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  1. We're probably more in the market for a guy like Devin Funchess, who used to play for Riveria and is coming off injury. Why would AJ Green want to come here? $$ and that's about it.
  2. 2020 Draft thread

    So it is according to you......okay, got it. Fact is, Sweat was ranked outside the top 10 by most of the draft community more often than not. Before and after the combine.
  3. 2020 Draft thread

    Top 10 Talent based on what? According to who?...
  4. First off, I'm sure most of the fan-base will hate this mock draft but I appreciate if you read with an open mind. (Let's face it, we are 99% drafting Chase Young and this draft process is boring me) -My concern with this off-season is that Dan Snyder once again under the radar meddled with his insistence on the plan with Dwayne Haskins. Apparently that was a point in the coach hiring process. That is bush league and I believe the new coaching staff should 100% be able to choose their own guy at QB if they want. -So let's evaluate Dwayne Haskins' rookie season. This is tough because it was incomplete. But we are gonna have to go by glimpses of what we saw (or lack there-of saw) I was a huge supporter of Haskins last year and was shocked he fell to the team. But frankly, his rookie season was awful. He did progress over time, but he went from awful to an awful game manager. He got outplayed by Daniel Jones and Drew Lock. Case Keenum made a guy Haskins played with in college look like a pro-bowler and Haskins makes him look invisible. Sometimes you have to cut your losses quickly and right now Haskins is a low-tier QB. But considering Dwayne Haskins has decent trade value - why not turn this into a Josh Rosen situation where we could net a 2nd round pick? -Our offense is absolutely horrible (#31 out of #32). It has been horrible for the past 2 years and I highlighted in my mock drafts from 2018 & 2019 the need to supercharge it if the team wants to be competitive. Ron Rivera wants to win now and while that is great, you aren't gonna win with this offense. We have a horrible offensive line even with Trent Williams, who is getting old, just wants to get payed and his play was declining even when he was on the field in 2018. FIRST ROUND Washington trades pick #2 to the Detroit Lions for pick #3 and pick #35 I hate doing trades because most of the time they are unrealistic but if anything I am underselling the #2 pick here considering most of us want multiple first round draft picks to move down. While losing out on Chase Young, I think trading down to the #3 spot is the ultimate strategic move for what is almost 2 first round picks. I think Chase Young is the best non-QB draft choice in the draft but I don't want to start this into a Chase Young thread however. Pick #3, Washington selects Tua Tagovailoa, QB Alabama I think Tua will turn out to be a serviceable quarterback. He really impresses me in interviews, he has that leadership quality where guys will want to play for him. And you just saw a team win a Superbowl with a quarterback like that. The medicals are a concern, but sometimes you have to takes risks. ROUND TWO Pick #35 LT Austin Jackson, USC This draft is pretty loaded with Offensive Tackles and I think there is a good chance that a quality one will be there a the start of round 2. The nice thing about drafting Tua is that he is a left handed quarterback and a rookie LT wouldn't face protecting his blind side. So he wouldn't be completely overwhelmed. I'm sick of the Trent Williams stuff and while he can be a stop-gap if he wants, the team needs his replacement sooner than later. I'm not gonna project a trade for Trent because he's gonna get a third round draft pick at best and right now, he's worth more as a stop-gap starter or a reserve. Pick #50, Center Cesar Ruiz, Michigan The Washington Redskins trade Dwayne Haskins to the Chicago Bears for Pick, #50 - 2nd Round. Josh Rosen went for pick #62 last year in the 2nd round so I'm projecting something similar for Dwayne. If you think this is too rich or poor for Haskins, let me know I'm trying to make this as accurate as possible. Chase Roullier is a nice story but he has never really put up an above average season and is just a guy. Right now our offensive line is a makeshift mess. By the addition of both a rookie LT and Center we'd be setting up our quarterback of the future for success. ROUND THREE Pick #66 Running Back Cam Akers, Florida State It's pretty sad when we get excited that an unproven fourth round rookie is the most exciting about our offense's potential next season. Peterson has been a good player for us but at age 34 he could decline rapidly for us here. Guice has been great when on the field, but I think it's foolish to rely on him at all anymore. Cam Akers has the potential to be a workhorse back and provides something that Guice or Bryce Love potentially are not. Criminally underused at Florida State, Akers' play-style fits well in the NFC East. If Tua is drafted, I'd want a RB he can rely on and I think Akers could be that guy. ROUND FOUR Pick #98 WR Gabriel Davis, UCF Giving Tua all the help he'd need to succeed. I'm a big Steven Sims fan but I wasn't impressed with Harmon last year. I don't value the tight end position that much. Maybe we will draft one with the next fourth rounder but I am going to sleep. This draft is loaded at WR and I've liked what the little I've seen of Gabe Davis. *ROUGH DEPTH CHART OFFFENSE QB: Tua T./Keenum/Alex Smith RB: Guice/Cam Akers/Bryce Love WR: McLaurin/Harmon/Sims/Gabriel Davis TE: Sprinkle LT: Austin Jackson/That guy from Louisville LG: Ereck F'n Flowers Center: Cesar Ruiz/Chase Roullier RG: Brandon Scherff/Indiana Guard RT: Morgan Moses DEFENSE Meh, didn't draft any. SUMMARY: I realized I've spent the first five draft picks on offense but that's the point. We have a terrible offense and we aren't gonna win anything without a major re-haul. So even though Chase Young might be a great prospect, he's not gonna provide value to the team where it needs to actually win ballgames. I believe I have tremendously upgraded the offense by solidifying the offensive line and adding explosive elements - Tua, Akers & Gabe Davis.
  5. 2020 Draft thread

    But that wasn't your original question. The Rams got 3 decent starters versus a QB bust in RG3. The Rams won. They made their team better!
  6. 2020 Draft thread

    Michael Brockers is still with the team and they went to the Super Bowl last year
  7. 2020 Draft thread

    Yeah, I forgot Michael Brockers, Alec Ogletree and Janoris Jenkins were nobodies. My bad
  8. 2020 Draft thread

    Yes, in 2018 when the Colts traded back from #3 to #6 and got OL Quenton Nelson, OL Braden Smith, DE Kemoko Turay, RB Jordan Wilkins and CB Rock Ya-Sin for QB Sam Darnold. Oh... and should I even go into detail about the RG3 trade?
  9. Montez Sweat vs Preston Smith

    Wait, does Pro Football Focus really have Montez Sweat's sack total wrong? Keep treating their ratings like gospel though guys.
  10. 2020 Draft thread

    Uh, did you follow the 2014 draft at all?
  11. 2020 Draft thread

    Yes, he was injured his Senior year. The Amount of sacks doesn't change the fact of his prospect status which was elite.
  12. 2020 Draft thread

    It is easy to say this because his NFL career didn't match the hype. But he was a god tier prospect. Lets take a look at what ESPN Scouts Inc ranked him http://www.espn.com/nfl/draft/rankings?year=2014 He is the highest prospect that ESPN Scouts Inc. has ever ranked. So even if they rate Chase Young a 99 or 100 which I haven't seen them do yet he would still be 1-2 points off. So yes, yes Clowney was.
  13. 2020 Draft thread

    Myles Garrett and Clowney came out within the past 10 years as well. You could add Nick Bosa to that list too. Some of the stuff out of Scot's mouth doesn't make sense.
  14. 2020 Draft thread

    And NFL teams won't do the same? We'll see if Chase Young can match Peppers' level, the combine still hasn't happened. Chase's HS Sparq http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/combine/_/id/212159/chase-young