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  1. Yea they know Chuks is a FA and could be gone after 21. They’ll give him a year to develop and then they go into next offseason knowing if he’s their guy or not. I’m expecting a decent sized FA added to the OL next year.
  2. Yea I think Ingram is just vet/rotation guy. Probsbly wishful thinking on Hooker but I’ve been seeing some smoke on Twitter on Nelson coming back?...probably nothing
  3. Great depth and rotation piece...allows them to not run TJ and Highsmith into the ground every game. Now go get S depth in Hooker and make 1 more run at a ring.
  4. Didn’t know they drafted him too til you replied...wow
  5. Probably saving a few mill with Davis to throw at Palmetto and White.
  6. He’ll get some work but Zeke is still gonna get 2/3 of the carries in a probable top 5 offense. Off the top of my head, only about 5 or so RBs get that now in the age of RBBC. Pollard is one of the few true “handcuffs” though.
  7. Not necessarily a stack but I do know that I want a piece of the Cowboys offense...even a late rounder at Jarwin is fine.
  8. Am I the only one thinking Zeke is being undervalued? Was top 2 last year before Dak got hurt and was doing that with a banged up OL. Id probably take him 3rd overall.
  9. Harris will be a early to mid 2nd rounder come August.
  10. Turners deal is 1/$3 mill...that should leave Steelers with roughly $12 mill in cap room.
  11. The OL rebuild continues...they’ll add another top 3 round pick at it most likely next offseason. Also with that cap room, might make sense to pay up for an OL in FA.
  12. I said it’s up in the same area but I guess we’ll just agree to disagree on that one. Steelers have Wormley and Loudermilk in front of Henry. Im guessing Maulet might be that 3rd S...the back 7 minus ILB is very thin.
  13. They’re 1 injury away from having Dangerfield get serious snaps at S...it’s right up there with edge and CB. I would’ve tried to keep Sean Davis but he went for a 1/$2 mill deal with the Colts IIRC.
  14. Yea I was fully expecting Meinherz over Green...too Much pre draft interest in him. However I forgot asst OL coach ran Green through the OL drills at Illinois pro day. Shoulda been a clue they really liked him.
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