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  1. Umbrella Academy - Netflix & Comic

    I like it more than Netflix's Marvel stuff. The intro's are noteworthy in that they aren't a minute+ long dragged out as well.
  2. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    I love his tape but it is too much of a risk to draft M. Brown now. This class is loaded at WR.
  3. Who is the game 1 starter?

    Because you have to risk to see if someone has a future here or you are just gonna waste another year. With Colt, he's just a placeholder with no future here. That's what I mean he shouldn't be in the NFL. We should just cut him. We are wasting time, money and resources on him. The mentality of riding with career journeyman has been getting this team no where. Colt McCoy is the equivalent of playing WR Michael Floyd when we have Simmie Cobbs, Jr. on the Practice Squad. If you brought in Blake Bortles - I think he is a great fit here. He has the potential to turn his career around here being young at age 26 or he has the potential to be totally awful like he was in Jacksonville was this year and that landed them a top 10 pick. There's a difference between tanking with a bunch of washed up veterans or tanking with young guys with potential. The first one makes no sense.
  4. Who is the game 1 starter?

    ABC - Anyone Besides Colt. He's overrated and doesn't even belong in the NFL. I'd try to bring in Blake Bortles and draft a QB somewhere.
  5. Who is the game 1 starter?

    We don't need a perfect OL if we draft Kyler Murray. Look at Seattle's OL. The excuses people will make to avoid drafting a QB. We have arguably one of the best LT's in the game, a top 5 draft pick at guard and a ton of money tied into RT. It's time. And of course we will waste all of that if we wait another year.
  6. Kyler Murray

    Murray is projected to measure in at 5906 195-200lbs. Russell Wilson is 5105 and weighed in at 204lbs at the combine. If Murray weighs in at 200 his BMI will be damn near identical to Wilson's . Adding 15-20lbs would be unnecessary because he's already at a comparable size to a borderline elite NFL QB who hasn't had health problems.
  7. Kyler Murray

    I don't think Kyler is gonna fall to our pick at 15 now that he announced he is fully committed. We'd have to trade ahead of the Dolphins. Give up one of our third round picks or around that in value. This will be unpopular but I think he's worth it. Get Kyler and grab WR Andy Isabella and we'd have a potentially explosive type offense.
  8. 🐢 Turtles 1st 2019 Mock Offseason

    I think all your Free Agency moves are great. We can really open up a lot of cap space! I'm not sure what I think about Martez Sweat. He looks like he is gonna test like a freak. I like that but it is confusing. I think he is more of a Vic Beasley/Randy Gregory than a Julius Peppers type of player. And how does he fit in a 3-4? That worries me. He's a wait and see player for me; what he does at the combine. I'm surprised you didn't pick your boy Hollywood Brown! I will have to check out Juan Thornhill. Virginia prospects always seem to underwhelm and that worries me. Is he gonna test out athletically to be a 2nd rounder? Let's see. I love the idea of grabbing VT Tech/UVA/UMD/local college players. They seem to do well here. Parris Campbell with the second third to me is your best pick. The offense needs some sort of explosion and I think he'd be a decent WCO WR. I think he's a freak athlete.
  9. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Can't wait to see what he weighs in at the combine. I think if he puts on some weight he is gonna rise.
  10. Kyler Murray

    And this is why Gruden will never be more than mediocre. He's like the anti-Belichick
  11. Kyler Murray

    If we're able to draft Kyler Murray, they should just fire Jay right then and there. He's like our own personal Hue Jackson.
  12. 2019 NFL Combine

    I'll start a list of the supposed combine freaks: Nick Bosa Rashad Gary Ed Oliver Devin White Josh Allen DK Metcalf Noah Fant Alize Mack Poor Testers Zach Allen
  13. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    This team needs a starting QB in the worst way. Every year the QB class will be better next year I mean what are our other options? Bortles? A 2nd or 3rd round rookie QB isn't likely to start or be that good. If no one moves up for Haskins, I'm on the phone with Tampa offering our 1st. 2nd and a third for Haskins too.
  14. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    The question after the Senior Bowl with Drew Lock most likely a top-10 pick is ----> Do we trade ahead of the Dolphins to around pick #11 to grab Daniel Jones?
  15. Is it too early to focus on the 19 draft?

    Some Senior Bowl Notes from Walterfootball.com: Staying in the NFC East, I've heard the Redskins like Jones but think he won't get to their pick at No. 16; they expect him to be a top-10 selection. (Redskins met with the Following Players) West Virginia wide receiver David Sills, Alabama State offensive tackle Tytus Howard, LSU tight end foster Moreau, West Virginia tight end/fullback Trevon Wesco, Wyoming defensive end Carl Granderson, Oklahoma guard Dru Samia, Temple cornerback Rock Ya-Sin Arizona State defensive tackle Renell Wren, Louisville wide receiver Jaylen Smith, Kansas State offensive tackle Dalton Risner