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  1. Already picked - San Francisco (Week 1) I’ll take the Seattle Seahawks over the Tennessee Titans in Week 2.
  2. I haven’t seen him play as a Detroit Lion and he’s definitely ridden the injury train, but Kerryon Johnson was one of my favorite players to watch ever.
  3. Used: San Francisco 49ers (W1) Week 2 Pick: Green Bay Packers over Detroit Lions
  4. A good part of that was our failure at getting clean stops on first and second down. We negated big plays, but struggled with defensive tackle gap integrity *cough* Kevin Givens and also Zach Kerr that one time *cough* on split zone inside runs and weren't able to contest enough shorter passes to get into true pass rush downs. Part of playing 90+ plays on defense is that there were turnovers on offense. The other part was that we played a bend-but-don't-break game plan and spent all game bending with only a couple of the big plays that allow such a game plan to not get worn down (the sacks, th
  5. Kind of similar with Josh Allen, too, who I thought was a shoo - in. But if you are obsessed with base personnel and only play a straight up 4-3, he probably wasn’t your guy. And Burns was a touch too light for what they thought that they needed. And it was a pretty poor draft outside of Murray and Bosa.
  6. Agreed. And at least Lenoir has upside (as evidenced by the previous games) and the team has a larger stake in his development.
  7. I’m a sheep. 49ers over Lions is a good first pick.
  8. Favorite Team: San Francisco 49ers Week 1 Pick: San Francisco 49ers over Detroit Lions I have read all of the rules and agree to them.
  9. Harris is a vile tackler, but at least he can move and recognize pass concepts. Griffith is a little more of the opposite.
  10. I can see that too. Jennings and Hurd have theoretical upside. Sanu has caught passes without dropping them in practice. And knows how to line up. Those things aren’t a given.
  11. I’ll go Benjamin and Jennings. Jennings blocks and has looked actually lively with the ball in hands on screens and hasn’t had the worst hands like some folks. Benjamin can actually threaten teams deep, which will be useful even with Lance playing 25-30% of snaps. I think the team is going to take Hurd, but he just doesn’t look like a guy right now physically apart from being big, has displayed not so great hands, and you can’t have a lot of faith in his body. I think the team goes with Hurd and Benjamin over Jennings with Jennings on the PS.
  12. If Ford's in our top ten players for this season and Varrett and Bosa stay healthy, the defense will finish in the top 3. There's so many interior guys that are good and a line with both Ford and Bosa and a mix of not useless interior guys can basically carry a defense. Varrett and two of Moseley, Lenior, K'Waun Williams, and Ambry Thomas can do enough in coverage. Now, the aforementioned scenario is amazingly implausible, but so was Jason Varrett lasting all of last year and being great. So was Jimmie Ward playing a ton of games over the last two years, staying healthy and playing great. Weir
  13. Or Benjamin? I mean, Hurd and Jennings should both be competing to be Sanu's backup, but they'll keep the six best, if necessary. Kick and punt returns are nice, but it's not as though Benjamin is a difference maker there.
  14. Don't lie, you like dem clicks, too. I see the 22,000+ rep. That's like nearly 1 in 3 posts over an obscene number of posts.
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