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  1. Minor Niner News Thread

    The DUIs. Sexual interest and inclination lies along a wide spectrum and whatever a person feels comfortable with is usually best. That is, unless the lack of sex has led to your calling in a bomb threat against a major Canadian airport.
  2. Jimmie Ward has a broken collarbone

    Water is wet
  3. 1.2 Nick Bosa, SDE/LEO Ohio State - An excellent complement for Dee Ford. His college pass rush win rate as a Freshman was as good as guys like Josh Allen and Brian Burns this year. He is a top tier player worth the pick who will a cornerstone of the defense along with DeForest Buckner. (Considered: Quinnen Williams as a player who was perhaps more dominant in absolute terms in college and had a better injury history though playing at a position of less roster need; Josh Allen as a slightly better roster harmony fit, Nick Bosa's best position in the scheme is probably SDE kicking inside on passing downs. We have a couple of those that we'd like to see pan out and still may given proper opportunity. Allen's is a SAM playing end on passing downs, which is exactly what the roster was asking for. Now, the SAM role on running downs is less relevent than all other positions, and the team can still use their talented defensive line effectively with Bosa. It just isn't perfectly ideal roster harmony; there's a little role overlap and personnel inefficiency) 2.36 Deebo Samuel, WR South Carolina - I have warmed on Deebo's specific fit in helping against man coverage, experience with Z, and running terrifying slant routes. This is besides the fact that playing in San Francisco with Jimmy G and especially Shanahan is likely to make him more effective than A.J. Brown might be, even if both have similar underlying performance (Considered: A.J. Brown as the more profilic and healthier of the two stocky tackle breaking receivers with wiggle, Dalton Risner as initial IOL depth+starting capability and the eventual replacement for Joe Staley) 3.67 Justin Layne, CB Michigan State - Our biggest problems left to address in this draft were secondary players of about every stripe but especially FS, receivers that can beat man coverage/good in the red zone, IOL starters/depth, and a top pass rushing edge player to bookend Dee Ford. I've nabbed two answers to those four problems so far. Justin Layne is just about how you'd draw up a CB for our scheme. He is excellent reading the ball and the player in off-man and cover three coverage and can use his long arms in press man. He is a converted WR - like a certain other highly successful corner on our team - and knows how to high point the ball. He is a future starter after Sherman moves on or a current one if Witherspoon withers as badly as he did in the first half of this past season again. (Considered: Dieonte Thompson and Chauncey Gardner-Johnson as single-high FS, Hjalte Froholt and Dru Samia as IOL pieces) 4.110 Dieonte Thompson, FS Alabama - Ditto the comment about needs for Justin Layne. Dieonte had his fair share of difficult moments as FS for the Crimson Tide late on this past season, but flashed huge playmaking talent in the front end. He'd offer a chance at much needed improvement over last season's abysmal and injured Ward+Colbert tandem and is an excellent scheme fit as a true FS in single-high looks. Though both Ward and Colbert may be capable of better performances, they are both also versatile and can be used across the defense in addition to Dieonte or in place of him. Plus, their injury history is such that it is unwise to count on performance from them. (Considered: Hjalte Froholt and Dru Samia as IOL pieces) 5.148 Joe Jackson, SDE/LEO Miami - Entering the fifth round, I was just about cleaned out of IOL prospects I thought capable of contributing meaningfully and turned my mind to finding as much falling value as possible. Jackson was a highly productive pass rusher throughout his time in college and gives you basically Nick Bosa-lite in just about every category. About the same height and weight. Not the athlete Bosa is, especially in 10-yd split and flexibility. Reasonably useful with his hands, but certainly not Bosa good. Strong, but not as effective with his strength. Still, having the ability to rotate Jackson in to spell Bosa and count on similar (if diminished) qualities from him is a useful thing. Plus, I had him pegged as a roughly similar player to L.J. Collier, who went in the first round. (Considered: Jaquon Johnson as box safety depth) 6.176 Jaquon Johnson, SS Miami - Similar to the last round, I was simply looking for players who were effective enough in a similar role to one on our team to indicate that they could start in this league if asked. Johnson was excellent in a box safety role in college, even if his athletic testing was far from impressive. He could be another Swiss army knife piece to use, provide injury insurance for the fragile Jaquiski Tartt, and press and give even more alternatives to a secondary that - let's not forget - was the very worst in the NFL last season by a wide margin. (Considered: Penny Hart, quality slot WR; Ken Webster nickel corner; Chandler Cox versatile offensive piece, Isaac Nauta blocking TE/FB, Justin Skule swing tackle) 6.183 Justin Skule, OT Vanderbilt - I like the thinking behind this pick. He's a versatile tackle with upside and can initially provide depth to every position on the offensive line with the ceiling of hopefully giving an answer when Joe Staley leaves. (Considered: Penny Hart, quality slot WR; Ken Webster nickel corner; Chandler Cox versatile offensive piece, Isaac Nauta TE) 6.198 Isaac Nauta, TE Georgia - a Celek Time replacement that can double as depth behind Juice. (Considered: Penny Hart, quality slot WR; Ken Webster nickel corner, Chandler Cox versatile offensive piece)
  4. And a ~40 inch vert. He was weirdly good at contested catches last year for a 5'11" guy. The slant/fade two way to him is going to be a real touchdown getter for us.
  5. Kris Boyd, CB, Texas Kelvin Harmon, WR NC State Penny Hart, WR Georgia State Giving: Nick Bosa, DE Ohio State A.J. Brown, WR Ole Miss Courtney Gardner-Johnson, S Florida Amani Oruwariye, CB Penn State Jaquon Johnson, S Miami Kris Boyd, CB Texas Kelvin Harmon, WR NC State Penny Hart, WR Georgia State
  6. I accept this trade (Watson)
  7. Amani Oruwariye, CB Penn St
  8. His route running at that size is pretty darn impressive. Can see Shanahan do nutzo things with him - start him anywhere from H-Back to big slot to X to Z and then motion into the backfield for outside zones. And then do the reverse of that. He isn't the guy I'd pick. But I can track the logic.
  9. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, S Florida
  10. Yeah, Froholdt is one of my last interesting centers that I wanted.
  11. Layne and Oruwariye would be awesome, too.
  12. 31 yds per reception on slant routes per PFF. Showed the reason why at the Senior Bowl when he dominated one on one practices. Our biggest problem last season was when teams decided to man up across the board; Deebo dominates against man coverage. And he played most of his snaps out wide, while Brown was in the slot most of the time. Don't get me wrong, I love A.J. He's better at feeling zones and a touch more explosive near tacklers, has a superb injury history. But Deebo is similar and his contrasting skillset helps us deal with one of our biggest problems.