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  1. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    I completely agree with your logic. If we can get Rosen or Haskins without giving up 17 I'll be elated.
  2. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I understand that, but a WR being paid 20 million a year and a WR being paid 7 million a year are two different things. WR is very low down on the positional value chart. There's a reason they're usually not take extremely high in drafts
  3. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    What are you talking about? I've brought up Beckham's salary numerous times. That's the only reason why I think we should have even traded him. Why would we trade him if he was making 6 million a year?
  4. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Our online wasn't great in 2011 in the regular season. But we led the playoffs in rushing. Yes, and all 3 of those wide receivers were on rookie contracts
  5. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Paying him that much money certainly does
  6. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I'm going to piggy back on this because I feel Shockey and I have seen pretty much eye to eye on this. But in no way are we saying that trading Odell makes us a winning team or that we think he got unbelievable compensation for him. I am still very uncertain when it comes to Gettleman. But I will say this, we won two superbowls because we had elite offensive and defensive lines. And honestly that's the last time we were above average in those categories at the same time. Odell is awesome. Odell can score from anywhere on the field. Odell is a generational talent. All of these things can be true and it could still be the right move to make. Odell is a luxury. A luxury, that in my opinion, right now we couldn't afford. Build up the trenches, get a QB of the future and then look for that x factor that can put you over the top.
  7. Giants to pick #6 in 2019 NFL draft

    Dont make the mistake of believing everything you hear this time of year. I think we asked for the 2 pick from the 49ers because we had a QB in mind. I could be wrong, but you never know. This is just as likely to be a way to throw other teams of thinking we have a interest in Haskins as it is to be true.
  8. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Yea, my thing is that the two teams we heard the entire time were the 49ers and Browns. And rumors are rumors, I'm not really sure that anyone would know exactly what the offers were except for the Gms of those team. Wouldn't be surprised if this was the truth to the actual rumor. Not sure any team would've given up more than what the Browns did. The only other NFC team I can think of that would've even offered something would be the Rams.
  9. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    Maybe this is what he was talking about: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2826053-49ers-rumors-sf-was-engaged-in-odell-beckham-trade-talks-no-2-pick-discussed
  10. LB Markus Golden signs 1 year deal

    This is a move I can get behind. 28 year old pass rush familiar with Betcher's system. Betcher clearly wanted him here. Give him a 1 year prove it deal. Literally no down side.
  11. Golden Tate signed to 4yr deal

    Do not like this move at all. Really hope this doesn't make Shepard expendable in the Front office's eyes. I guess we'll have to see how they plan to use them both.
  12. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    I never said it was going to be easy. And yes it might not happen. But saying the chances it happens are almost zero is not accurate. Cleveland is paying him that much money because we traded him. Yes they get him at a discount now, but only because he was traded and the contract was front loaded. You're right. Odell is elite. I personally think hes the best receiver in the league. I'm not arguing that fact. I'm arguing that paying a receiver that much money is not a winning formula. The positional value just isnt there. Look at the compensation for Antonio Brown and Odell. Then look at the compensation for Khalil Mack. You win by building the lines and having a QB in this league. I fully expect Getttleman to use the draft capital this year to build up the lines and defense. Then sometime in the next year, whether it be this draft, next years draft or Rosen to go and get a QB of the future.
  13. OBJ Traded to Browns for spare change

    We found 2 in four years. So I wouldn't say almost zero. Paying him 20 million dollars a year makes it harder. Bellicheck has traded away numerous players for unknown quantities. And yes you're correct, the draft is a crap shoot. But how can you possibly call this trade a loss until you see 1) what we do with the picks we got and 2) what we do with the cap space we've freed up for next year. Listen, I'm not a huge fan of this trade, but you can't deny the fact that trading Odell allows this team, which has numerous holes, go out and get multiple starters. Not only with the picks we got, but also with the 20 million a year we aren't paying Odell anymore. The thing that sucks is we won't know the true outcome of this trade until next offseason. But with 12 picks this year, a likely high pick next year and probably 100 million in cap space next year the rebuild is on the way whether we like it or not. By this time next year we will probably look a lot like the Jets and Browns of last year and this year. And I would say those two teams have an arrow trending up as far as looking like young teams that can contend in the next few years. Do we have a lot of work to do? Yes. But I'm looking forward to what hopefully we can call the next era of Giants football
  14. Browns trade for OBJ

    As a giants fan who actually likes the trade I'm saying this: Beckham isn't a bad guy. People speak very highly of him personally and he is well liked. In fact reports are coming out that Shurmur is absolute furious about the trade. That being said, he's an immature kid that became a superstar in the biggest city in the world overnight. He became bigger than the team and I believe that's why he had to go.
  15. Plans, OBJ, the morning after

    I was more listing possible things he could be talking about. Meaning I think one of them could be the case. Not all four.