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  1. And you’ll be meh-ing around with Tua and a roster that isn’t capable of carrying meh.
  2. Also, 2002 standards were way freaking lower outside of the Rams crazy outliers. And the 1980s lower than that. That's why the defenses of Jimmy G compared to 1980s Joe Montana are kind of nuts. Like, Joe was a high outlier for efficiency and not taking turnovers back then. But that was then. All kinds of crazy offense-helping decisions have been made since. Metrics that don't take into account context aren't good metrics.
  3. One good thing about a limited quarterback on a very strong team is that the team gets a bunch of credit and very little slamming for how they are “letting the quarterback down”. Jimmy’s a personable guy and a natural leader, and he never gets too high or too low. But he also is the team’s criticism lightning rod because he is almost always the most obvious point of possible improvement. You stick up for the lightning rod. Eli Manning was like that too, and he was much less charismatic. But he was flawed quarterback that took a lot of criticism and won a lot - on defense sometimes, and sometim
  4. I mean, we did end up with Javon Kinlaw because Kocurek loved the heck out of him. And I appreciate that Kocurek is an awesome defensive line coach. And Kinlaw was a consensus to go in that range, even though there were some (cough *Forge* cough) that weren't fans because of his limited pass rush skills. I think what was missed (by myself among others) was 1. the injury history and 2. the overall youth and inexperience of the prospect. Everyone knew that he was profoundly talented and raw. They also knew that he worked hard (eventually) to get to a good playing weight and dominated. But he was
  5. Or an all pro if we took Creed Humphrey. Might not get his *** kicked by Kenny Clark twice a year lol.
  6. The Falcons game was legit impressive. They have a good secondary, but their defensive front doesn't have a pulse, so he was super comfortable.
  7. Jimmy better be regular season Jimmy. And that's probably going to be difficult, because a big part of playoff Jimmy being so unthreatening is that he picks up injuries by the end of the season and is even more limited than he usually would be.
  8. The Bengals are a team that tends to run the ball more than is necessarily good for themselves (and we have been a truly excellent run defense for months now) and they struggle pass protecting, especially in the interior. Sure, Chase and Burrow could kill you, but the defense could get a few sacks (Burrow is still quite bad at preventing sacks) and really keep us in the game. The Bengals defense can also be gashed occasionally. Overall it would be an interesting even matchup, though the better quarterback would be still be terrifying to deal with. Against the Chiefs, you have to hope for
  9. If we win next week, we should just shake hands on a gentleman’s agreement. We’d have done our duty policing the NFC. XD
  10. Seems like one of those value added quarterbacks…
  11. Hearing Schefter pimp out Jimmy Gs value at every turn is hilarious. He’s got a real 49ers/Jimmy FO buddy to placate.
  12. I mean, they can’t be much worse than the animated corpse of Big Ben. Maybe the Steelers are just trying to get Mike Tomlin some more achievement points lol.
  13. Like 2019 peak good. Ryans adjusted so well after the first drive.
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