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  1. Bell contract 2018

    Still think Bell to the Colts at draft woulda been perfect...a 2nd and a 3rd could’ve gotten it done...IMO. IIRC, they still have a ton of cap room and with Luck returning, woulda solved their RBBC issues they might have this year.
  2. Bell contract 2018

    Mark Ingram is also 29 years old though...but he’s a very good overall RB. I could maybe see $6 mill AAV but his age will hinder him...and his recent suspension.
  3. Bell contract 2018

    I’d be mighty interested in Mark Ingram at say 3 years $15 mill next year if they wanted to save a top 3 round draft pick.
  4. Bell contract 2018

    So they increased their offer by $10 mill while he added another 400 touches on his body in the past year... Dumber than a box of rocks...
  5. Bell contract 2018

    If that’s the case only $5.5 mill guaranteed over last 3 years of deal correct?
  6. Bell contract 2018

    If true I’d hope the guaranteed $$$ is done after 2 years. Still don’t like spending that much cap on a RB.
  7. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Gonna have to drop out fellas sorry, can’t guarantee my time for this...apologies
  8. Bell contract 2018

    No to long term deal...run him into ground and let him leave in 2019. Draft a RB in top 3 rounds next year and use Bells $$$ on a upper tier Defensive FA.
  9. Can someone talk me into Kareem Hunt?

    Hunt still crapped the bed for 1/2 the season. Chiefs also added another WR threat...Chargers lost one in Henry at TE. Gordon also caught as many balls as Hunt did...and he was more consistent throughout the whole year compared to Hunt. You can take Hunt... I’ll take Gordon.
  10. Can someone talk me into Kareem Hunt?

    As a Kamara owner in my redraft 1 keeper ppr league, I love the ability to keep him for a 10th rd price...however he’s not going to keep a 6 ypc and avg over 10 yds a catch again. I do expect 20ish touches for those 1st 4 games with Ingram out but they would be pressing their luck to keep a 320 touch pace on the guy..somewhere around 280 overall is more likely(15-18 touches a game)
  11. Can someone talk me into Kareem Hunt?

    Kamara efficiency numbers were the best of all time IIRC. Know I know he’s very talented and I’m more than fine with him as later 1st rounder especially in a PPR, but his effeciency will go down to an extent...his touches at best will only go up slightly in all likelihood.
  12. Can someone talk me into Kareem Hunt?

    I’d probably agree with you...I’d probably even take Fournette over him but that’s just me.
  13. Can someone talk me into Kareem Hunt?

    Pretty much this...no competition for touches and back to back seasons of 1500 total yds...50 catches and 10+ tds. And now with Henry hurt, he may get even more looks near the goal line. Chargers Def also a lot better keeping games closer allowing for better game scripts...Chiefs may be playing catch-up a ton this year. People forget Hunt disappeared for almost 2 months during the season as well. Gordon for me pretty easily.
  14. Steeler forum fantasy football

    Ppr or .5 ppr
  15. The 2018 MLB Draft Thread

    Any opinions on the Pirate picks? A few Bucs blogs I read seemed to be excited for their 2nd and 3rd picks.