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  1. The surprise you're looking for would be Bouknight going top 6.
  2. Please don't drag that rhetoric in here. There is a dedicated thread that is hundreds of pages deep for you to vent in.
  3. Hell, they have 3 basketball National Titles in that timeframe. I'm in my 30's, and the only B1G team I've seen win a title, in basketball, is Michigan St, in 2000. Thinking their basketball is comparable to the SEC's football is wildly delusional. They've been the bridesmaid conference.
  4. Big 10 is the basketball version of the Big 10
  5. I think you’d move Missouri to the west, at that point. Bama and Auburn both East. OU, Texas, Missouri west.
  6. Now if only they would make a midatlantic coal exception...
  7. I can respect it. Corn is currency.
  8. Didn't they kind of buck that trend with Nebraska?
  9. This is the rivalry I want back the most. Having VT and Cuse already in place is a nice bonus, but I REALLY want Pitt back. UVA wouldn't be a hard school to drum up some hatred for either.
  10. Cleveland might do it, but I doubt Brooklyn would.
  11. I wouldn't hate that. I doubt the B1G would take us, though. I would love the ACC. That's where I wanted to go last reshuffling, but they didn't have interest. Big XII has been miserable. Not having rivals really sucks a lot of what makes college athletics special. I hope one of them snatches WVU, regardless of what OU-Texas end up doing.
  12. Wasn't there an inFamous 2, and inFamous: Second Son? Sucker Punch didn't develop all of them?
  13. I loved it, too. I'll probably end up getting the DLC. I would be really surprised to learn that the map was the same size as RDR2. It doesn't feel quite that massive. Maybe after this DLC, it would be larger. It can get a little repetitive, if you're just doing side quests, but the main storyline, and the companion style quests are a lot of fun. Great game.
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