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  1. Sendejo has been miserable. So that begs the question: did they throw away a draft pick on Ronnie Harrison? Redwine? If they can't beat out Sendejo, they must be straight up excrement. On a side note, does anyone know why DPJ continues to be inactive?
  2. I said this last night as soon as R1 was complete
  3. Maybe someone said this and I missed it, but Denver, Seattle, Tampa Bay, and even New England never won a Superbowl until they made major changes to their uniforms - logos, colors even. I'm not against orange and brown, but sticking with only those colors (white doesn't count) and a logo-less helmet based on "tradition" severely limits the options. I would like to see Truckstop Jimmy show the same guts in embracing radical change to the uniforms that he does embracing non-traditional front office structure and analytics.
  4. Cincinnati was clearly selling out to stop the run. One of several reasons Baker had the day he did. Great job by Kitchens using multiple formations on the first drive to diagnose the Cincy defensive scheme and using it to his advantage the rest of the way
  5. Before the season, who would have thought we would be excited to see Higgins back? On a similar note, has anyone heard anything about Ricardo Louis rehab progress? Will he be able to play again? I’d so, can he have a leap in production similar to Hollywood’s?
  6. I understand that surrounding Baker with talent to help him succeed is paramount but this draft is weak when it comes to OL and WR. It could, however, give us the pieces to make this defense absolutely elite. Help for offense is going to have to come from FA and that doesn’t look very promising either
  7. And truckstop jimmy just stuck with a guy who was 1-31 over 2 years. It can’t be said that the new guy won’t be given a chance.
  8. Mistakes and penalties are also the price you pay for not holding players accountable. For all his faults, Mangini had a disciplined, low-penalty team. He got them this way by punishing a mistake in practice by making the offender run laps. Even Joe Thomas ran them. Running a loose training camp and practices leads to lapses in concentration. Yes, they are young, but Hue isn’t helping them mature.
  9. I’m going Haley. The foundational problem with this team is the lack of discipline and that is a direct result of having a “player’s coach” leading the way. This team needs a no-nonsense leader who calls it likes he sees it and holds everyone accountable, and out of the current members of this staff, that seems to be Haley to me. His quote after the loss to Buffalo in preseason says it all: paraphrasing, we deserved to lose, this is how we practice, this is what we get.
  10. I would like to see someone with more technical ability than me put together a video vignette of all the BS calls against and BS non-calls for that the Browns have been subjected too this year. Include virtually every snap that Myles has taken because I swear he is obviously being held on every play, but while millions of viewers see it, the zebras don’t? Put it up on YouTube and tweet it out to millions. This has been, without question, the most glaringly obvious piss-poor officiating I have ever seen, and 90% seems to go against the Browns. A video of these would make it apparent to everyone and the league couldn’t poo-poo it anymore. I’m not calling conspiracy just yet, but my god, it sure seems like it, doesn’t it boys?
  11. If this were true, they wouldn’t have traded out of #2 until draft night. Remember, no one knew who the Rams we’re taking. Philly traded up because they would have been happy with either Goff or Wentz.
  12. For the Browns you’ve gotten the positions pretty well correct. Would not complain about DBs and LBs either
  13. It was a completely different game with him in there. The offensive line did a better job, the running game was much better. He had a transformative effect. Q: How many NFL QBs have had a reception for points before a TD pass or run? I’m guessing that’s a short list. History already! I’ll admit, I was a Darnold/Chubb man and was disappointed in Dorsey’s choices on draft day. My trust in Dorsey is growing with each game
  14. Keep these uniforms but go back to the old orange. I personally find the contrast on these insufficient to easily spot the numbers and read the names, and I think a lighter, yellower orange would show up better.
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