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  1. Good stuff! Here's why I feel somewhat optimistic against the Chiefs. A) our defense. I'll just leave it at that. We struggle against the slants & crossing patterns, but I think our D-line will flush Mahomes too fast for him to make those passes, and our new addition to the Linebacking corps has already proven to be a great asset to an already powerful group. B) Payton has this way of dissecting the tendencies of former coaching partners. I think he'll outthink Spagnolo. I can see our offense putting up high 30's against them. So the real question is, can we outscore this Mahomes machine. Everyone thinks we'll lose to the Chiefs. That's when the Saints seem to do their best (see Tampa a few weeks ago). AND, if we're truly a contender for a ring, we absolutely have to beat them. We have to!!
  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Gang. I'm really thankful for so much, I don't even know where to start, and being able to yuk it up with "y'all" in here is certainly one of them. Cheers!! We have a fun stretch of foosball coming up. Broncos, Falcons, and Eagles before the 2nd "test" of the season, the Chiefs. I'm not gonna lie, I feel the next 3 games are ALL setup to be that proverbial "trap" game. The Broncos are just horrible, and possibly have one the worst QBs in the league in Drew Lock - who is a turnover king. The Saints have a history of making these type of players look like franchise guys, so hopefully they can wax this guy. That sets us up for a rematch against Maddie Ice. Yes, I did <-- that on purpose. After an 8 sack game, I'm not certain we'll be able to muster that again, but it will be key to winning. We all know the Falcons are capable of pulling off a win against anyone they face, although their only wins this season are against some pretty bad teams (Vikings, Panthers, and Broncos) with some near losses to some mediocre/bad teams (Cowboys, Bears, and Lions). On paper, we win this. The Eagles are a hot mess. They seem on the fence about their marque guy, Carson Wentz, and have a wicked schedule leading up to us (Seahawks (home) and Packers (away)) They turn the ball over just as much as they do good things with it, and have yet to win a meaningful game. Coach Doug Peterson seemed to him-haw in an interview the other day when a sports writer asked about moving forward with Wentz, so something's boiling there. My fear is that their backup is 2nd round pick, rookie Jalen Hurts, a guy who we have virtually no film on other than college. We always struggle against those guys. Again, on paper, we win this game. Let's just say we go 3-0 over this next stretch, we host the Chiefs at 11-2. That game will leave us at 12-2 or 11-3, with a home game against the Vikings, followed by the regular season finally on the road against the Panthers. The Vikings are still in the hunt, yet have no identity. Nobody knows who they are, and they don't even know who they are. I can tell you that they are nothing without Dalven Cook. If he has a bad game, they lose. If he has a good game, they win. Well, our front 7 doesn't allow RB's to have good games, so I think we FINALLY beat the Vikings in a big way. Too much bad blood over the past 3 seasons to let them win again. The Panthers will want a win to start their offseason right, so you know they'll play us hard. That said, we've kinda got their number. The key for this game will be, will it matter. If we're a solid #1 seed, this is a loss. If we're competing against the Rams, Green Bay, or Seattle for that #1 seed (or even the Buccs or Cardinals), we'll be full go knowing there's (likely) only 1 team that gets a bi-week. There is a strong possibility this team finishes 14-2 or 13-3. Possibly 12-4 if we hit cruise control late. What are your thoughts?
  3. I'm sure everyone knows what's going on by now, and I've forgotten to update this thread. In case anyone is left behind: Brees has 11 fractured ribs - whether that's cracked or broken, who knows - and a punctured/collapsed lung. He was just place on the "new" Injured/Reserve (IR) list, so he must sit 3 games. He'll likely sit more. Nobody's coming back from that kind of rib injury in 3 weeks. Hypothetically, he could be back in time for the Eagles game, or Chiefs (I'm sure the Chiefs is everyone's wish), but that would be pushing it. Until then, it's Coach Brees.
  4. Our D was one of the worst in the first 5 weeks, and is the best in the NFL in the most recent 5 weeks. What's crazy is our front 7 is only allowing 3.3 yards per rush. #1 in the NFL. Agreed. Look at his performance yesterday. Granted, it's against the worst secondary in the league, but Hill's numbers were really good, and he had 2 dropped passes that hit receivers right in the hands. He was 78.3% in his first ever start. If we want to compare Hill to Brees, we could look at Brees's first 2 starts of the season and chat about who had the better "out of the gates" game. We also know teams are going to have film on Hill, so it's going to get harder for him, and he'll flow with the offense more, so if he stays healthy, I think we're in good shape with him. And we always have Winston to back him up, so not a bad 3rd option. Many teams struggle to find a suitable QB. We might actually have 3. That's depth!!!
  5. I'd like to see Kamara catch one to keep his streak going, but oh well.
  6. This front seven is just scary, and it seems like or secondary is starting to find some continuity.
  7. Yeah, I get it. It's also his first start, so I'll also reserve crowning him at this point, but I like what I'm seeing vs. trying to defend Payton's decision. I just hope we can hang on to whoop the dirty birds.
  8. Hill has more than doubled his career stats and is sitting at 75% completions for this game. I think maybe we're seeing why Payton started him today. Too bad that long pass to Sanders was called back. That thing had some air under it.
  9. Yes!! Honestly, when I saw the trade for him, I didn't think it would really amount to much. So far, so good!
  10. 1st half summary, Hill has played pretty well. Nothing crazy, but for his first ever pro half, he's done well. No turnovers, and making pretty decent decisions.
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