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  1. It was a car crash of a season and wouldn’t have looked good for future FAs. Probably why we had to pay Nelson to stay.
  2. There were rumours that Nelson wanted to retire midway through the season, looked like we paid him his full money to see out the season. Mack trade, Cooper traded, Derrick Johnson walked out, Irvin was waived, Rodgers-Cromartie retired, the FAs we had signed weren’t working out, everything was going wrong.
  3. Think we started last season with 4 LBs on the roster, might wait to pick up a vet after week 1 when their whole salary isn’t guaranteed.
  4. Agreed it’s a mediocre depth move. Started 4 games for the Rams but only played 71 snaps in that time. If he’s playing on D we’re in trouble. Might make the team for ST but we will always be looking for someone who we can play defense as well.
  5. I think the release of Lee confirms that we will likely be 4-2-5 base formation also bearing in mind that we picked up Heath, Randall and have Abrams back at safety so maybe some big nickel looks. On the DL I expect Marinelli to produce similar improvements that Buckner did from ‘18 turning round the DL from 10 sacks to 32. Marinelli should bring some good numbers for an improved group with the additions of Nassib and Collins.
  6. Yeah agreed about Hall, thought he flashed potential but the coaches obviously wanted more out of him or as you say he has come back out of shape. I seem to remember Mayock earlier in the year saying that Marinelli would get after him. Getting a pick for him is at least some reward but ultimately he’s been a bad pick.
  7. Yeah Guenther likes a deep CB group and I guess with the game day roster increased to 48 that we could carry an extra DB that doesn’t play ST.
  8. Agree with a lot of this but don’t understand what Johnson has done to be ahead of Lawson at this point ? Lawson played pretty well at the back end of the season, had 4 pass break ups in 1 game against the Chargers and showed he can play either CB spot and nickel, and is good on ST.
  9. Good move, if Arnette outplays him in camp then Prince will likely be cut given he doesn’t play much ST. Vet presence at CB was needed.
  10. Dessie

    FA 2020

    Yeah I don’t agree it’s not a money thing. Jordan did pretty well last year in limited game time. Imo he probably thinks he is better than vet minimum, being so far down the roster and wants to see if there is a better option out there. Whereas our FO is probably thinking with the moves for Collins and Nassib that they don’t want to offer more than vet min for our 9th DL with a history of suspensions.
  11. Dessie

    FA 2020

    He’s probably waited for the draft to play out and see if any teams need DE help more than we do. Maybe he didn’t like rushing from DT so might be wanting a better fit. Just because he hasn’t signed doesn’t mean we are waiting around.
  12. Dessie

    FA 2020

    If he’s our 9th DL then we wouldn’t want to pay more than the vet minimum would we? That’s probably the problem.
  13. I like the draft in terms of getting players fitting the mould of what we want the team to be however there are some question marks for me. Ruggs should be an interesting tool to use but I can’t help feeling we may live to regret not picking up Lamb or Jeudy especially as we could have had a trade down and still picked either. Arnette will be expected to start and looks to be tough competitive player but just feel Mayock could have worked a trade and picked him up later much like Ferrell last year. A worrying trend. Edwards looks a good pick and hopefully a long term cheaper replacement for Williams. Bowden looks like a luxury pick, not sure if he will be a RB as suggested. As @Rolnisays he looks boom or bust pick. The Muse pick is the one I don’t like, seems a huge project at LB as he looked stiff at safety so asking him to put on weight is a worry. i like Simpson thought he was a good fit, hopefully he can be a guard for us for a while. Robertson I can see why everyone likes him but I have my concerns over a 5’8 corner. Hopefully he can be a long term replacement for Joyner though. As @Bitty 2.0rightly says it isn’t about winning the draft but about winning games. I like that we have an offense that should give teams headaches. Defensively we are going to need Arnette to play well off the bat and for Mullen, Crosby and Ferrell to continue to progress. Hopefully they can cope with the pressure,
  14. I’m not sure I am getting this? Our veteran depth is preventing UDFAs from signing? Surely that is only a bad thing if the UDFA is better than the vet. We did sign Eberle so what’s the problem ?
  15. Nah I’ve no need for that, already figured you out.
  16. Yeah and you ignored mine. Every time someone disagrees with you, you always make it personal, always.
  17. I’m not gonna labour this but you always make it personal when someone disagrees with you, always. Now you are playing the victim.
  18. Nah BP still thinks we need to improve on Carr but is just sick of this nonsense. BR always claims he is being persecuted when his contradictions are highlighted, its pathetic tbh.
  19. Thought we needed tackle before guard but really like Simpson. Potential starter in a year or so, Happy with this pick
  20. Seem to be taking the let’s throw as many darts as possible strategy at Corner and WR.
  21. How many corners do we want ?
  22. Agree with this, looks like a boom or bust type defense. Hopefully the young guys like Arnette & Abram can come in and be good starters. Lot depends on Ferrell & Crosby.
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