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  1. Same thing happened with me. I liked it as a kid, when it first came out. I was probably around 10. Dale was the funniest, and Boomhower's voice made me laugh. As a an adult, Hank and his relationships with people, is the best part.
  2. 0.7g would be a good target. I don't really disagree, outside of the "need" part. We don't need what the supplement companies have led us to believe. Somewhere, 1g/kg of BW was converted into 1g/lb. My twice is being taken more literally than it was meant. 1g per lb of body weight, at 30% bf, with a .25g margin (so potentially 1.25g), with that kind of split, and not monitoring your diet, is high, imo. Everyone is free to disagree. It doesn't really mean much to me. Like I've said a few times now, there isn't harm to more, if you're eating "clean." I haven't, and wouldn't, dispute it. I projected my own assumption onto Outpost, that he pretty much said isn't true, so it doesn't really matter. That would be a mistake on my part, that led to the train of thought, that followed.
  3. It is? I didn't know that either. That would make it a pass, for me. I've reached my max threshold for zombies.
  4. They're middling. Better than the bad teams, not quite up to the level of the good teams. They're good enough to reach the postseason, if they can keep it together, but probably get washed in the WC round.
  5. I'd like to see the alternate timeline, where SF takes Aaron Rodgers #1 in 2005. Does he still develop into the same player we know today?
  6. I prefer games at team's home stadiums, preferably stadiums that are one their respective school's campus, as an attending fan. Neutral sites are ok, but they never have the same energy as either a game on your campus, or traveling onto the opposition's campus. They seem to be better in theory than they are in practice.
  7. I don't really disagree with anything there. I'm talking about chasing protein numbers at the expense of everything else in your diet, while doing a complete bro split, in the name of countering increased body fat. I'm not sure where I'm being positioned in being in opposition of it? "Noticed a bit less definition and a bit more fat than I want, so I'm planning on hitting weights really hard and not really setting a diet plan except making sure I'm getting a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight each day (with a .25 gram margin of error). " That; particularly the last part. That isn't a recipe for success. At all. You're talking in terms of a dialed in diet. As I said, there is no negative to high protein, there is to being in a daily surplus, in order to get to it, beyond where you're breaking your body down to even using to build.
  8. I don't think they hate the idea of it, or they wouldn't have drafted him in the 1st place. They haven't really had much of a chance to see it grow yet either. That deal isn't worth moving off of Love's contract, when they don't have any one to pay, and they aren't going to draw any free agents. I'd much rather keep Garland and 5, and then continue to shop Love, than I would move down, and take back Randle. 2 years down the line, I'd rather have Garland, the player I get at 5, and Love on an expiring (or whatever scraps you can move him for before hand) than I would just #8 from 2020, and either nothing else/Randle on a new deal/What kind of return I'd get for Randle. That's how Cleveland has to be looking at it.
  9. I would imagine, unless they're just completely out on Garland already. Isn't Love's deal just 1 year more than Randle's?
  10. Ending was so strange. Last episode feels like it was for a completely different show. In totality, it wasn't bad, but I liked Hill House a lot more. This turned into a love story, under the guise of a horror series, more than anything else. I kind of sat at end like wtf just happened to the show? Kind of weird. Not really a fan, but not completely disappointed a rode it all the way out. I'd give it a 5.5-6/10, probably give Hill House an 8. I never was excited to watch another episode of Bly Manor like I was Hill House.
  11. 1g per kg to 1g per lb of lbm. Just straight 1g per lb of bodyweight where you are not only doing barely any lower body compound movement, but also not focusing on your diet, outside of hitting that number is beyond excess. That's a great recipe for adding weight you aren't necessarily trying to add. It isn't going to hurt his muscle development, or anything, but it's going to hurt his waist line, and the "definition" he is talking about losing. If you're eating that amount of protein, you should have the rest of your diet dialed in, and your workout regimen should be something that your muscle growth will actually benefit from that level of protein. It's the kind of stuff you hear in a gym, from a guy that read an article from a supplement company. That just doesn't seem very wise for someone saying they're around 25% bf, who isn't training for power. I very well could be projecting what I see with the athletes I've worked with over the years, but most of them doing that are just eating junk, and pounding shakes to hit these numbers they don't need, not realizing how many calories they're taking in to do it. I keep picturing someone eating an entire baking sheet of fish sticks, because of the protein, haha.
  12. I'd agree, if it wasn't also happening to the people that paid full price a few months earlier.
  13. One of those is directly leading to the other. That's a ton of protein. Twice what you would even want to be targeting, and if you're not caring about your diet, besides getting that much protein, it would be pretty safe to assume you are taking in a lot of excess calories to hit that mark.
  14. They did that a few years ago, too, right after they sold it for like $3. 2K19, maybe? It's a pretty gross practice for a full priced AAA game. They made a statement about how it wasn't meant to run where they did, but whatever. Not a good look.
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