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  1. I think he's a nice surprise. He is underrated athletically. Mostly because he's huge - he's 6'6" out there. It would be nice if he wasn't 29 years old. He's a nice stopgap at TE and I don't think we need to force grabbing a TE in the first round next year. He's had his best games with Allen and it should be interesting to see what he finishes for the year stats wise.
  2. If we pick around 10, I think you are looking at QB Trey Lance or grab an OL prospect like IOL Creed Humphrey or OT Samuel Cosmi. I also wouldn't shy away from the LB or S position depending how this year plays out.
  3. It's hard to evaluate this game because Dallas played so poorly, but most of our guys had great games. Zeke has turned into a different player ever since he got $$$
  4. Like I said, I haven't done research outside of the first round. Michael Thomas was drafted in the second round. Players drafted in the first round that tended to skew the score: Gabe Carimini, Prince Amukamara, Adrian Clayborn, Corey Luiget, AJ Jenkins, Jared Odrick, Aaron Maybin, Vontae Davis, Beanie Wells, Dustin Keller, Rashard Mendenhall, Vernon Gholston, Levi Brown, Adam Carriker, Anthony Spencer, Anthony Gonzalez, Santonio Holmes, Laurence Maroney, Bobby Carpenter, Braylon Edwards, Erasmus James, Fabian Washington, Luis Castillo, Marlin Jackson, Chris Perry, Chris Gamble, Michael Jenkins, Lee Evans, Robert Gallery, Charles Rogers, Jimmy Kennedy, Michael Haynes, Bryant Johnson, Napoleon Harris, TJ Duckett, Wendell Bryant, Michael Bennett, Jamar Fletcher, David Terrell
  5. Yes, according to my research. You can name a few people that succeeded and were great players but that doesn't mean there were a ton of busts/below average players drafted in the first round from there that drags down there overall score. I haven't done much research outside the first round, so let me clarify that.
  6. I think it's a negative that Fields did play at Ohio State because they and the Big Ten don't have the best track record for developing NFL talent. But that doesn't mean I would cross Justin Fields off your draft list. Like Lavar said above he was a top-2 recruit out of high school and he tested as an elite athlete. He's recorded as running a 4.51 forty and posted a top SPARQ number.That helps your chances for NFL success. A lot of those plays in the above highlight video, Fields created himself with his feet. It's true there are some plays, where he has a lot of time to throw and that is concerning after drafting Haskins. His play has been compared to that of a mini-Cam Newton by some dratniks and you have to think Rivera and Turner will be intrigued.
  7. Positives: Da'Ron Payne played one of his best games as a pro. Montez Sweat has been our most consistent D-lineman and is having the best year of anyone on our D-Line I thought McKissic had a decent game today. He might be our best inside runner. Neutral: I think Kyle Allen has shown why he was put in instead of Haskins. He's not starter level because of the awful turnovers, but he made a lot of 3rd and 4th down conversions to extend drives. Negatives: It's disappointing to see both 4th round rookies not being able to stay on the field.
  8. Going for two points was an awful call. It's not like the team was huge underdogs and playing the Chiefs or Steelers here. Rivera talked about QB awareness with Haskins' but coaches need to have awareness too.
  9. I'm not sure that was the game-plan today. The one time they sent a blitz, Daniel Jones burnt us on the TD pass. They limited him to 112 passing yards today so its not like he was picking the team apart.
  10. I'm not celebrating anything about this team or Kyle Allen. Keep believing what you want to believe though.
  11. I'll take Rivera's opinion over yours. Thanks for that quality analysis as usual though.
  12. He looked pretty much the same this year as in the Carolina and Green Bay games last year. Part of Haskins' problem is he can not sustain drives. I'm not 100% but I think Allen had a longer scoring drive than Haskins has all year where we scored the TD
  13. Haskins hasn't flashed any potential, that's why he is benched after 11 games starting. You can keep quoting the Raven's game until you are blue in the face, but anyone who watched the game knows it was garbage time stats and the game was over at halftime. You are gonna defend Haskins no matter what and aren't objective so it is what it is.
  14. Yeah, I would like to see him do more of that too but he didn't even get to finish the first half. He also matched Haskins' career rushing TDs in that time frame ๐Ÿ˜„
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