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  1. I remember watching how badly the Ricky Williams trade affected the Saints, not only that year, but for following years, and ultimately cost Ditka his job. Then Haslett had to come in and find 27 free agents. I think about the players that we could have gotten in lieu of Mr. Head Case Williams. Washington used OUR picks to to get Champ Bailey, LaVar Arrington, Desmond Clark... all good players, and we parted ways with Williams after 3 seasons.
  2. I totally agree. I was referring more to what Mookie and Raves were discussing about him being a 10 year backup. I just don't see that happening. To the main topic, though, I always want us to have a QB competition. I don't care if we've got Brees or Brady on the roster, I want somebody pushing them for their job (in a good way, of course).
  3. It seems to me that we're forgetting that Book played/started for 3 years for a team that was pressing to be in the playoff race during that stretch. Sure, the Irish had their fair share of draft picks, but not a ton. Notably their o-line was really stout and 2 tackles and a guard got drafted. I say this because so many teams have high draft picks surrounding a "marquee" player. Not so much with this pick/team. It's not like Alabama or Ohio State where a huge amount of their players get drafted, so everybody looks great by default. But look at Book's numbers. The past 2 season he's 4
  4. Quarterback Ian Book from Notre Dame. Interesting pick...
  5. It's kinda crazy to look at the recent history of what the Saints have done in the 3rd round. Last night we traded both the 98th and 105th (both compensatory picks) to Denver to get the Bronco"s #76 pick. It's worth noting that 3 of the next 4 picks were defensive players, so the war room clearly knew there was a sweet spot here to take action. Here's the crazy part. We've traded up in the third round for three years in a row. 2019 Draft - We traded up for C.J. Gardner-Johnson at No. 105. 2020 Draft - We traded up twice in the third round for LB Zack Baun at No. 74 and TE Adam Tr
  6. I know Turner isn't a guy that many people were looking at, or even considered, BUT: I'm glad the Saints stayed put. We all were singing the blues about the Davenport trade a few years ago, and I think we all agree that we reached WAY too far. Personally, I'd rather take a guy a few spots too early, rather than reach and lose leverage for the rest of the draft, or even future drafts. We have A LOT of rebuilding to do, and we've done really well building through the draft, and sprinkling in some free agents. I'm down with this.
  7. I was going to chime in about this when I saw that player performance chart. HIs 3 cone and shuttle are out of this world! And look at the frame on the guy. The Pro world can pack another 10-15lbs of muscle on the guy, and that will be scary!
  8. Cam Jordan's heir apparent? Payton Turner. Alright. I'll trust the Ireland crew.
  9. Or maybe everyone's in bed already because we traded back? Nah...
  10. I guess nobody in their right minds would take a QB with a major injury to his throwing shoulder either, right? I'd love to see the pick work. I guess I'm just gun shy right now with that fact that we finally have some draft picks, we've drafted VERY well over the past few seasons, and the price teams are paying to move up in the first round, I'm guessing we'd burn at least 2 first round picks just to move ahead of the Titans, for a guy with a spinal column injury that has affected his hip and thigh movement, which is what makes CB great. So with our killer scouting department, we're taki
  11. I don't like the injury he's been dealing with, and the fact he hasn't hit the field for 2 season, with 2 surgeries relating to the spine. And to trade up for that? You can't tell me there's no better alternatives in the draft.
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