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  1. Glad I didn’t see this until today. I would’ve said Memphis.
  2. Has there been no market for Whiteside?
  3. That isn’t that big of an overpay. What do you think Dinwiddie and Allen can fetch?
  4. Lin got another larger contract a few years after that. He’s been a serviceable player for the better part of a decade, just didn’t fit in Houston. He never reached “Linsanity” levels, but how could he? He was a pg with a green light in MD’As offense. He was more than just 20 games.
  5. I think PS5 is backwards compatible for 99% of the PS4 library. It just isn’t for PS3-OG.
  6. I think the bricking is happening when people are putting the console in test mode, with external memory attached to the system. 2k is having the same issue.
  7. Same here. My wife is who got through. I kept getting caught in the credit card confirmation loop. My confirmation said “by Nov 26.” Hopefully it’s before. I’m quarantined until then, and that’s basically the end of my quarantine, and it’s also Thanksgiving Day. I’d love to have it before. That’s pretty much what sparked the desire to get one now vs just waiting if I couldn’t walk into a store and buy one off the shelf. Hopefully it doesn’t fall through.
  8. 100%. The price doesn’t even bother me, but the principle does.
  9. I have the same train of thought. Get the TV on a deal, vs paying premium for both. As much as holding off on the XBox sucks, it’s only going to get better from the initial release, in terms of games, and bugs being straightened out.
  10. I’ve had it open and refreshed it, and it put me back into the queue.
  11. How do you get the option to pick them up at the actual WalMart, Target or GameStop location, if you can get one? I thought that was an option with WalMart? If I can even get one from there, it’s looking like their delivery is after Thanksgiving
  12. I got one in my cart from WalMart but couldn’t check out. I don’t know how to do it any faster than I did. Wish I wanted one bad enough
  13. Drop a hint in here next time, BEFORE it actually happens. I don't know where to look, but I'd love to score one in the next few weeks. I've never heard of Antonline. Help your brothers out here.
  14. Could it have anything to do with Destiny probably being developed for the XBox vs the PS5? Isn’t Destiny developed by Bungie?
  15. That's pretty much my thoughts. Take Wiseman/Edwards at 2, and then whoever gets to 9 out of Avidja (longshot), Vassell, OO, Okoro, Hayes or Haliburton. Not sure who gets there, but one or two of them will. If Ball gets there, and someone wants to move for him, grab some assets. Just don't really want Ball or Toppin there, if they'd even be on the board. Wall and Wiggins expire the same year. Just ride them out, and maybe some of those young guys have shown enough that you can do something with that cap space in '23.
  16. https://nba.2k.com/courtside-report/nba-2k21-next-gen-mynba-courtside-report/ MyGM/MyLeague news. Now combined and called MyNBA.
  17. Would not be a fan. I'd rather have the guy Trask is throwing to, and he plays the same position as our recently extended best player. Not a Trask fan, especially in the middle of the 1st. I wouldn't hate it if he got into day 2, and they took him there. Tomorrow will be a big day for his stock.
  18. Probably Washington, but as a Wizards fan, I don't hate it. I'm still higher on Wiggins than 100% of people, though.
  19. Probably right about the scalpers. Guess I'll be waiting longer than I anticipated.
  20. As in retailers won't be carrying (or selling rather) non preorder consoles on launch day?
  21. Probably Henry. That year for Kamara would be similar to McCaffrey last year, outside of the record, and Thomas won OPOY over him. True answer is probably Russell Wilson.
  22. I would take that with a healthy grain of salt. He was the qb coach on a terrible team that had a disgruntled Faulk vs coaching in the same division with Kamara as an opponent, while answering a question about him. He is absolutely going to build him up, in that context.
  23. "The City" trailer or was there something for the MyCareer part?
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