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  1. They have no depth at Edge/S/CB...but at least CB has some interesting players with potential. Can’t see them not addressing at least one of those whether it be in FA or a trade. They have $9mill in cap space after the rookies sign...they like having $4-5 mill for in season stuff..so they have a little wiggle room.
  2. You don’t go 33Td/11int with the leagues worst run game and your weapons leading the NFL in drops if you’re not at least average and probably above average. Not too many 38 year old QBs scrambling anywhere and he has the arm..his accuracy for whatever reason was off. So yea...I’m sure.
  3. Yep...however they see fit. It’s why I expect Watt and Minkah deals to get done roughly easily. If they wanted to supplement the team with a dive into FA they can do it...for example paying up for an OL and another solid CB to replace Haden next year. Also the contracts of Haeg/Wormley/Alalu/Banner are easily cuttable with a combined $5 mill in dead $$ but $13 mill in freed up space if they don’t work out.(roughly)
  4. Over the cap has Steelers at $86 mill...but I think they’re using a cap of roughly $200 mill...and this site is using this years cap of $186 as its baseline. Even if you just meet in middle that’s roughly $80 mill...and that’s already including Minkahs 5th year option and the dead $$$ of Ben/Ebron/Juju....plus the easily cuttable deals of Banner(5 mill and Tuitt($9mill). Things are looking good.
  5. Unless I looked at their deals wrong I think Ryan and Cousins are pretty much uncuttable the next 2 seasons. With Rudolphonly getting a 1 year $4 mill deal, the Steelers aren’t even guaranteeing him a shot at the qb job(if it opens up after this year)...should be interesting.
  6. On another note, Kerryon Johnson was cut by lions today. Id be all over him if possible as an upgrade to the RB depth...injury concerns aside.
  7. If they woulda drafted somebody I could have seen that...I thought it was a mid round possibility with juju and Washington FAs at end of season. I expect at least 1 FA signing at either edge or in the secondary.
  8. Rudolph extension is basically a 1 year $4 mill deal...fine with me.
  9. @Steeler Hitman great post Ben has his faults and isn’t what he was 5 years ago but he’s still an above average QB.
  10. We may hate the Loudermilk trade up but if he even just becomes solid depth it’s a good trade. I said it in the draft thread but Cam is 32 and Tuitt has injury troubles and can be cut after 2021 saving $9 mill...if need be...Buggs sucks. Im guessing that’s their thought process on it.
  11. Totally disagree with this. $6.5 mill locked in for an average-slightly above average S is fine considering how much cap room they had in 2022. Plus he’s only 24...it’s just creating another hole.
  12. Houston/Kerrigan/Casey Heyward would all be nice on 1 year deals.
  13. Judging by Colberts comments, Loudermilk was just a lot higher on their boards than just about anybody else.
  14. Ill Say they go WR and CB with their last 2 picks.
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