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  1. Twitter Workout Stuff (Foster down, cart out)

    So MLB or WR with our first round pick next year. Got it.
  2. I’m gunna say it

    AJ Brown has #1 WR potential. That is something McLaurin doesn't have. AJ Brown was talked about as borderline first rounder and fell into the 2nd. McLaurin was considered a late third round pick at the earliest.
  3. The post draft mock...who you SHOULD have taken in 2019

    1) QB Dwayne Haskins - No brainer pick, QB of the future 2) AJ Brown - I wasn't the biggest Sweat fan so I'm not sure I would have done the trade. We would land a potential future #1 WR which we don't have now 3) Chase Winovich - We still need an edge if we don't land Sweat 4) Riley Ridley - Our WR Corps was the worst in the league and we didn't that much better with McLaurin. Doubling down on WR 4) Michael Jordan - We have Ereck Flowers penciled in to start at LG 5) Ross Piercschbacher - Pick stays the same Don't feel like doing the rest of the picks. Deal with it!!
  4. I'm reading that it was his autistic brother from the clip that Bo Duke posted.
  5. Looking beyond 2019

    That's a typo, he just turned 24
  6. I’m gunna say it

    Just recapping how the draft went there is one alternative that I might have preferred to what we did. I am not hating on our draft, I think it went well and I was one of the bigger Haskins fans pre-draft here. Don't make me bump the thread! Obviously hindsight is 20/20 but this draft would have been bananas without having to give up a future 2nd round pick for Sweat. 1. Dwayne Haskins 2. AJ Brown 3. Chase Winovich 4. Riley Ridley 4. Michael Jordan
  7. I’m gunna say it

    All I'm saying is that we paid a future draft pick for current value. I'm not commenting on the value of that. I hope that makes sense. And I hope you are right about Sweat or Love being the move of the draft.
  8. Yeah I don't get it either. He looks good on film. I think his height and weight could have scared some teams.
  9. Bryce Love also was dealing with a nagging ankle issue all year that led to his declining Senior Year as well so it's just more than the ACL tear. It's a trend. From what I've read on the heart condition with Sweat is that it was overstated and I feel like that is different than a re-occurring injury
  10. I’m gunna say it

    Let's cool on the Kyle Smith is the next great GM talk. He is the poster boy for nepotism. It didn't take a genius to take Dwayne Haskins there at #15. I'm much more interested to see how Montez Sweat turns out considering we mortgaged our future there. McLaurin was a shrewd selection in round 3 and he will help ease Haskins' transition but his upside is nothing more than a WR2. I thought our Day 3 was underwhelming largely in part of a horrible round 4/5s. R6/R7 were solid but the trade down from R3 to grab those two R4 players was a Scott M. Matt Jones-esque move.
  11. This pick gave me the worst feeling at the time. I've calmed down a bit, but I still think he's a bad selection. I just don't understand gambling on a player with injury history. It rarely works out and the chances they will be the player they used to be are slim.
  12. I’m gunna say it

    Of course this draft looks good. We mortgaged our future with a 2nd round pick. But this draft lives and dies on Dwayne Haskins.
  13. First impressions of Mike Mayock's first draft as GM

    I think if you have 3 first round picks and one of them is top 5 you have to do better than what they did there. I like that they traded down and got more draft picks but I didn't really like any of their picks in the first round and that is pretty hard to do. It looks like they wanted to rebuild their defense but I would have just chosen other guys. They passed on some pretty top rated prospects - Josh Allen, Devin White, Montez Sweat, DeAndre Baker, Byron Murphy & Greedy Williams.
  14. He was a combine beast. I really like this pick and he could contribute immediately for our weak EDGE depth.
  15. Got our potential Doctson replacement