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  1. Anyone play Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion ? I bought it and set it up but it seems overwhelming.
  2. i just assumed he got something N1 i don't full on believe him
  3. if that invest is serious, makes sense to not even waste time. been busy these last couple days. i was around earlier and there was no activity when i was available lol
  4. i'm not even really sure, i'm not accusing you of anything at all but you were clearly up to something
  5. there is a 6 page difference between my last post and now, and it has been a whole night as well. there's nothing to contribute to. other than mwil fishing and rick lurking. which has been noted by others.
  6. The one that leaves you as a treee stump sounds hilarious.
  7. I'm gonna get the remake. Never played that gen growing up. I took a hiatus lol.
  8. Been rotating The Wire, Ted Lasso, and Mythic Quest. Probably will add in What We Do in the Shadows next after I'm caught up on each of the above comedies.
  9. i was being mad sarcastic but thanks guys!
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