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  1. If Rivera was keen on the idea of Haskins being a franchise QB, the best thing for the kid would’ve been to start Allen week 1. Earlier in this thread someone alluded to this being Haskins 4th offense in 11 starts. I would’ve sat Dwayne and allowed him to digest the book, with the plan of giving him the 2nd half of the season as an audition. It seems Rivera’s plan was to throw the kid to the wolves. Or maybe Dwayne showed enough on Zoom and in camp to earn the job. Or maybe, as someone also alluded to earlier, Dwayne has some kind of attitude problem and the 4 starts was a lesson to show the kid “hey, you do it our way or these are the results and you’ll be out of the league”. Spitballing, I know. Bottom line is this doesn’t have to be the end of Dwayne Haskins as the starter in Washington. It’s up to him to show he has the system down, and can improve. Whether it’s later in the season or even week 1 next year. I haven’t been pro or anti Dwayne. I didn’t jump for joy over the pick but hoped it would work out. I haven’t jumped for joy over his play but hoped it would improve. It clearly hasn’t. Given the nonsense he’s been through I’m still willing to give it time. 4 systems in 11 starts? There’s no way anyone would come out and play fast. That said, should he be the only option? Heck no. Rivera knows he isn’t changing culture or results or anything around here until he gets the Quarterback situation figured out.
  2. I’ve said this about Dwayne before. There’s no possible way we, or even Haskins himself, could look at last year at all, as far as his development. The org was a total 💩 show, the coach was on his way out, and it was easy to see no one was looking out for the kid. He could have easily Jamarcus’ed out his rookie deal and been on his way. Enter Rivera. God knows what was said but he got Dwayne to put the work in, and yesterday showed me he did. Forget about the weight he lost, the delay of games and illegal formations and all those other stupid penalties were so used to were gone. For the most part he seemed to have the team in the right protection even if he didn’t execute every play, that will come (hopefully). Most importantly, he didn’t turn the ball over. We all knew this team would play to the defense. Haskins did his part by not turning the ball over. Ron and Turner have to get the running game going. Bottom line is if yesterday was Haskins first NFL game we’d all be ordering jerseys today.
  3. Ugh, I slept on it and I still feel like Apke is a disaster waiting to happen in the back. In his first NFL game Jaelen Reagor was blowing by him. He supposedly runs 4.3 but didn’t have the range to get anywhere near Goedert in the seam on his TD. Imagine what DeAndre Hopkins, Kirk and Fitz would do to him? My leash on him would be pretty short. They should be working people out.
  4. I thought this was a Jimmy Moreland puff piece lol.
  5. I always wake up opening day more optimistic about this team than I should be. With all of Phillys injuries I think they could grind out a win. REDSKINS- 23 Eagles- 17
  6. Took the kids to Hershey last year. Hope the construction was finished because it was a pain to get in then. I’m excited to see what this team has under a real coaching staff too. Adding up all these Philly injuries Im starting to expect a win.
  7. As terrible as this is, it isn’t enough to force Dan to sell. I think the hype around the article will, in a sad way, bury the substance of it. I still don’t get why the team wouldn’t get out in front of something like this. “We’re aware of this situation in our offices and all those involved will be terminated immediately.” I do love Rivera’s quote though. Hopefully this gives Dan the kick in the rear he needs to get this thing going the right way.
  8. I know it’s hypothetical, but John Cooke sold the team once for I believe 800 million. Why buy back in for the same -ish price for a percentage of the team?
  9. Oh I agree they’ve fallen off. They don’t need them to be world beaters. My thinking is they help the most on the practice field and meeting room. Anything they would be able to do on Sunday is a plus
  10. I have no problem with Ron getting all the power he needs, or thinks he needs, to get this thing turned around. Guys remember a season ago, Gruden was checked out since the Haskins pick, and Bruce was checked out, well, for his entire tenure. To come out of that mess with a solid head coach in Rivera was a remarkable job by Snyder, yes Dan Snyder. Did Rivera have leverage in that no one else wanted this job? Probably. Maybe Rivera has a GM In mind that just wasn’t available this offseason. After the last 2 decades, I willing to give this guy the time needed to build a consistent winner.
  11. I almost put Grant on my list, but to me bringing in a guy with a ring has a little bit of value in that the young guys need that kind of mentor. If this team is anything it’s young, and sprinkling in a guy or two that won’t break the bank and has been to the peak can’t hurt.
  12. From this list I don’t think we need the drama of a Gordon or Brown (though I’d prefer Gordon). Much rather a Demaryius Thomas or even Chris Hogan, a big bodied vet that can help in the red zone and take some heat off McLaurin, and help bring the young guys along. Always liked Taylor Gabriel but I think his ship has sailed. Feel bad for Harmon, hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, but with this team it usually is.
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