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  1. Some speculation I've heard is that this is opening the door for next off season, especially if our up & coming situation, whatever that may be, fails. To have Wilson identify the Saints as a preferred suitor is pretty awesome. I think that really helps our free agency bargaining power, for the right people, of course.
  2. I have a bad feeling you're right, considering our cap situation. We're due to dole out a boatload if we're going to keep even 1/2 of the marquee guys we'd like to keep. So I guess we'll have to see what Loomis can accomplish. The positive side of the QB thing is, Winston didn't do anything last season to show the NFL world that he is any different than the guy who signed a minimum contract the year prior. So the notion that he gets a huge contract somewhere is likely off the table. Someone WILL offer him a "nice" contract, but I doubt we see anything even close to a block buster. Ta
  3. I don't think you could ask for a better "person" to have in the building, and as mentioned, one heck of a player for many years. I love this hire!
  4. There's a lot of talk about the Panthers taking a QB. Do you think they'll deal Bridgewater, and if so, what's the Saints play for bringing him back. I seemed as though there was a mutual respect between Bridge and the Saints, and we all knew we couldn't keep him due to him being signed to a starters salary. I've never been big on Teddy, but last year's stats with the Panthers was the best of his career, and he was without his #1 weapon - McCaffery - and their entire team was riddled with injury and without their long time coach, Rivera. Could be some upside with Teddy if Winston and
  5. I get that, but it's not really the point I was trying to make. It seemed like you were saying a trade could be doing him right so he could go elsewhere etc... I was simply saying that I don't think he wants to go anywhere else. That said, you're right, it could all be lip service. He was raised by a Viking and is a Vikings fan, so there's that.
  6. Keep in mind, Jordan just tweeted the other day that he wants the entire defense back. He loves this team. I don't think he wants to leave.
  7. Keep Marshon - We have had first hand experience in how dang hard it is to find a decent CB in this league, and the fact that so many people are giving up so much just to land a good one tells me to hang on to what you've got. Yes, Marshon has had a mediocre season(s) but you'll have to refer to my broken record of Aaron Glenn not being a very good secondary coach. I truly believe Marshon has great skills, and will get back to having those with a new coach. And he's a good fit in Dennis Allen's scheme, just needs the right positions coach to get him back to an elite level. I reall
  8. Maybe we should just start backups. We're 8-1 so far, so I'd take 14-2
  9. I'm thinking we won't see Brees for a while. He's heading to NBC, and won't likely be coaching for a few years, if ever. It would be fun to see him again, but I just doubt it'll happen. He'll get paid millions by a network, and we all know he's a money chasing guy, just look at all the businesses he's tried his hand in, or is still involved in.
  10. He's done this in the past, and ultimately signed the player in mention. With MT's hold out, with Kamara, even with Drew a few years ago. I don't think this is smoke screen talk. To boot, Payton also talks about their culture and transparency. He's developing quite the reputation with his team that he can be taken at face value. And yes, the comment of "holding the cards tight to the vest" didn't go unnoticed. Sign Winston, and take what you can get in the draft. THAT is the smoke screen. If they sign Winston, NOBODY will be looking for him to make a move to get Jones, or whatever Q
  11. Payton's interview went straight to Winston, with no hesitation. I can't help but to think of what our team would look like if we had a guy who could stretch the field. Even look at what Brady did to Green Bay last weekend. That changes the entire defense. Whereas we've not had that ability, and then when we did put in the big gun, things changed. Winston needs to get a chance. I hope they can figure out how to pay him.
  12. Packers have interviewed a bunch of people. Let's hope they roll with the Eagles DL coach over ours.
  13. This is the best thing I've read since our season ended. I like this guy, and I've wanted to replace Glenn for quite some time. Great news, in my opinion.
  14. Send them MT. We'd be fine. Our offense was ranked #2 this season (better than previous years) without MT for a huge chunk of time, and without Brees for a big chunk. Can you imagine Watson's production if he's only sacked about 20 times instead of 50 or 60? Trade 2021 1st round pick (basically drafting a QB with experience) 2021 3rd round comp pick Michael Thomas (1st & 2nd round value) 2022 3rd round pick Marcus Davenport (mid draft value, or just to get rid of him and put that money into Hendrickson) Andrus Peat (1st & 3rd round value) That's about 7 picks w
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