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  1. Cowboys extend LB Jaylon Smith

    Jaylon all but said that he took a price cut because he knows being a Cowboys will bring him plenty of opportunities to make money outside a player contract. Also they took a major chance drafting him high in the second round and paying him never knowing if he would ever play again. You could tell he was grateful and felt he owed them in a way. Also Jaylon understands to be a great team you need to spread the money around. He going to Brady approach. Jerry is a mess but he didn't lie when he said that being a Cowboy opens many doors for you. Heck how many broadcasters were former Cowboys last season? We literally had one on each network.I don't fault this players for wanting their money. Get that money but I can also see Jaylon;s POV as well. He looking at it from a business aspect as well.
  2. Eagles lure QB Josh McCown out of retirement

    They were down to 1 QB who probably not even making the team. It was needed.
  3. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Last season. He had like 6 sacks. Played the whole season I believe.
  4. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Well this looks good for other players like Randy Gregory.
  5. I agree about the Russell comments. People dismissed him constantly. Gave credit to everyone except him for those Super Bowl runs. He proved them wrong but it was there. Now I am not saying the same for Dak at all. I just don't think he is close to Russell but he is better than most give him credit for.
  6. Report - Dak Seeking 40m Per Year Deal

    I seriously doubt Dak asked for $40M but this "leak" got the reaction intended. My guess is that Dak rightfully wants more than what Wentz got. Like him or not he has taken this team to 2 playoffs. They won the division 2 out of the 3 years he has been there. He played out his mind his rookie year and despite ups and downs has been a solid winning QB for them. He makes pennies and deserves to be paid well by the most profitable franchise in ALL SPORTS. So while I don't think Dak is even a top 10 QB, I am not going to dismiss what he has done for the team in leadership and success. And to honest they would be wise to knock most these major contracts (Dak, Zeke, Amari, Byron, Jaylon) out now because next year will be worse if they have a big season again which I predict they will. The Jones family doing all this leaking to stick it to the players but I hope they don't budge. D-Law played them too and they eventually folded and the same will happen here. None of them will break the bank but the shouldn't be short changed either.
  7. AJ Green carted off the field

    Seems it might be out a few weeks. That is best case scenario.
  8. AJ Green carted off the field

    The likes of Kelvin Benjamin, Michael Crabtree and Dez Bryant about to get some calls.
  9. Giants WR Golden Tate suspended 4 games

    He likely will win this appeal. Tricky situation.
  10. Giants WR Golden Tate suspended 4 games

    There are no words. This organization is a mess.
  11. That makes THREE of their WRs out. Bruh...
  12. Giants WR Corey Coleman tears ACL

    Latimer I guess? They will be bringing people in ASAP
  13. WR Corey Coleman tears ACL

    Will they win 2 games? I i wish him a speedy recovery.
  14. Seahawks DL Jarron Reed suspended 6 games

    I need the league to be consistent. This news just is ridiculous after the Tyreek non suspension especially with a lot of the same language being presented. This is a blow for the Seahawks. Big dent.