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  1. Unpopular opinion and random ...Kindalike what the Bengals did this past draft...maybe look for an Alpha at WR if 1 falls come draft day.
  2. I’m aware most the picks have been day 3, but Minkah’s deal showed if that right player came along they woulda do a deal. If the Steelers/Tombert feel they can lock up QB and strengthen the OL and fortify depth at the skill positions...I think it’s more likely than you think...especially if Colbert stays. In terms of me personally on if I would trade 2 1st for Rodgers...if I thought I could still upgrade the OL and the defense was young enough(save for Heyward everybody in prime years or younger), I’d probably do it. We both know that the salary cap is fungible and people like W
  3. I’ll disagree to an extent...especially if Colbert returns next year. I know it be another level but Colbert been increasingly willing to trade picks ...plus they’ll have the cap room to do it.
  4. He’s a FA after the 2022 season...I’d say a 3rd, maybe a 2nd from a desperate team close to SB?
  5. Only 2 problems with this... A)Hit rate on QBs past 2nd is terrible B)I don’t trust them drafting secondary players...I know they can’t fix everything in FA but at least 1 of CB/S should be addressed in FA. Not giving you crap because it’s a viable scenario but just stating some things.
  6. No matter what they do at QB, the OL must be addressed in FA with at least 1 guy and a high draft pick....that’s assuming 1-2 of the current guys like Dotson/Banner/Moore/Green/Chuks work out plus depth on the OL.
  7. Go full early 2000s Ravens, sign Bridgewater to not turn the ball over and fortify OL and weapons in draft and FA.
  8. You ain’t getting a 2 for juju on a 1 year deal...really lucky to get a 4th
  9. If this is indeed a lost year, no need running Harris into the ground. With either an incoming rookie or a stopgap type vet/Rudolph the most likely starter next year, he will be needed more next year.
  10. Yep, if you don’t like it...get a few 1s and a 2nd or 3rd and fill in other spots at the skill positions or OL. Use FA for mainly defensive holes except for an upper tier FA on the OL.
  11. If you truly believe in a QB take him...but you have to surround him with talent. Its one reason I liked what the Steelers did with 4 straight Offensive picks in this past draft. You secured your RB/TE and hopefully at least 1 OL with those 4 picks. In FA next year, I’d love to get at least 1 OL and 1 DB(since we can’t draft them for the most part)
  12. Hill is also a top 3-5 WR abd Kelce is the best TE in football...Claypool and Johnson are good WRs but not elite(Johnson could be AB lite). The Steelers tend to like those 2nd and 3rd round WRs...I’m guessing they’ll draft another one....however without knowing who’s a FA next offseason save for Allen Robinson, I’d be ok for paying up for the right one.
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