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  1. A little OJ in the morning

    I don't want to trade any draft picks for players for the next 10 years.
  2. I wasn't talking about just the Redskins big board. Among the media types and draftniks, Derwin was generally ranked higher than Payne.
  3. You could argue Derwin James was the BPA during the draft where they drafted Da'Ron Payne.
  4. We're gonna need a 2nd rounder next year. Once Bruce and co. realize this, they'll trade Trent away for that amount.
  5. Who do you want as HC

    What was Mike Shanahan's record before coming here?
  6. Who do you want as HC

    I think that's the trap that Snyder & co. will ultimately fall for. The team needs to take a new approach and hire a defensive minded coach. We've invested a lot in Payne, Allen and Sweat for our defense to be Swiss cheese. I'm sick of these offensive guru types to come in and fail here. Seen it with Spurrier, Zorn and now Gruden.
  7. If Adrian Peterson doesn't improve under Callahan, I think it is time to make Wendell Smallwood the starter.
  8. Montez Sweat vs Preston Smith

    I would also like to point out that Preston Smith's new defensive coordinator is Mike Pettine. I'd say he's about an average defensive coordinator and not a world beater. I actually think the Skins brought him in for an interview after Joe Barry got fired. Green Bay is getting a lot of nationally televised games so I'm seeing Smith a decent amount. Preston was relatively invisible in the Eagles game but in 4 out of 5 other games he has made a big impact. Preston Smith was a homegrown talent and yes we would have had to of paid a lot to keep him, but that is how you build a team with culture and incentivize players. You can make it all about dollars but this team obviously has a culture problem where the players know the team isn't going to pay their homegrown talent. You can't tell me we would have been better if we kept Jamison Crowder and Preston Smith right now instead of paying an outside free agent like Landon Collins and Paul Richardson a ton of money.
  9. 2020 Draft thread

    Peyton Manning was also the #1 overall pick and had far more potential than Dwayne Haskins had as a prospect. I agree with you in seeing with what we have in Haskins by adding an elite playmaker in Jerry Jeudy. Jeudy could be the best WR prospect in the past 5 years since Amari Cooper and arguably better than him.
  10. 2020 Draft thread

    Walker Little the OT out of Stanford needs knee surgery. I liked what I saw out of him, he looked like a Lane Johnson clone to me. But I don't think he's a top 10 pick anymore now with this knee surgery.
  11. It would be smart if Gruden was intentionally playing coy with the media not knowing who the QB is. But we all know he is really clueless who the QB is. Sigh
  12. Prich hit 700 yards once in his career so you can't really say that is his norm since he did it ............once.
  13. I agree that he's horrible but its not like we have anyone to replace him. Maybe give Sims more playing time. He's at least explosive
  14. Worst in the League ?

    I don't know if we are worse than Miami, but we are pretty bad. An all new linebacking corps which is downgrade at the moment is killing our defense. Mason Foster and Zach Brown were somewhat serviceable. What we have now isn't. Preston Smith was underrated and Montez Sweat is still a rookie. DJ Swearinger was playing out of his mind last year in the beginning as well.
  15. When does Haskins start?

    And Cam Newton