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  1. Guice-Best news Possible

    The issue isn't that Guice doesn't look good. He looks great (of course, when he's out there). But then again he plays RB, which has a very short professional span. And then the fact the team has a shortage of draft picks this year. And the fact that we aren't gonna be competitive the time Guice is under contract (2 more years). I'm not saying to get rid of him for peanuts. But if we could get a Round 2 or Round 3 draft pick for him then I'm listening.
  2. Guice-Best news Possible

    At this point, I think it is time to move on. If you can get a draft pick for him, I'd pull the trigger. Perhaps, he has some value.
  3. Montez Sweat vs Preston Smith

    Over/Under on 0.5 sacks on Preston Smith's revenge game? I'll take the over.
  4. Like you said both teams are terrible organizations but the Skins are worse if you have to compare
  5. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    Maybe, I would in hindsight, but what does that exactly prove? You can name a couple examples of the elite of the elite tight ends that weren't even drafted in the first round. Those guys are exceptions. That's like saying well this guy hit the Powerball lottery let me see if I can with a lot more money. I can name a lot more round 1st round tight ends that proved they weren't worth their draft status than you can name ones that actually proved their value.
  6. Best case scenario is if Haskins turns into an above average QB. That might attract a quality coach. Add in Guice, who looked great last game and you have something a coach might see he can build on. Chase Young was always overrated as the savior to this team. There are other players in this draft, OL and LBers that would benefit this team just as well.
  7. Best Snyder Era Players - EDGE

    Preston Smith... duh
  8. Lions place 1st round pick T.J. Hockenson on IR

    It was a very questionable move value wise. You don't take a TE in the first round let alone a the top ten because the value that a Tight End just isn't there. The Lions are picking again in the top 10, no surprise.
  9. Week 13: Cat fight at the Panthers

    Former 2nd round bust for the Browns
  10. Steven Sims Special Teams Player of the Week

    Sims showed some explosiveness earlier this year and I'm glad to see him make a big play. Bench PRich for Sims as far as I'm concerned. That cut he made on the return was sick!
  11. You can trade Trent Williams, but Scherff to me is not for sale. Scherff is turning into the 2019 version of Preston Smith where he is underappreciated and everyone wants him gone. He is crucial to Haskin's development at this point in his career. We have to give Haskins a fair shake for another year and you can't do that with a bunch of holes at O-Line. Franchise him, whatever. The money doesn't matter.
  12. I agree that Haskins needs weapons BUT you don't do that with a top 10 draft pick with all the holes we have at OL and on defense. WR/TE are luxury picks at this point. This draft is loaded at WR. We can get a good WR prospect with our 3rd round draft pick. Stop the Calvin Ridley fairy tale stuff, that won't happen. Haskins NEEDS protection. ANYONE on our offensive line could be upgraded. I like TRADING down but for an OT in the first round. It's boring but I think the better odds of greater success.
  13. Haskins is clearly over his head on the field and off the field. The people that ask "What Can I do to help" are usually the clueless ones. It was an awkward question to be screaming at your teammates for, hence the reaction. But let's play this up like it was the offensive line not caring. You've been preparing all week and you don't know what to do to help? That's your job, Dwayne.
  14. 2020 Draft thread

    Let me clarify my comments - I value the OT prospect over the EDGE prospect (if closely graded) because on average you have a greater chance drafting a quality OT than an EDGE prospect. It wasn't in reference to on field play - I can agree with that and more-so about draft philosophy. The team has gone away from drafting O-Lineman early in the last three years and has spent four of their last nine Day 1 & 2 draft picks on DL/EDGE who have only put this team deep in the basement of the NFC East.