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  1. Best Case Scenario..

    I think they would have to move him for a pick this year. Next year's QBs class should be loaded. For the team trading for him a 2nd isn't a huge risk if he sucks. They have better positioned themselves to draft one of the big ones in 2020.
  2. #JetsNewUnis

    Maybe it's just me but the entire night was underwhelming. From the lack of excitement in the crowd (mostly reporters) , to the singer, to Smoove orgasming over how beautiful Freeman's hair overall it was just poor. I don't hate the jerseys but at the same point it almost feels like a college team and the eagles had a baby decided they didn't want him/her and left them at Jets Drive. Hoping they grow on me.
  3. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Fair enough. I just watched 4 years of him at ND disappeared for 3 years. Dont get me wrong he was very good this year I just question his motives.
  4. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Tillery is a bum turned merc. Want no part of him.
  5. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Anything Manish I wont hold my breath. Be cool if it was something but that guy is next level douchebagery
  6. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    That's fantastic
  7. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    The last news I saw on him was that he had beyond the typical ACL injury and was a 6 to 9 month recovery time. Can you find the piece you saw that said 6 weeks. 6 weeks would be great.
  8. His mouth would suggest differently at this point.
  9. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Well considering he strangled her while she was pregnant in '14 you would have thought that would have been enough but.....
  10. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    We lost Terrance Brooks to New England as well.
  11. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Actually I dont know if we will be. We have signed 4 and I believe lost 4 so they even out. Too early to tell.
  12. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    The problem with moving Lee is that we bought high and would selling him on the low. I think the only 2 things that could make him less marketable at this point would be injury or second suspension. It's not like he has put of 2 years of good tape.
  13. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    For Lawrence?
  14. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    If there is one good thing people can say about Macc it's that while his drafting has been meh. His contracts always have a ripcord to put us back in a good position.
  15. 2019 Offseason Preview/FA Rumors

    Ansah has serious issues staying healthy and his injuries over the last couple of years haven't been of the nicked up bump and bruise variety they typically shelf him for chunks of time. I'd stay away. He's more name than substance at this point.