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  1. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    His lunch pale is pretty weak - too much melanin.
  2. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    Oh! And he can really throw the heck out of the ball. Pretty spirals all around. He played some high school quarterback and he was a killer on trick plays at Tennessee. Not that we have a coaching staff that likes that or anything.
  3. 49era draft WR Jauan Jennings at 217

    I mean, calling Butch Jones a fake-*** ***** is just an accurate statement. He was among Jeremy Pruitt’s favorite players. He forced missed tackles on 51% of his catches. In the SEC. (for comparison - CeeDee Lamb was second in the country with 43% while playing against legendarily great Big XII defenses). I think he’s Anquan Boldin or thereabouts. Love the guy.
  4. Oh! I get 176 too, as I didn’t trade it away for Aiyuk. I take Bradlee Anae. With the 217th pick, JIllg selects Geno Stone, S Iowa 14 - CeeDee Lamb 31 - Kristian Fulton 117 - Curtis Weaver 153 - Bryce Hall 176 - Bradlee Anae 190 - Prince Tega Wanogho 217 - Geno Stone
  5. Love some Geno Stone. Great scheme fit, too.
  6. I take the Goodwin trade and with the 190th pick, JIllg selects Prince Tega Wanogho, OT Auburn. 14 - CeeDee Lamb 31 - Kristian Fulton 117 - Curtis Weaver 153 - Bryce Hall 190 - Prince Tega Wanogho
  7. Make mine the 153rd pick - I take the Breida trade and make the same pick. 14 - CeeDee Lamb 31 - Kristian Fulton 117 - Curtis Weaver 153 - Bryce Hall
  8. With the 156th pick, JIllg selects Bryce Hall, CB Virginia 14 - CeeDee Lamb 31 - Kristian Fulton 117 - Curtis Weaver 156 - Bryce Hall
  9. Heck of a group of guys. Epenesa was my second choice at 31 and Hall was who I would have taken here if not for taking Fulton earlier.
  10. With the 117th pick, JIllg selects Curtis Weaver, EDGE Boise State 14 - CeeDee Lamb 31 - Kristian Fulton 117 - Curtis Weaver (and I take the Trent Williams trade)
  11. Niners select Javon Kinlaw DT at 14

    He’s so long and so strong and generally just goes through people. On the downside, guys get extended early and get their butts low and their weight over their toes to get extremely prepared for it. Any time he flashes a counter, it’s unstoppable. There was a snap against Missouri where he flashed pulling cloth for one of the first times and just yanked the dude forward to the ground because his weight was all forward ready for the bull rush. Anything like that - pulling cloth, dip and rip, anything that he figures out - is going to be immensely dangerous because if you aren’t fully geared up for the bull rush he will mow you down. He’s too long and too low and too strong. He plays with nasty leverage for such a tall guy.
  12. I can kind of see that take. Deebo had that thing where he was blowing away people on slants while not looking like he had top end speed, too. All I know is that both were at the very top on YPC and YPRR on slant routes. Slant routes are about half of what we do, lol.
  13. He ran a zig like twice and a few nice double moves! Hey that, slants, screens, digs, and outs are all we do pretty much. XP
  14. JIllg selects Kristian Fulton, CB LSU