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  1. I’m with @jebrick...Villy struggled down stretch, tight cap etc etc...Chuks to LT, Banner to RT...draft a top 3 rd OT for at worst case depth. Banner price even on longer deal should be reasonable. Truth be told IOL might be bigger need depending on how they do FA...Pouncey and Decastro in last years of deals and no depth currently. I think they’ll try to land a C/OG combo guy early in draft, possibly before OT.
  2. In a weird way, having that 5thyear option kinda eases pressure on going to that 2nd contract...you have that RBs prime years on his 1st deal(til roughly 27-28) I know the OL needs work but a 1st Rd OL probably doesn’t help the Steelers in 2021 as a stud RB.
  3. I know the positional value isn’t there...but if he’s at 24, I would have a really tough time passing on him.
  4. I will agree with @MOSteelers56 that a defensive guy is possible especially depending how FA goes at DB and/or an Edge guy dropping unexpectedly.
  5. The Steelers will either resign 1 of Villy and Banner or a vet stopgap. They won’t go into draft with massive hole at OT...wouldn’t surprise me if they signed Banner before agency with a lil bigger deal than we’re expecting.
  6. If they lose Pouncey, they’ll sign a stopgap vet. Id be amazed if they didn’t draft a rd1 or rd2 center in that scenario.
  7. TE is probably a bigger need but I’m thinking they’re gonna try to bring somebody in that can run block. TEs usually take 2-3 years to get up to speed...I’m gonna guess they bring in a cheaper vet in FA.
  8. They way you go on these negative tangents, you would think the Steelers go 2–14 every year.
  9. Besides wasting mid round picks on RBs and their inability to draft DBs...I think they draft pretty well off the top my head. The 2020 class of Minkah/Claypool/Highsmith/Dotson is most likely 4 starters...hard to beat 2 years in.
  10. Either spend a 1st or 2nd on a RB or nothing at all. Steelers have spent a mid rd pick on RB 4 straight years and only hit once In Conner. Either resign him or decent vet at a reasonable deal or draft one high.
  11. I totally agree on the RB mid round picks(that’s why I agree on the high RB pick or not at all). They have success at WR draft wise..now of course it would depend on the cheap vet WR. Washington is a decent #wr3...but in today’s current NFL you have to be at least 3 deep at the position.
  12. Not a fan of paying him an AAV of probably $15-18 mill....even though the year 1 cap hit would probably be 1/2 of that. Rather throw another Rd 3 pick at WR truthfully. Id take the $5.5 mill in saving and give it to one of Hilton/Sutton(maybe both somehow?) Things are going to get interesting in the next month or so.
  13. With JUju probably gone, have to keep Ebron as a receiving threat. Im guessing they try to sign a vet that can block and not be a complete zero in the passing game...maybe a reunion with Jesse James if/when he gets cut?
  14. Wish him luck. My guess is he saw writing on wall and went out on his own terms. IIRC this saves roughly $6 mill against cap.
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