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  1. The Browns look stacked on paper but we have seen "dream teams" fail before, I don't see that happening here but they still have to put it all together. Baker having a full offseason as the QB 1 will make the world of difference. I think they could have made the playoff last year had he started. There are now a lot of mouths to feed but it will be fun to watch. The Steelers will still be good. Anyone saying otherwise are being silly. Conner jumped in and it was like "Bell who" and they while AB is another level, I think JuJu is ready and they will find him a nice complement. The Raven's will always be interesting because I feel they will change thing up this year. Lamar can't just fun and I don't think he will. Bengals always seem to manage to be better than expected. I won't rule them out because who knows.
  2. I am impressed with the Browns. Their offense and defense looking solid. Better than solid. Nothing less than 10 wins is acceptable.
  3. This team going to be ridiculous!
  4. He knows he will get zero ball his way. He wants out.
  5. Browns trade for OBJ

  6. Browns trade for OBJ

    If they get Earl Thomas.... Sensory overload.
  7. Browns trade for OBJ

    Oooo looking like Earl Thomas to the Browns?
  8. Browns trade for OBJ

    Whwwww. So true. Only unlike the Chiefs they have a decent defense.
  9. Browns trade for OBJ

    I feel for Saquon. He is their only weapon. Okay.. now the hot takes. The Giants can obviously rebuild. I just have zero faith.
  10. Browns trade for OBJ

    AFC about to get interesting for once?
  11. Browns trade for OBJ

    Browns going to be SO MUCH FUN TO WATCH
  12. Browns trade for OBJ

    Gants are awful awful AWFUL.
  13. Browns trade for OBJ

  14. Bears sign Cordarrelle Patterson

    He speedy and that will do Trubisky well.