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  1. Sorry, but I don't agree. If that was the case they would've fired Gettleman and brought in someone else. Judge might have more say, but these deals are ultimately Gettleman's decision. That's not to say if we go 2-15 he won't get fired, but I no longer think it's playoffs or bust for him.
  2. This also tells me Gettleman has more security than we think or else he wouldn't have traded back twice for picks next year.
  3. Love it, so we have 2 1sts, 2 thirds and 2 4ths next year
  4. Urban Meyer basically said he would've taken Toney at 25
  5. Yea, that's fair, but if he worked out we could also save a ton of money by letting Peppers walk after this year and just getting a pick for him
  6. Exactly my thoughts. He only weight 217, but can certainly play. Woud love to see Patrick Graham get creative with ways to use him
  7. He wont get to us, but the line backer from Notre Dame can play. Also wouldn't mind a corner if one fell to us.
  8. I think we go OL and Edge today. there's about 10-12 guys I would be happy with at 42 so I hope the Giants take one of them
  9. I feel like this pick is more about Sheppard not being on the team past this year rather than Toney. Let's see what happens but at least we have a first next year to show for it.
  10. I guess the rumors were true. I think its dumb for this team to go WR early. I'm hoping to see a legit investment in our D tomorrow but at the same time wouldn't mind 1 of our picks tomorrow being along the OL
  11. the first round of the draft shouldn't change your opinion of the division odds I don't agree with who we took with our first pick but it is what it is. atleast we got a lot of value to move down. i feel like toney was a reach value wise AND has character issues but thats just me I would've much preferred Paye at 20. just a random thought, but with the selection of toney i think that the current coaching staff thinks that sheppard will be gone after this season, i personally never believed in the rumors we were in on a WR but clearly that was incorrect
  12. I'm the exact opposite. I think they should take Slater, but I believe smith will be the pick
  13. while i don't agree with this, I think if Devonta Smith is available at 11, he will be our pick
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