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  1. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    https://twitter.com/Buccaneers/status/998003496468275200?s=20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @Buccaneers
  2. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    RoJo changed his number to #27
  3. Bucs UDFAs

    > The undrafted rookie who stood out the most was Alabama-Birmingham cornerback Darious Williams, who came up with an interception and nearly had a second. He's scrappy in coverage per Baltimore Ravens.com This is a guy I’ve been banging on the table for. Really hope the Bucs give him a look if he somehow doesn’t make it with the Ravens.
  4. Ravens 2018 UDFA

    Hey guys Bucs fan here and Injust wanted to say you got a real steal in Darious Williams - CB - UAB. I was really hoping the Bucs would sign him. If you’re not familiar with him google his name or check out his highlights on YouTube.
  5. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Had to check out the Huskies roster after watching this clip. Number 59 for the Huskies is Henry Roberts who is a 6’6 315lb Junior OL. To throw a 6’6 315lb man with such ease is ridiculous.
  6. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Well that settles that then awesome! I’m glad Vea will be here and not have to miss any time.
  7. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Will Vita Vea be missing camps with us? I know that the NFL has the rule where they can’t participate until graduation. I remember ASJ missing time and Inalso believe Benenoch did as well.
  8. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Except dancing on trees. And jumping offsides.
  9. Bucs UDFAs

    Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero Here’s one I didn’t have: source says the #Bucs gave S Godwin Igwebuike a $20K bonus and guaranteed $85K of his base salary — $105K total. Out of all the UDFA it looks like we made Igwebuike the highest paid.
  10. Draft Grades

    He probably would have had he not signed Catanzaro to a contract in the off season.
  11. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

    I agree I think Conte is a starter week 1 barring injury. I don’t think he is as bad as he is made out to be. I would like to see him in this defense now that we ravamped the secondary and defensive line. Robinson would be my odd man out.
  12. Bucs Draft Thread

    There’s a report out that the Giants were shopping Ereck Flowers for a mid round pick and had no offers. He’s had a disappointing start to his career but a former first round pick and the talent is there. A change of scenery could benefit Flowers. I wouldn’t mind exploring a trade for Flowers to be our swing tackle and compete to be the future RT.
  13. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

    At Auburn he wore number 25 when he first got to the NFL he wore 43.
  14. Bucs UDFAs

    - Isaiah Oliver’s biggest asset is his ridiculous length. He has the longest arms (33 1⁄2 - inches) of any cornerback in this class, and in the last 20 years only 6 corner prospects have measured longer. Thats a crazy wingspan. The reason I bring it up is reading up on our UDFA, Safety Darius Price has the same arm length. Reading up on Darius Price and watching some film he is very intriguing. Played corner in college and consistently dominated his level of competition but seems Taylor made for the SS position in the NFL. He is a tryout player but with the uncertainty at the position I think with a good weekend he could secure a contract.