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  1. Jimmy appears to have taken my appeal to throw more corner routes too seriously. >_>
  2. I think one of the main things you are remembering is Roman's love of the all-curls concept. I mean, when you have Kaepernick who has an arm like a howitzer on line drive throws but lacks a bit of finesse, it's a reasonable concept. But things do looked a bit cramped and if you don't eventually double move, they're going to squat. When you ain't throwing the corner route on smashes, it looks exactly the same. The blame isn't on Shanahan, but on the man with the disdain for (mostly) perfectly good corner routes.
  3. You're right. He has read that smash concept incredibly poorly in limited action this year, in part because teams are overplaying the curl and Jimmy is overplaying the curl at the same time. I think the pick against Denver in preseason was the same concept, except he got cover 1 man. There was a lot of pressure and the ball floated, but Jimmy said after that he was trying to hit the curl when that's always a dangerous throw against man and Breida was busting open on the fade/corner. He hit a wide open Pettis on a corner route with the same concept in the Chiefs preseason game.
  4. It was nice to see Vea and Suh annhilate another IOL.
  5. Some of that feeling was Jimmy misreading. The pick six was a smash concept that he read correctly presnap, but failed to account for a cover 3 corner playing so aggressively post snap. Richie James had about a 40 yard gain if he caught Hargreaves cheating.
  6. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Alas! I join Forge in the hubris zone.
  7. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I don’t know myself. I preferred him at free safety, personally, where he has seen little time. I was interested in Forge’s opinion.
  8. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    Considering he could take every secondary role, which would you intend initially?
  9. We talk about Jimmy G, and he missed a couple of throws and made a terrible decision for the pick 6. But the playcalling and the receivers were also poor. Bourne and Goodwin failed on a couple of occasions to sit properly in zone holes. Jonnydel on YouTube did an excellent segment on the Minnesota game last year about players running through zone holes that Jimmy attempted to hit on anticipatory throws. I saw two of those yesterday. It's one of the reasons why losing Trent Taylor has hurt so badly and where we (hopefully) will see the young guys improve. I think Moore bust jumping underneath and giving a clean route to the endzone once in the game, but Dee Ford and Nick Bosa had themselves a Jameis Winston sandwich for Bosa's first sack of his career.
  10. Two notes from last week's Bengals @ Seahawks matchup: 1. The Bengals defensive front was a major problem, bottling the running game up and trapping Russell Wilson. They'll be more of a problem with home crowd noise helping get-off. Our offensive line had their butts kicked in the inside zone game last week and didn't have to protect very long due to a very conservative passing game plan. If they decisively lose the battle in this one, it's going to be a long game. If they don't, we'll have chances at chunk plays. There were unexploited openings with the secondary and linebackers covered up by pressure and by dudes getting whipped up front. 2. Andy Dalton proved what has always been true of him - if you don't pressure him, he can be very dangerous. If you get him off the first read and under pressure, he can play disastrously. Seattle failed to get anywhere close on a number of four man pressures and on these plays he carved them up. Still, the yardage and completion % stats were a touch disingenuous. One of the largest plays of the game was a terrible decision on a vertical to John Ross against cover two that the safety completely had covered and then misplayed in the air leading to a touchdown. The screen game gave him 4 or 5 nice free chunk gains. Ummm....we kind of murdered Tampa Bay's screen game and dragged its corpse around behind our wagon. Hopefully that trend continues and Dalton has to make pocket throws against our (hopefully far more dangerous) four man pressures. I don't favor him in these situations.
  11. 49ers Survivor Pool

    I think that it's a common misconception in survivor pools - being a touch overagressive with the intent of saving the best for later. There's only 17 weeks in the season. Only seventeen teams you need to pick. And probably not even that given that we'll weed out the size of the pool in reasonable order. Taking Detroit or Denver as one of those seventeen with the road negative to boot requires a lot of faith. I think most should be hesitant to make all but the very best one of the 17 as a road pick. Steelers-Raiders and Steelers-Broncos and Dolphins-Patriots from last year are good warnings.
  12. 49ers Survivor Pool

    Week 2 - Carolina Panthers over Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  13. Oh, I'll agree on both points. It's just annoying when we have such obvious third down issues. When we are subjected to watching dudes running option routes differently than expected and our main weapon in those situations hasn't been available to play with our franchise quarterback in two years of tape. Remembering what tape the pair put up when together at the end of 2017. He's been more frustrating to me than Ward because the fruits he could bring are more tangible. Ward is a viable slot corner and a slightly less viable free safety. A lack of those...generally doesn't make watching the game feel like eating paste. Besides, we have comparable options for Jimmie Ward. No one on the roster has proven to do what Trent Taylor does yet. That's an indictment of guys like Richie James and Kendrick Bourne and speaks to the youth of DEEBO and the annoyance of the injury to the promising Jalen Hurd.
  14. I'm buying the "we need IOL help over secondary help" at this point in time. I get that it was Vita Vea and Ndamukong Suh, but the not-push was sometimes pretty painful. If the 49ers reminded me of anyone, it's this year's Auburn. Skittish quarterback without a lot of reps who is hard to evaluate given situations/injury to weapons. No interior offensive line push whatsoever. The thing that both teams have to hope is that their defense continues to be good enough to overcome these inadequacies until the offensive cavalry arrives in the form of experience and injured players becoming available (though Trent Taylor better watch himself before he gets the Jimmie Ward award for unavailability).