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  1. I actually think he did turn down offers. I think he wanted Broncos or he was always going back to the Cowboys. It has been great for him.
  2. Quinn staying is great for the defense. He was building something nice and I think they willl improve. I don't think Diggs will be getting double digit picks but I do think he will become a much better DB.
  3. I think that is the issue. McCarthy knows that it is NFC Championship or bust. He doubt he will handle it well and the Cowboys have a happen of being bust the year after being successful. But we shall see. I am fascinated about the NFC East. This upcoming season going to be interesting, especially with the Giants. I can really see them having a bounce back year.
  4. I think for Quinn it was Broncos or nothing. He was going to take the interviews but he wasn't giving up Dallas unless it was to be at a place he really wanted. Also according to Mike Fisher --- Jerry gave Quinn a ton of money to stay. That said Dallas going to be a mess next year. LOL. Defense will be fine and it will build up his interest for 2023 season but McCarthy will be looking over hos shoulder all season long and that will screw them.
  5. So seemed he took the interviews but his heart was in Dallas. Great for Micah's development.
  6. I want him to go get Joe Brady as OC
  7. Considering we all know how close it seemed to come last year...
  8. I actually don't think it will effect much. My guess they will do a whatever deal to allow him to leave with ease.
  9. Hurts has been awful. He is just a glorified running back. He needs to put in that work this offseason.
  10. Look like Fournette is coming back. If he plays that will be a biggie.
  11. He will play. No question but he might not be effective but he will be on the field.
  12. No one will miss any of these games even if they are banged up to hell. It will be how effected he is that is the question.
  13. That is true. The Broncos game was really the worst they played. All other games they were always in it even if it was a struggle. It really boils down to which team will show up on both sides. This has the potential to be a shootout but I agree that I don't see either team being blown out.
  14. I think the both teams are evenly matched. It will be a toss up and might truly just be whoever has the ball last.
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