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  1. Draft Prospects

    It is just one factor. Especially with this approach of black box picks. There will be an input that accounts for it, and for me, I would knock a few points off. πŸ€” I started by saying it might not sit well with some. At the end of the day, it will come out in other ways through the process in grading the kid and learning more. In terms of Ole Miss. There are a lot of examples of great combine performances with poor NFL careers.
  2. Draft Prospects

    I like guys that go in, take care of business and simply drop the 🎀 . Just an intangible that makes me wonder. That said The tape on White is pretty πŸ”₯
  3. Draft Prospects

    Saw that. It concerns me.
  4. Draft Prospects

    I am not sure about Metcalf. So many receivers come out of Ole Miss and bust. His reaction after IMO , which may not sit well with all, when he cried and called his family actually concerns me. So many of these kids think the combine is the most important day to get that golden draft ticket and it’s all downhill from there. While he is a freak. I feel like he may be a bust 🧠
  5. Draft Prospects

    I am in
  6. Trading the 10th Pick

    I am 100% against trading up. Trading up would be a disaster for this team. We need draft capital so badly. And if the Flacco experiment does not work, the cost of going from 10 to say 4 or 5 would be a 1st Round pick in 2020 draft and more. NO way. Now trading down, that I think makes a lot of sense. I would love to be able to go down in to the mid 20's where we could get a future 1st and an additional 3rd this year (2017 Buffalo Trade). But in order to do that ONLY a QB needy team would play ball. And there really are none. Maybe the Raiders, who are now projecting to draft a QB like Lock in a couple Mocks (Which I think is BS). But what are the odds of the Raiders playing ball with the Broncos? Zero? So as much as I would love to do this and draft a BPA at 1.24 that is there unexpectedly, it ain't gonna happen. No one else in this range is even a possibility in need of a QB at this point. Now here is the one that I love and it seems karmic in many ways. The Redskins have 2 back up QB's on their roster, and it is CLEARLY their number 1 need as Alex Smith is in really bad shape. And they were just rewarded FOUR compensatory picks. That is 9 Picks total. There is a team at 10 that could be the perfect partner. It just makes a lot of sense and teams pay a premium for QBs... So what about trading 1.10 for 1.15 and 2.46 with Washington? There are a bunch of great players that could fill a huge need at 15. Namely one of the top OT like Jonah Williams, Andre Dillard or Garrett Bra. CB like Greedy Williams, Byron Murphy or Deandre Baker. A DL could be there like Ed Oliver or Clelin Ferrell. an ILB like Devin Bush. And yes, even a Daniel Jones or Drew Lock could fall if Miami goes non QB. 1.15 gives us a LOT of options to follow the 2018 strategy of a black box pick. We then own the top end of the 2nd Round. Which for us is great because a lot of the value there is on the offensive line. There are 3 to 4 guys that will fit. Would any one hate getting Andre Dillard at 1.15 and at 2.41 Julian Love (CB) /Amani Oruwariye (CB)/ Trayvon Mullen (CB) / Chris Lindstrom (OG/C) At 2.46 Rock Ya-Sin(CB) / Cody Ford(OG/T). Right now, if we did trade back, my mock would be: 1.15 Andre Dillard or Jonah Williams 2.41 Chris Lindstrom 2.46 Amani Oruwariye How about that for addressing the ever failing Offensive Line woes, two picks in the top 50? Nice work @Royal_VT . This is good stuff and got me nerding out like crazy today.
  7. Let the Offseason Begin

    I always look forward to the DeMarcus Ware guys who appear later in the process. It's a risk and also a great example of what being patient can reward you with. I think John Lynch came to us that way to. Our best Free Agency year ever was the Year we were aggressive with Taib, TJ, and Welker and then patient to end up with Ware. There is an argument for that this year.
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

    I don't think its worth the money for either of these guys. Although I would love it. I think the big splash should be CJ Mosley and then go a tier down to Adrian Amos who can QB the defense as he was excellent under Fangio in Chicago. James would be great, and a huge need, but dude is gonna get over paid and I don't think Elway will bite. He is on my list, but just having trouble with the math for CJ and J'wuan. Which contradicts my last post.
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    Desperation, in this case, is a wonderful thing.
  10. Let the Offseason Begin

    Outside of Safety is right, but there are three great players at ILB ( and a a position of need) that are huge if we can land one: CJ Mosley, Kwon Alexander (looks like he is gonna be back from the ACL) and Jordan Hicks are all premium players and big upgrades. I think spending money at this position is more important than S given the depth at the position. I think if we could pull off these three players we go in to the draft and the rest of Free Agency with a lot of options to fill out the roster: CJ Mosley ILBeast Adrain Amos FS Pier Desir CB or a longer shot but a Fangio guy in Bryce Callahan. Use the rest on OL with Ja'Wuan James or DJ Fluker and Tight End with Jesse James or Tyler Eifert. I understand that with the people we need to resign, all of these players are not likely. But a wish list has to have a starting point.
  11. Let the Offseason Begin

    RIP Darrent Williams
  12. Let the Offseason Begin

    This is a bit of crazy talk. However in 2019, for a future 2020 #1, I would be listening. Could turn in to Trevor Lawrence, as much of a pie in the sky thought as that is.....
  13. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    The Pagano Brothers coming home would be interesting.
  14. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    Zac Taylor or Pagano I wish a miracle would happen and a coach would fall from the NCAA sky though.
  15. When VJ gets fired

    I would hire my sister if she could manage games better than VJ. LOL. I don't think it's a problem as long as it's a fit. Some of these coaches have assistants that might as well be family, given the amount of time they spend together.