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  1. Some good ideas here. Time had come to forget Ferrell as a RDE, he’s a base LDE at best. Crosby would be better on the weak side. Collins has been a big disappointment.
  2. Only a couple of weeks ago you were asking people to not jump on Ferrell as it was too early and you used Cameron Jordan as a comparison. That gone now I take it ?
  3. Thought Carr played well, Agholor and Waller were the pick of the offense. Jackson’s eviction was a strange one. Defense is a hot mess. Secondary have to cover for far too long. Pass rush was non existent. Ferrell is proving what many of us thought, not worthy of a top 5 pick. Littleton and Collins have down nothing of note to date. Nassib has flashed a couple of plays today but otherwise little. Marinelli hasn’t done anything with that unit even though on paper it is a better group than last years. Real worry for me is the form of Jacobs, looks way short of his best at the moment.
  4. Agreed. I don’t like that Gruden who is an offensive coach doesn’t take some responsibility and go for the TD. It’s like he is saying if the defense doesn’t hold up its their fault. Weak.
  5. Weak as water. Our defense are far too easy to play against. Brady has barely been touched all day.
  6. Marinelli has down a terrible job with the d-line. Buckner did a much better job with that unit.
  7. Man Gabe thrown out doesn’t help at all. Good to RG and Simpson LG ?
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