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  1. Yeah. I'm worried about both Colbert and to a lesser extent 'spoon. Part of our projection as a just about average defense was those two both continuing good play. And Colbert plays in the second most important position on the defense. When he is a step slow to either seam, the scheme falls apart.
  2. Kirk is great when not pressured. Like, top three nearly Brady great according to PFF (for whatever it's worth, but it matches my untrained eye test). But he needs to be able to step into throws and rarely is good having to reset or throw off platform as he just doesn't have as much zing as others (either Jimmy style with a strong core generating off-balance power or Mahomes style with straight up arm strength). We didn't get pressure often enough. And the DBs didn't have best game as you said. But them's some excellent Viking weapons and a QB that is great when not pressured. It happens. I still ultimately think that the defense did well enough to win in a difficult environment. The other side of the ball, though...
  3. Yes. The team is who we thought they were. A better than average ~10-6ish team that has some real strengths and flaws. They had the expected problems with the Minnesota defensive front and gave up some yardage to a very talented offense. But they didn't break defensively and moved the ball well and were an incorrect route and a goalline fumble away from a win against top competition. After starting last year 0-9, I will take it all day.
  4. State of the Franchise

  5. Minor Niner News Thread

    I think that I can confirm? I remember someone being very vocal on Dumervil's behalf and I think it was the Soonerman.
  6. This is true. There has to be some conflict in points of view in order for a discussion to be interesting. There also needs to be thoughtfulness and at least an attempt to try and follow the opinion you are interacting with as well. And a sensible policy over when your point has been made and when the discussion is no longer fruitful. Because 8 pages of repeating the same argument and completely talking past one another is painful to read and just as useless as thoughtless praise or empty criticism.
  7. You can find guys that fit what you do at other positions as well as at wide receiver was the point I was getting at. Not trading a third round pick can help you do that. But such decisions will be made and I'm excited to see Pettis play. And lord knows I've fallen for my share of players.
  8. I mostly agree. Even among players that have skillsets of roughly equivalent overall value, specific skills will be more important in some schemes than others and should be valued more by the team that picks them. It is worth taking these players at the head of their little player run because they will be much more valuable to the team in the long run. The only concern here for me is there is a bit of a consistent theme of ignoring opportunity cost occasionally with our drafts. I think that quality could make the FO absolutely lethal. Because they do seem (over a miniscule sample size) to be quite good at identifying the traits that fit each of their positions and which players actually provide those traits. I actually was pretty happy with the FA signings. Yes, McKinnon's contract is a bit hilarious compared to his position group. And he will not provide that contract's level of RB value. But the thing is...this year's cap was basically nearly unspendable without doing very stupid things. So levering it to overpay for a player that could significantly improve a position group without hurting future cap space is the best thing you could do with it.
  9. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    Grumble grumble...back in my day...grumble grumble...grade inflation...grumble grumble.
  10. Draft day 2 - Official discussion thread

    Psst. A is Yannick Ngakoue. B is Obo Okoronkwo. And that is enough of that soapbox for all time.
  11. And all of that juicy YAC off of Garoppolo's throws to the correct shoulder. Guys like Celek and Bourne were racking it up last year even while decently well covered because the pass let them keep stride. An in stride Pettis is considerably more dangerous.
  12. Agreed, but I'd be mildly annoyed if he makes it over Tavarus McFadden in the last DB slot. I understand one was drafted and one wasn't. I get that Tavarus doesn't turn so well and can give up underneath plays and can understand why others aren't as high on him as I am. But he is really good in contested throws towards the boundary, especially in off coverage. That is darn useful and may mean that he can hang as a team's second starter at corner eventually. I don't think that Harris ever profiles as more than a second box safety on a roster even without the possible physical diminishment.
  13. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    Well, and the guys and scheme Smith was working with were pretty much exactly the opposite of his skill set. Smith is a cerebral guy with limited arm strength that excels in the short to intermediate passing game by throwing in rhythm. That requires players who can seperate in short areas and have reliable hands to consistently bring down the high quantity of targets. That's kind of exactly the opposite of what the Harbaughfence needed from him and the skill players available at the time (specifically Vernon - that was kind of a rough marraige of skills).
  14. And it's a very fair point. But the counterpoint that there are players that profile as more likely to succeed and are worth spending more draft capital on is also valid and isn't manifest stupidity as you sometimes seem to be insinuating. The process of telling the two apart is its own science. You are also correct that sometimes teams could be accused of being ignorant of the actual value calculations that they are making and living with when they intuitively make decisions on prospects. Those decisions should be examined and questioned. But that doesn't mean that every trade back is right and every trade forward wrong.
  15. Draft day 3 - discussion thread

    And the overpay comes with little to no cap difficulty, as almost all of it is concentrated this year when cap space isn't a scarce resource.