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  1. Well that RB room is a bunch of names. Shall be interesting if they can do something in this scheme.
  2. I am waiting to see Zeke. I didn't expect much from him this game just due to the Buc run defense and Martin not playing. They knew they had to throw it and did it. I wont be surprised if Zeke has a good game next week. That said Zeke's blocking really helped Dak but they will not win many games if they don't have a run game.
  3. I think the coaches were smart to not force the run against a top run defense. Zeke is an amazing blocker though. He did his job protecting Dak in that way to allow him to throw. The Cowboys won't be playing elite teams like the Bucs every week, so Zeke will bounce back in the run game.
  4. The Cowboys played better than I expected. They deserved that lose because they absolutely should have won that game. Big drops and missed points via the kicker. You lost by 2 points. Clean that up and there can be quite dangerous.
  5. Agreed. I was expecting them to be blown out. That sorry defense is still sorry but actually fighting and creating turnovers. The offense can't throw like that all the time but Dak played very, very well. Their special teams is still garbage though. It is only week one and we know everything can change in a few weeks as teams really settle in, but they looked good. Now ready to see the rest of this division play this weekend.
  6. Yes. Most the team is, including Dak. Bucs gonna slaughter the Cowboys. If they keep it close I will be impressed.
  7. I think they felt they had to pick one and with Cam going out AGAIN for Covid --- allowing Mac to show out. Whew. That was it. They were always going to pick Mac over Cam.
  8. Week 1. Tua vs Mac. Lets get it.
  9. Trey Lance is balling out.
  10. Tough break. With the games kicking off Thursday -- hoping no major injuries continue.
  11. Offense had a bad day but I also think seeing someone other than your team (who know your moves) will be a good thing.
  12. I thought Micah. Nahson, Jabril,, Reggie, Cedric, and Rico all stood out. Gilbert is clear QB2 but he need some real competition cause Rush and Nooch are awfil.
  13. That is the 4th vet to retire. What the heck is going on with the Giants?
  14. But the Texas as a stellar offense and they struggled to win games too. It will be the same situation. All that said we shall see. It would be a get for the Eagles for sure.
  15. I like him and I hope he can stay healthy.
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