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  1. Okay, so the Eagles release Mychal Kendricks today. This one is a weird move, in my opinion. Maybe a personality thing? I know we're thick at LB (oddly) now, yet who do we have that is proven? Basically 1 guy? Or at least 1 guy who didn't end up on IR last year, or who was actually a "starter". So, do we entertain Kendricks? Is the guy a fit? I mean, he's been quite the producer, and arguably going into his prime, so......?
  2. Earn? Sure, worth a look. As the son of a convicted felon, a white one at that, I take issue with the race card being pulled once again. I also take issue with the suggestion that 5 years heals crimes that affect others for their entire lives. Ya gotta think sometimes before ya go off and Hernandez somebody.
  3. Updates from Saints Rookie Minicamp

    He had better adjust well, and quick. All I'm hearing at this point are excuses. That's fine, to a point, but not when burning an additional 1st round pick. Yup, I'm that guy, today.
  4. Adrian Peterson?

    So what do ya'll think, will we see Adrian Peterson "round 2" after the Rookie mini camp? The guy has to be fresh. Sure, he's old and getting fragile, but he might be a good body for 4-6 games to lighten the Kamara load. I know, we have a stable of RB's. Just a thought.
  5. Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs

    I agree with all this (other than the "I don't care" part). I do care, yet I also want the big, fast, gladiator badass that's going to fly around like a wicked machine and smoke people off their cleats etc... I don't really care about the players, and they don't care about me. I DO; however, love the game of football because of the gladiator type play. Unfortunately, that's changing rapidly due to the overwhelming size of the populous pu**ies, and their lawyers. ..........I'll try to end my own rant.
  6. 2018 Schedule announced

    I actually think that Ingram is a bigger part of this offense than many give him credit for, and he's literally in his prime right now. He sees the field, he's in peak physical shape (even if it's fake), and he knows how to work with this O, and the entire O knows how to work with him. He's not a guy you pull and plug someone else in, and expect similar results. It just isn't gonna happen that way. I'm feeling like we'll be lucky to be above .500 at the bye. Lose to Tampa, Atlanta, Cleveland Win vs. New York and Washington.
  7. Mark Ingram suspended 4 games for PEDs

    I know pretty much every player is on the juice, but it still pisses me off to think it, and to know it. I'm mega bummed about this.
  8. 2018 Schedule announced

    Suddenly, literally over night, I agree with the 9-7 forecast. But not due to Brees and the Sophomores, this time due to Ingram getting caught juicing. What a dumbass!!
  9. Saints cut Coby Fleener

    I wonder if they'll use Brandon Coleman as a situational TE. He blocks better than Jimmy Graham ever did, has better hops, he's just lighter. Not surprised at all to have read this ax.
  10. 2018 Schedule announced

    Well you guys make me not want to watch. Cloudy day where you're at?
  11. 2018 Schedule announced

    You're dead to me.
  12. 2018 Schedule announced

    Every team sees the Sophomore slump in every position ever. It's just a fact. There are very few exceptions to this rule, and mostly because there's a full season of film (including playoffs) to study. That's why we saw these kid's production slow down toward the end of last season, too. I sure hope we can push through that, but it's certainly something to think about.
  13. Saints trade up for Marcus Davenport

    What can I say, it was a long day
  14. My thoughts on Saints 2018 draft class...

    If we really think about it, Brees IS our offense, and has been. There's always a sharp decline when he's out of the mix, regardless of our RB talent (which we have great RB talent now). ^^This^^ is why I'm loving what we're doing in the draft, for a few seasons now. We're building a top 5 defense! Look at what Denver did with Peyton Manning's noodle arm and a top 5 D. Look at what Seattle did with 1 good RB, and good serviceable QB, and a killer "Legion of Boom" D. '85 Bears, Tampa with Rob Johnson, Ravens with Trent Dilfer etc.... the list literally goes on and on. That's what we're seeing here, until that next piece of talent shows up to take the helm at QB. When the time comes that we sign a wicked good QB, and have that top 5 defense... well, we all know the hardware follows.