the box and won't happen but we should see the interest in a team wanting to trade for Harbaugh. He's well respected around the league. Replacement? Bieniemy. Word is he may not get a head coaching gig. He would completely overhaul our offense and bring in new energy. Will this happen? No. I'm a Harbaugh guy and I believe in him but I'm not sure how much longer I can watch this guy be loyal to a fault and firing guys 2 years too late.
  9. First and foremost. Roman has to go. Unless we hire someone to completely re-design the passing game in tandem with Roman. This just isn't working. We also need to find Lamar some more offensive weapons and some interior O-line. Our pass rush has also been piss poor. - Re-sign Yannick - Trade or wait for Jason Kelce to be released. (Eagle's are in cap hell) If you draft a center, he can help groom him, or a current player currently on the roster. Bolsters the middle immediately. - Sign Corey Davis in Free Agency. He can block and he's a big target for Lamar. We hav
  10. Yup, looks like he's doing all the work for us on this front. What a piece of human garbage. The man needs to seek help.
  11. I've apologized to @drd23 in private and I'll do the same publicly. Some of our convos got heated lastnight. I called @diamondbull424 a toxic poster. Tensions were high and the debates were lively. Never should've called you toxic poster, DB. Shouldn't have called DRD a goof either just for trying to settle it down. I'll stop short of blaming alcohol but as the game went on, the drinks came faster lol. I just get so sick of some folks dogging on this franchise after a bad loss. I feel we're a few offensive pieces and a pass rusher away from being a real juggernaut in the league and the "sky is
  12. Congrats on the W. The better team won and I'm rooting for you guys down the stretch. I can't stop imagining Pancho Billa up there smiling. Takes the sting out of this loss for sure. Go win it all!
  13. This is easily the worst rule in the NFL. Feel for y'all. Not to mention the defender lead with his head πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
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