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  1. Does the NFC get overrated?

    History? Winning? Stable? I think these 3 things go really far with a fan base. Does a team have a player/coach with a great history, a history of winning, and have they been with their franchise for quite some time, adding stability? Look at Brady/Belecheck with the Patriots. They weren't "sexy" until they started winning. Anyone under 20 or so doesn't know the "old" Patriots. Steelers and their coaching prowess over the last 50 years. Throw in a literal handful of Super Bowl rings, and suddenly they're sexy. Anyone under 50 knows the Steelers win. Saints and Brees/Payton. This team was FAR from sexy until Brees & Payton came to town, won a Super Bowl, and now they're sexy. And the aforementioned teams have stayed put for nearly their entire existence. You could name several teams in this category. But the minute you remove history, winning, stability, that can go out the window pretty quickly. The Steelers aren't that sexy right now. Turmoil, franchise QB out for the season, no Super Bowl for a while (winners have short memories). The NFC North and East, are super stable with history, although I wouldn't refer to the Giants & Redskins as sexy. And some is geographical and TV markets, I suppose.
  2. So, as all of you know, I have been the ultimate skeptic of Teddy Bridgewater. Being just a few hours from the twin cities, I've watched him play plenty live, and in my nightmares. Here's why I have a newfound optimism: Mike Zimmer ^^This guy has screwed up more QB selections than the Browns, for God's sake. From the dismissal of Teddy Bridgewater, to giving up a first-round for Bradford, and then keeping Cousins, I think we just might be onto something! Okay, maybe I was pushing it with the Browns comment, but you get the picture. I'm looking forward to see what Teddy can do after taking first-string reps for an entire week. Having the coaching staff plan the playbook around him, not Brees, who's clearly a different player. Actually giving him a chance to develop some timing with the receivers, running backs, and the o-line. I'm giving this thing another whirl, not like we have a choice, but optimistically.
  3. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    I'm anxious to see how the rest of the team rallies, knowing they don't have a top 5 GOAT at the helm. Do they rise up (who I think they are) or do they fall apart (who others think they are). If Brees is done, I'm anxious to see how this team rallies and rises to the occasion. I'm saying we still go 10-6.
  4. This is hilarious. You contradict yourself in 13 words. So, let's not overreact. Bridgewater (has never been my favorite, and I fear this moment) has had very few, if any reps with the 1st team offense. Has virtually zero experience with timing to build continuity with the 1st team, so perhaps we give this guy a chance to make, or tank, eh? Before we "react". BTW, nice game in Atlanta....
  5. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    I am making a vow, from this point forward, I will never buy another piece of any NFL licensed gear of any sort from anyone other than a pirate. My $57.97 hit to their $10billion revenue will certainly make an impact. #FtheNFL
  6. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    You're not missing anything. The Saints have all but packed it in. The Rams have the obvious momentum, and I don't see that changing without Brees. The receivers are dropping passes that are hitting them in the hands, and our O-line is all of the sudden falling apart.
  7. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    And, our secondary is atrocious!! I can't say anything good about them at this point. Our front 7 is playing well, and our D-line is really playing well, I think.
  8. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    And here we go, the Refs screwing the Saints out of points again. Blowing a play dead when ALL turnovers are reviewed. Why? Idiots.
  9. Week 2 GDT: Saints (1-0) @ Rams (1-0)

    My biggest issue with last week's game was not with the pass defense (that's a really good group we faced), it's how we handled the run. Frankly, our defense was in position, most of the time, to make the plays near the line of scrimmage, but they simply failed. Failed to wrap up, failed to do much more than just simply hit the runner, expecting him to fall down. That always opens up the passing game, always. Hyde was at 8.3 YPC, and Duke Johnson at 6.2. That's not how you win games. We allowed a 54% 3rd down conversion rate, and 100% on 4th. Fortunately, our 3rd down conversion rate was better (64%). How about some love for Latavius Murray!! We haven't heard boo about his first TD as a Saint, and his 7.2 YPC (I know one was a long one, but who cares). So, this week we get David Onyemata and Mario Edwards to rotate in at DT, and Craig Robertson at LB (unfortunately still without Rankins). That should help a bit, but it boils down to fundamentals. Keep the YAC down to a low roar, and we might contain Gurley and keep him below 75. The only negative thing I really saw on offense was our receivers failing to get good separation, and timing seemed to be off with anyone not named Michael Thomas. And finally, our run blocking wasn't great, but I also have unrealistic expectations thanks to video games. The footwork of AK really made the line look better, although they were pretty darn good, and kept Brees clean. This will be a great game, and I'll bet we see these guys again in the playoffs.
  10. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    Impossible for me to imagine.
  11. - Iowa Hawkeyes Thread -

    Thanks for the invite to the board, @Cheesehawk. I really looking forward to the Cy-Hawk game, as much as any in the past. I'm a fan of all Iowa sports, but when Iowa faces any of them, especially ISU, it's gloves off time. I don't just want a win, I want to see a beat down, blowout, full on arse kicking! Pick on the corners early and often to run up the score, and then let the stable of RB's carries us the rest of the way. Of course, I'm not sure what we'll see, but I'd like to see a 38-17 type score.
  12. Hello Say Hello! Introduction Thread

    @ET80 you've always been entertaining to me, and thanks. Don't "F" it up
  13. Week 1 GDT: Texans (0-0) @ Saints (0-0)

    I don't know about "rivalry", but that's a pretty fun point. I don't think any of us will ever understand 5 feet of rain.
  14. Clearly a kicker problem, not a coaching/scouting problem.
  15. Johnathan Abram Out for the Season

    The kid is tough, and comes with a different attitude than most. I'd be afraid to go up against him next year. He'll be out to prove he's not brittle.