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  1. Yep, 2 top 50 picks...Miami redid their OL this past draft and now can upgrade their weapons around Tua.
  2. My gut call was Shenault, especially with Chark(the one Im replacing in lineup)being out and his rushing floor being part of it.
  3. Id still go Goedert even with the Rams offense looking better. Goedert getting 8-9 targets a game is too good to pass up on.(this coming from a guy that blew 40% of his FAAB on Goedert after week 1) Return the favor up above?
  4. Trades should only be vetoed when collusion is proven
  5. Pick 1 Shenault vs Miami Gage vs Bears Trequan SMith vs Pack Full ppr...who?
  6. I’m not really spending on GMen RBs...Davis and McKinnon are short term depth(Davis a lil bit longer).... Id almost hold and let everyone else drop all their FAAB if it’s just for depth. Sbeaky cheap option would be Jeff Wilson from the 49ers
  7. Even though it’s kinda early, I’m partial to Tannehill.
  8. Goedert still got 9 targets...I’m just calling it a bad game...I’d lean him.
  9. In 1 league I went zero RB til the 7th...My WR picks were Thomas/Golladay/Fuller and not to mention late Jamison Crowder....oooofff.
  10. Makes sense. Thomas is interesting...ton of camp hype, eerily similar to Waller and Andrews last year leading up to season. Not sure if it translates but I double dipped late at TE with Higbee and Jarwin and with Jarwin hurt, I used a lil FAAB on Thomas. Higbee probably makes more sense for this week.
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