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  1. Mike Hilton

    I can see it to an extent...my guess is Laynes development this year will help determine what route they go even though I prefer Sutton. Overall, my slot CB shouldn’t be the lynchpin of my run defense come December...I know Hilton is valuable in that role and in blitzing but I still want my slot DB biggest strength to be in coverage.
  2. Mike Hilton

    Hilton is a UFA at end of season...IDK what type of contract he’s looking at...AAV at $6mill per? Sutton is a RFA at end of season...I’m guessing they’re going to have to make a choice.
  3. Mike Hilton

    Sutton>Hilton Sutton can play on the outside as well.
  4. What movie are you watching?

    Brooklyn’s Finest with Don Cheadle/Ethan Hawks/Richard Gere/Wesley Snipes....only about 1/2 thru but Im liking it.
  5. Todd Gurley as a falcon

    No way he makes it to the 4th or 5th in a 12teamer come August...especially if the Falcons don’t sign anybody of note to back him up.
  6. <Insert The Dark Knight Joker “Here we go”>

    Layne was a WR convert and an underclassmen to boot. IIRC Haden was going into last year of deal leading into draft. He night Haden successor in a year or two
  8. 2020 Offense

    Steelers went from 1st in 2018 to last in 2019 in red zone TD%...enter Ebron/Claypool/and Canada with a lot of pre snap motion etc etc. They will start out slow...Ben will be rusty...teams aren’t going to want to face them come November on if they stay healthy.
  9. Offseason Work to do

    If they sign or trade for anybody, my guess it pushes McCullers off the roster with Tyson being able to play DE.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    The addition of Wormley shoulda been a bigger indication that Alualu was at least in the mix to get some snaps at Nose....at least from what we discussed on here.
  11. Offseason Work to do

    Warren Sharp is also another one I forgot to mention.
  12. OG Warford

    Not enough cap room unless he takes a 1 year “mercenary” contract and parlays it into huge deal in next years years supposed cap spike.
  13. Notable Stats and Observations

    Steelers scored 1 or 0 Offensive TDs in 8/9 games last year in a season which they went 8-8.
  14. Offseason Work to do

    Yea I’m a fan of Mike Clay, Sigmund Bloom, FantasyPros and Fantasy Footballlers personally.
  15. Offseason Work to do

    Steelers always lose game a game against a bottom tier team on the road....it’s just a matter of when.