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  1. But even then, we could still trade his draft rights. I'll feel better when the lottery ends.
  2. Love Trey. He's a dude that isn't gonna be a star, but he has that Mikal Bridges sort of vibe to me. He's gonna be a guy that takes good shots, works within the flow of the offense, and plays hard on defense every night. He would be the perfect fit next to Okoro and Mobley, and I bet he could play the 4 too.
  3. I feel like you're misunderstanding me. I'm happy he's healthy and starting opposite Ward.
  4. Yeah, Buddy is way better of a scorer than KPJ. Lakers just need someone taking pressure off Bron and AD.
  5. Just as I expected, the Greedy Williams Revenge Tour.
  6. I'm very confident we stay at #3 and do the right thing and take Mobley, but I'm nervous anyway.
  7. If the Cavs really trade out of being basically guaranteed Evan Mobley I am gonna cry out loud.
  8. wow i bet you'd feel terrible if he really was
  9. no lynch i should read the rules for this game more carefully
  10. dirty language = bad alcoholism = encouraged hmm.
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