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  1. Who plays MLB this year

    Steelers brought him in for pre draft visit coming out of college......good chance they still have interest in him.
  2. Just some thoughts...

    43...very condensed answer... IMO...After the signings of Bostic and Burnett...where was a 1st round pick actually going to start save for ILB...which they tried trading up for Evans?...not being a jerk, just honest question. I think in their minds, if they can just improve the defense a tad, that making sure the offense is well stacked is easier than trying to rebuild the defense to its former glory. Kinda like making sure the offense can maintain scoring 40+ every game...while making sure the defense only gives up 35 kinda deal if you catch my drift. Gilbert has 2 very high $$$ years left and is 1 dirty piss test from a 16 game suspension I think...very good RT but it’s a possibility and plus they wanted to replace Hubbard. The Washington pick kinda coincides with my above offense vs defense statement. An ILB signing for depth.
  3. Just some thoughts...

    Yes...WASHIngton will get plenty of snaps...especially with no one else on roster as of now worth of them. Next tear Im assuming it’ll be a vet type...kinda like Terrance Mathis...can’t afford another high WR choice with all other WRs at least having 2 years on deals. Thought I saw star Steelers had 6 DBs on field like 1/4 of defensive snaps last year...doubt he beats out Davis to start year...think he’s starting over him by end of year though.
  4. Just some thoughts...

    Both the Steelers top 2 picks played a ton of snaps last year...this year they will again but unless injuries occur, to not the same extent as last year...most team DO need high picks to contribute year 1 thanks to salary cap. Why you think WR may be a need again next year? Im assuming they’ll give Finney a decent contract to become new LG next year.
  5. Just some thoughts...

    1) I agree that the Steelers didn’t do enough in this draft to improve the team FOR THIS UPCOMING SEASON 2) This draft(especially day 2) basically filled a lot of 2019 needs...QB of the future...Long term OT prospect(Gilbert 30 and 2 high $$$ years left...Villy already 30 too)...Bryant replaced by Washington 1 year earlier than expected. 3) They really thought that S play was terrible....addition by subtraction in Mitchell Golden Gay and improved tackling and communication with Burnett. 4) They’re counting on improved efficiency by the offense..especially in the red zone. 5) They might try to add another ILB after teams start making cuts...can cut Bey-Sensabaugh-Landry Jones and get another $4 mill in cap room. 6) 2019 draft needs....Top needs ILB-OLB-RB...2nd Tier needs...DL depth....maybe TE...maybe CB depending on all the young guys. 7)Get off the ledge...the sky isn’t falling...settle down Francis. Fire away.
  6. A guy on another Steelers board who knows his stuff said Morris has a real solid chance to stick...said injuries last 2 years hurt him draft wise.
  7. Round 5 Pick 165: FB Jaylen Samuels

    Flowers went a few picks before Steelers pick in the 5th before they went Allen...my guess they were after him. I like Samuels...just not sure how much he’s going to be used.
  8. Understood 1st 2 picks but the rest of the draft failed to improve team for this year. Liked Rudolph’s value but makes Dobbs pick even worse...had to burn 2 mid rd picks. OT very raw...again long term it makes sense but he doesn’t dress this year most likely Like Samuels but what is he? We have Nix....is he 3rd RB behind Conner? He probably replaces Grimble. Allen isn’t that good IMO. Guessing they sign another vet ILB? Top 3 2019 needs....RB/ILB/OLB...again.
  9. Annual draft pick contest. Select 20 players.

    Shoulda seen Rudolph coming...too much interest in him and Washington whole offseason.
  10. Official NFL Draft Thread (General Discussion for Draft)

    The 1st 2 picks didn’t bother me...I understood them....but even with me thinking Rudolph was a value...the team didn’t improve enough for this year outta the draft. Dobbs pick looks horrible...Had to burn 2 middle round picks cause of it. The OT pick makes sense in a way but he’s a huge project who probably doesn’t dress this year. Allen was a bad pick IMO. Samuels is actually a solid player but what is he? We have Nix...maybe replaces Grimble as 3rd TE? 3rd RB behind Conner? Im guessing they sign another Vet ILB? Top 3 needs for 2019.....RB/OLB/ILB....again.
  11. Official NFL Draft Thread (General Discussion for Draft)

    Steelers will take Frazier from Bama
  12. Official NFL Draft Thread (General Discussion for Draft)

    Wouldn’t surprise me to see Timmons signed here soon.
  13. Official NFL Draft Thread (General Discussion for Draft)

    Really? I’ll definitely take it.
  14. Official NFL Draft Thread (General Discussion for Draft)

    Jefferson or Averey.