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  1. He supposedly tweeted that after the 49ers 2013 Superbowl so I'm assuming he's a 49ers fan. Thats cool.
  2. Read verrett is changing number from 22 to 2
  3. RT Alfredo Gutierrez highschool highlights. Pancake City https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1P0gJfEUnk&t=66s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnI8g3JlDqk&t=10s
  4. https://www.thefocus.news/nfl/alfredo-gutierrez-nfl/ For RT Alfredo Gutierrez
  5. Read that when he ran the 40 yard dash on his pro day he was around 15 pounds lighter then what he usually plays at. also read he doesnt play 4.3 speed on tape. Still excited about this pick though
  6. If Jimmy is the starter and gets injured im glad to say that it wont be Beathard or Mullens coming in anymore.
  7. All offense so far. are comp picks tradeable?
  8. I dont trust Jimmy G. Smiling after an interception and just playing badly. If it was up to me he would be traded, but Shannahan's offense is complicated.
  9. Heard Peter King is good for 49ers info
  10. “John Elway in the 80s was the Jim Carrey of football” He was though! 😂
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