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  1. I think also people are reading a bit into the Banks pick - the team wants him to play at about 325, which he was reportedly at for his pro day. They want enough size for short yardage and some gap versatility while still running a lot of outside zone. Banks wouldn't have been my pick for that idea, but hey.
  2. Good work. I agree on every point. I will add that he has an occasional tendency to fire low (and sometimes a touch behind) when he really rips passes into tighter windows. Some of it might be intentional to help receivers protect themselves from harm - some is pretty clearly unintentional. It's not the worst habit to have; it's one of the reasons he ever puts the ball in harm's way. It's a lot harder to intercept missing low than high. But it does cost him some YAC. I just love the way he works the pocket, though. NDSU's o line dominated at run blocking, but they struggled a little with some
  3. We still don't have a bigger, physical corner that anyone should trust. Or a second starting outside guy so that Moseley can do what he does best and fill in for a couple of games when needed. We need Sherm. Wouldn't mind Tate for Deebo insurance, but Sherm seems like something we're counting on given the way we drafted.
  4. Banks at 7.2 with the extra weight is kinda nuts. Or did he lose a bit in the off-season?
  5. I wasn't particularly interested because, while he was explosive and dangerous at like 220 in 2019, he did not retain that danger after adding weight in 2020.
  6. Love both Watkins and Hilliard
  7. Jamie Newman would be a great move. Get backups physically capable of running the new offense.
  8. Trill I kind of get. I wanted more outside tape of him. And Gowan only had the one year, but he was very good and did well in most of the predraft process. It's gotta be the no pro day?
  9. With the 172nd pick in the 2021 nfl draft, JIllg selects Stone Forsythe, OT Florida
  10. My picks so far: 3: Justin Fields, QB Ohio State (after trade down) 48: Dyami Brown, WR North Carolina 102: Tay Gowan, CB UCF 117: Jamar Johnson, S Indiana 121: Rashad Weaver, Edge Pittsburgh 155: Trey Smith, G Tennessee
  11. With the 155th pick in the NFL draft, JIllg selects Trey Smith, G Tennessee
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