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  1. Weaver and Perkins that late are gross.
  2. So, came up with this as one of my styled attempts. I resigned Moseley, Brunskill, and Trent. Juice, Varrett, Garland, Bourne, and K'Waun walk among others. I'm interested in Shanahan style big slots, fullbacks, a bursty Ford style edge bending rusher, corners of every kind, dudes that can return punts and kicks and backup Aiyuk or Deebo, stronger edges to replace Blair/Hyder and spell Bosa, penetrating 1Ts to replace DJ and spell Kinlaw, versatile safeties, and big zone tackles that might play guard for a year and if they play well replace McGlinchey. These don't all have the
  3. Jordan I have as one of a couple guys that moves the needle as a big slot on my Shanahan 9ers board (he's spent useful picks on Hurd and Jennings, he definitely wants a big versatile dude in the slot who can block and YAC - Jordan is elite at the latter). Tremble and McKitty are the only dudes I am particularly interested in replacing Juice if I can spare the pick. Tremble I think could do it from day one with even a little upside.
  4. Man, if people legit be that silly with Fields, I'd cut Jimmy G tomorrow and sign the rest of the crew back, trading up only if necessary. I probably would lean towards doing that anyways.
  5. That filthy factsy mouth of yours needs a cleaning. 30 minutes in the corner with soap. You know what you did.
  6. A guy I think is a really great roster fit for our WR room is D'Wayne Eskridge. He's got really nice varied releases playing from the outside or slot, nuclear bomb explosiveness - he averaged 14.4 yards after the catch this year - and would also return kicks and punts for us. I just think he can do a better job than Ritchie James at replacing Aiyuk or Deebo when they are tired or banged up because he is more of an offense fit and would give our special teams a little extra gas.
  7. So, I was playing with the PFF simulator and Lance was on the board. I traded back with Teamy, the Team Monster for a delightful package (all of my mocks lately have the entire defensive back and offensive line depth group gone and Williams staying as the preface): SF gets: 19, WFT 2022 1st round pick, 51, 74 WFT gets: 12 19: Caleb Farley, CB Virginia Tech 43: Tyson Campbell, CB Georgia 51: Ronnie Perkins, EDGE Oklahoma 74: Shakur Brown, CB Mich. St. 102: Cameron Sample: base EDGE, pass DI Tulane 117: Davis Mills, QB Stanford 156: Amari Rodgers, WR
  8. And he's been fighting fiercely for this in spite of being too small since about middle school. He is also 22. Like. That's only a touch younger than Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold.
  9. And Jonah Williams played quite well last year. That's another one of those relatively short-armed technician types some thought could only play guard in the NFL.
  10. Fair points, but I think the pass catchers are amongst the highest value targets to come off the board when we pick and fit niches we don't currently cover with receivers. And if Jimmy can't get the most of them, we must move on at QB next year - I'm not marrying my picks to his limitations any more.
  11. See, I would also take any of the main pass catchers. Waddle is more YAC, more speed over top, and would start at both returner spots. DeVonta would immediately be our best receiver at beating man coverage - including Kittle. Chase is just a true #1. I've stated my support for Kyle Pitts - he is superb at a number of things we aren't good at from big slotting to running TE seam routes and just outsizing guys in the red zone. I would also not mind trading back a bit for Ojulari or Paye.
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