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  1. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    3 months ago I would have said add Pep Hamilton to that list
  2. 2020 Draft thread

    To be fair, if John Kasay doesn’t kickoff out of bounds Brady never would have had time to drive to the game winning FG. Peppers owes Kasay a beat down lol. Peppers was stellar that season.
  3. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I’d be all over this for a conditional 6th of a pick swap of some sort if we can’t sign Hooper. Like Reed, Njoku had his fair share of injuries as well so he definately wouldn’t be my first option at the position
  4. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    Lol, you know what I’m thinking of. Glanville was with June Jones, not Gilbride at the U of Hawaii for a while. He might have crossed paths with Gilbride, who knows. Seen one Run n Shoot OC you seen em all
  5. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    Couldn’t remember if it was him or Buddy Ryan
  6. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    Like Thai said, I hope he’d have to show something before he gets his deal extended
  7. Redskins sign LB Jared Norris

    IR’ed twice than cut in camp. Rivera must really be pulling for this guy
  8. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    He’s missed a full season so I think it’s silly to try to pinpoint where he ranks. I’m just saying this roster has enough holes to fill and filling one with a top LT in Trent is a priority.
  9. Norman Finally Cut And PRich

    That would be the thread lol
  10. Norman Finally Cut And PRich

    Hearing Paul Richardson has been asked to take a pay cut or he’s shown the door as well. Worthy of its own thread?
  11. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    I’m not saying it’s armageddon if he’s not back, but I would ask if we’re certain Trent is even a top 5 LT anymore. My thinking is he’s better than any free agent out there and better than anyone we can draft going into 2020. If possible I’d like to hold off the long term replacement until next offseason.
  12. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    Trading him away should be relatively easy depending on what compensation the front office is holding out for. Protecting Haskins without him is another problem. Penn was ok at best and will be a year older. Protecting Haskins has to be priority 1 (outside of Chase Young) and they just don’t have the resources to replace Trent this offseason
  13. Norman Finally Cut And PRich

    Good to see Rivera not screw around and get this done early. It’s good for the teams reputation around the league and good for Josh, allowing him to rob some other teams money.
  14. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    Sort of suprised Jerry didn’t hook up with Kevin Gilbride, they were together a generation ago in Houston, or somewhere. Possible ol Jerry didn’t want to move to NY
  15. Rivera and Williams Have Connected

    When you consider the amount of stuff they’re involved in (all the gates) and the vast amount of media attention they get yes, very little leaves that building