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  1. Schedule is shaping up

    So we're 6 games (7 weeks) into the season and we're starting to see the flavor of what's to come, schedule wise. Of our 10 remaining games, we're home for 6 of them. 2 of our road games are going to be really tough, and all 4 are serious. Road - Bills 4-2, Rams 5-2, Falcons 3-3, Buccs 2-4 Home - Bears 3-4, Buccs 2-4, 'Skins 3-2, Panthers 4-3, Jets 3-4, Falcons 3-3 The Buccs and Jets are the only "weak" looking teams on the schedule (Buccs twice) and possibly the Bears due to a rookie QB. Of the road games, the Bills game, in 3 weeks, is the only one that weather could be a total craps shoot. They could have sunny & 65, or 3 feet of lake effect snow. And the Bills are no joke, they seem to be a bit of a yo-yo right now, so let's hope we get them at the bottom of their swing. The Rams are for real, and they are playing about as good as anyone in the league right now, and their team is pretty healthy (unlike Minnesota, the #2 NFC seed), and we'll see them in 5 weeks in LA. The Falcons, Buccs, and Panthers are all capable of surprising us and comprise 1/2 of our remaining schedule. If I had to look at paper, I'd say we finish with at least 3 losses (Bills on the road, Rams on the road, Skins in the Dome) and a possible dropped game vs a division opponent, because it just seems to go that way. Regardless, we should certainly finish at least 9-7, But more than likely 11-5. Considering how we started the year, I'll take it! We're currently a 4th seed playoff team (Seahawks are 5th, so that would be our first playoff opponent) with a big game coming tonight between the #1 & #6 seeds, Eagles and 'Skins, respectively. The Saints are 2 Vikings losses away from #2 seed as the Vikings hold a tie-breaker over us and they're 5-2 right now. We've certainly got some work to do, and it's getting interesting. Thoughts?
  2. Bears up next

    I'm nervous about the Bears game. The Bears defense is really good. Their offense is getting better with their QB settling in (how did he only have 7 attempts in a win yesterday??) and one of the top running backs in the league. What my hope is, is that the Saints came back down to earth after they looked lousy in the first half vs. the Packers. Perhaps that will help them focus and start strong. The Bears rookie QB hasn't experienced a Super Dome type crowd yet, so ya'll get your pipes fired up and confuse the kid!!! I'm glad this one's a home game.
  3. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    Of course we'll never know what the locker room sounds like, but to go from a benching and trade talks, to a chest bump and performing high speaks louder than what we'll ever know. I did see Vacarro quit on a few plays yesterday, and that was disappointing. 1st) On that long TD run and he just simply stopped running with quite a bit of space left. Bell kept chasing. 2nd) Was on Hundley's scamper to the sidelines. Again, Vacarro quit. He could have laid the wood on Hundley prior to the markers, but didn't touch him. Results were a 1st down. If people are going to nitpick Brees' arm strength, I'm going to nitpick Vacarro's lack of finishing plays
  4. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    This win will put us number one in our division! Not bad considering a 0-2 start.
  5. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    Aaaaand KaPow!
  6. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    If we can get a touchdown here, that will turn the Packers into a one-dimensional team. That's where we could get a good pick off and ice this thing!
  7. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    One thing is for certain, if this proves to be a tight game near the end, we don't have to worry about Rogers running the entire field in 62 seconds.
  8. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    True. Perhaps our D will show up in the second half. Maybe an absolute reverse of last week. I'd be cool with that. That was great coverage by Klein and good pressure on Hundley.
  9. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    Outstanding! Cap off a great drive with another missed PAT. That pretty much sums up today's crap fest. I almost wonder why I'm complaining. We're hanging pretty tight with a 4-2 that has a decent defense.
  10. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    We should either try running on 1st down, or throw a screen.......... A complete lack of imagination so far, and clearly a huge lack of preparation mentally. I'm turning the Vikings game on until halftime.
  11. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    You guys have no idea how many F'ing Cheesehead fans there are in Central Iowa. I am so outnumbered, we better pull this one out so I can have a halfway decent week at the office. We're in a hub, here. Vikings, Bears, Packers, Broncos, Chiefs, Colts (kind of) and a bunch of stupid Steelers and Cowboys. Ugh. Go Saints!!!!!!!
  12. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    They have talent on their offense, if they can just get the ball to them. Definitely a test for our defense to make sure they can keep their heads in the game and not go into it like they've got it won already, you know, like they did after the halftime last week. It's going to be rainy and a bit windy in Green Bay today, but a good temperature. This should be a great game from the physical aspect, and look for both teams to be somewhat conservative due to the weather. Of course, I say that so they'll air it out 80%. The biggest plus, it's going to be on TV local here, so I actually get to watch it in real time on the big screen instead of on my phone screen with a 3 minute delay (thanks, Verizon).
  13. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    Talk about a big test for a new starter. The Saints defense leads the league AFTER you erase the first 2 weeks statistics. Hundley is not only facing this D with a beat up O-line, but he's also has the duty of dealing with "he's no Aaron Rodgers" and so on. Well, who is, right? Thanks for the pleasant conversation, Packers fans. Welcome to the board, and good luck Sunday. I think we're all in mystery mode right now. Who knows what we'll get...
  14. 🏈 Week 7 GDT Saints vs Rodgerless Packers

    2 things: 1) our D can't "quit" or take a quarter off like they did last Sunday. They need to play and finish like they're behind, the entire game! 2) Our offense needs to produce like we know they can, yet like we haven't truly seen this year. They've been pretty darn good, sure, but they're capable of so much more. This team is still trying to figure out how all the pieces work, and they're getting better and better every week (opposite of the usual). If they can stay humble and focused, I think they put up another 30+ points and come home with fresh cheese.