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  1. I "like" Aaron Glenn. My only issue with him is that when he was our DB's coach, they continually regressed. He went to Detroit, we got better quickly. So, a HC position is obviously different than coaching DB's, but it just makes me nervous. I hope we get a lucky strike like a Tony Dungy, or Bill Bellicshresk, or Andy Ried etc... These guys were great when they made some changes. Anywho, out of my hands, so I'll just hope for a strong free agency and draft, and perhaps we can get back into contention quickly.
  2. Welcome back, Worm. Glad you're doing better. BYRON LEFTWICH!!! This guy has been really good (except against the Saints) and seems to have all the makings of a great, future head coach. Brian Flores - His departure from the Dolphins really shocked me. They were the hottest team in the second half of this season, and he's built a really good defense pretty much from scratch. Dennis Allen - I mean hey, the guy knows the defense guys, and they seem to respond well to him. I'd like to retain him in some form, and I think HC might be a good fit for him. Eric Bieniemy - He's
  3. I do somewhat agree. Although Moss didn't have to deal with a pandemic that had his QB out of action.
  4. Zimmer should have been fired with about 5 minutes left in yesterday's game when he failed to call plays to help Jefferson get the Randy Moss record, and then when he ordered Cousins to take a knee rather than trying a 20 yard pass.
  5. I believe this. I get really pissed when games aren't going our way, and bottom line, I HATE to lose. I was really, really pissed last night because our guys won and still lost. That's a really weird bag of emotions I haven't felt since the Rams did this to us back in the late 90's or early 2000's. Our defense is fairly young sans Jordan, Jenkins, and Davis. I think they can continue to ball out, and you throw another hardcore edge rusher and LB in the mix, and look out. Offense, I really really really hope Winston can come back and continue his growth under us. He was playing so wel
  6. End of regulation, Rams & 49ers tied. 49ers get the ball to start overtime.
  7. Guys, this is a good game for the Saints. They played the way you need to play football. If they keep this up, they won't be a pushover in the playoffs.
  8. Rams got their crap back in gear. Have the lead and just got the ball back with 1:46 left (for those who can't watch)
  9. TD Rams!!!!! with about 2:30 left in the game. Great news!!
  10. That's nearly impossible to overcome. Throw your starting QB into the mix, and I say we're blessed to even be in the mix.
  11. 58 Saints starters missed time due to injury this season. The most since they started tracking that stat in 1970.
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