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  1. Redskins sign CB Ronald Darby 1 year 4 Mil

    It should be interesting who stays healthier between Dunbar and Darby. They'll be compared to a lot this season I have a feeling
  2. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    I guess it just depends on who is available but I'd be hesitate to trade up. From what I'm reading, the Patriots don't have a 2nd round pick. A lot of the teams in the bottom of the 2nd round don't need Tight ends.
  3. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    Brycen Hopkins, TE Purdue - 3rd-4th round - Hopkins is my sleeper Tight end. He has NFL lineage with his dad playing for the Titans. His frame is somewhat slight and he could bulk about perhaps 5 more pounds. His RAC is up there with anyone in this class and his speed is his greatest asset. But he's not really gonna run over guys. He tested as an elite athlete as well. He does well tracking the ball out of the air, but then has some issues with the easy drops. Which is frustrating. He gets knocked for not being a good blocker but I think he does an alright job. He had great production his Senior year compared to his others. I think if the team doesn't select a tight end in the third round, they might have to in the 4th round and Hopkins could be our guy. Hopkins can play in the slot as good as anyone in this draft class, which would nice for this team. Dalton Keene, TE Virginia Tech - 5th round. Why not double dip at the Tight End position? Especially on a local guy. I think Keene is the perfect guy to do that. He tested as an elite athlete and perhaps this team could mold him. I haven't watched too much of him, but it seems like they moved him around some. Here's a guy that I think that could go much earlier than people think- like the third round. Production is an issue however. This team has done well with Virginia Tech guys but mostly on defense. Why not try an offensive guy?
  4. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    Good idea for a thread. These are my thoughts: Cole Kmet, TE Notre Dame - 2nd round - I think Kmet is the best in the Tight End class. Or at least the safest. He has plus athleticism and just seems like a natural TE out there. He was highly recruited coming out of high school. His play style reminds me of Jason Witten. Will he turn out as good as Witten? Probably not. He most likely won't be there with our 3rd round draft pick, and I think this team runs to the podium if he is there unless someone like Denzel Sims,Michael Pittman, Jr. or Malik Harrison are there. Adam Trautman, TE Dayton - 2nd round - Trautman is a hard evaulation. His competition is minor league and he is a former QB. He has a lot of hype right now, but is it justified? He seems to have all the intangibles as well. He is a plus athlete and did well at the Senior Bowl. He reminds me of Chris Cooley. He is on the shortlist of our 3rd round pick, but he could be easily be picked in the 2nd round. Albert O, TE Missouri - 2nd-3rd round - He might have the biggest frame in the tight end class. He can create yards after contact which besides Cole Kmet it doesn't seem like many tight ends in this class can do. He splits out to the slot but I don't see him being a big threat there in the NFL. He's an above average blocker out there with that huge frame but I'm not sure he has that killer mentality to be feared there. He ran a great forty time, but he opted out of the other drills and probably for good reason. I'm not sure if I ever see Albert having the upside to be a dominant tight end. I don't have a comp for him. His production dropped after Drew Lock left and that's a concern. I would consider him with our 3rd round pick but I'd be hoping a better player would drop to us.
  5. Top TE Prospects in NFL Draft

    The SI link doesn't work

    Morgan Moses - I understand he had a down year last year but people actually want to get rid of him? Hmm. He's a slighty above average OT and is the only guy that we can count on to stay healthy.
  7. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Sean Davis made the NFL 2016 All Rookie Team. To keep repeating he sucks is annoying and wrong. He's about an average player.
  8. Redskins sign former Giants WR, Cody Latimer

    It looks like Rivera is betting on himself this offseason - He's signing a couple guys that were high draft picks and seeing if he can coach them up. Cody Latimer, Sean Davis, Jon Bostic, and Richard Rodgers were Round 2 or Round 3 draft picks.
  9. Redskins Signing TE Richard Rodgers

    Forgot this guy was in the NFL. It's a good signing considering he could be our TE1. And while I still think we'll have to draft a TE, it doesn't have to be with our first 3rd round pick or even our second 3rd rounder.
  10. Kyle Allen Traded to the Redskins for 5th Round Pick

    So what game does he start by?
  11. Q Dunbar Gifted to the Seahawks

    When is the last time we actually got a draft pick for a player? I'm trying to remember.
  12. Kick the tires on Todd Gurley

    A lot of it depends on how healthy he is. I think the Rams have a better feel for his health status than the general public. He really fell off a cliff there last year but he is still really young and was an elite player. I'd sign him to a 1 year prove it deal?
  13. Redskins sign S Sean Davis 1 year deal

    Great move and probably my favorite FA signing so far. Davis is a play-maker from what I've seen. Sure, he has been burned a couple times, but what Safety hasn't? He is super athletic and the upside is there compared to the other options at safety - Boston and Randall. Let's hope he can stay healthy!
  14. Redskins sign Kendall Fuller 4 years/40mil

    Fuller played some safety for the Chiefs so I'm wondering if he'll play there or CB. He never really developed into a CB1 or CB2.
  15. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    A little bit of an overpay but I guess that is how FA works. So we have lost our comp. pick now from Flowers? Eh.
  16. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Will wait to see the numbers on Fuller and its better than spending a ton of money on Bradberry. I know he's a fan favorite, but he really didn't improve in KC.
  17. Sorry, I must have missed that part. I'll pay attention more this year
  18. I don't think they did either, mostly because Schweitzer barely played lol . I just said he was about the same. Is Flowers really worth twice that? This guy has Super Bowl starting experience and he played mostly in a Zone blocking scheme, so it will be interesting to see what he can in a more traditional scheme.
  19. Looks like he has experience at both left and right guard. He's more versatile than Ereck Flowers for about the same quality of play at a fraction of the cost.
  20. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    So is Wes Martin penciled in at LG? He played that spot in college. I have no problem with letting Flowers go and getting a comp pick for him. That's a good move.
  21. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    That Houston RB Corps tho
  22. Williams Asks for Extension or Trade

    According to ESPN's Dan Graziano https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28903846/last-minute-2020-nfl-free-agency-news-notes-watch-for Washington hasn't found a taker yet for tackle Trent Williams, who has permission from the team to seek a trade. Some interested teams (i.e., Houston) would be bringing Williams in as a right tackle instead of a left tackle and thus are balking at the price. Washington's demands are high (a second-round pick to start) and an acquiring team also would have to make Williams happy with a contract extension. The Browns, who pushed for Williams in October but found Washington's price too high, seem to have their sights set elsewhere. They're expected to make a run at free-agent tackle Jack Conklin. So it looks like a high 3rd rounder is all we will get in my opinion.
  23. This was my main point in the Preston Smith vs Montez Sweat thread. The trade sucked at the time and it sucks now too. We are losing out on a high 2nd round pick which is almost a first rounder . This would be a perfect spot to draft someone like Antoine Winfield, Jr. at. AJ Brown or DK Metcalf were there for the taking in the second round last year. Good teams double down on positions all the time, so to say we wouldn't have taken McLaurin as well when we had Josh Doctson and Paul Richardson penciled in as starters doesn't fly with me.
  24. It's the right move. He's our best offensive lineman but his last two years have been below average for his standards. We simply can't have another hole on our offensive line
  25. 2020 Draft thread

    Can we just make Dan the GM already