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  1. Well, it’s Rivera’s show, and he’s going to bring people in that he’s comfortable with. Truth is we don’t know how much say Kyle had when Bruce or for that matter Ron ran the building. For every Kam Curl and Terry McLaurin we give him credit for, we cant blame everyone else and knock him for Guice and Haskins.
  2. Bottom line is this organization needs to start taking care of its own players, before any big ticket free agents come here. Over the years a lot of good players walked out of the building. Players around the league must see that and a feeling of, if they don’t take care of their own guys why would they take care of me, must set in. Scherrf’s deal needs to get done, hopefully it isn’t a killer financially. You could have all the comraderie amoungst the players in the world, but the front office need to do it’s part with the checkbook in order for the league to start taking this team seriously.
  3. For me it’s Davis or Golladay. This team doesn’t need a guy to come in and just compete. They need a big guy who could also get deep. That said, I’d bet dollars to donuts it’ll be Curtis Samuel.
  4. I’m not sure even Scherrf has thought about it to this point. Since he already turned down an extension, I get the feeling he’s going to test the market and take his time before he signs anywhere. Is one good start by some unknown kid going to change how he approaches his 1 huge payday? I doubt it.
  5. Heinike had no business taking Tom Brady the distance but he took Tom freaking Brady the distance. Were the Bucs prepared for Alex Smith and Heinike suprised them a bit? Probably, but the kid improved as the game went on. That’s what impressed me. He missed high a couple of times early, but the world expected him to look lost and he clearly wasn’t lost. Rather, he looked cool and in control of the offense all night. He didn’t check in and out of many plays, but we don’t know how much leash he was given to do that. He was fine, and as this young team continues to grow that might be all they nee
  6. Well, I wouldn’t crown him starter yet, but Heinike earned a spot on next years roster. The kid played his heart out, and Scott Turner deserves a ton of credit for getting him ready. I agree that this loss was easy to swallow. This game showed where the weaknesses are (WR, LB, Safety and punt returner) maybe a fullback too. Tom Brady, like Hurts last week, scored twice in the 2nd quarter, only he’s too good to give that lead back. Hats off to him and the Bucs. As for the WFT, the arrow is only pointing up fellas. The cap space and the draft picks are all there. Can’t wait for the off-se
  7. Dag gum this fudging Sims refuses to catch a gosh darn punt
  8. When the Giants, Ravens and Jets gave Brady trouble in the playoffs they blitzed both A gaps. They have to stunt or twist sweat and chase up those A gaps or it will be a long night.
  9. How the &@$! Is Steve Sims returning punts
  10. Dak as a free agent would be a dream, but I doubt Ron is shooting that high. Stafford. I mean any new coach/GM would set his price too high for him. Jameis- This team is playing to its defense, can’t have a QB that turns the ball over that much. Darnold- Rumors up here are saying the Jets are working on a Bienemy/Deshaun Watson package coming to town. This would make Darnold available and the cost low. Wentz- NO. I’m not sure what happened to him, but I want no part of it
  11. The decision really isn’t Ron’s, it’s Brandon’s. Does he really want to play here with the ever changing QB situation? I think Scherrf doesn’t sign anything until Ron gets the Quarterback room straightened out.
  12. Agreed. It was due to the lack of threat from the QB but the run game faltered as the game vs Philly went on. All the misdirection stuff from the first quarter and a half disappeared. Hopefully they get enough out of Alex that they can stick with some more of that.
  13. I’d rather not see Heinike at all. Couple drive against a prevent D didn’t impress me all that much. To ask him to come in and face Tom Brady in a playoff game is too much to ask of the kid. My bottom line is if Alex plays the way he did last week they’ll lose and Heinike is the only option.
  14. I see why Turner was doing that. Alex was a dead duck and the Eagles knew it. At least Heinike would have a prayer to escape a rush and make a play off schedule. The main reason I thought they had to stick with Alex is because he usually limits the turnovers but that just hasn’t been the case. If I’m coaching the team I’m starting Alex and once the pain killing injection wears off (halftime last week) I’m going with Heinike. I wouldn’t rotate because that just kills the rhythm of both quarterbacks. Nate Sudfield was never going to get the game changing TD drive in the 4th. Brady will.
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