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  1. CB PJ Williams returns to the Saints

    I'm going broken record here. When are we ever going to make a change from our current DB coach/es? Time & time again, we get really good talent that comes to us, and they fall apart. Lattimore was a stud in his rookie season, coming out of the Ohio system. P-Rob & Jenkins, same. Played great at first, went elsewhere and accelled, then (P-Rob) comes back and can barely crack the starting lineup. Apple played well at first, too. I hope we see a change, but there's something wrong at the top.
  2. We haven't seen Payton draft a QB since 2015, about the same time there was some potential uncertainty in the future of Brees. So we're back to the same(ish) situation. Frankly, I'd love to see Jake Fromm with our #88. I like pretty much everything about this guy, and I think he'll be a long term guy vs. some of these pass & scramble & take a lot of hits type guys. I was thinking about TE, too. I like Cook, and Hill has been serviceable, and obviously knows the team. Then what? WR, I was looking through that and we have MT, Sanders, and a bunch of tall guys who are basically anonymous. I would like to see what could become of Harris. He's small and rabbit like. Reminds me of Darren Sproles, but I'd like to see if he could be that little guy that gets lost in the middle, and can out maneuver the big CB's. As you said, the draft is deep at WR, and I haven't looked into the TE class yet.
  3. Linebacker. We've got Demario Davis, and other than him, everyone else is replaceable. I like Anzalone, but he's injury prone. Alonzo is alright, but isn't anything to write home about. Same with Craig Roberson, and he's getting up there a bit (32 yrs old). Running Back. We only have 2 in Kamara and Murray. If either goes down, like last season, we're hosed. And Dwayne Washington is not "the" answer. Quarterback. Brees is old, so we need a successor and a serviceable backup. Taysom Hill is good as a gadget player, but we have no idea what kind of QB he really is, other than what we've seen of his 13 passes over the last 3 seasons. I was thinking interior O-Line as well, but I'll let someone else chime in there. To me, the interior seems somewhat weak.
  4. FLOODx's Return Mock 3/23/20

    I think he'll be frustrated under Brees, as he's a deep threat guy (Brees isn't that), but will be a really good WR down the road, as in a few years from now. This pick could be a good "age fill" opposite Thomas and Sanders. I still think some LB talent is needed. Davis isn't getting any younger, and although he's one of the best in the league, if he goes down with any sort of injury, our defense is hosed.
  5. This looks pretty neat. I'll be interested in watching how all this unfolds. Good luck, folks!
  6. Saints restructure Janoris Jenkins

    Depending on how they structure it. Loomis always seems to figure out how to get it done.
  7. Offseason Talk:

    I love this!! I was really bummed that we didn't make a strong play for him last year. This has me very excited for our offense, and especially to help save MT's body. He just can't continue to get beat up and last in this league.
  8. Offseason Talk:

    Holy crap! I'm guessing he had a picture of Loomis porkin' a goat, or something. I suppose the annual isn't all that bad, but the guaranteed is a chunk. Brian Baldinger was really high on this guy through the first 4 or 5 games last season, and I guess I trust him more than I trust my own eyes, and we've generally done well with lineman, so I'll be on board right up until I'm not, again.
  9. Offseason Talk:

    I saw a great PFF comparison between the two on Twitter. Jenkins overall rating is slightly better, but yea, he's weaker in the run game. As mentioned, that's where CGJ comes in. He's a monster against the run, and hits like a truck. The dude loves contact!
  10. Pretty darn good guess. Basically got the annual rate right. This is a good signing, and the other D-linemen - Specifically Cam Jordan per Twitter - are happy about it! Great to have some continuing chemistry in that front 4. And the LB corps, and the secondary... This defense has the makings of being off the hook! Now, go get a receiver!!
  11. Let’s talk CBA...

    And here I thought it was America in general that was divided due to Clinton... I mean Bush... I mean Obama... I mean Trump.... It looks like the standard these days is conflict of some sort. The lower paid being upset with the higher paid. The rich guys and gals at the top twisting the wrists of the impression makers. At the end of the day, I want to see slobber knocking football, I guess.
  12. So being an Iowa guy, I've not only gotten to watch Wirfs, he's the roommate of one of my football buddies son. So, I can tell you, he's of the highest character. The kid is a stallion in the gym, has freaked people out at the combine, and oh yeah, he's a mauler!! I'm hoping for Wirfs, too, but no way that happens. I've seen him going as high as #4.
  13. Taysom Hill - What's he worth? First off, anything we get for him (if he leaves) is a bonus. We picked him off waivers, and we've gotten great use out of him at a bargain price. He's a QB - $7.2mil average salary He's a TE - $2.1mil average salary He's a FB - $1.4mil average salary He's a WR - $2.6mil average salary He's a special teams ace - $1.6 average salary So as a gadget player, he fills a lot of roles. If he's our future QB, we should be happy with anything under $7mil, right? Average that out over the last 3 seasons with him at $555,000 average and we're sitting at about $2,150,000 for 4 years. That's a bargain, even for a backup. Moving forward with Hill, can he even pass? We've seen him in preseason, but really nothing in the regular. And a physical playing style basically limits your years of play (see Cam Newton) and he's already 30. So is he a gadget/stop gap until we get a future franchise guy? What really sucks is this draft is light on QBs, or at least QBs that would fall to our position, and the worst place for a QB needy team to be is in the mid to late round, like we are. The reason I say we're QB needy is Brees is going to retire soon, and it would be great to have a rookie that could learn under Brees for a season, similar to what we saw with Favre/Rogers, or even Mahomes/Reid, and Hill is not that guy. Who knows, maybe there's a Russel Wilson or Tony Romo waiting out there somewhere.... but for the near future, we're kinda screwed.
  14. HIndsight is always 20/20. Could have had Mahomes or Watson - But we had Brees, so we get Lattimore. (Just think how foolish Chicago feels right now (Tribusky at #2)) We absolutely stole Kamara in the 3rd! And literally every team could have had George Kittle in the 5th... so there's that We could have had Jackson in 2018, but we spent our wad on Davenport who can't play a full season. But then again, even Baltimore passed on Jackson before they picked him.... so there's that, too. We could go on & on, but the point is we hit & miss, just like any team does. And I fully agree, Brees has held us back. BUT, if we were chasing a QB, would be have scored a Kamara, a Lattimore, a McCoy, a Davenport etc... I mean, 2017 was a killer draft for us, regardless of 1 player that we speculate about. And yes, I wish Drew would have retired. I'll say that unless he pulls an Elway.
  15. My case for Brees to retire:

    Brees won't play for another team, the Saints likely won't allow it. We owe him $21mil in dead cap space regardless of where, or if he plays next season, and I'd think the Saints sure as heck won't be paying him $21mil to play for another team. That said, why not call it a career, take that $21mil, and have an entire season's worth of body left to enjoy your net worth for the rest of your life. But show me a true competitor that calls it quits before they "feel" they should, and I'll show you a very rare beast. I just wish he'd make up his mind so the rest of the Brass can get along with what they need to do with all the remaining contracts that need negotiating. There's a $30mil variable with Brees. Hill won't command near that much, Bridge is probably closer to $20mil (maybe more, but not 30). That's a huge amount, and we've got D-backs that need contracts! Retire or Play, I'm good with it. Playing for another team, I'm not.