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  1. Really liked him coming out of Wisconsin. Haven’t heard anything about him since. About the Chilean kid, I wouldn’t expect anything. Don’t teams have to have an international player?
  2. If Humphries can just field every punt cleanly and flip the field on a return once in a while he’d be worth his weight in gold.
  3. How many NFL owners actually own 100% of the team?
  4. The Teflon Dan wins. At least the drama is over....for now
  5. Wouldn’t drafting a WR in round one make McLaurin the 3rd highest paid wideout on the team? Guys a captain. That’s bad for the koom-bye-yah
  6. Agree on Wright. Good player but they should let Chase and Jon Allen be the leaders of the defense. They are past the Thomas Davis type role. Hooker, meh. I looked at the list of free agent safeties to throw a name up, and there was just more meh. I liked Hooker coming out but for whatever reason it hasn’t clicked for him in a good young defense in Indy. Don’t see how he turns it around here. If he signs a minimum deal, that’s cool.
  7. I agree. With McLaurin and now Samuel carrying the load there’s plenty of snaps for the young guys to develop with the pressure off. IMO pick 19 is a OT, LB or of course QB
  8. McLaurin just tweeted how he and Samuel spoke about this in thier dorm room. He’s “lit” You want culture and koom-bye-yah in the locker room, here it is on a silver platter. We all wanted someone to take coverage off Terry, this guy ran 4.31.
  9. 1)Jacoby 2)Trent 3)Samuel 4)Lachey
  10. Really like the William Jackson signing. The CB group is now a big strength. Trent gets 6-138 from San Fran. He finally got what he wanted. Salute
  11. Kwon Alexander- just released. I know he’s had his share of injuries but he can still add a ton of athleticism to the LB room
  12. I’d see no reason to give up any of them while they’re all under contract and there’s plenty of Tight ends in FA and the draft that the Patriots haven’t signed yet
  13. Another quick point on this. Most everyone here wants a receiver in FA. I wanted Davis myself but that ship has sailed. No receiver was coming here to play with Allen and/or Heinike. How in the world is Ron supposed to convince a top FA wideout to come here and play with those guys?
  14. There’s lots of talk here in NY that Sherman wants to play for Saleh with the Jets. Of the free agent corners left I’m pulling for us to sign Mackenzie Alexander. Really liked the kid coming out of Clemson
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