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  1. Great seeing Pettis make plays. Wish Garoppolo didn't make so many mistakes. Awesome win. This is fun.
  2. I hear the podcast when cleaning the house and when commuting. Keep up the great job.
  3. SNF: Colts at Chiefs

    How do you get treated for shock?
  4. Minor Niner News Thread

    For my 49ers fix during the bye. .
  5. Minor Niner News Thread

    At the end of the season Dee Ford will have a surgery. Per Maiocco. Can't wait to see how Garoppolo progresses this year. This bye week should really help Bosa with his ankle.
  6. Thanks you! I'm thinking Verrett can't be that bad. Hopefully the bye helps him.
  7. Wait, when is Ward scheduled back?
  8. https://twitter.com/MaioccoNBCS/status/1175907452316860417?s=20 Good sign that it said questionable?
  9. Good info on Verrett. I didn't know that. Hopefully either Ward or Verrett's presence moves K'Waun Williams back to the bench. Goodwin, Deebo, Pettis, Taylor, Richie James. Yeah might not be any space for Hurd or Bourne. I really like Hurd.
  10. Doesn't seem Dee Ford's injury was serious. Only thing i could find was that it happened when we were up by 21 points. Read it was a quad irritation. Hopefully it doesn't linger. Next man up with Joe Staley down. Shannahan is a good playcaller most of the time so he'll do his best to mask LT Skule. Hope Skule can be serviceable. We're losing Staley for a while, but we're gaining Verrett, Ward, Wr Taylor, Wr Hurd so that will help.
  11. It was a relief seeing Garropolo do better with intermediate passes this game. He was getting into rhythm. Hopefully the beat writers say when Dee Ford got injured. Maybe it was early in the game causing our pass rush to suffer this game.
  12. Maiocco says 6-8 weeks for Staley.
  13. Awesome that it balances out like that. Here's hoping that he does clear waivers. Thank you!
  14. If he does clear waivers would he go to our practice squad?