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  1. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Anyone watch this last night?
  2. Thanks bud. Good luck to you guys as well. Hopefully you’re team gets healthy and turns things around.
  3. The Batman is Robert Pattinson

    When I first heard that Heath Ledger was going to be the joker I though he was gunna be terrible. I was obviously wrong. So I’ll definitely hold off judging this decision
  4. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Lol. My girl boycotted as well for the same reason
  5. The overreactions are crazy in here. We needed a punter. They took the punter they wanted. Get over it. It’s the FOURTH round. Who cares
  6. Did you guys watch Lynch’s press conference? I’m pretty sure he said Hurd is close to being 100% and should be able to participate in OTA’s at least I think that’s what he said. I started it late
  7. Welp....in shanny I trust
  8. Let’s double up on wr’s and take butler
  9. That’s a very good question
  10. Official NHL Thread

    Definitely worth staying up for. What a game.
  11. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I hope the hound survives. I wanna see him fight the mountain one more time.
  12. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    I hope not. But I guess he has more trade value than JET.
  13. 49ers cut Cassius Marsh DE

    I hear ya. I’m still suffering from free agency fever. It’s been a fun week for sure
  14. 49ers cut Cassius Marsh DE

    I think you mean Aj Green 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
  15. 49ers cut Cassius Marsh DE

    No more karate kicks
  16. 49ers are working on a trade for Dee Ford.

    Bell is a jet
  17. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    I wish we would just get the Earl Thomas signing done and over with. I hate how we do this every year with free agency
  18. Official NHL Thread

    yeaaa.....no. wrong
  19. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Why even bother reading anything Grant Cohn writes? Dude is trash
  20. Official NHL Thread

  21. 2 Round END wave 1 FA, Mock Correction

    Because we need a safety as well. You can’t count on Jimmy Ward and Poptart is average at best. James would be a great pick at 9