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  1. NFL draft 2020

    Or there's ..........Colin...........
  2. Kiko Alonso had a pretty good game. I could see him upsetting AJ Klein and then transitioning in to his position. Klein's due $9mil next season, whereas Alonso's due $6.4mil, so I'm guessing Klein will be gone. We have a lot of work to do this season and next. Our LB corps is aging, as is Cam Jordan. We've got a younger secondary, so that's promising, and a fairly young offense. Just need some more hands on offense.
  3. And how about Marcus Williams getting to keep his INT without it being nullified by a penalty. He's at 4 for the season. Probably should be more like 7. He has 1/2 of our team totals at INTs. Bell, Lattimore, Vonn, and Damario Davis all have 1 each.
  4. NFL draft 2020

    Nope. Of course, I'm not a big fan of SEC QBs, especially Alabama. To me, Alabama is similar to the Patriots. It's a system, not necessarily the players. The Pats use scraps to the best of their ability. 'Bama puts together higher tier players that make a great collective.
  5. Go ahead and eat those fingers, Winston. This was a good win after such a bad loss. We've got a lot going for us, now we just need some better execution so San Fran doesn't put both feet up our arses.
  6. That's what made that touchdown possible. The defense was totally looking into the backfield.
  7. Damario Davis is a STUD!!!!!!!!! And so is Thomas, and Brees, and everybody else, because I'm happy right now!!
  8. Fortunately Winston is looking like the yucky Winston, so we have a chance.
  9. No superstition here, and I'll say last week, I made a point prediction (against my better judgement) and I failed miserably, so I'm not doing that again. Last week, all 3 off the teams I give a rip about lost. Iowa, Iowa State, and the Saints. It was fun to watch LSU win, though. This week, so far, Iowa beat #8 Minnesota - GO HAWKEYES!!!, Iowa State beat #19 Texas, now the Saints need to pull the trifecta! Other than big nutz Lutz, nothing went our way last week. There was so much to improve on that I don't even know where to start. Perhaps we start with Payton not abandoning the run again. I know the Bucs D is stout against the run, but we have to stick with it! It has been working, and it opens up the pass. Gotta keep that defense honest. That said, Tampa's secondary is garbage, so I know Payton/Brees will be tempted to pass 77% of the time. Here's to a strong comeback, and a sweep of Tampa for the season. I'd like to see: Taysom Hill run for a TD, pass for a TD, and receive a TD. I'd like to see us hold Tampa to 5 FG attempts, with only 3 or 4 of them made. And I'd like to see a convincing win!
  10. Week 12 Game Day Thread

    Where have our Hawkeyes been? Who are these guys? They're playing inspired ball today, for sure!!
  11. Saints G Andrus Peat breaks arm; out 6 weeks

    Playing at a Pro-Bowl level? I wonder how they rate this. Peat is easily our weakest point of our O-line.
  12. When I heard them announce that Sean Payton had gotten engaged Friday night at the end of the bye week, I told my wife "we're screwed". Everybody looked flat...everybody!! Well, except Michael Thomas...
  13. pathetic on all facets. Time for me to switch to a different game before I blow a gasket.