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  1. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    I wasn't aware of this. Interesting.
  2. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    Another Hawkeye to watch is Josh Jackson. He's a junior with a bit to learn but is a ball hawk, and has declared for the draft. I'm working on some video of him. Stay tuned.
  3. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    You don't have to tell me twice about this kid. He is and has been the leader, and heart & soul of that Hawkeyes defense. Rarely hurt, and everyone wants to play up to his level. I'd love to have a Hawkeye (Jewell) and Cyclone (Klein) on our D. That would just be awesome!
  4. Top Prospects in the 2018 Draft

    Didn't we bring Graham in as a rookie?
  5. Here's our future.

    How awesome would that be?!
  6. Yeah, was the game over? Not 25 seconds earlier. And I don't really approve. Once the game is over, last play's been run, go for it. Good luck with Bridgewater next season.
  7. Didn't know about it, and I don't like it. I'm guessing there was a message of some sort, too. I think besting someone on the field is how you get someone's goat, not silly crap, and not rubbing it in people's faces. I hate to sound like a fun hater, I'm not. I'm a do unto others type. Dancing with the broom in the locker room after a sweep, all for it, it's not "in your face" and is well deserved. Keenum doing the Skol chant once the Saints cleared the field, I'd have been cool with that.
  8. 2018 Free Agency - Who's available?

    I don't know if he's playing well or not, but I was absolutely interested in him. He wanted to go to the Raiders, so I don't see him leaving, and he'll certainly want to play for Gruden. I'm guessing he is a wasted conversation point.
  9. I'll be 100% honest with you, I hate gloating. I think it's poor sportsmanship, and I would hope our team members would be above that. Had Keenum done that at the end, or near the end of halftime, that'd be cool as s**t and intimidating. To kick a team when they're down... just disrespectful. I get it, and I'm sure he was on cloud 9. I won't change my opinion one bit. Anyway, he'll have to come up with something new next year when he's playing for the Giants.
  10. 2018 Free Agency - Who's available?

    Graham is a 1 trick pony and will come at a really high price. I say we pass on him and go get a rookie that can actually contribute to the run game. We've got 2 stud running backs, let's help them out!
  11. A few things. 1) Marcus Williams will never wiff like that again. If the kid slept last night, it wasn't good sleep. This will chew on him so long that it will make him tough as nails, and his focus will be unlike any back-end defender we've had. Take that to the bank. 2) Morestead was the first back onto the field for the final PAT followed by a few guys, and Jordan. Say what you want, but that's leadership. Those guys played and put more on themselves than most of the guys in the league, and when you know you're going home after a pure sacrifice of your own body... to come back onto the field and face the executioner is as ballzy as it gets, and take guts!! Case Keenum can suck a fat one with his skol chant when they were lining up. That was pure disrespect. Little prick.
  12. Well, Gentleman, this is a tough pill to swallow, but it was a good game. Congrats on the win, and I'll be rooting for you guys to run the table. Take down the Eagles, and beat (probably the Pats) at home for the WIN!!
  13. I can't remember feeling like this other than 2009 vs. the Vikings. ...and I have to live with a Vikings fan. Could be a long week......
  14. Here's a fact, stat, visual for ya. Minnesota = 0-57 in Championship success 19-28 playoff record 0-4 Superbowl wins. Last Superbowl appearance.... 1976