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  1. It'd be hard for me to believe that Moehrig would be the best player available at #19. Even if he crushed his off-season workout. That's getting a little Mike Mayock cute for me there. Maybe if we traded down in the late 20s, okay I can buy that. But at #19? Nah, I would be upset. Basically in a nightmare situation where the big 3 LBs and Darrisaw are gone, I'd still take Najee Harris over Moehrig
  2. MOCK OFFSEASON PRE FREE AGENCY Free Agency - You can find projected free agent contracts at https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/ Resign RG Brandon Scherff - 12.7 mill/annually 5 years It is time to pay Scherff. If Roullier is worth 10 mill a year, then Scherff is worth it Resign CB Ronald Darby - 9.2 mill /annually 4 years I think Darby will want at least what Kendall Fuller is making. The CB market is thin and if we can’t resign Darby, I’d look to steal Chidobe Awuzie from the Cowboys Resign LB Kevin Pierre Louis 1 year - I
  3. I have no problem with moving up for Fields if he is there and no issue with giving up a future first rounder + I would rather spend money in FA than draft a WR. It's a risky position to draft in general. We've certainly had a fair share of a busts the past decade. I think drafting an EDGE is an underrated move. We are going to lose Kerrigan with little in terms of replacing him. They could learn a lot behind Chase and Montez. There is a lot of EDGE depth in the class around the 3rd round. I haven't watched any Patrick Jones but he sounds intriguing. Jayson Oweh, Dayo Odeyinbo are a
  4. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at pick #19 over the past 25 years and get an idea of what type of player you can land with that pick. Sometimes expectations have to be tempered, although there are some great players and even one Hall of Famer. I think the idea of landing a top 10 "BPA" type scenario probably isn't gonna happen ala Jonathan Allen, Brian Orakpo or even Dwayne Haskins. The list isn't really all that impressive in my mind especially as of late, but it was a lot better in the 90s Damon Arnette, CB Ohio State Jeffery Simmons, DT Mississippi St. Leigh
  5. I'm only trading up for two players 1) Trey Lance - top 10ish or 2) Micah Parsons - top 15ish
  6. Why not? It's our official team name at the moment
  7. I think it's safe to say we will be Washington Football Team for another year. Are we able to change the forum name from just 'Washington'?
  8. I'm okay with this as long as long as Alex is gone AND they draft a quarterback. It doesn't have to be an early draft pick but both Kyle Allen and Heinecke are not the most durable QBs out there.
  9. Hahaha. This was always the thing I'll remember most about Barry when he was in DC. https://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/08/redskins-defensive-coordinator-joe-barry-drinks-10-cups-of-coffee-a-day
  10. I'm not sure that's entirely true. From what I've gathered WR along with CB is one of the more riskier positions to draft. I'll try to find players under 6 foot and under 200 pounds as a cutoff generally. We could add some guys that play out of the slot at bigger sizes like Tyler Boyd or Juju but I think that's more of a gray area and less looking for the smallish slot receiver archetype that we are trying to analyze. 1st round small WRs to under-perform their draft spots: Tavon Austin, Kendall Wright, Mark Clayton (Ravens), Corey Coleman, Philip Dorsett, Freddie Mitchell, John Ross
  11. For me, I think the appeal of Samuel is that he is a low risk signing. You know what you are getting with Samuel and he already knows the playbook and the Ron Rivera culture. Perhaps with Terry here, they will play Samuel in the slot. Other guys will come with a learning curve and a risk they might bust here if they are a draft pick. It should speak volumes about Samuel whether they go after him or not considering our need at WR and cap space.
  12. Maybe in the beginning of his career? He started 15 games in 2019 there.
  13. The Texans would probably trade Watson for Landon Collins straight up
  14. Watched some D'Wayne Eskridge last night... he's got some bulk to him at his small size. Having trouble finding a player comp and then I thought of Steve Smith... Idk if he can be a fraction of that good. The guy's game is speed. I didn't see him do too many jukes. I'm not sure if I'm buying him in the 2nd round or 3rd round but maybe a late round flier.
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