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  1. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    If he goes off this year, which is POSSIBLE. The needle will begin to wobble....His agent needs to turn in to Tony Robbins right about now....
  2. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    He will be a Chief next year if we do not control it. Always good to send guys to other regions/divisions.
  3. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    Ray is expendable and did I see any talk on his trade value. Maybe a 5th or 6th?
  4. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    Chubb changes the conversation for me. His tape is sick. I can't believe we got him. Cleveland is my favorite team ever. I love (HATE) Bosa man, and he is a stud. If we can score some points and get ahead in some games and are positive in the TO battle (lots of if's), Von may set the sack record this year as Chubb/Ray/Barrett and Jeff Holland causing match up problems with our front 3 and Josey Jewell and Su'a Cravens helping with the TE. It has to scare you... the key to our front 7 though is Clinton McDonald. If he plays well, we are gonna be very tough to handle. We could argue for days on this one. Both teams have the EDGE. No pun intended... All this said. I am picking the Chargers to with th West. #2 Raiders, #3 Chiefs and the Broncos finishing 6-10 in last.
  5. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    Chargers have a pretty good pass rush too @DingoLadd
  6. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    He is a guy that ended up right in the middle of being hurt and having a bad 3rd year and keeping Shaq Barrett and landing other depth on the EDGE. He ended up in no man's land for us. I thought you were saying he is a bust, which he is not, or that Elway is foolsih for not taking the risk to pay him so much next year, which he is not. Ray and his agent have huge incentive this year. HIs agent is probably Shane Rays biggest fan and happy with the risk. If his client has a big year. His new contract will make his agent a fortune. Way more that the 5th year option. Really. There is risk everywhere with this kid. One thing it shows is the Broncos have more pass rushers than they do probably any NFL team. I like Shane and hope he and his agent are very happy next year. Shanes biggest problem is the Broncos could bury him on the depth chart. Would really like to see him get traded and not see him in KC next year ( he has a Chief logo tattooed on his back).
  7. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    He would renegotiate on being traded. No one will want to, since he is a big risk. That said. If he has a big year, kid will get paid. His challenge is he is gonna get lost on the depth chart as our pass rushers are DEEP.
  8. Broncos decline Shane Ray's 5th year option

    Wait. What?
  9. Odds of going Worst to First

    We have to get the coach worked out. I think Elway wants to fix the roster before he pays a coach. We would have Kyle Shanahan if Elway was able to admit the roster was broken and let Kyle have more control to fix it. It looks to me like Elway is setting the table for Kubiak to take the reigns with Matt and take a step back (total speculation). Kubiak will be in a position to draft his QB and get his coach after this year. We all need to agree that the reason VJ is the coach is because we are rebuilding. Elway can't loose on this one. If we start as we should, 0-3 ;1-3 even 0-2. He fires him and promotes within. VJ is at fault, and if we turn it around during the season he is a hero. If we surprise and win, Elway is responsible and VJ gets fired after we go 7-9 or lose a wildcard game. Smart move by Elway probably? It was telling when the draft ended and VJ was off to the left of the picture while the core team was hugging and shaking hands and only after he awkwardly put his coat on and approached them that they acknowledged him. He is the next shoe to drop in our return to dominance. He is a worse version of Wade Phillips in waiting for the next Mike Shanahan coaching candidate, al a 1994-95. The biggest question I have of ALL, is what did Elway see in him? There was no body of proof of success in anything he had done for the most part? Ultimately, I see the big topic around Week 4 or 5 of the season being a thread titled "NEW HEAD COACHING SEARCH CANDIDATES".
  10. Odds of going Worst to First

    In terms of the Broncos there is about a 20% chance. We are likely the worst team in the AFC West. 7-9 would be wonderful. Hopefully next season we can have an offense that is improved enough to contend for a wildcard. The big thing to get excited about is the search for a great new coach. One more horrible year and then we won't have to deal with the most GLARING weakness on this team. The coach. If they fire VJ after 4 weeks, we can let Joe Wood limp us in, draft high again next year and find a coach that we can all respect and care about. That's the hard truth.
  11. 2018 Starting Lineups and Depth Chart

    .....and Paxton was drafted int he first round and massive resources and money were invested in him. A.K.A. Not a dark horse. Give Chad Kelly a chance. I can tell you one thing...He is NOT scared.
  12. 2018 Starting Lineups and Depth Chart

    Clinton McDonald will start over Shelby Harris , and Su'a will start over Stewart. Otherwise it looks about right. Every time I look at the projected OL starters I am reminded why we are in the bottom 1/3 of the league in terms of POWER RANKINGS. We have improved, but 7-9 is what this roster looks like. Jake Butt, Demarcus Walker and Carlos Henderson are the key to this year. If we do not get production from all 3 showing that they have 5 year + NFL careers. We will be a team drafting in the Top 10 again.
  13. Un drafted free agent signings

    Amezed this guy was still there? Was there a red flag?
  14. Official Broncos Forum Draft Thread

    My troubling statement boils down to the one simple fact that we did not find a long term solution to fix our O Line a year where there were MULTIPLE players. We got another Arizona State homer pick and that’s it. Can’t avold this fact and I can applaud some of the draft. And still be troubled....
  15. Official Broncos Forum Draft Thread

    SO we are all talking about the team captains and great character guys. We drafted 1 starter and a whole bunch of guys to add depth to our offense. The Josey Jewell pick is my favorite, but he won't see the field this year. Freeman is our #3 RB. Yiadom is a special teams player. And Frankly D. Hamilton may beat out Sutherland, LOL. Fumagali seems to be a developmental depth, practice squad guy. AND, with OG and QB being a big need, and with major talent in this class at BOTH positions. We get to this point with ZERO help. With Elway acknowledging he botched a trade to get an OL and that from 33 to 39 he let all of the targets get away from him and settle on a guy who will be the #3, 4 or 5 receiver on our roster at 40? Now, we are going to leave this draft with an ARMY OT who won't play for a long time? This is seriously troubling I get these are good football players. And there are some good young men on our football team. The Chubb pick was great until the majority of the remainder of this draft class has formed. We missed. That is unfortunate. I hope Elway can find a veteran casualty in June to fix this mess on the OL. Maybe there is a surprise