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  1. I agree a lot with this, and I think you nailed it when you said "Scheme".
  2. Nobody will have ever seen this coming: With the 1st pick of the 2017 Adopt a Saint Draft, Mid Iowa selects - From Purdue, Quarterback, Drew Brees! Yes, I know it sounds like a stupid/predictable move, but I think Drew is going to hit 4,500 yards, 70%+ completion percentage, 42 TD's and 10 or fewer INT's. Offensive player of the year and NFL MVP candidate. I was considering Michael Thomas, and may regret not taking him. Navy Saints can have him at #2. @navysaintsfan is now on the clock!
  3. Visiting New Orleans

    This thread is awesome. I haven't been to NOLA since Katrina, I think I was there in 2003? It was so fun and I can't believe I haven't been back. Perhaps I should change that and make it down for a game.
  4. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    I hope we're all eating crow at the end of this season. Somehow, I suspect we won't be.
  5. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    Yeah, if you think about it, there have been a multitude of missed injuries, or passes on injuries that probably should have kept players out of the game or even off the team, specifically the last 3 you named above. Pierre Thomas and his 10+ week high ankle sprain that ultimately cost him his career with the Saints. Was that broken too?
  6. Max Unger eyeing 3rd preseason game for return

    He's on schedule according to the 2 recently fired doctors, I suppose? Looking forward to Unger being back in the Mix.
  7. You gotta be kidding me!! You have 2 doctors basically on staff, and they couldn't pick this up? Bruise vs. Break.... uh........ I'd fire their arses too!!
  8. Just about done with this regime!

    Yeah, and trade him for what/who? So many deficiencies, so few people to actually go get. So you trade apples for apples. Or in Payton's case, you trade beautiful honey crisp apples (Cooks) for a banana (draft pick).
  9. BossierWhoDat's Week 1 Preseason takeaways

    There were a few times last year that drove me nuts! Absolute nuts! Ingram up the middle for 7. Next play Ingram up the middle for 10 and a new set of downs. Next 7 plays - pass, pass, pass etc.............. punt Defense takes the field - 6 play drive and a TD. Offense is now down 7-0. Pass, pass, pass, punt. Well, we have to get caught up, right? Thank God the tired, frustrated defense gets to go right back out there after the O burned 1:03 off the clock......
  10. sammymvpknight's Preseason Week 1 Takeaways

    I'm on board with this. We need to understand that Rankins HAS a roster spot, no matter what. He's not going to go balls out in Preseason game 1, or probably any preseason game, and I'm sure that's probably instructed to him from his coaches. He MUST stay healthy for our Defense to work properly. The D is vanilla at this point, so the only thing we can really take away from performance is whether or not people know where they're supposed to be. Are they in position, or are they lost? That's all we can judge at this point.
  11. BossierWhoDat's Week 1 Preseason takeaways

    Ginn, Fleener are offense = safe. I agree with @whodatworm23, if they're on offense, they're fine (Payton's picks), if they're on defense, nobody is safe.
  12. Just about done with this regime!

    I just hope this is a rumor of some sort. But anymore, nothing surprises me. I'm sure we can get a washed up CB for a 1st round pick from New England...
  13. Adopt a Saint 2017 - General talk thread

    I'm here. If I'm too late, I understand. If not, tag my happy arse and let's get 'er dun!! Oh, I don't care where I pick, as long as the scotch is cold and single malt!
  14. 1st round pick Lattimore suffers minor knee injury

    Our DB crew is really young, but at least we have some depth. I'd love to see the Saints go out and grab a vet, especially someone like Keenan Lewis, but the Lewis ship has sailed due to D. Allen, so who knows. There aren't many "good" vets out there that are UFA's right now.
  15. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    I'm an Iowa boy and live just out side of Des Moines (you don't pronounce either of the "s") My college was a private school which transferred to University of Iowa - Go Hawkeyes!! Major was BA in business Minor in marketing Occupation: I sell real estate in Iowa and Costa Rica - I also have a property management business - also a small company that develops new inventions, currently focusing on fishing equipment. Age: 43 SS# 472-32-7989 - Favorite passwords: PassThis#69 - Visa card #4658 1298 6849 6541 - 362 - Mother's maiden name: Frankenblood Sports interests: Saints Football - Cubs Baseball - Bulls Basketball - small rink hockey (no pros) Hobbies: Anything I think is fun at the time. Woodworking and motorcycle building Favorite Current Saint: Willie Snead - He worked his butt off to get this spot. Hope he keeps it. I love Brees, too, but that seems to be an easy answer Favorite All-Time Saint: Ricky Jackson - Drew Brees (Colston is tough to beat and Deuce was a beast!)