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  1. Winners & Losers from Day One

    Agree. The Hawks have not drafted particularly well for a few years now. Last years draft was ok, but there top pick is never going to play a down of football.
  2. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    Agree. At least make the offer. If they say no or ask for more then you are willing to give up then fine. But at least make a frickin' phone call.
  3. Winners & Losers from Day One

    Agree. But if he wins no one will care about what he says or how he says it.
  4. Surprises... 1) Kolton Miller going top 15. 2) Ward as the first Defensive Player selected. 3) McGlinchey going top 10. 4) Mayfield as the first QB. 5) Ragnow going top 20. Shockers... 1) Penny as the 2nd RB and going 1st round. Thought he was a late 2 at best. 2) Terrell Edmunds (Safety) going1st round - thought he was a 3rd round guy at best. 3) New Orleans giving up next years 1st to get a solid but still developing DE from Texas San Antonio. 4) How cheap the trades were. Arizona moving up to 10 and keeping their 2nd. Green Bay moving from 27 to 18 and keeping their 2nd as well shocked me. (Buffalo giving up both 2nd rounders to go up 5 spots the exception here, that was an over pay by a lot, and they took the wrong QB in my opinion.) Thoughts?
  5. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    Did the Giants really say the Jets did not make them that offer? I have not heard that. And if that is true everyone in the Jets front office needs to be fired now.
  6. Has there ever been a draft with this much QB Hype?

    Hey she's gotta feed the monkey.
  7. Has there ever been a draft with this much QB Hype?

    2004 with Eli Manning, Big Ben and Phillip Rivers was a super hyped QB draft I remember. This one is a little better because we have 5 guys who go in round #1. That hasn't happened since 1999.
  8. Titans new uniforms.

    I'm 50/50 on the uniforms. I like the blue helmet a lot more.
  9. Rank the Top 5 QBs in this year's draft

    A broken watch is right twice a day.
  10. 2 Round END wave 1 FA, Mock Correction

    Your trade values are a little off. But you are thinking outside the box.
  11. What are the G-Men doing at #2?

    The trade of JPP to Tampa seems to have people thinking the Giants are going Bradley Chubb at #2. I'm of the opinion that if the Giants keep the pick it must be because they like a QB. I think any combo of Barkley, Chubb, or Nelson in NY would be good for the Giants. But if they really aren't taking a QB at #2, I'm of the opinion they should take whatever trade down they can get, provided it's fair, and get out of there. If Buffalo or Arizona really offers three 1st round picks don't you think you take it if you're New York? Or if you can get three 2nd rounders from Denver like Indy got from the Jets to move down 3 spots. If you aren't taking a QB at #2 I don't get why you would stay there. Thoughts?
  12. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    I don't think Mayfield falls out of the top 10. In fact I think he's a better prospect then Josh Allen by a lot. The need for QB's is to high. If Mayfield doesn't go top 5 I fully expect someone to trade up into the top 10 for him.
  13. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    The 49ers got two 3rd's and a 4th for moving down 1 spot last year. The price to move up for a QB is always high. This was a pretty fair deal for both sides from what I can tell.
  14. Cardinals sign Sam Bradford

    One year deal do qualify in the comp pick formula. This is good for the Vikings for sure.
  15. Cousins to Vikings becomes reality

    The Vikings will for sure qualify for comp picks. Because they gain Cousins but lose Keenum, Bradford and Bridgewater. One guy does not cover 3 guys lost. Just based on the basic parameters of the comp pick formula the Vikings get 2 comp picks.