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  1. Was wondering when someone would put together a post about this. At the least this move by gov. Hogan makes Bruce look bad in his efforts to get a stadium built. One question though, I heard the RFK site has plans for a 60,000 seat stadium. Why so low? Before the jokes about the team not selling tickets, if your building a stadium wouldn’t you want to attract Super Bowls and final fours? If the Redskins turn things around they could easily fill an 80,000 seat stadium. Just seems like 60,000 is shooting low
  2. Things other than Redskins

    Meant nightmare scenario would be getting Flacco. Keenum for 7mil? Can’t argue with the price but a QB room of Keenum, Colt, most likely not Alex, and/or Josh Johnson who by week 3 will be wondering if the AAF would have been the right move brings the term uninspiring to a entirely new level
  3. Things other than Redskins

    https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player-news They haven’t said what the compensation is yet. Only says they can’t officially announce it until March 13. Sound familiar?
  4. Things other than Redskins

    So Joe Flacco gets traded to Denver. One nightmare scenario we won’t have to worry about.
  5. Things other than Redskins

    Isn’t that where Nicholson had an incident? What’s up with that place?
  6. Who is the game 1 starter?

    I say clear the QB room and fill it with Rypiens QB1 Brett- QB2- Mark- should be cheaper given his age and has as many rings as Foles. Besides, who better to have Brett’s back as Snyder, Allen, and Gruden try to ruin him QB3 Angela- Lingerie League MVP. Hey, it would be better than watching Mark Sanchez
  7. Kyler Murray

    I agree with all of this and I’ll add that I don’t buy the “commitment to football” for one second. He was asked that question in interviews a couple times and literally had no answer. I have a feeling he’s going to try to pull off playing both sports and what he’s saying now keeps his draft stock high. Even if he truly has committed to football I, for one, don’t need my QB thinking if it gets too tough in the NFL he can pack it up and head to baseball.
  8. Things other than Redskins

    Random guess: they might be allocated to the AAF team by thier NFL squad kind of like NFL Europe
  9. We don’t get paid to help out new co-workers, our bosses do, but I’m sure all of us helped a new guy out at some point. No, Colt doesn’t get paid to help young guys along but seeing as he isn’t the starter, I mean our starter can’t walk and the team is scrambling to get someone to play the position, I’d bet Colt has some time to watch some tape with a rookie if asked.
  10. Things other than Redskins

    I got the San Diego/San Antonio game here in NY. I’ll check in on this league when I get a chance. Checked in on the rosters a week or 2 ago and the level of head coaching they were able to scroung up impressed me. Yes even Spurrier. Hopefully we get some decent football out of these guys
  11. To be fair, I’m gonna step out on a limb and say Favre, right or wrong, every right to say screw the kid I’m not teaching him jack for what he did for that organization. Most of the great ones would never agree to mentor a kid to take his job, just ask Brady. Colt in 100 lifetimes won’t be in that place.
  12. Isn’t that sorta Colt McCoys job?
  13. I’ll be honest I saw the name and thought for a second it was to play also. When you can’t tell if a hire is for the staff or the roster things are pretty bad, Lolol (laughing on the outside, sobbing profusely inside)
  14. Spencer Long released

    I know about the thumb. If he couldn’t go he shouldn’t have played. They don’t need Darnold getting hurt chasing after ground balls (God another flashback to 2012). Was he was forced to play? who knows? Hard to believe in this day and age the Jets would force him to play knowing it could put their franchise QB in jeopardy. Whatever the reason was a team with 100 million in cap space saw Long as not worth a 3 million roster bonus.
  15. Spencer Long released

    He was getting hammered for the bad snaps up here. I thought the price to sign him was a bit high also but I guess they overpaid to make sure Darnold had a competent center to work with. Outside the snaps (and yea it was a big deal) he was definitely serviceable. Wouldn’t mind bringing him back as a LG at all.