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  1. Lattimore - Best cornback since Woodson

    I'm not sure you saw my correction regarding what my thought was, and I'm not going to change the title of the thread as I think that's kinda chicken crap. The "best CB rookie of the year" since Woodson. No, I don't think he's the best CB since Woodson, and I don't think he's the best CB in the league. Maybe not even top 10 this season. So, YOU are absolutely right, we can't call him an all time great after 2 seasons, and you'll get no argument from me there. That said, you simply can't take his first two years of the table when comparing to Woodson. They've performed very similarly in their first two seasons, that's all.
  2. Lattimore - Best cornback since Woodson

    I'm sticking with it. The skill, talent, and work ethic this kid has shown tells me he's on his way to greatness. @JMG5 please show me where I said he's equal to Woodson. "Strikingly similar" stats, and "best CB since Woodson" is in no way saying "this kid is Woodson reincarnate". Perhaps my mistake was I didn't type "best CB Rookie of the Year since Woodson" which is really what prompted the post. @navysaintsfan so we can't compare new players to all time greats? At what point does that come off the table? Who shouldn't we compare Michael Thomas to, yet? Or Mark Ingram. I threw up a comparative stat as they are incredibly similar, but again, I didn't say this kid is the next Charles Woodson. Now, I won't take it off the table. Let's discuss again in 13 years, shall we?
  3. Jets officially sign Greg Williams as DC

    It worked for the Saints in 2009.
  4. The defensive rookie of the year in 2018 (2017 season) was Marshon Lattimore. I'll argue that if it weren't for one fluke play, he'd have played in a Superbowl in his rookie year. His Sophomore year started out a little sluggish, but look at his overall performance. And behold, he's 1 game away from a Superbowl, yet again. Lattimore's stats are strikingly similar to another HOF cornerback, and defensive ROTY 1998, Charles Woodson. Both had 5 INT's their rookie season (Latt missed 3 games due to injury). Fumbles, 1-2 respectively. Similar (to each other) stats in tackling. Sophomore season, Latt 2 INT's, Woody 1. Forced fumbles, 4-0 respectively. Tackles are within 3 of each other. So, as people are saying Lattimore is having a Sophomore slump, the kid is actually performing pretty darn well, and is right up there with the first 2 seasons of a clear cut HOF CB. 20 years in the making, I just thought I'd throw that out here as we approach the NFC Champs game. Cheers!!
  5. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    That was one of the best "GoFundMe" contributions I ever made! That and straight up dirty, classless play and players are what Championships are made of!!!!!!!! Rams up by 5 at the half.
  6. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    I don't really care about the attention, guys. Frankly, I get your point. Psychologically, it just came across as a preconceived defense. Don't get too bent when your opposition shows up and keys in on it. I'm all about friendly (and sometimes not) banter. It's the Championship game, so you might wanna get used to it.
  7. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    Pretty fair statement.
  8. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    2 examples. That's all. When you are talking about somebody being inept, I assumed you had more than two samples, or perhaps that you were looking at both sides. Yeah, I came to your sub, I didn't see a "do not enter" sign out front, sorry. You insist that I am pushing a topic, when in fact you guys are going on and on about it in multiple forums. I just thought I would join in your conversation. Perhaps I'm the one that struck a nerve? I get it though, it's pretty easy to complain about missed calls when you lose rather than the missed ones when you win.
  9. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    Wait, wait, wait. Officials get awarded playoff games based on how accurate they are, and how well they did during the season. So you're here to tell me that after all the reviews, this guy is incompetent? Maybe the Rams just play like garbage in these big games. I'm not going to disagree that there are bad calls here and there, but you're looking at it from your team's perspective. If the shoe's on the other foot, it looks totally different. Funny, you ask me to drop it, when ya'll living with it.
  10. Does anyone else find it funny/ironic that after years of the NFL/Goodell coming down hard on the Saints organization, that now all of the sudden there's a conspiracy that the NFL/Goodell has it out for the Rams and want "Brees to get a final ring" so they're stacking the ref deck against the Rams? Goodell can't stand the Saints/Payton. So what did the Rams org do? Pray tell!
  11. NFC Championship Game - @ Saints

    You all know the NFL will never go back on any decision they ever make, regardless of the implications, right? Bountygate, Spygate, Deflategate, James Harrison fines, Soon to be Dallas in the cross hairs, and more. I'm not sure what the Rams org has done to the NFL/Goodell. And why on Earth would Goodell/NFL ever favor anything with New Orleans EVER?
  12. Jets officially sign Greg Williams as DC

    The Jets will enjoy GW for about 2 or 3 seasons, then he'll move on to some other team in need of a DC/HC. The guy just doesn't stay put long.
  13. Cam Newton to sit out 2019?

    As much as he seemed to be hurt this season, why on Earth were they still calling his number on read option plays? And frankly, his backup was money once they finally sat Cam. Either way, they'll find out a way to eek out 9-10 wins, and enjoy the playoffs from the couch.
  14. NFC Championship: Rams vs. Saints

    I'm curious, has anyone seen the penalty schedule yet? I'm curious if they're going to "F" the Rams early in the game, or late. And is it going to be deep P.I. calls, or simple holding calls? Jinx update, the Refs call the cleanest game for the Rams they've had all season. Rams up by 42 in the first half.
  15. This is not intended to be mean to you... who cares what they think. They've been crying and whining since we beat them earlier, talking about the refs etc... They forget the Saints were absolutely dominating them for the first 1/2 to 3/4 of the game. There are bad calls in every game. I didn't hear anyone b*tching about the "no calls" last week when the Eagles were constantly holding or interfering our receivers. The refs held their flags (except when they thought Peat needed a new yellow coat). They can cry me a river, and then we'll let the Saints row that river to the Superbowl!!