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  1. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Dallas apparently not interested
  2. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    So the Browns are now planning to trade him? Oy. What a mess.
  3. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Well that definitely changes everything.
  4. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    I see... yeah...
  5. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Teams interested and doing their research,. This will be interesting to watch. Also.... waivers or not. They all saying different things. And this... I think they think he back on drugs.
  6. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    So they just tired of him. Welp. Giants or Colts it is. He not making it past them, He is too talented to not take a chance.
  7. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    OBJ, Gordon, and Barkley. Make it happen Giants,
  8. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Please tell me they didn't cute him cause he was late. After everything they have stood by him for. Wow. Maybe they just rolling with Calloway and starting fresh. They over the baggage.
  9. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    Yeah I get the feeling that he about to be suspended again. They are over it. He went in today to talk about a "hamstring injury" but I am sure that was just a cover.
  10. I think Morris might surprise people. It took him some time to get going but last year he got in a nice rhythm and was putting together some good games. Having a full season of sharing the field might be a good thing for the 49ers. Still sucks for McKinnon. This was to be his big season after that contract.
  11. Raiders, Bears Reach Agreement on Khalil Mack Trade

    It is true. The Raiders might turn around and surprise us all but right now.... I have my doubts. Serious ones.