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  1. A stud QB on a rookie contract is the magical unicorn of the NFL...paying Darnold in a 2nd contract and giving away assets(even if he works out) is a major hurdle.
  2. That’s why yesterday I said it felt weird he was doing this...agree it seems more for media than anything else.
  3. Kinda weird to have ARII making an announcement like this or is it just me?
  4. Colbert came out recently during an interview and stated the exact opposite...we both know he doesn’t throw up smokescreens draft wise. Regardless the OL needs addressed ...with 5 picks in the 1st 4rounds I’m expecting 2 OL picks.
  5. Maybe...ton of decent FA RB after looking at list and pretty solid draft class to boot. I just think they’ll either fill RB in FA before draft or if they don’t, they’ll take an RB in fairly high.
  6. Really like that draft...just got a feeling they’re gonna draft a Center higher than an OT. And yes, Nelson being a possible cut is stupid...he’s far more likely to sign an extension this offseason anyways.
  7. Yea something will be done with running game...I’ve been thinking they may go FA route recently with some interesting names out there like Jamal Williams or Mike Davis.
  8. Heyward restructured...clears $7 mill in cap room.
  9. Am I the only one that caught najee Davenport and not najee Harris? 💩
  10. Just personal preference but don’t like trading a 2nd for Darnold. I know you said no outside FAs but the Steelers will sign a stopgap vet of some sort(I’m guessing Center) so they don’t have to force anything come draft day. Nothing against the picks but I don’t see them going that offense heavy with the defense lacking depth at allt of spots(Edge/DL/S)...you forgot about the Steelers comp 4th so in this scenario they’d have 3 4ths. The Steelers will have several “holes” no matter what after the draft so this hard...appreciate the work put into it.
  11. Pretty much this...I’m guessing the week before the league new year is gonna be nuts.
  12. They’re gonna sign a stopgap vet and draft a Center somewhere in the 1st 3 rounds...it’s their usual MO for bigger “needs”
  13. That be possible I’m guessing long as his year 1 salary was $1 mill or so...that allow a SB of $10 mill spread over a 2 year deal.
  14. Thanks @mwalker for keeping track of these.
  15. With $19 mill, you might be able to land both JJ and say a bridge QB like Fitzpatrick...maybe even Sutton too if the yr1 cap hits are low enough.
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