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  1. Things other than Redskins

    Little bit of both. Seahawks O is still Russell Wilson all by himself. Bears D looking like it’s legit. The front 7 anyway.
  2. Bet you the last person who cares how many followers Darell Green has is Darell Green
  3. Yes he has a terrible game but I’m not complaining about Smith. To those who are bashing him what other option did the team have? They weren’t picking high enough for a QB. It was Smith or give Keenum or Bradford big money. If they pick high enough to grab the QB of the future in this next draft great. If not then we’re in the playoff hunt.
  4. Doug Williams was cut by Tampa wasn’t he?
  5. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Where’s Ryan Kerrigan???
  6. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Eh. They’re all worth 90+ now. Even Bortles got 20+ per, and any QB needs help to be successful. Besides I don’t know what else they could do. Kirk wasn’t coming back. They went out and got a guy before the FA sweepstakes began.
  7. No way there was 57,000 in the building. When I left after the Reed fumble there was no traffic. That upper deck looks smaller and smaller every time I come. Last game I came down for was in 2012 and it took me an hour and a half to get out of the lot. The fancy new marketing Dept. Has this “hail yeah” hail this, hail that, I hail, you hail, we hail all over the stadium but who are they kidding. How about hail some football people in to run the thing and see how fast the place fills.
  8. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    We all knew to be successful by any measure Smith needs a running game to work off of. A seven yard pass looks great on 2nd and 5. Have a game like today where he has to make a few big throws, he makes a couple (not enough) of those throws and they get dropped. They just don’t have that guy that would get seperation and make the plays consistently outside to bail the running game out
  9. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Wasn’t Smith the best deep ball thrower in the universe last year or whatever cockamamie stat we argued over for weeks? Couldn’t Tyreek Hill and Andy Reid be part of the trade too?
  10. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    I didn’t notice this last week but today did anyone else see Allen and Payne not play a snap together in the second half? Every play one was coming out the other was going in. I get the need for rotation but in a game where your losing the battle up front shouldn’t your best DLs be on the field? At least 1st and 3rd down? Especially guys that know how to work together.
  11. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Sadly is thier any other option? Good points - he got to see fighter jets -with his first pop Warner game next week (I’m head coach, call me Gibbs 3.0) seeing the real deal (sort of) is an awesome experience. -he got a shiny new chris Thompson jersey bad points- josh Docston signed his hoodie and in doing so basically stained a $50 redskin hoodie -got a “my first redskin game” award whatever thing. Bruce Allen freakin signed one for all 3 of my kids. I don’t want this guys name in my house.
  12. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Just left fed ex. Getting on 95 on way to New York ask the kids did everyone have a good time? My 6 year old boy, who was awesome all game making noise on third down after third down says “it sucked the colts won”. As his eyes were welling up I think, he’s one of us now
  13. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Does that mean in 12 years we can have Mahomes!!!!
  14. Week 2: Indianapolis Colts

    Maybe, but now it’ll have to be by trade. Heard the Browns didn’t release him and are offering him to other teams. Sorry I don’t have a link