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  1. 2K making a game is the most efficient way to that, for the consumer. We're suffering from a lack of direct competition.
  2. Context of time is also important. One was retired from professional football while the other was in high school.
  3. Does that mean he was 74-82-3 as the favorite?
  4. That's where it lost me. I got myself through the season, but couldn't drum up any interest to continue on for the next season. I watched 2-3 episodes of that next season, but couldn't be grabbed by it anymore.
  5. He'd be an undersized PF
  6. How far out is it? I thought it was supposed to be the 1st quarter of '21.
  7. They were all traded for each other
  8. Just bump your other threads. Everybody gets it, at this point.
  9. Ignoring the MLB tangent in the Basketball sub, that is a lot of moving parts for very little, if any, positive impact, at all. All of the pre expansion moves could just as easily be made, when/if there is actual expansion. I'm not seeing the improvement, outside of saving some airline miles.
  10. That's what I've been doing. The only PS5 game I have is 2k (unless you count Ghost of Tsushima), then I've just been playing the PS+ collection, of the games I never got around to trying. Trying to get through Persona 5, right now. Such a long game.
  11. That would be a pretty disappointing return, as a Wizards' fan.
  12. Normally, with pulp For a screwdriver, I prefer no pulp
  13. I'm interested to see your opinion of it. It's one I've been on the fence about, but haven't felt compelled enough to buy yet. What are you playing these games on?
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