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  1. Overrated OL/ OL Discussion

    Thinking Flowers has a “wow us or your gone” type deal. A bunch of draft capital was spent on IOL (thank the heavens). In the end the 1.5 mil is worth a shot
  2. Should Haskins sit his Rookie Year?

    I liked this because it’s how the team should operate. However, back when Jay was hired there were questions about whether or not he liked RG3.
  3. Off-Topic: The Washington Wizards Thread

    I don’t like the lottery either. It’s a great way to screw my Knicks out of Zion
  4. I think Eason begged Raymond Berry to put Steve Grogan in that game. God they took a beating
  5. 11-5 here we come baby!

    12-4 in ‘86. Damn meadowlands wind cost us that NFC title game.
  6. Charges dropped against Nicholson

    Just hope he can get this behind him and focus on his craft. Some of these kids need that wake up call.
  7. Magnanimous Theismann

    They should officially retire a bunch of numbers (7,44,28,81,68,66) while these guys are still alive.
  8. 11-5 here we come baby!

    No way were beating the Bears AND Pats in the first 5 weeks with any rookie qb. You have them at 10-1 than finishing 11-5. For what it’s worth I see the season going the other way. Rookie QBs usually get off to slow starts. Best case would be they make a run (perhaps starting with the Minnesota game. If they can hang around 500 there’s a chance we could see 11-5, but I highly doubt it
  9. First Haskins, now Moreland. How did Shawn Springs get so influential in the draft process at Redskin park?
  10. I’ve been thinking they needed to do something like this forever. At least as far back as Orakpo’s 2nd torn pec.
  11. Sammy Baugh

    That’s funny. My brother brought Sammy Baugh up last week. Led the league in passing TDs and interceptions (as a DB). His cap number would be about 50 million today
  12. Ranking the (B)East - TE (Overall) - Back-up

    For me it’s between Reed and Engram. I’d choose Engram just for youth and health
  13. Looking beyond 2019

    Great post Woz. Really puts into light the difficult decisions these teams have to make year in year out.
  14. Joe Tessitore, Bogger McFarland Annnounced As MNF Crew

    Surprised after last years debacle that Phil Simms didn’t get a call. For the experience factor alone