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  1. Bought a Camaro LT1

    I have no idea what you do for a living, but I do know that it is my dream job.
  2. The (Potential) 2020 Draft RB Class

    Frank Gore is who I lean toward, when I watch Taylor.
  3. Week 4 Game Day Thread

    They were taking shots at him the last 2-3 years he was here, everyday. That's what I'm meaning. There was legit excitement from the fanbase, when he left. It was kind of odd. I wish him the best. I understood why he left as much as I understood why the loud majority wanted him gone. I don't know through what avenue you're getting the pulse of the fanbase's feeling toward Dana from, I'm just saying it's really off.
  4. Week 4 Game Day Thread

    That couldn't be farther from the truth. The fanbase had basically turned on Holgorsen. I didn't have any ill feelings toward him, and wasn't opposed to him getting an extension, and that put myself in the vast minority of WVU fans. The rest of what you're saying is true, imo. We were a much better fit for the ACC, if they would've taken us. Dana is a much better fit at Houston, than he was here. Our best teams have been built from the DMV area, and through a South Florida pipeline. You'd be hard pressed to find WVU fans who weren't happy to see Dana move on, yet alone, be salty, though. The relationship had long been soured. Rich Rod left the fan base salty af, Dana solicited more of a "good riddance" reaction from them.
  5. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I knocked out a nice chunk of SMW on Saturday night. I'm liking the rewind feature; takes out the frustration of me sucking, when I don't have a great interest in massively improving, at the game. I'm not sure what all I'll end up checking out. I hope they eventually put some Donkey Kong Country's on there. I've already enjoyed it a lot more than I did the NES releases. The NES games just haven't held up well, where some of the SNES games still feel enjoyable.
  6. Why should I watch?

    Same happened with me. I've tried a few times. Even got through the 1st season and started into the 2nd. It has never grabbed me. I think I just came in too late to the party. It hasn't aged well, imo.
  7. Madden 20

    I agree, for the most part, but I wouldn't go as far as the bolded, at all. 2K has been the standard for franchise modes (MyGM, but especially MyLeague). The depth of their franchise modes blow Madden and the Show out of the water. I'm almost exclusively a franchise mode gamer, and 2K is far and away my favorite sport sim.
  8. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'm doing the same thing. I recruited Sylvain from BL, because I lost him around chapter 4, so I didn't really get to see him develop, at all. I recruited Caspar and Dorothea on my original playthrough, too, so they aren't getting as much action on this run, just so I can see the other arcs develop a little more.
  9. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I finished my Blue Lions run, and started NG+ with the Black Eagles. I'm around chapter 5. The first 12 chapters will go a lot faster on this run. It feels strange having different students, and playing against your former students. You get an actual attachment to them. I felt a little dirty.
  10. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I'm on the fence. It looks cool, but I'm going to wait for reviews and more gameplay to be online, to see if it's something I would sink time into.
  11. Nintendo Switch Thread

    I understand that. I'm saying that if MUA is considered an RPG, then Three Houses is absolutely an RPG. You're right though. MUA is an aRPG, and FE:3H is an sRPG.
  12. Nintendo Switch Thread

    It's an sRPG. It's more RPG than previous iterations. It's like Persona with the typical FE strategy/tactical based combat. I have MUA and FE:3H, and FE has much heavier RPG elements than MUA does.
  13. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been my favorite game on Switch. I would definitely go with FE over Octopath
  14. He'd get in, just not on his 1st ballot. 7 pro bowls, 4 time 1st team All-pro. 2 time leader in receptions, which were 2nd and 4th all time in rec in a season. 2 rec yardage crowns. Another season where he finished 2nd, with a season that was good enough for 4th all time. 1 time leader in TD's. He was considered the best at his position (or at the very least, at the top of the shortlist debate) for an extended period of time. Doesn't really hold much resume weight, but it's a point of reference; He ranked top-10 in NFL Network's top 100 5 times, 3 being in the top-5. He's honestly a better accolade version of Calvin Johnson's resume right now, and it seems that most people would put Calvin in. AB is in.
  15. Thanks. I've probably done 6ish draft classes, but I've been drafting for 2 teams. I'm doing a dual franchise, so 12 drafts on 6 actual classes. I've only hit on maybe 4 SS, all in the 1st, and no XFactors. I have had players develop into SS and XFactors though. Not to do directly with draft classes but I had Leonard Fournette go from Normal dev to Xfactor in 3 years. He was productive but not outlandish, or anything. Drafted a receiving RB in the 5th that I converted to WR, and he has progressed from Normal to SS.