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  1. Week 5 Oakland (2-2) vs Baltimore (2-2)

    Carr,Jackson,Washington all inactive as are Amerson and Conley. Big blow Jackson being out.
  2. Changes? 1/4 of the season completed

    Everything you post is dripping with ' the sky is falling' attitude. In pre season you were venting about Calhoun not getting cut (he did) then its the no identity of the defense. We go 2-0 and you barely post. Now we have lost 2 you are venting about the offense. It's hard to read your posts now because you come across as someone that just wants to whine, moan, complain or vent.
  3. Changes? 1/4 of the season completed

    Agreed, Smith played well on Sunday. We seemed to move the corners around to stay with the matchups rather than playing sides.
  4. Changes? 1/4 of the season completed

    Another vent 🙄. We had the whole 'defense has no identity' in pre season now it's the offenses turn I guess. Fast losing any credence with these types of posts imo. Offense has had 2 bad outings against 2 good defenses, little bit early (again) to be calling out Downing, Lynch etc. Seems as though a lot of people now like Musgrave whereas I only seem to remember a handful of us liked what he was doing whilst he was here.
  5. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly vs. Denver

    BP weren't you one of Musgraves biggest critics?
  6. Just looked we had Luani and Harris in on the 3rd & 20 play after the MEJ sack.
  7. I noticed Luani was in on the first drive but didn't see him after that? I'll have to look back on Gamepass to see why he was in.
  8. Same idiots are the ones that weren't posting when we won the first 2 games. Some prefer to whine I guess.
  9. Agreed, embarrassing some of the comments on here.
  10. Romo is the best analyst out there.
  11. Good job our team doesn't quit as quickly as you.
  12. Defenses get paid as well.