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  1. New Derek Carr thread

    Great news, let’s see if you stick to it.
  2. New Derek Carr thread

    So all of Grudens QBs have done the same? Common denominator is ?
  3. New Derek Carr thread

    Lol and you say Carr is sensitive...
  4. New Derek Carr thread

    So far in the last 3 months you have had Carr as a top 12-15 QB, then a bottom 10 QB, then a QB that every other QB would be an upgrade over, then a QB who you think we can get a 2nd round pick for, how are we supposed to take anything you say seriously?
  5. New Derek Carr thread

    Meh how many times do we see the same gif/meme/post about Carr and the scoring offense. Fact remains Gruden has a bad scoring offense.
  6. New Derek Carr thread

    Gruden has a history of bad scoring offenses.
  7. New Derek Carr thread

    ‘The Raiders finished with a red zone touchdown percentage of 52.8, which was 21st in the league. The 2019 offense was 14thin red zone opportunities improving from 27th in 2018 but still finished right around the same percentage, which was 22nd the previous season. For perspective, the four years before he came back from the booth, the Raiders average red zone touchdown percentage was 62.32, with an average ranking of 7.75. Gruden performed in the red zone in his previous stint with the Raiders finishing in the top ten from 1999-2001. However, his best-ranked offense, which finished fifth in 2001, would have ranked 13th in 2019, where the importance of scoring touchdowns has grown with the rise of analytics. When taking a look at Gruden’s red zone history in Tampa Bay, it went downhill during his run with a new team. During his seven-year stint with the Buccaneers Gruden led offensive units finished with a red zone percentage of 47.1 and an average ranking of 21.2. His last two seasons were his worst finishing 29th in 2007 and then 30th in 2008, which ultimately led to his firing and becoming the commentator for Monday Night Football. This led to Gruden never having an offense score more than 22 points per game.’
  8. FA 2020

    Pretty much as I see it tbh.
  9. New Derek Carr thread

    Meh a lot of people will have read the tweet and believed it. It was quoted in here as evidence of that.
  10. New Derek Carr thread

    Course it is poker talk but the issue is how the reporter spun the comments to make it suit his narrative.
  11. FA 2020

    This is a good point for me. If we picked up Brady then I don’t see us taking a QB in the first round. Would Brady sign for us if he thought we would take a QB in the 1st?
  12. New Derek Carr thread

    Full quote Just shows how some are taking snippets to spin it as they want it to sound.
  13. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    Terrible recycled hot takes and over the top comments is your M.O. Glad you have recognised it’s annoying though. Please bear it in mind when you post again. Thanks.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    This has to be a joke🤦‍♂️
  15. Coughdoggy pre combine 20 draft

    @NCOUGHMAN what do you reckon about these throws? His staring down of receivers is concerning and how often was he throwing into coverage where another defender could have picked him off? Are these the kind of things you think Gruden can fix up (if he can be persuaded to take a 1st round QB).