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  1. It also would surpise me if we drafted a receiver in the mid rounds because next year we can cut tate for a decent cap savings with minimal dead money.
  2. 2020 NFL Offseason

    Interested to see what the public opinion on this is. If the Jags offered number 9 and Ngakoue for number 4, would you guys accept the deal?
  3. 2020 NFL Offseason

    I think the fact that they got rid of Shurmur, but not Gettelman and brought in a new coach under him says they're committed to him for the long run.
  4. 2020 NFL Offseason

    I think they're content with letting Julian Love get a chance at FS. Honestly, let's see if he can play. It sounds like we're preparing for a 2 year rebuild so lets see if these kids can play.
  5. Mock Attempt ver. 1.O (Post combine / Mid FA)

    I'm not saying it will, but I wonder if the Redskins picking young at 2 will make it more likely for us to pick an OT at 4 or in a trade down to deal with him for the next 10 years
  6. CB James Bradberry signs with Giants

  7. 2020 NFL Offseason

    I actually thing the way to get the most value for our pick would be if the draft goes Burrough, Tua, Young. It creates a huge demand for Herbert, who has been killing the draft process so far. You hvae to think that there would be at the very least 3-4 teams looking to leap frog the dolphins for our pick.
  8. 2020 NFL Offseason

    Today Getleman said that they are open for business as far as trading back goes. I feel like we're going to trade back 3-4 spots and take the best OL available.
  9. TCMD - NYG War Room

    I've only been loosely following but it looks as though with both Miami and New England trading up for what I would assume are QB's that Chase Young might fall into our laps. If this would only happen in real life
  10. 2020 NFL draft thread

    I think we can move down and grab simmons. Every year Qb's move up. Think its possible to see Tua, Herbert and Burroghs all go top 5. Add young and either the CB or an OT and Simmons is a very real possibility at 6 or 7.
  11. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Daniel Jeramiah had us taking Mehki Becton in his first mock draft today. He was the first tackle off the board
  12. 2020 NFL draft thread

    This is assuming no trades. The absolute ideal scenario for us is someone trades with Washington to be honest. I don't think it will happen, but personally I'd love to see the draft go Qb, young, trade down (qb) and that puts us in a ideal scenario to trade down. In this draft, after young, I think that the next 6-7 non-Qb prospects are all relatively in the same league. So a trade down is ideal
  13. 2020 NFL draft thread

    My fear is that our number 1 Tackle gets taken in the first 3 picks and then we reach for our number 2 tackle on the board
  14. 2020 NFL draft thread

    Well first, it all depends on who's available at number 4. Second, if we trade back to say 7, we wont get a 2. A potential trade would be our 1st and a 6th for the 7th overall pick and 3rd and a 4th. So wed have to decide if trading back is worth 2 day 2 picks.