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  1. Pick is in, #106 - DE Maxx Crosby

    great call, I had the same just not on here. wanted him moreau and Wilson in that round ,2 outta 3 aint bad.lol I was surprised he was still available at the beginning of day 3.
  2. Raiders sign LB Preston Brown; Dwayne Harris to IR

    nice, any additions to our lber corps are much appreciated by this raider fan for sure! lol!
  3. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    im going to look at it like this. yes , free agency is a long way away so from the current record and way the team looks would another receiver help? probably, but adding someone like simmons with the higher pick and kinlaw with the second 1rst would help us way more. both against the run and the pass imo. you could substitute brown first and moses with the second and that works too. brown is a beast against the run but strictly a dozer against the pass (albeit a pocket killing dozer) I watched him closely Saturday and yes ,hes a man amongst boys but he seems to be only a bull rusher. (this is imo and only one game so don't kill me) he`ll be gone by our second pick for sure. so do yall think he`ll have greater impact on our d than say a simmons or murray? tough question. again IMO (and of course if theyre available) simmons and kinlaw are A) quality players in their own right and B) defensively versatile with modern schemes s/lber and dt/de types. tweeners can be liabilities or the ultimate defensive weapon depending on how they are used and translate to the nfl. more tape needed....to be continued.lol
  4. yes I know I spelled osi`s name wrong.lol
  5. just looked it up. Strahan, tuck ,ominyoura, and kiwanuka. I believe that the first 4 then later people like JPP and chris canty were used too.
  6. kinda started with the giants the year they upset the pats , roughly. at least that's the first time I really remember it being talked about and shortly thereafter copied.lol
  7. FA 2020

    I agree and would add that "winning makes everything better" other than 2016 weve been poo. coop came from bama so.....imo this could've played into it as well. how many players will line up to sign on with cincy or mia next season? probably not too many. its a shame, I liked coop but its a win / win . he went to a happier place and we got a good albeit injured safety.
  8. Raiders sign Dion Jordan

    this...im sure there were people who thought that safety from the small school would never be a hofer for the bears either. if he can cover Kelce decently he`d be worth it for me, he`s great but I cant stand him.....don't know why.lol Im half joking, but 100% interested in us picking him in the first rnd, warming up to kinlaw as well.
  9. Around The League V.2

    there was 8 seconds left in this game, garrett didn't have to spin him around and throw him down. was it a brutal tackle? hell no, could he have just let him go ? hell yes. garrett has been fined for this type of stuff already this year? hell yes, so it didn't just come outta nowhere. by some peoples logic Rudolph should just layed there and take it? lMAO! wed all be calling him an even bigger pu@#y. grabbing facemasks is what players do , we all know this. should Rudolph have gone back for more? probably not (but most of us would in all honesty) garrett did a boneheaded thing (and if were gonna talk "tough guy" stuff then perhaps hitting someone with a helmet shouldn't qualify.lol) him and Rudolph are lucky that helmet hit open side down, if itd been the crown like BP said, this could've ruined both careers. pouncey did what every lineman in the league would do. and he paid for it. not too many people have mentioned that the browns were headhunting all game, imo some of this was the result of being under pittsburgs boot since 99. that doesn't justify the things that were done but that was a big monkey on their back im sure. another thing is why the hell wasn't pitt just running the clock out at this point and down 2 tds? because that isn't mike tomlin? because its a divisional game? theres still more season to play and youre risking your qb in garbage time? not the smartest decision and im sure tomlin has said that to himself after. done with my 2 cents now. bring on the bungals!
  10. Around The League V.2

    didn't know that, shame on that man then. again IMO
  11. Random Raider Stuff

    just got to see these plays and was coming here to post about them, that was awesome! totally cool stuff and those kids had it down pat! great idea from the nfl for a change, I usually could care less about halftime .
  12. LMAO! duly noted sir. ok BP, no more jinxing! lol!
  13. Around The League V.2

    ive said this before, his kneeling was a social injustice thing, that's all fine and dandy. however, it is a slap in the face to someone like pat tillman, rocky blier, roger Staubach, hell, even someone like napoleon mcallum,.....plenty of players are vets too. yes im a vet (usmc) so maybe im biased. you reap what you sow....for cryin out loud, the league had to rethink the flippin whole national anthem presentation for a minute. me even typing that last statement makes me grit my teeth. do I think he should be blackballed? no. do I think he should have thought it out more? absolutely. bottom line, not one high paid athlete (white ,black, purple, green...whatever color) has their job without the sacrifices of their forefathers....period. giving respect to that should've been priority #1. IMO. btw, yes going to Canada to play would suck, but ill be damned if I want to hear complaints about only making 500k to "play a game" this is just my opinion. im sure it wont be popular.
  14. 2020 NFL Draft Thread

    I agree, I was addressing the getting rid of Jackson thought. if it aint broke ,don't fix it....however , improvement in depth is fine, additionally, finding diamonds in the rough could be an extra +.
  15. The Jon Gruden Thread, Man

    I just love that very few gruden haters actually acknowledge that yes gruden won with dungys team against who? his team, his offense etc. when people want to hate, ignoring certain important facts is very convienient.lol Gruden is a good coach....period. and no, im not talking about posters on this forum, this is pointed at the media jackwagons.