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  1. Jason Witten planning on retiring

    I don't think Cowboys will hurt from Witten retiring. They will draft a speedy TE which will help them.
  2. Jason Witten planning on retiring

    Wow. I am shocked. So we know they will be going after a TE today.
  3. Winners & Losers from Day One

    Chargers getting Derwins James is a damn steal
  4. Good player. Good for him.
  5. Draft Rumors

  6. They won just for trading a player they were 100% going to cut. The overall means litter but I don't get why Washington did it. Just dumb. But whatever. It is a 6 rounder.
  7. Browns cleared that QB room quick. They pretty set now Tyrod - Bridge Stanton - Backup #1 Pick - The future.
  8. Browns win this trade.
  9. DAL signs DE Kony Ealy to a 1-year deal

    Marinelli will probably pull something out of him. It is a nice depth signing for them. Other than that? Meh.
  10. Draft Rumors

    I don't disagree. I never saw him before RD 3 myself but I could see a team like Philly grab him when they are stacked and could still use some depth there. That said, I do think this more about the story than anything. Not a Miller fan either. I personally think he is more a 3rd rounder but the position will kick him up to second or some desperate team will draft him day one. For him to get an invite there most be thought it will happen.
  11. Draft Rumors

    Shaquem is a nice surprise. I wont be surprised at all to see him go in RD 1. Kolton Miller is another surprise. I have had him an early day 2 guy.
  12. DEN signs P Marquette King

    I figured he would go to a rival after the way they cut him. Solid player. Team friendly deal. Good signing.
  13. Ravens sign RG3

    Interesting. I think I like it.
  14. Draft Rumors

    I do think Lamar having his mother as his agent is a big suspect but that is his choice. I don't get this weird hate that media seems to have on Lamar. Honestly I hope he slids a bit and lands on a team in a solid place with an ageing QB he can sit behind.
  15. Who gets drafted lower or higher then expected

    I can see DJ Moore being the 1st WR off the board. The hype around him is ridiculous right now. I also think Minkah will fall out of the top 10.