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  1. Second Moderna jab has absolutely annihilated me. I've been down for a week. Went to get tested for CoVid yesterday, thinking I had possibly, unknowingly, been exposed, and the timing was just coincidence; thankfully tested negative. I had CoVid a year ago, and this is similar. Lost taste and smell, but wasn't seeing where that was listed as a side effect of the vaccine. First shot only had slight symptoms for maybe 6 hours, and then just some fatigue. Second has been a completely different ball game.
  2. Nvm. I see where I'm getting that from. It was just from a leaker, a few weeks ago, not Rockstar.
  3. I'm excited for it. It wasn't something that was really on my radar, when it originally released, as I had never played the first 2, but after seeing more from it, it looks like something I would really enjoy.
  4. Didn't they say it would look better than GTAV, but not as good as RDR2? Am I making that up? Maybe they meant GTAV on 360/PS3.
  5. I was disappointed, too. I've never played it, so I bought it a few months ago to wait for the upgrade, to start. Ultimately, it's not a big deal, but I was ready to jump in this fall.
  6. Loving that young Oline. I love having color across the board, when I look at the adjust roster page. They're going to be a great unit. Would've been nice if Gilmore was an SS.
  7. Nice draft. Especially early on. That FB is really nice, too. What was your strategy? Did you pay attention to the stories? How'd you handle your "Favorites"/Big Board? I think I need to put a little greater emphasis on my BB, to help weed out some of the stuff that made me feel overwhelmed during the draft, going in and out of every card.
  8. Yeah, I agree with that, too. I like that you know a little less, as it adds more smoke. You almost couldn't draft a bust before. Maybe you'd get a normal dev trait where you thought a guy was hidden, but you could always hit on the overalls being a competent player, but it needs a little tuning, as is. Scouts could maybe have specialties in DL or OL instead of LE/RE or RG/LG, like they do now. Or make their specialties a little more effective than a few percent, if you're going to keep it so specified on positions. It's a little too blind, across the board. I did a draft last night
  9. Is Bush really mocked number 1, with a 2-3 rnd projection, or is that just a typo?
  10. I like the idea behind the scouting update, but I don't like the implementation and UI right now. They need a way to sort prospects, or put more information on their prospect screen card. Having to go in and out of the cards, while getting kicked back to the top of the screen is a chore.
  11. When someone says Sony’s next gen console, I think of a PS6.
  12. Wouldn’t current gen be PS5/Series X and last gen be PS4/Xbone now? When does that change over happen? I’ve always called whatever “next gen,” until it’s here. How is it Next if it’s been out almost a year?
  13. Don't click on it, at all, next time. If you never open the first scenario about it, it won't trigger the scenario that is causing it to override your setting, and getting you fired. Kind of lame, but it's a current workaround. Same with the high overall vet retiring mid season, no matter what you do. The scenario will still be there for a week or two, but then it will disappear.
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