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  1. They won't trade him, but that's a bad look for the Silverback. He's undoubtedly still one of the best tackles in the game but he's still making big money, and hasn't made it through a year at 100% in years.
  2. Capitals winning the cup stole all of Washington's luck and redoubled the curse debuff.
  3. Washington isn't allowed nice things.
  4. Washington can't have nice things.
  5. I'd personally not put a lot of value in either of them. There's a reason McLaurin didn't do a lot in college and I think Harmon got by by virtue of just being bigger then anyone else. I was pretty sad we didn't grab Campbell. At the very least I can see the dog in McLaurin that Pierre had but while Pierre didn't top 1k yards in a single year at mount union, he was TD machine. A college WR only topping 700 in a season, even with 11 touchdowns, doesn't scream impactful NFL player to me.
  6. Harmon just doesn't have the athleticism to be a number one or a great receiver in my opinion. I'm not sure why he's getting the hype short of the fact he's a tall WR and those are always fun to dream about. https://www.mockdraftable.com/player/kelvin-harmon
  7. Magnanimous Theismann

    Maybe it's because I never got to see him play live, but I get to see him all over the broadcast, but I've never gotten why Theismann's number has been sacred. Just because he'd be "top 3" of Redskins QB's doesn't really mean much, we haven't had very good QB's in our history. He seemingly had two good years, won a superbowl in one of them, but was never anywhere near the best in the league. I'd only really retire 9, 81, 28, 68, 66, and 21. That's probably about it. I can probably be talked into 44 as well, but I think he was also a product moreso of the Hogs and being run into the ground then just Riggins being a monster. (Green is also an ******* so I'd like to not retire that as well)
  8. Josh Sweat plays for the Eagles...not the Redskins. Montez lays out like.... HT 6'5" WT 241lbs Arms 35.75 40 4.41 10-Yard 1.5 Vert 36 Broad 10.4 SS 4.29
  9. Sounds great, tis a shame we don't have that "patient fanbase" or "good HC" he speaks of.
  10. Draft Day Thread -Day 2

    Whelp, unless we go Hakeem Butler we missed the train on WR's.
  11. Draft Day Thread -Day 2

  12. Draft Day Thread -Day 2

    Man, if Parrish Campbell is there when we pick...