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  1. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    Oh you're right. I see college kids throwing a tantrum at their coach like that every year. Totally normal okay. Got it. Ed has got some judgement issues whether you all in Texas or Buffalo want to admit it.
  2. Bills DL Ed Oliver arrested

    Yeah I mean its not like he didn't raise any Red flags blowing up at his college coach.
  3. Yes. Free Safety Sean Davis. His upside intrigues me, but he could be boom or bust here! I know you are a fan
  4. Morgan Moses got a lot of crap this off-season because he did have a down year. I think he's gonna rebound and do a lot better in a ZBS. We'll see! Edit: I didn't read the thread fully so I don't know if he qualifies - since he is proven in the past - it just seems like everyone is counting him out.
  5. Quinton Dunbar has warrant out for arrest

    Lotta Quinton fanbois looking silly RN
  6. 172th on PFF's big board. Let the debate begin!
  7. There's some things to like about Charles but I think it was you on the peace pipe with this thread. At this point, he's a long shot to be a Franchise LT. With his shorter stature it might appear that he has quicker feet compared to the other guys. I think he's a guard, but we'll see.
  8. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Hindsight is 20/20 but I think the team blew it by not trading up ahead of the Vikings for LT Ezra Cleveland in the draft. It wouldn't have been that costly moving up 10 spots. Especially if they are transitioning towards a ZBS. This would have done three things: secured a potential LT with elite athletic talent, forced the Vikings not to have a future left tackle prospect and it would have increased Trent Williams' trade value. If we landed either LT Ezra Cleveland and/or IOL Matt Hennesey I would have felt a lot more comfortable with our offensive line moving forward.
  9. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Not a fan of this pick... Oh well, just a fifth rounder.
  10. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Hope we get a CB with one of these two picks. I like CB Harrison Hand out of Temple here. He's under the radar. Also like WR Donovan People-Jones. Think he is a steal at this point and worth the gamble even if we have taken AGG already.
  11. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Great Pick. I like it. He was a 2nd rounder before the combine. And local
  12. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    We are OTC
  13. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    WR Joe Reed UVA, CB Harrison Hand Temple on top of my board. Would be happy with WR Donovan People Jones Michigan, WR KJ Hill or TE Hunter Bryant as well. CB Bryce Hall as well.
  14. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Local prospects CB Bryce Hall and WR Joe Reed out of Virginia also worth watchhing
  15. NFL Draft Thread: Day 3

    Ugh, there goes Reggie to the Cowboys!