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  1. News and Notes: Offseason Edition

    Well Saquon will be very busy.
  2. Cowboys waived QB Cooper Rush

    He was clearly a Garrett Guy...
  3. Cooper Rushed out the door

    Cooper was drafted by the old regime and wasn't all that impressive. They drafted their development QB and will have him for cheap, instead of $2M. I am sure more of those "Garrett Guys" will be out the door soon too. My eye is on Trysten Hill. He has to do something in camp or he won't be here next year.
  4. I think most expected it. I think they did him a solid releasing him before camp when they knew he was never making a roster. Give him a change to find other work.
  5. Pretty much. If the QB does well then great. They know they got something in him. if not? Also fine. They draft high and nab of the QB coming out. It is a win/win. They basically rebuilding right now in a way.
  6. I think this is a smart signing. Their backup situation was pathetic. Dak has a vet QB in the room now. This also will light a bit of a fire under him. I think even knowing he is the guy doesn't mean he doesn't feel a bit of competition (see Wentz in Philly) and that tends to work well for these young guys. They signed Dalton for silly cheap. If anything they can use him as trade bait midseason or hope he signs elsewhere next year and get a comp pick. Either way it is a winning situation for the Cowboys.
  7. Chido being switched to safety?

    This looking more and more like they will at least try it.
  8. 2020 Titans Off-Season

    I think the Titans had a good draft and they have such strong pieces. I vote contender this year.
  9. NFL draft draws 55 million viewers

    It will go back to "normal" next year but I do think they will add some of these aspects to it. I do think Day 3 will shift a bit.
  10. UDFA 2020 Cowboys

  11. UDFA 2020 Cowboys

  12. UDFA 2020 Cowboys

  13. UDFA 2020 Cowboys

    They nailed the draft and doing the same with UDFA. This has been quite the haul for Dallas.
  14. Draft Rounds 4-7: FINISH THE DRAFT

    QB is fine with me. I am ready for the free agent mania.