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  1. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    Just checked out a new mock that had us getting Allen at 4 (which I don’t see happening but insert Ferrell or Gary here would be an alternative in this scenario) that mock then had us taking Bush st 24 and Wilson at 27 , then kelvin Harmon at 35. Thoughts yall? This wouldn’t make me mad, and I actually kinda like the idea. Especially with additional help beforehand in FA (in my perfect world flowers and Clinton dix specifically)
  2. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    I would be in favor of an all black uni for home , not sure about helmet change but pants jerseys socks would be alright, done the right way of course. Seems like we get passed over for color rush every season for all black cardinals, all black Niners etc. don’t want change. I want addition that’s all . Would never change our logo for the record, that eyepatch and crossed swords are irreplaceable in my world.
  3. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    There are plenty of raider fans in Vegas, I know because I lived there for 7 years, next biggest fan base imo is Denver, so cal residents just went from an 8/10 drive to a 3/5 drive (LA/SD area overall, does everyone actually believe quallcom was invaded every year by northern Cali raider fans? I hope not. Lol btw you can include a portion of Phoenix and prolly Albuquerque (and I’m not saying it’ll be a ton but prolly between 5 to 10k possibly) I live in Colorado now not New Orleans so I’ll be in at least once a season , so will others in the western 11 and more. Because of the stadium and yes the city is a blast duh! The new stadium does affect the team as well, playing surface is #1 to me (let’s face it alameda is a banana peel or the splits waiting to happen, always has been,it’s below sea level) no hot tub outboards (major league reference but y’all get it. Hell, even our new facilities are only 4 years old)
  4. just reading about Ansley being hired by Ten. vols. meanwhile Charles Woodson has quit espn? people already putting 2 and 2 together. thoughts everyone? ready...set... GO!
  5. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    remember the photoshop of AP in a raiders uni? oh if only. all kinds of stuff to laugh and cry about.lol 4 crappy nicknames in a row? jawalrus, McFragile, darius heward stonehands, and of course slowlando.
  6. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    updates time, read one interesting clip about white running consistently in the 4.4s guy has only played lb for a bit, correct me if im wrong but he started as a rb? and unfortunately I read something about granderson and 3rd degree sexual assault, true or not, sucks for him at this point.
  7. 2019 Free Agency Thread

  8. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    I don't disagree at all, gary ,Ferrell, sweat at 4 is too high, and if the top 3 d lineman/olb/de are gone then a trade will probably happen with den,ny or jac because not only do they need qbs but itll be easier to swallow at 4 than at 1 -3. imo the best value at 4 if top 3 are gone is d white. going strictly by the charts/scouts. it is a need for us too. but you also have to ask if there is no trade, would any of the top 6 or 7 de`s be there at 24? imo not at the rate teams go thru them, not with the league wide need to get after passers, which is the best way to defend a pass happy league, even the best secondaries cant cover for more than 4/5 seconds.
  9. 2019 NFL Draft Thread v.2

    guess im one of the only people on here who would take ferrel over gary but at this point in our teams life I prefer the higher floor than ceiling , that's not a knock on either but Ferrell has the feel of a solid lunchpail guy that will average 8-10 sacks a year for 10 yrs. if theres questions about gary AT ALL, im in for Ferrell, he killed Williams when it mattered most btw, has improved every year, only real knock is bend wich hes learning to overcome with overall technique. just imagine him ,flowers , key, and maybe a solid vet or a jelks / granderson. not too horrible imo. especially with a real push in the middle which mack never got the benefit of.
  10. Mock Offseason 2: Post Super Bowl, Pre Combine

    pretty solid ideas, only real problem id have with this is again well have diddley at lb. imo LBer must be addressed id say terrill hanks/coney/pratt in the 3rd. then Isabella and doss later if possible. but that's it great mock bro. the only other change I might think about is adderly for abram.
  11. Mock Offseason 2: Post Super Bowl, Pre Combine

    yessir, me too absolutely
  12. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    btw palooka ive always respected and mostly agree your point for the record. old user name was radrshark been posting and reading since 2005, back then the biggest subject was the moss trade
  13. The ________ Raiders? Update: Talks with Oakland resume

    for the record I wish they could've stayed in Oakland, but it was far from nirvana. seems like ever since they moved there theres been some kind of stadium issues/ contention with the city etc. at least that will go away permanently now. as far as the fans go im a born and bred Californian (so cal) and I will say easily that half of the fans are as fickle as it gets there have been many a 30 to 40k crowd at alameda over the last 15 years so lets not pretend its something it isn't. best example is the afc west... when the raiders or SD are winning the crowds are there ,losing? not so much. it doesn't matter whether the donkeys and chefs are 0-16 or 16 -0 , they sell out, and two of the noisiest stadiums in the league. im not saying that the vegas stadium will get filled with the nation, but it wont be any worse than alameda where we see crowds of 35k consistently. and I have lived in so cal and vegas (7yrs) and anybody whos ever seen the weekend exodus to vegas from so cal knows vegas IS so cal on the weekends, so mark did get part of the "market" hell on xmas eve one year the traffic was backed up from Barstow to baker at a very slow roll.yall know winning cures everything, but not a garbage stadium. marks no wizard, but hes not as dumb as people portray, course he could change that image somewhat with a simple head shave.lol
  14. 2019 Free Agency Thread

    whats up yall, been awhile .im glad bitty showed those drop stats. I can count how many good quaterbacks ive watched play for our team over the last 43 yrs ON ONE HAND! stabler, plunkett, hoss, gannon, and DC. and none were with us for more than than 10 yrs except stabler. do I even need to list all the other garbage. Carr can be better yes, hes definitely skittish , hes only like the 16th highest paid qb now theres worse making more. qb market and draft are crap anyways. I believe carr will improve in what everyone here knows is a complex system. everyone on here knows coop wasn't living up to his #4 spot (especially leading in drops) and crabs lost concentration all the time too. definitely not carrs fault.
  15. 2018 Draft thread - PICK THE FASTEST GUY AVAILABLE

    Have you actually watched his highlights? Vea is a man among boys most of the time, strong ,fast and athletic. He's been timed at 4.8/4.9 at 347 and 6'41/2" ? The strength shows on tape as well as the bench (constantly busting guards up off their feet with that humpove, stonewalling a dbl team and making tackles with a spare paw ???) Even if his timed 40 is 5.1 his football speed is awesome for a man his size, and he's as athletic as Suh or wilfork, he played RB and WCQB in HS? At 280lbs? This also is a bonus because he's only played DL 3 yrs, he has talent and upside . Prolly 20 yrs old rt now. And the Pacific island boys are raised right so no drama/legal/attitude issues. Been wanting him since I first watched his tapes in late dec. Haven't wavered since. Will make our defense better as a whole more than any other player not named Bradley Chubb . This is a no brainier. Well still prolly draft another DT later as well.