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  1. War's 2019 Offseason plan

    Vince Williams will be back next year...too much dead $$$ to cut
  2. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    I’ll have to watch the post game presser
  3. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    Think I read Tomlin kept him out cause he was ok with the game flow and a 4 pt lead on the road with Dobbs as QB...which might be the dumbest thing ever
  4. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    You gotta be ——- me...
  5. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    I wonder what great words of wisdom Tomlin will say after the game...
  6. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    Shoulda called timeout after Oakland’s run on 1st down... The team just got out coached and out played by a job Gruden lead dumpster fire...holy hell.
  7. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

    The most underrated “need” going into next year might be a #2 RB with 3 down ability... However all I want for Christmas is a LB who can cover.
  8. GDT Steelers vs Raiduhs

  9. Mike Tomlin and the rest of the coaching staff

    Agreed on Tomlin for the most part Butler had to have a part in defense not giving up more than 21 pts for almost 2 months til recently but the LB on Allen bit boggles my mind. Fitchner at least has improved the red zone offense a ton IIRC...needs another year.
  10. benjamin

    If the Steelers need anything at WR it’s a field stretcher...not sure if Kames Washington will right himself or what...should get benefit of doubt tho. If they have serious doubts going into next year, I’m on the phone of John Browns agent talking figures yesterday.
  11. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Davis has had a pretty solid year up until this game...he’s fine. Burns got beat by Antonio Gates who is old enough in football years to be collecting social security checks...he’s done.
  12. GDT Steelers vs Chargers SNF 12/2/18

    Wtf was that Ben?
  13. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Ware for sure....still go Mixon due to volume. Reply to mine right below yours?
  14. Who to Start/Sit Thread: Help Us, Help You

    Start 2 outta 3...full ppr -Mixon(normally no brained but Denver run def pretty good and now starting Driskel at QBs) -Drake -Adams(Monday night and showed up on injury report yesterday) Help?
  15. Bell contract 2018

    Only person dumb enough to give him that contract would be Jon Gruden...