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  1. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I went down this rabbit hole knowing full well the danger I would face in talking about what if's right now. There is an element of this being akin to who will be the democratic Presidential nominee in 2020. As a 45 year fan of these Broncos, over the last 3 years, the only thing that keeps me going has been the draft. So I am clinging to whatever I can find..
  2. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    The issue is teams always grade QB's differently which is what happened last year and will likely repeat. Herbert, Will Grier and Drew Lock will be skyrocketing up draft boards and teams will be clamoring to get up the board to get one of them. And inevitably our huge need will put us in the position to have to reach. Initial looks at the board make me so mad because if we somehow win 4 or 5 more games, we are not going to have the draft capital needed to get a franchise player and if we go 5-11 or worse, the guy we get is not a position of extreme need and Elway may reach. Maybe draft BPA and hire Chris Petersen and draft Eason, both from Washington and keep Keesum for one more year. That's the only scenario that I am liking as of now.
  3. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    This is exactly what I want to discuss @Broncofan. If we are truly in the business of black box, money ball draft strategy, how do these QBs grade and do we reach in Round 1 out of need. I applaud them for letting everyone else go QB crazy in 2018 and letting the Chubb pick make itself. The long term dividends will be huge. If we stick to that again this year, we should end up in almost the exact same scenario again this off season (seems like groundhog day around here). If we end up in the top 10 again and pick between 7 and 10, the best players on the board will likely be a DT. At least 4 grade as Top 10 picks as of now and it's a deep class. I know it's not a glaring need, but the discipline of 2018, should we adhere to it, would make this a possible pick. Clemson's Dexter Lawrence for instance if available at our pick would be huge. All that said. Will there be a QB that fit's both our incredible need, and the discipline of the 2018 draft class? Man it's early to be talking about 2019, but I cannot help it.
  4. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I am researching my Top 5 QB's and other team needs at QB. The frantic QB pick ups by the league 0n the 2018 QB Class puts us in a pretty favorable position given the Top 10 projection at this point. I am assuming we end up with a Top 6 pick. Which gives us probably one of the Top 2 QBs based on the board. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys going forward.
  5. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I thought I would start a thread to talk about the top QB Prospects in the NFL Draft. I notice there is a 2019 QB thread, so if this one needs to go, feel free to delete it and I will add to that string. That said, I wanted to get everyone's opinion how the 2019 QB class and who we should target. Before I put my initial thoughts down, I wanted to assure this was relevant and not redundant. Let me know
  6. When VJ gets fired

    Hamilton and Patrick may have been the last straw for DT here. I will stop talking payers now on this thread so I don't get us in trouble. LOL
  7. When VJ gets fired

    Jewell was such a good pick. And yes. 100% love the black box approach. Kub was the coach back then and had a very different set of responsibilites. But I think both are probably right to some degree. We are off topic a bit, but the only other thing I will add to the draft, is TAKING RISKS when the board lights up.
  8. When VJ gets fired

    There were really no options in FA for a QB given the market and the huge tag on Cousins. So I don't really put Kessum on him. That said. If you are correct that he is very involved, then you have to look at this draft class. It was HUGE IMO. These rookies are everywhere. I think Kubs role in the future, which is a mystery, unlocks this whole thread we are rolling around in right now.
  9. When VJ gets fired

    I agree with you on this Lincoln
  10. When VJ gets fired

    I had a list of 5, but had to a Jim Bob, because I like to write and say his name. You got me on that one. LOL
  11. When VJ gets fired

    LOL. Well said. I keep trying to get the right analogy. This is the best yet. The one I am working on is related to my son's rec league soccer coach. But I can't get him down to VJ's level just yet.
  12. When VJ gets fired

  13. When VJ gets fired

    I am 100% in favor of an offensive minded coach. Period. Here are my Top 6 Candidates: 1. Lincoln Riley 2. Matt Lefluer 3. David Shaw 4. John DeFilippo 5. Chris Peterson 6. Jim Bob Cooter One thing I want to see of a head coach is someone who manages the forest not the trees. It has been utterly excruciating watching VJ look completely lost on the sideline. Even a simple act of using his radio and the panic in his eyes trying to keep track of the big picture. The NFL has no room for lack of leadership that stays above the emotion ebbing and flowing in all big games. VJ will never be that guy. So find a combination of intelligent, progressive in their scheme and the ability to lead above all. I left Jim Harbaugh off the list. But I am sure he will be on a lot of lists. And finally; the old boys club the NFL profligates needs to GO OUT THE WINDOW. The future is not recycling old coaches expecting different results. For example, Todd Haley.
  14. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    If he goes off this year, which is POSSIBLE. The needle will begin to wobble....His agent needs to turn in to Tony Robbins right about now....
  15. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    He will be a Chief next year if we do not control it. Always good to send guys to other regions/divisions.