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  1. Yes we did, horrible game to watch. We got our guts stomped in that tragedy👿👿👿
  2. Loved vann, him , mike Davis and Hayes/Haynes were a bad *** secondary. Right there with the soul patrol IMO. That Super Bowl was awesome, the Jensen blocked punt , the squirek interception, and of course the all time highlight Allen run. I was 14 and house sitting out in the middle of the high desert watching that game all alone.... and loved every minute of it! Great memories!
  3. Yep, I watched that play too. Very sad day for the nation. Pound for pound, prolly the most talented rb ever IMO. Speed+++, power+++, elusiveness ++. If you were building a rb for madden , for example. Bo would be your guy. Period. I was showing my sons a highlight video and there was a lber talking about him being an absolute nightmare “he could run around you, over you or right by you, you didn’t know which he might do” was what he said. Showed it on that Monday night game in the kingdome. He ran over “the boz” and had that long afterburner run into the tunnel. I believe If he’d have gotten
  4. I’m just gonna say, getting carr killed because we wanna roll with James a little longer is utter folly. Hell, if that bad snap bounces differently he might have gotten squashed bad.....just my opinion. We have a guy on the bench that does his job better. And has 4 seasons of tape to prove it.
  5. Lmao! Sad but true, look, Hudson wanted out. Plain and simple. We did the best we could with a trade. I personally thought Hudson was hoping for his release so he could go back to the chefs. I’m glad that didn’t happen cuz they had a need (ended up drafting c Humphrey) but the James thing isn’t looking so good at this point. Drop the egos and cut bait. Martin is the better option at this point. And IMO, it’s not even close. But the egos, and the stupid contract shouldn’t but prolly will affect this decision, meanwhile you have a solid vet sitting on the sideline sayin “really?” And smh!
  6. Yep, so far. No bueno. With a capital “NO BUENO!!!” some will prolly say it’s too early but I don’t give a hoot. I’d have Martin in next week. Before James gets carr killed by either getting pancaked or by snapping the ball over his head and he gets mashed during the chasing the ball down part. SMH x2
  7. Yep, put me in the “hated that conservative play calling” boat. Waaaay too predictable, we were getting negative push ALL GAME up the middle, left us in 3rd and long(again a very predictable and defendable situation, not to mention taking more time which could get car killed!) I agree with darbsk, a “simple” play action would have been way more effective. Hell , even grudens ol “spider 2y banana “ might’ve been an effective play call. Especially if you give a quick look wallers way first (very quick mind you.lol)
  8. Right, so are we the “elder statesmen “ on this forum? I’d say so. Which is fine with me. We used to have a saying in the motorcycle club I rode in....” you can say you care, but you can’t say you were there!” Lol!
  9. For the record, I thought BP was closer to my age..... he must have an old soul.... I guess I’m the geezer in this group. Lmao!! And 52, for the record...just wanted to lighten thing up a little. At least I can say I watched stabler, biletnikoff, Casper ,Tatum , w brown etc. even remember names like Otis sistrunk! (Always loved his name for some reason, just sounds like a D tackle.)
  10. I didn’t want to post this because I’m trying to be positive.lol... but in truth, so far he’s been positively baaaad!! It’s a shame gruden is horrible about admitting mistakes it seems, cuz I’d definitely put Martin in. He may not be any better as a run blocker (although I don’t believe he could be worse at this point.lol) he’s already proven himself a waaay superior pass blocker in this league ( for several seasons)!! And yes, I thought morissey looked scrappy, hungry and like a hard worker! James will get carr killed at this pace ( missing blocks or snaps! Either one!)
  11. Great post BP, it is exactly why you, nick butera, and prolly a few others don’t post as much. ( myself included). I’m not gonna continue an argument, but I will say this... the “name calling” started about 2-3 yrs ago. And it wasn’t from the people who continued to believe in the QB. ( Stans/cult/ etc.) I took offense because people were thrown in a ridiculous light that was highly insulting. How many posters responded that they had faith in DC, however, still believed he had his flaws. Plenty, from what I remember reading. Period. But I agree, taking the “I was right” approach to another lev
  12. Holy turdballs Batman!! I haven’t been on here all weekend and all of a sudden there’s a carr appreciation thread! What in the name of turn-arounds is goin on? Lmfao!! In all seriousness, glad to see it. Hell, even the pick yesterday wasn’t his fault completely. Glad he’s getting some love, but winning cures everything. Bring on the dolts! Time for a home game in LA. Lol!
  13. Yeah, I’d prefer dalton. But they’re beatable either way if we continue playing the way we have so far. IMO.
  14. Everyone also knows he got hurt that year as well so put an asterisk on it.... lol!
  15. I agree, hopefully the better the trust/chemistry gets with Ruggs/edwards/Moreau/snead , the better we are all over the field. That and a healthier running game of course!
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