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  1. Zach Ertz or George Kittle? Pick 1

    Kittle...Ertz due for serious regression target wise(50 more than any other season) and Philly added DJax, JJ, Alshon should be healthy as well. Some of Kittles long plays won’t happen again but he gets Jimmy G back and should see some positive td progression. Kittle for me.
  2. Sell Me on This Guy Thread

    Ito has reportedly look like dog poo and no other RBs on roster are of note. Upgraded OL through draft and should see a solid amount of 3 down work. Lacks top 5 rb upside but should be a solid rb2.
  3. Sell Me on This Guy Thread

    Mixon was a RB1 while only playing in 14 games last year...line was bad last year but now should be getting OC Price back for the whole year. New offensive system should be same as the one that made Gurley go from bust under Fischer to stud under McVay.
  4. Sean Davis CB

    You wanted to trade Big Ben for Bortles...the end. You will post some bloated, half baked reason and ramble on for 2-3 paragraphs...you want attention and here ya go...respond if you feel the need to get the last word in to appease your delicate self confidence, I won’t be responding.
  5. Let's Make a Big Board #5

    I’ll go DJ in both by a hair...Adams at 6 for both. We saw DJs floor last year as a low end rb1...he has no where to go but up.
  6. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    But it was all Bens fault...
  7. Are there sure-fire RBs outside the Top-4?

    You saw DJs floor last year...still a rb1. James White will be a RB2 like clockwork. Fournette has the workload for sure,...just the ? if healthy.
  8. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    With us starting 3 RBs every week, it leans RB. I know Mixon a value at late 2nd( I drew 4th but McCaffrey a keeper) but I’m just weighing Mixon and a late QB I like...compared to a Rb that is normally threrr(Damien Williams, maybe Cook) and Andrew Luck. Just hard to figure out by Aug 1.
  9. Let's Make a Big Board #2

    Zeke or Kamara for both...I’ll lean Zeke due to increased Passing game usage AFTER Cooper was brought in and positive td progression..
  10. 2019 Fantasy "MY GUYS"

    Forget the exact stats but something along the lines of Reed avg 6-7 targets last year with about 5 catches per game...I know Redskins are a dumpster fire...however when healthy(very key word)...Reed is a fine starting TE, and very cheap. Usually don’t like drafting 2 TEs but I’ve been doubling up at TE with a Reed/Andrews combo in very late rds.
  11. 2019 Fantasy "MY GUYS"

    New OC definitely will run the ball more...see the last month of last season. OL should be a lil bit better...it’s just a matter of health for Cook.
  12. 2019 Fantasy "MY GUYS"

    Really starting to like Cook and Damien Williams in that 2nd rd, especially if I go “safe” and take a stud WR in 1st. James White in 5th is still good value. Ending up with a lot of Amari Cooper in the 3rd...Robert Woods in the 4th as higher floor wr2 is $$$ At TE, I’m really liking either Mark Andrews, Jordan Reed or Jimmy Graham as very late no cost starting TEs.
  13. Dynasty and Keepers Offseason Talk

    Get to keep 2 guys.... -Mixon for a 2nd -TY for a 3rd -Hunter Henry for a 10th -James Conner for a 13 -Luck for a 15th Conner for sure but need another one...full ppr and we start 1 QB/3 RBs/3 WRs/1 TE/1 flex.... So what should I do???
  14. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    Very well said about it basically being a certain cost at a position without opening up another need that needed to be addressed in the draft...plus I think they do actually like him as a starter to a certain extent.
  15. 2019 Steelers offseason news

    I’d take Doyle in a heartbeat but Indy isn’t giving him up...especially with their love for 2 TE sets.