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  1. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    He's a total bro.
  2. 2019 Coaching Carousel Thread

    I would love Niumatalolo at UNLV. Really push the "Running Rebels" moniker.
  3. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    In all of my Madden 20 franchise seasons, I don't know if I've ever seen a player with Irwin's face.
  4. Netflix "The Witcher" Series - Trailer Released

    I'm in the exact same boat. I got her into GoT, so hopefully if I enjoy this, she'll get on board, too.
  5. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    It seems like there is a defensive Heisman winner every other year, and almost never a QB that wins. I drafted a CB that won Heisman as a WR, in one CFM. He had 82 catch at corner.
  6. Reading this just pissed me off all over again. I have no idea how Madden '20 doesn't have staff movement at least fleshed out to that point today. Ridiculous. Nice Franchise. I'm enjoying following.
  7. Black Friday Deals - 2019

    CAD or USD?
  8. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    13,000 means Tripp is already a HoF'er. 10,000 is the cutoff they use.
  9. Random Game Talk

    You'll still need the physical copy
  10. Bengals Rebuild - Madden 20 Franchise

    Does your Fullback have 2 SS ability slots, or is it 1, like a lineman?
  11. Steve Smith didn't score a lot. Not the physical specimen that Jones is though. Jimmy Smith with the Jags is kind of in the same boat. James Lofton didn't score often compared to his overall production. Art Monk. Keyshawn Johnson had a pretty infamous year where he found the endzone once on 180 targets and 106 catches in 2001 with Tampa. I'd like to see a rec td to targets and rec ratio for some Hall of Famers/Fringe to HOF bound guys to see where he is actually stacking up.
  12. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Does breeding with a shiny have any impact on the offspring being a shiny?
  13. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    I’m enjoying the game. It is easy, but Pokemon has never been hard. This feels closer to XY than SM, which is a big positive, for me. The tutorial stage is still there, but it’s not quite as bad. There is still a little of that pulling along, but I don’t feel like I’m being drug around by my wrist, like I did in SM. The wild area is pretty cool. The music, during your second story arc trip to the wild area, is sweet. Did anybody else think that Bede was a 70 year old lady, or was that just me?
  14. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Why is X and Y hated so much? I really enjoyed X and Y. SM were the ones that I couldn't finish, and I USUM is the first set of games I had no interest in, because of it. Preorderd Shield yesterday. I was going to wait, but didn't see the price dropping any time, so I just took the Amazon credit.
  15. Relationship Advice Thread

    You first ask her if she thinks you would make a good mother.