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  1. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    People are way over reacting to pre season. Defenses are always vanilla in pre season as no-one wants to show their hand. I would also doubt much game planning goes into these games. I'll wait for the regular season to judge the defense. Wouldn't be surprised if we make vet signings like Riley after week 1 when their contracts aren't guaranteed.
  2. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    🙄 here we go again, every time we lose.
  3. Preseason game #2: Raiders vs. Rams

    Things I'll be looking out for 1. How does Lynch look. Has he lost a step after a year out. 2. What role Obi plays (if at all) 3. MLB - Who can step up 4. How does Sharpe look at OT 5. Can Hester continue to impress.