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  1. Raiders trade for Martavius Bryant

    Should he be suspended it will be interesting to see who cops the flak for the trade, Reggie or Gruden?
  2. 2018 Free Agency Thread v2

    What special teams value does Roberts have? He doesn’t play special teams for the Raiders, does he?
  3. OTA's

    Is that any different to what KJ played last year? Looked like he was LS and Nelson RS and depending on what the offense did, KJ would play FS or SS. Given that teams usually run to the right meant he played SS more often than not?
  4. Raiders Defense

    I agree with this. Joseph is much better in zone coverage and much better suited to FS than manning up with TEs where his size is exposed. Saying Joseph doesn’t hit big suggests they aren’t watching the games closely enough.
  5. Raiders sign Derrick Johnson

    If we sign Johnson we don’t need Bowman, they both play the same role. I’d guess Johnson is the cheaper option.
  6. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Big red zone WR can’t fault that pick.
  7. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Who do you think we should have added that would have made a difference?
  8. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    If we get Bowman back I’m fine with our LB corp. DL and DBs are far more important in a 4-3 D.
  9. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    😂😂 can’t handle them eh @NCOUGHMAN?
  10. Random Raider Stuff

  11. 2018 Draft Thread v.2 - DONE AND IN THE BOOKS

    Looking ahead I’d be getting Bowman back and that means the linebackers would be set imo. Disappointed we didn’t get Oliver in the 2nd and surprised that my guy Yiadom went in the 3rd. Still think we need a CB, Meeks and Cruikshank are my favorites. Wonder if we might move a few players for picks tonight. Roberts,Richard, Washington, Sharpe ?
  12. 2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

    Irvin has been moved to DE.
  13. Rnd3 pick 1- OT Brandon Parker

    I liked Parker as a developmental pick but thought he would go later. Have to wonder whether Sharpe simply isn’t a fit for Cables OL.Strange pick given we picked up Miller but they obviosly like the guy. Hopefully Penn can help these guys for a year.
  14. Rnd2 pick 25- DT P.J Hall

    It’s PJ Hall not Hill that we picked up isn’t it?