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  1. Team Needs?

    If we don’t re-sign Carrie, CB becomes a priority as Smith is unlikely to stay. LT as a long term replacement for Penn. WR would be up there as well as this season has proved we need more talent at the position. NT if we don’t re-sign Ellis. ILB if we don’t re-sign Bowman.
  2. SNF GDT Cowboys @ Raiders

    Hudson doubtful due to illness, huge blow if he is out.
  3. Random Raider Stuff

    Conley and Obi playing so little has really hurt the secondary this year. Hopefully they get healthy and make a real contribution next year.
  4. Raiders Defense

    You called Musgrave a working stiff, too conservative and you liked the fact we let him go when it was announced that Downing was to replace him, now you say we let go of a decent OC. Wheres that Captain Hindsight gif🤔
  5. Raiders Defense

    I’m with you on Bowman he’s been a very good stop gap much like Riley was last year, doubt Reggie will want to spend much to bring him back though. Smith was a good pickup at the time and there wasn’t many questioning Reggie when we picked him up. He’s done a decent job in recent times but the drafting of Conley was always as his long term replacement imo. Rather resign Carrie who has been solid this year. Not sure you would have called Smith a run of the mill signing at the time. Nelson was another stopgap signing and the pickups of Joseph and Obi were a recognition of that. Let’s not forget that Reggie is still building the roster, last years good season seems to have clouded peoples memory of that.
  6. Raiders at KC - Round 2

    Think we have to remember that Conley and Amerson are out and Obi missed a lot of time being on IR. Secondary needs those guys back. I’m more concerned with the offensive depth. Outside of Coop and Crabtree we don’t have a starting calibre WR. This season,with our run of injuries, has exposed our lack of depth. One of the priorities for next year for me especially with Crabtree getting older.
  7. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    Coop hurt
  8. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    Captain Hindsight is back. 🙄
  9. Raiders vs Chiefs GDT Playoffs or no?

    Sloppy start. 2 drops on offense, bad punt and missed tackles on defense. All 3 units need to step up.
  10. No mention of Bruce Irvin? 2 TfL’s in the 1st quarter and a strip sack? What more does he have to do?
  11. Week 13 GDT: G(eno)iants @ Raiders?

    Get Carrie back on punts.
  12. 5 Surprising Moves by the OAK Raiders in 2018

    If it wasn’t about promoting your blog you would have just listed the 5 ‘surprising’’ moves. Shouldn’t be using this site to promote your own blog. It’s not what it’s for.
  13. Week 13 GDT: G(eno)iants @ Raiders?

    Bruce with the strip again.
  14. Week 13 GDT: G(eno)iants @ Raiders?

    Wtf are these refs on?
  15. Week 13 GDT: G(eno)iants @ Raiders?

    Amerson out.