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  1. I am curious to see what he does with Wentz.
  2. I think it is fine. They clearly all about fixing Wentz, which is the smart choice. Now onto the staff he brings in.
  3. Najee and Mac both doing the senior bowl. I suspect most of this is due to the lack of combine.
  4. Honestly I would hang onto Wentz for now because what else do you have? He is under contract. You know him and we still don't really know what Hurts is. He had a good few games and then once tape got on him -- not so hot anymore. So let them both start fresh with the new coaching staff and compete. My guess will be that Wentz will likely outplay Hurts. All that said... if he does not and someone like like the Colts come calling...
  5. Yeah I had the same thought. Of all the events this one made the most sense to establish a bubble. But I guess their concern is the amount of people there and it being mostly inside? I don't know. They also already making it clear this years training camp will be similar to last years. So the entire offseason is going to be interesting, yet again.
  6. Uh.. why? They were doing so well until this moment.
  7. Both? I mean honestly Eagles is the only one I saw having legit interest in him. He went from being one of the hot names to barely on the radar. So I definitely believe he sees this as one of the last chances to turn things around.
  8. Yeah Saints will be losing a pick or two. This entire offseason will be very interesting. It feels like a rebuild though it is not.
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