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  1. Predict The Pick v.2 - 7 - Buccaneers

    Derwin James
  2. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    We may have floated his name around but who knows. I don’t think they deal him after one year when Koetter and Jameis have publicly defended Jackson and said it was not his fault for his down year and they have to do a better job. However the Bucs seem to be getting to know some other wide receivers in this years draft. I would imagine if a good opportunity presents itself Licht will make a move.
  3. Offseason Discussion

    Jackson is a 2nd round guy IMO.
  4. New Mock

    Factor in that Miami and Buffalo are both rumored to be after one of the top 4 QBs and both are in the same division. Miami picks after Tampa (Winston) and Chicago (Trubisky) if 3 of the Quarterbacks are gone by 7 the value of our pick to Buffalo means a lot more and they might have to cough up a little extra to get in front of their division rival and get their guy. 12 and 22 may not be a long shot. as for the Draft I'm not big on Fitzpatrick. Im more for Derwin James I think he fits a bigger need at SS. Also I think his attitude passion and love for the game will be a much greater addition to the locker room. however in your trade down scenario James is selected before Fitz so in that case I guess I wouldn't mind. I like Guice and I believe he will be the 2nd running back off the board. I believe he will be a 1st round pick. his Injuries and punishing running style concern me though. I didn't watch a lot of Colorado so Im not familiar with Oliver however I do know he is highly touted and cornerback is a clear need for this team. I like Hynes and Kelly from Tennessee, both same type of runners built very similar. I know the Bucs have visited with both multiple times and I know they put Hynes through a detailed workout. Im pretty sure one of them will be Bucs. solid mock overall good job
  5. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    I know they seem to be really interested in Hines. Met with him a few times and I wanna say the running back coach put him through a private workout which included a detailed x's and o's session. Not a fan of Walton. Im an FSU fan so didn't watch a lot of Miami games. All 3 are the same type of player 5'8 - 5'9 200 - 205lbs. Clearly th Bucs are looking for that type of running back to fill Sims role.
  6. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    Didn't watch any of Sam Houston State but by the end of East West Shrine week I knew all about PJ Hill. He has a really quick and explosive get off. Later round project but real high ceiling. Love to see what he can do with some NFL coaching and better talent around him.
  7. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    try hard player. workout junkie with a great motor. type of guy Licht likes. I think he's projected to go 7th/udfa . I know Licht and staff treat the undrafted signings as a 2nd draft so could be doing work on a potential prospect.
  8. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    I would like to see the Bucs add 2 running backs from this draft. One of the top 5 would be ideal (mine would be, not in order, Barkley, Guice, Penny, Michele, Chubb) a guy I like in the later rounds is John Kelly from Tennessee. I didn't watch a lot of Tennessee this past year but have been watching some film on him this off season. I know the Bucs have itnerest in him and met with him once or twice.
  9. Offseason Discussion

    Yeah I’m not a fan either.
  10. Draft Rumor Mill - All Things Related

    I don’t see it. Not at 3 but what do I know. Haha anything can happen draft night. Ive been hearing the Jets like Rosen
  11. Offseason Discussion

    I’m not sold on Barkley as most. I would rather take one of the guys from the pack. Guice, Penny, Michele, Chubb. i think I’m set that I want Derwin James in the 1st weather we trade down or stay at 7. My number two would be Nelson followed by Chubb. I’m excited for the draft. I wish they didn’t break it up into 3 seperate days.
  12. Offseason Discussion

    It was Josh sitton who said that. Honestly Marpet has played LT in college and RG and C in the NFL. I think he’ll have a smooth transition to LG. Also should benefit Donovan Smiths play with how close he and Ali are. Smith Marpet and Jensen should looks nasty on paper. Probably draft a G later in the draft to compete with Sweezy and Benenoch.
  13. Offseason Discussion

    I think RB will be addressed before the 4th round. Weather we use a 1st or 2nd or Licht makes a move into the 3rd which I think is what will happen.
  14. Offseason Discussion

    I think Quizz will be a good 3rd down back. Anybody but Sims.
  15. Off season cuts Doug Martin - RB Chris Baker - DT Nick Folk - K Robert Ayers - DE J.R. Sweezy - OG Extend Mike Evans - 5yr 82mil Cameron Brate - 6yr 41mil Resign Brent Grimes - CB Ryan Fitzpatrick - QB Evan Smith - G/C Keith Tandy - S Will Clarke - DE Adam Humphries - WR Peyton Barber - RB FREE AGENCY Beau Allen - DT - Eagles Mitch Unrein - DT - Bears Vinny Curry - DE - Eagles Ryan Jensen - C - Ravens Chandler Catanzaro - K - Jets Bennie Cunningham - RB - Bears ** Bucs trade a 3rd round pick and exchange 4th round picks with the New York Giants for Defensive End Jason Pierre-Paul. ** Bucs trade William Gholston to the Oakland Raiders for a 2018 6th round pick. NFL DRAFT Browns - Sam Darnold - QB - USC Giants - Josh Allen - QB - Wyoming Jets - Josh Rosen - QB - UCLA Browns - Saquan Barkley - RB - Penn State Broncos - Quentin Nelson - OG - Notre Dame Colts - Bradley Chubb - DE - NC State * Miami sends 1.11 3.73 4.123 to Bucs for 1.7 and 6.202 Dolphins - Baker Mayfield - QB - Oklahoma Bears - Trumaine Edmunds - OLB - Virfinia Tech 49ers - Vita Vea - DL - Washington Raiders - Denzel Ward - CB - Ohio State 1.11 Bucs - Derwin James - 6’3 215lbs - SS - Florida State 2.38 Maurice Hurst - 6’2 285lbs - DT - Michigan 3.73 Rashaad Penny - 5’11 220lbs - RB - San Diego State 4.102 Alex Cappa - 6’6 310lbs - G/T - Humboldt State 4.113 Shauqem Griffin - 6’1 227lbs - OLB - Central Florida 5.144 Brandon Parker - 6’7 314lbs - OT - N. Carolina A&T 6. 180. Darious Williams - 5’10 185lbs - CB - UAB 6. 185. Joe Ostman - 6’4 255lbs - DE - Central Michigan *Trade* Bucs send 7.225 and a 2019 6th round pick to Miami for 7.227 7.227 Matthew Thomas - 6’3 232lbs - LB - Florida State Projected Roster QB Winston/Fitzpatrick/Griffin RB Barber/Penny/Cunningham/Rodgers WR Evans/Jackson/Humphries/Godwin/Martino/Wilson TE Howard/Brate/Auclaire/Cross OT D.Smith/Dotson/Benenoch/Parker OG E.Smith/Marpet/Cappa/Benenoch OC Jensen/E.Smith/Marpet DE Pierre Paul/Curry/Spence/Clarke/Ostman DT McCoy/Allen/Hurst/Unrein LB David/Alexander/Beckwith/Glanton/Thomas/Lynch/Griffin CB Grimes/Hargreaves/Smith/Williams/Robinson FS Evans/Conte SS James/Tandy K Catanzaro P Angrer LS Sanborn