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  1. I've had the pleasure of watching Wirfs for the last few seasons at Iowa. He was actually roommates with one former high school teammate's son who also plays for Iowa. Tristan is not only a monster, he is a great kid with a great attitude. His work ethic is crazy, and he's smart. And durability is also great with this one. You guys got a real gem here. Congrats!
  2. I don't think we overpaid. He's at 4TD's so far, and IS our offense. He's got ALL of our rushing TD's and 1/3 of our receiving TD's, and is literally 35% of our entire offensive production.
  3. Sean Payton planting this little seed into his playbook for when he needs to sit Brees, but can't because... it's Brees.
  4. Honestly, I didn't care for them. That said, it could be because they are new and a little rusty, but I literally turned off the TV sound and listened to the broadcast with Kurt Warner.
  5. What I'm really curious about is that magnificent drive we had in the early 4th quarter. It was a thing of beauty, it was fast, and it resulted in a touchdown. Not many teams can do that with the precision that our offense did. And frankly, that's what's concerning me. In short, this team has what it takes to put up a lot of points, so why are they starting out so doggone slow, until It's do or die, and ultimately die. Even if our defense continues to be hot garbage, the offense has the weapons and the talent. the motivation, however, that is incredibly concerning to me period it seems there's no motivation on either side of the ball. That's a lack of leadership!
  6. Our defense was garbage tonight, literally in every facet. Brees and Payton has better figure out how to play with some urgency. 2 weeks of pathetic offense is inexcusable from this team. And don't anyone used the loss of Michael Thomas as an excuse.
  7. Here's a pro tip, make sure you tackle high, right around the shoulder pads.... that should do it.................
  8. 3rd Q, 40 seconds left. I'm not sure when I've watched a more garbage Saints game. This is on the verge of pathetic. I'm thinking this game has passed Brees's mental capacity. He doesn't trust anything, and has become a 1 throw guy, and that throw is check down.
  9. The thing I've noticed about Brees over the last few years is that when Thomas is in, Brees relys on him, almost to a fault. With Thomas out, Brees will have to go through his progressions and make the throws he doesn't want to make. Normally I'd say Brees will pick apart a young secondary in this situation, but it's 2020 and I have a feel Brees is going to have a multiple INT game due to lack of timing reps with the young and new guys. Our D is solid, and will be the key for winning this game. Let's home Kamara shows up in the running game to help keep us multi-dimensional. I'm anxious to see how this receiving corps steps up without their #1. This game will be telling, and will help set the tone against some tough competition leading up to the bye week. At Raiders, Green Bay, at Lions, Chargers, Bye. Green Bay and LA are no joke. The Lions; however, are a joke, and that worries me, too.
  10. I'm not saying there's no issues with his age, I'm just saying he's not a noodle. I've said for years he needs to work on his timing. I think his brain says he can chuck it 60, and then his arm delivers 45 and receivers have to stop or come back to the ball. A 5 step drop and delivery is what he needs, which is about what Cook got. And Cook is slower than any of our WR's.
  11. how crappy is Baker Mayfield that after 2 full season, he doesn't even doesn't even understand the grounding rules. He's one heck of an athlete, but that's about it.
  12. We all know Brees can't sling it 60 yards, never really could, but he dropped a dime on Cook 42 yards in the air, and it was smooth without a huge wind up. So I'm not going to listen to noodle arm just yet. I will listen to his timing being off, and waiting too long to deliver passes. If Brees can toss a few long ones on target again, we'll be looking good. As of now, defenses know they need to cover 15 yards & under. That kills Kamara's game, and essentially makes us 1 dimensional. This was a really good week 1 win, for many reasons. I'm going with it, and celebrating it. Let's hope they build more momentum and keep it going!
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