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  1. He needs a veteran mentor to take him under his wing....unfortunately for Malik that would probably be Michael Bennett things might be going downhill from here lol
  2. Proved himself the leader of this team in his absence. We are different when he's out there. Always need your enforcer this shows we are loyal to our proven veterans
  3. Division rivals that killed you

    Larry Fitzgerald, Frank Gore, Aaron Donald, Justin Smith, Patrick Willis and Calais Campbell were/are all Seattle killers also the entire rams team has been our Achilles heel for half a decade, at least.
  4. Colin Kaepernick

    Couldnt have said it better, this is what owners and GMs are seeing from a business perspective.
  5. QB rankings.

    Eli, Luck, Flacco and Stanford over Wilson? Not sure how.
  6. QB rankings.

    I think Wilson is a bit high, as amazing as he is, and as much as our line holds him back.....I still need to see his accuracy improve before I feel like he's top 3
  7. Loving the new website design!! Makes the most sense to return the most successful thread topic from the Old Days organize all of your general offseason discussion here