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  1. ACO

    Alex Smith retires

    I had a feeling. Nothing else to prove. What a way to end your career. You did it. Wish him all the best.
  2. I didn't realize he was a free agent but I agree it is a nice depth position. Steelers needed to upgrade badly but he wasn't awful. Just didn't work for them.
  3. This new staff didn't draft him though. I understand them wanting their own guy. That said if the rookie starts slow people and Darnold plays well... it won't be fun times in that market. I personally would have kept Darnold and saw him play away from the Gase mess but it is what it is. The Jets still have plenty picks in the next two drafts to really turn the franchise around. They just have to hit. So we shall see...
  4. I don't hate this move. It will be interesting to see how much Darnold improves away from the Gase influence. I personally don't think Darnold is as bad as people claim. He is very young. Good coaching can fix a lot of things. The way Carolina is set up on offence will help a lot. And I don't fault them for willing to take a chance.
  5. This is all true. The Eagles have collected enough draft capital that even if Hurts is below average or bombs (and I don't think he will) that you can use it to trade up for a QB next year. I think surrounding him with talent is the way to go no matter what. The team is rebuilding and no matter who is the QB, you still need to set them up to succeed. I am still not all that convinced they are staying put at 12 anyways...
  6. Good signing but I still hope they draft at least two WRs and one before the 3rd round.
  7. I feel like this draft is pretty loaded in the top 15. So 12 will still be a very quality player. Not granted we have seen other teams with 2/3 1st round picks and they bust on them, Howie does scare me in that regard but if they are high (and have potential to be) then take that change. It is about the future right now. They weren't going to go that far this year and I think most, if honest, will admit that. So why not load up?
  8. I am just seeing this, I feel that the Eagles scored a massive win. Three 1st next is is outstanding for a rebuilding team. Also you can see what Hurts can do. If he calls then great. If not then that is likely 2 very high draft picks, That is game changer for the franchise 2022 and beyond. That said Miami... that GM office is aces right now.
  9. Well at least they did something. He is a ballhawk. Hope he stays healthy.
  10. They just signed Kazee. They will still need to draft a CB and S though.
  11. They signed him as ST though. He might not even make the team if we being honest. That said I think Philly has significantly improved their secondary more.
  12. Special Teams is important. We did better last season and hopefully we can improve more this year. I have no issue with them grabbing potential ST aces that Bones have faith in.
  13. ACO

    Bucs re-sign Suh

    It is wise. They locked up for one more year for a another SB run. And now in the draft they can just do whatever they want. Perfect scenario.
  14. I would have stayed too. See what Wentz does and try to ball out and get a pay out next year when the money is better.
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