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  1. Aren't you the guy that was afraid of desk chairs?
  2. I thought the same thing. I just thought I had outgrown the genre more so than it disappearing. I still like the ones that I liked before, just from nastaglia, and reliving some of the moments/lines that made me laugh before. I had never viewed it as them disappearing.
  3. That's an answer I don't know, but have been searching for, myself. I've never played the series, but have been paying attention to it, since I bought a Switch. I've actually heard some people say to start with Torna: Golden Company, because of ease of play, and it's not as massive. It's an expansion for XC2, but can also be bought and played stand alone. I'm leaning in the direction of starting with XC:DE, personally. Just need to get through a log of RPG's I already have before starting another one. I have read that you don't need to play XC1 before playing XC2, though.
  4. XC came out in 2012, for the 3DS. XC2 came out in 2017, for the Switch. They then remastered XC into XC:Definitive Edition, and then released it for the Switch, this year. XC:DE and XC2 are different games.
  5. No. I get the confusion. XC: Def Edition is Xenoblade Chronicles 1, remastered, for the Switch. XC2 is the sequel to the original, but the remaster of the original released after XC2. Does that make sense, or did I confuse you more?
  6. Right now, I'd say no, but he has been good enough to warrant consideration. He doesn't have that overly elite peak, or the hardware stacked up to push him over the top, so he will probably have to compile some numbers, to eventually get in. 8 Pro Bowls looks pretty good though, even with the devaluation of pro bowl nods. If he can cross that 100 career sack mark, and possibly hit double digit pro bowls, his resume becomes hard to ignore. Those thresholds get him in.
  7. AB looked like a threat to some of Jerry's numbers, just a year ago. Maybe Julio, if he can stay on the field, and wants to stay on the field, for another 10 years. Probably a bigger threat to yardage though. Jarvis Landry is a guy who piles up catches at a similar age to Thomas.
  8. I don't know if we'll see it fall in the next 15 years, or not. Out of those two, I think Fitzgerald has the better shot, just because he is that close. 86 across 2, or even playing 3 more years doesn't sound likely. Thomas still has so long to go. So much can happen over the next decade for him. He is like 3 or 4 negative tweets about him from just taking his ball and going home. I don't think either of those will be the one to break it, though.
  9. I'd agree with him, as far as stand up goes. Comedians, themselves, can get away with some. Movies are pretty hamstrung, though.
  10. It's a pretty obvious work. I don't think it's a one off deal. Pat has been involved with the WWE, for a little while. https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/07/triple-h-speaks-with-pat-mcafee-about-adam-cole-incident-672908/
  11. Considering he was at Alabama the last time he wasn't catching balls from Matt Ryan, it would've been a tall task to be considered a top player, in the NFL.
  12. I think he still goes in. He has a really comparable resume to Calvin, who most have going in. If you have Calvin going in, you almost have to have AB in.
  13. They're still producing an impressive amount of greats, even without a dominant collegiate product. Fitzgerald, Shady, Donald, Revis, Andy Lee has been one of the better punters for 15 years. Tyler Boyd has been productive. Fitz, Donald and Revis are probably all HoF'ers. McCoy will have a case, and Lee will have his name brought up. Their professional alum base has far outpaced their program.
  14. You can target them as either. I would target them as both, if I felt like it was a weak spot. I haven't heard of them really limiting a flat bench, like that. Normally, it's going to be triceps, or even forearms or lats, if the chest isn't being fatigued. It sounds like you're getting out of the hole fine, so I would imagine your lat engagement isn't the issue. If you wanted more of a load on your front delts, I would be doing heavy incline on my chest day, military or overhead press, on my shoulder day, if you have them separate, for your splits. Most people you see in the gym are front delt dominant, though. The rear delt is the one you typically see that needs targeted.
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