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  1. Thought of this today. Besides your home ice where else in the universe would you rather win the cup than on the freaking Vegas strip? That had to be some party.
  2. Congrats fellas. Well deserved for Ovechkin. Enjoy the parade!
  3. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    I’m not gonna go by stats to see how a hall of fame 3-4 end did against Chris Chester. We all know that doesn’t account for disruptive plays, plays where Watt ate doubles or sat and clogged a gap and someone else made a tackle or a sack. Since we are using stats, if Watt did that in one game I’d gladly take 48 tackles 16 sacks and 16 batted balls out of any of my D linemen.
  4. As far as the roster I agree it’s improved, definitely at RB and DL. I think health will be a huge factor as it is for every team. One factor I think we’re overlooking is the schedule because it’s tough, not sure if that would mitigate the team being healthy or not
  5. Wow nothing on the game tonight? You Caps fans must be doing some hockey superstition no talking during the games thing. Good luck with the beards! Great save by Holtby! Reminded me of Mike Richter going full split to stop Bure on a penalty in game 4 in ‘94
  6. Maybe they were trying to get back up and grab Guice themselves, or didn’t care because they had their own business to deal with. Maybe it was brought to Rosemans attention and he said don’t worry Bruce will screw it up.
  7. Anyone else think it was our dear ol Redskins front office that started the rumors? At first I thought they weren’t capable of pulling something like this off but now a little “I wouldn’t put it past them” is starting to kick in
  8. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    I see what your saying but Twill usually has speed edge guys to deal with in a ton of space Not powerhouses like Watt who works in the quagmire of the interior and usually sees doubles. I love T Will but if both healthy I think Watt would win more snaps than he loses
  9. That was the real eye opener for me. A generation or two ago in that town it would be called extortion To be fair I read the league didn’t want a repeat of a previous expansion draft where Minnesota and I think Nashville basically got nothing. They went a little overboard in trying to make Vegas competitive. NFL is guilty of this also. In 1995 Jacksonville and Carolina got to field pretty decent teams and both were in their conference title games in thier second year. In 02 Houston didn’t have quite so many advantages. I get it. New market, they’re trying to put fannies in the seats.
  10. I had no idea about what went on for this expansion draft but your post intrigued me so I did a little reading. Holy Moses I want the Rangers to fold and do that.
  11. Crazy 1st period. Hope the next 20 in this series are like this
  12. Eat young fella
  13. Well done boys. Go get em. Should be a great finals
  14. Eagles Release Mychal Kendricks, should we?

    They make this move the front 7 is as good as anyone’s.
  15. Trent Williams hosed on NFL’s top 100

    Haters gonna hate. Maybe he’ll use this as motivation to get all the injuries behind him and ball out this year