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  1. UDFA Thread

    Really excited about this one.
  2. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    https://twitter.com/Buccaneers/status/998003496468275200?s=20 Tampa Bay Buccaneers @Buccaneers
  3. Bucs draft RB Ronald Jones II - SIGNED

    RoJo changed his number to #27
  4. Bucs UDFAs

    > The undrafted rookie who stood out the most was Alabama-Birmingham cornerback Darious Williams, who came up with an interception and nearly had a second. He's scrappy in coverage per Baltimore Ravens.com This is a guy I’ve been banging on the table for. Really hope the Bucs give him a look if he somehow doesn’t make it with the Ravens.
  5. Ravens 2018 UDFA

    Hey guys Bucs fan here and Injust wanted to say you got a real steal in Darious Williams - CB - UAB. I was really hoping the Bucs would sign him. If you’re not familiar with him google his name or check out his highlights on YouTube.
  6. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Had to check out the Huskies roster after watching this clip. Number 59 for the Huskies is Henry Roberts who is a 6’6 315lb Junior OL. To throw a 6’6 315lb man with such ease is ridiculous.
  7. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Well that settles that then awesome! I’m glad Vea will be here and not have to miss any time.
  8. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Will Vita Vea be missing camps with us? I know that the NFL has the rule where they can’t participate until graduation. I remember ASJ missing time and Inalso believe Benenoch did as well.
  9. Bucs draft DT Vita Vea - SIGNED

    Except dancing on trees. And jumping offsides.
  10. Bucs UDFAs

    Tom Pelissero @TomPelissero Here’s one I didn’t have: source says the #Bucs gave S Godwin Igwebuike a $20K bonus and guaranteed $85K of his base salary — $105K total. Out of all the UDFA it looks like we made Igwebuike the highest paid.
  11. Draft Grades

    He probably would have had he not signed Catanzaro to a contract in the off season.
  12. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

    I agree I think Conte is a starter week 1 barring injury. I don’t think he is as bad as he is made out to be. I would like to see him in this defense now that we ravamped the secondary and defensive line. Robinson would be my odd man out.
  13. Bucs Draft Thread

    There’s a report out that the Giants were shopping Ereck Flowers for a mid round pick and had no offers. He’s had a disappointing start to his career but a former first round pick and the talent is there. A change of scenery could benefit Flowers. I wouldn’t mind exploring a trade for Flowers to be our swing tackle and compete to be the future RT.
  14. Rookie Numbers - REVEALED!!

    At Auburn he wore number 25 when he first got to the NFL he wore 43.