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  1. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    I hope he does have someone who truly cares about him around to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.
  2. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    Exactly. AB is the one who screwed up. He was in the perfect situation. He just needed to STFU and ball out. He played well last week and we saw how people were reacting. But then he went and was AB again and did something boneheaded. The Pats had no choice and now he is mad? Give me a damn break. AB thinks he is god.
  3. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    Now AB is applauding folks attacking people? He really not helping his case here.
  4. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    He isn't. He not even all that wrong but it is rich coming from a man who acted a fool to be removed from teams. Not he wants to whine because this final act bit him? He signed those contracts knowing their extreme team protected clauses. He just thought he was above it all and got a reality check.
  5. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    He really going in...
  6. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    AB signed those contract. ALL contracts have clauses that protect the team from paying players in extreme circumstances. That is AB's situation 100%. The Raiders don't have to pay him a damn thing and now the Patriots don't either. He can try and sue them all he wants but that will just be taking more money from his pockets cause the end result will be the same. He is a moron and frankly deserves it all. Maybe this time away will be good for him. At this point no team show even be looking in his direction. He is talented but he is not worth the headache.
  7. Patriots release WR Antonio Brown

    Good. I am beyond tired of of this man.
  8. Giants Bench Eli, Name Daniel Jones Starting QB

    Daniel Jones SZNNNNN
  9. Gallup out 2-4 weeks

    Dez can't run routes like Gallup though ht us a great 50/50 baller. It will be interesting to see how Devin Smith and Cedric Wilson fill in. I don't think either are #2 material but Miami is the best scenario possible to give them the extra work. I also will guess we will a heavier dose of Pollard as well. I can see him playing the slot whole kicking Cobb outside here and there. Maybe possible looks.
  10. NFC East: Now half good!

    I agree. Wentz is stupid talented but he is also way to risky. He needs to play smarter but I get his need to win and go all out. But maybe not risk potential serious injury week 2. He has a reputation for being injury prone for a reason and while it was awesome seeing him throw that ball before his knee hit the ground.... next time just throw it away?
  11. NFC East: Now half good!

    Meh, I haven't been all that impressed.
  12. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger done for season

    Oh my goodness
  13. NFC East: Now half good!

    I think most can admit (even with the level of competition) that Dak has improved since the first half of last season. He has been playing well for a while now and honestly he kept that playoff loss to the Rams as close as it was. That said it is week 2. We all know how this league is. It is still very much a two team race in this division and quite honestly in the NFC don't currently see much threats to the Eagles and Cowboys. Wentz played out his mind that second half but the Falcons proved that starting slow can come to bit you. All his heroics were for nothing. (How do you drop that?!!)
  14. So many injuries and it is only week 2
  15. Raiders officially release Antonio Brown

    AB wants that ring. This will be interesting.