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  1. Seriously, today's game is just really bad. It's actually sad to watch these guys out on the field. I really wanted to see Patrita get some time coaching his players but there's nothing hear. I expected last seasons results because we just didn't have a roster of players that were needed. And honestly I don't see a command of these players by Patricia. 1st head coaching gig is always an opportunity to learn and it's not like the Billichick coaching tree has a clear record of success. It's clear Patricia does not have the players focus and attention. It's more sad than ammendment else
  2. FIRST!! Thank you for being reasonable. There's no way we would be SB contenders adding Suh - even if he played like the old Suh. I think he could help us get into the playoffs but that's about it. If we can start making playoffs then players would understand the vision Patricia has and that the lions might have a shot at the good players that want to win and not just cash in. That's one of the issues with losing culture. You tend to get more players that only want to cash in and not take the work serous.
  3. I agree 100%. Our defense is not a 3-4 or 4-3, it's considered a multiple defense. Which means we can run every defensive style on any play and once we have all the proper players in place our defense should be in the top of teams. Suh can play inside on 4-3 plays and edge with 3-4 plays. And we can't forget the force he becomes when he is standing. Suh's effectiveness is 90% on how he is coached. I believe Patricia's style of coaching is the most effective style for Suh. His talent just doesn't respond well to the "player's coach" style of coaching, thats why Flowers signed with us. I stated several times last year that the Lions would be lucky to win 7 games because you can't overhaul a a 4-3 defense in one season. It takes around 3 years to get the players that fit you vision. Signing all the ex Patriot players should shorten that time. They are here to help all the other players understand the defense and why the coaches focus on specific things during practice and training.
  4. Suh is still on the market and he would be great in our new defense. He could play edge and middle. He was and is a monster when he stands up. We have cap room to sign a 1 year contract. Long time fans would be bitter but we loved him and only turned because we didn't have cap to keep him. I created a petition to try getting him back home. Please share and sign it. http://chng.it/JWYqV9T8BC
  5. We don't have anything to trade
  6. Hey guys, both sides are right and wrong. I think using the tag on Ziggy was OK. Our D line is below average (and that's being nice). I would rather give Ziggy one more shot to bounce back, also give him a shot under new coaching. That's a better move than to sign an extension or just let him walk. I think he is better off as a rotation guy until he can play every game. But he's going to commnd too mmch $$$ for that
  7. Alright... Introduction... Asylum247, it' bben aa few years since I've been to this site. I like the new look.
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