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  1. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Fitz/Goodwin/Michel as final flex???...Full ppr
  2. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Yep, AB is just a victim in all this. Still on pace 144 catches 1300 yds and 8 tds with yardage surely to go up. But Ben with his 4100-31-11 stat line in his last 14 games is to blame for AB pouting and having a tantrum with his OC on TV while they were LOSING. And now, he won’t be punished for going AWOL Monday(Tomlin wouldn’t confirm or deny it was excused at his press conference....I.e he wasn’t excused) except for a little fine...what a joke.
  3. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Bens collecting game checks??? Ben is basically at 4200 with 31 tds 11 ints in his last 14 games.... What are you talking about?
  4. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    No, some aren’t acknowledging it. You really consider Ben and the OL saying Bell is stupid for not reporting to camp and Ben calling out his troubled WR the same as AB not listening to Tomlin about the no social media crap against the Pats and him having a meltdown on the sidelines with a coach cause he supposedly wasn’t getting his way, among other things... Really? Sometimes it’s the job of the QB to lead the team one way or the other...not the WR who’s acting like a diva anymore...I just don’t see how anybody can’t see this plain as day. If it was Juju, James, Conner who ever doing this...I’d be saying the same thing.
  5. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    You’re not getting it. Accusations are that...severity worse yes but again that’s it. AB continues to act like a child pure and simple...on a continual basis...thats regardless of Bens accusations against him 10 years ago. Ben was off on throws in the 1st half but still went for 400 and 3 roughly so I don’t get the whole Ben not playing well argument. Even if you want to nitpick on 5-6 throes that’s still 10-11 targets...on pace for 160-175 on a season...no reason to cry. Im mad at AB being more worried about his stupid stats rather than winning... From the stupid Facebook crap with the Pats, to threatening to break someone’s jaw cause he caught feelings, to his stupid tantrum on the sidelines towards his coach and now catching feelings again from a former employee saying Ben made you to saying “trade me and find out”. Is he that thin skinned to utterly brain dead to say something stupid like that? Its becoming an all too common theme with him anymore...Yet people don’t wanna acknowledge it.
  6. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Doesn’t matter if Bens off...they were thrown at him. And so if that’s the case...oh no, ONLY 16 targets. Plus, the other crap I stated above as well which no one has commented on. AB has proven to be stupid on camera several times...or through social media... Ben was accused of things...no evidence was found IIRC...that’s different.
  7. Trade advice

    Actually gonna be 1-1...scores 2nd most pts this week but faced highest scoring guy...he had Maholmes/Diggs and everyone did decent. Thanks for the help....maybe I’m looking too long term this year in contrast to you but we’ll see.
  8. Trade advice

    Appreciate it...now would you do Connor for Kelce? Cause I think I can get that done instead.
  9. Trade advice

    Trade: CMC and Rudolph Get : TY and Ertz Rbs are CMC/Kamara/Conner/Michel/Kerryon zjohnson WRs are Hill/Mike Thomas/Fitz/Goodwin/John Brown Full PPR...start 2 RBs/2WR/2 flex and 1 TE Do it?
  10. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    No, it’s just cause he’s a diva. As I said on the previous page, it’s his current and recent past history that indicates this.
  11. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    He was targeted 17 timed this past game five or take a few...several of which were deep shots....what the hell more does he want? After his stupid tantrum yesterday and this garbage, along with threatening to punch somebody in Twitter, he’s looking like a spoiled brat.
  12. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    You’re basing this off of a half of football...think about it. Juju hadn’t done much either at this point...again 1 half of NFL Football... They’ve had one of the best offenses for years...now it’s all gone? so yes, you’re overreacting to...a half of 1 NFL game...
  13. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    TE is average... Foster is only starter not above average...Finney is average buts the 6th OL. WR3 is a talented rookie dressing on his 1st NFL game. Acknowledge you’re overreacting.
  14. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Yea don’t understand that statement at all.
  15. WEEK 2 GDT - Chiefs @ Steelers

    Calm down