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  1. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    The Pagano Brothers coming home would be interesting.
  2. Rank Your Choices for Head Coach

    Zac Taylor or Pagano I wish a miracle would happen and a coach would fall from the NCAA sky though.
  3. When VJ gets fired

    I would hire my sister if she could manage games better than VJ. LOL. I don't think it's a problem as long as it's a fit. Some of these coaches have assistants that might as well be family, given the amount of time they spend together.
  4. When VJ gets fired

  5. When VJ gets fired

    Sorry, I did not mean to send that. My past post on my targets included most of these guys. I am a big Lincoln Reily fan, but his name is going nowhere. If we assume the Broncos draft Lock, Grier, or Jones, we need a coach who relates to him and can groom him. Zac absolutely fills that roll IMO. I really think Elway is afraid of taking a risk on a coach who could be the next great thing, and frankly why he has created so much turnover. Retreads or assistants with NFL experience pisses me off so much. The three guys I am super bummed we are not talking to are Riley, Shaw and Chris Petersen.
  6. When VJ gets fired

    As much as I don't disagree that Joe is a question mark. The defense did play well relative to the offensive woes and the personnel losses. When we talk about experience, Surrounding a young kid with what may be the It factor with two experienced, and more so, guys with history and familiarity with the players might be a good fit. I want a coach who has the ability and the I.Q. to be with us for a long period of time if he is in fact that guy. Invest in a young guy. Do you have a target got SC AAA?
  7. When VJ gets fired

    So what do we think about Zac Taylor? He passes the charisma test and I would be very happy with him. Zac Taylor HC Kubs OC Joe Woods DC Thoughts?
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

    Valid argument
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    The only reason is at this point he is depth on the cheap. My initial list has him because I can’t find an option. It would be great to sign a more athletic OG and move on. Just hard to see at this point
  10. Let the Offseason Begin

    Cut Keenum and Restructure Leary/Sanders/Wolfe. Cut Stewart and Marshall as well. Assuming a more cap friendly number on the Restructuring, I estimate the number to be about $28 to $30MM in savings. See my other post for potential strategy. Thanks for this AAA. Good SH#$
  11. Let the Offseason Begin

    Why do you think Veldheer is done?
  12. Let the Offseason Begin

    This is a better FA tracker: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/all/
  13. Let the Offseason Begin

    http://walterfootball.com/freeagentspreview2019.php I think the key is keeping the core of the Defense together. Especially the DB's and Edge Rushers is really important. I am super disappointed in the Su'a Cravens signing, but am hopeful that he can get on the field next year. But signing a S like Earl Thomas/Ha-Ha Clinton Dix/Landon Collins would be an upgrade at that position. If C Harris gets back and we re-sign Roby, I think we are better off at CB than we were to start the year. Most every guy at CB can play. Looking at an ILB is probably smart, but our guys are serviceable at that position. If we were to go after a C.J. Mosley, I would not be mad. I think re-signing Shaq Barrett is a smart move too, he is a CSU Ram; nuf said. Keeping Peko is important as well. There are two or 3 DTs that are interesting too. Sheldon Richardson and Grady Jackson are guys I really like. But given the depth at DT in the draft, this this may not be a position to spend the money on. While I agree that we should not break the bank, we need to make a splash at key positions on the offensive side of the ball. ER, OL and QB. Keenum is NOT the answer. He can't play. Trading for a Flacco? Signing Teddy Bridgewater? Tyrod Taylor is a FA? Trading with PHI for one of their guys? Cutting Keenum and replacing with one of these guys would be a big upgrade and bridge us to win soon and draft the QBOF this year or next. I would also really like to see us look at a Golden Tate/Donte Mocreief/Tavon Austin at WR. We need help at TE in a big way given that Heuerman is a UFA and we are a mess here with injuries. Tyler Eifert and Jared Cook are UFA. Man I would love to see us with one of them. It would put us in a great position to see if Jake can once again come back from injury and resign the young kids in Matt Lacrosse and Brian Parker. Both of whom showed they can play. I really think the OL boils down to resigning Veldheer and Paradis, Max Garcia and Billy Turner. Outside of QB, I think keeping the OL together and looking to draft OLOF is our most important priority. My Early take is: Hire: A Harbaugh Resign: Roby, Paradis, Barrett, Garcia, Veldheer, Peko, Turner, Shelby Harris, Jordan Taylor. FA Signing: Tyrod Taylor (assuming we don't trade), Jared Cook, Ha-Ha Clinton Dix, Donte Moncreif. Draft: QB, WR, DT, CB, ILB, OG, OT, TE, QB, QB, QB
  14. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    We are only 40 days away from the QB love fest. This kid will be rising up boards like crazy. Great take.
  15. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    I would rather see them draft the BPA, which could be a WR, DT, or CB at their spot. Then look at Will Grier in the 2nd Round.