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  1. Officially the worst offensive performance by the Saints in the Sean Payton era. ...and I think we all felt it. What a stinger.
  2. Peyton's post-game press conference should be one sentence, and one sentence only. I FAILED TO PROPERLY PREPARE THIS TEAM TO COMPETE
  3. Well, hold the phone. Just finished mowing my garlic patch, turn the game on and we're actually trying to do something positive.
  4. Alright, I'm switching from Bloody Marys to Costco small batch Bourbon. Catch you next game.
  5. Holy cow, a positive play... I wonder if there will be an offsetting penalty.
  6. Well with that return, we MUST go full 2 minute offense!
  7. What do you think? Think Payton will go into 2 minute, or just kill the clock?
  8. It really does seem that way. You'd think some guys would have the "let me show you something" attitude.
  9. It's a weird dynamic. Our offense was without 6 coaches most of the week, and our D is down so many key guys. That's hard to overcome after only 1 week of working together, and only 2 preseason games.
  10. If we can hold to 3 more points, I'll watch the second half, otherwise, I'm going back out to the garden, LOL!
  11. That was a good goal line stop, holding them to 3. Dome, we need a spark before the half.
  12. Of course, I'd rather drop trou this early in the season as compared to January. We should have some great film to watch with this one.
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