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  1. Draft Approach

    His $ went to the increase in salary of Nelson(5mill to 10 mill), extension for Haden and Fitzpatrick’s salary.
  2. Draft Approach

    I think they could BS a mid tier type signing...something between Barron type deal( 2 yr-8 mill) and a Nelson type (3 yr-25) Steelers like having a really low yr1 cap hit anyway...I think they could pull it off.
  3. Draft Approach

    It all depends on who they resign...I’m guessing Bud is resigned and Hargraves and 1 of Foster/Finney leaves. Cut Chick/Barron/Vance...cutting Vance saves $5.6 mill and only eat $1.5 mill...resign Vannett to a3-4 year deal at $3.5 mill AAV(league rate for #2 TEs...sign Ebron as well). Use your 2nd thru 4th rd picks on upgrading the Lines and possibly another lottery ticket on a offensive skill position.
  4. Minkah Fitzpatrick

    I usually don’t do this sort of thing but this deserves a good chuckle..
  5. Week #13 Gameday Thread Steelers @ Cardinals

    Bad feeling about this game.
  6. Wildcard Watch

    I’m far from Tomlins biggest fan...truth is he’s done a great job this year no matter how you shake it.
  7. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    It was a 2 year extension. You are right on eating $6 mill and saving $5...ifbhes cut before going into the 2021 season they save $8 mill and eat $3 mill. Agree on losing Munch to an extent...I also agree he’ll be back for sure especially with probably losing at leSt 1 of Finney or Foster. Agree to disagree overall I guess.
  8. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    Steelers will win by 2 scores
  9. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    Pouncey has been great the past few years...I wanted him gone when he was injury prone. I don’t know what’s going on this year as a whole...I don’t think the OL all took a crap and died just cause Munch left. I truly believe the terrible qb play has played a huge role in the OL play...I also think Pouncey might be dinged. He’s not old enough to all of a sudden be terrible. Were just going to have to agree to disagree here..plus they can’t cut him after this season due to the extension he signed that would create more dead $ than savings.
  10. Offseason Work to do

    Any explosive playmaker on offense...regardless of position...is needed...TE might be the biggest need of those.
  11. Week #12 Steelers vs. Browns Backyard Brawl Part 2

    Finney is better than Pouncey now? Jesus people...
  12. Offseason Work to do

    Great write up by whomever that was. i keep forgetting Banner and Hiltonare RFAs. Signing Sutton long term makes more sense than giving Hilton one.
  13. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    I can understand rotating Barron and Williams to an extent due to their limitations...however while Vince struggles in coverage and space, Barron just plain sucks. Bush should be on the field at least 90% of the defensive snaps save for an occasional breather...you used 3 premium picks on him. This team seems to have gone all in for next few years anyways...better to learn right now in lost season rather than next year.
  14. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    @3rivers...the Steelers aren’t benching Pouncey unless he gets hurt...cmon. I know he hasn’t played welll but he just signed an extension and has pretty damn good over his career...settle down.
  15. Week #12 GDT Steelers 5-5 vs. Bengals 0-10

    Tried to play the victim...what a clown.