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  1. Williams to Browns Rumor

    No Frank Minnifield? Damn
  2. Williams to Browns Rumor

    A 1st A starting caliber player (rather Ward over NJoku) or a 3rd A 4th
  3. Let's support our DC Defenders!!

    Trent Richardson still on the board
  4. Let's support our DC Defenders!!

    I must be really bored but I checked it out. June Jones, Houston’s head coach, is gonna make sure he has a QB
  5. Let's support our DC Defenders!!

    The culture is too damn good for the XFL. Pffft lol they’d fit right in
  6. Let's support our DC Defenders!!

    Can our resident JMU expert help us out?
  7. Let's support our DC Defenders!!

    Defenders would be a 3 point favorite vs the Redskins and only have a coach and a QB
  8. Who do you want as HC

    I don’t know, the more I hear Dan is chasing Tomlin the more I think Tomlin is using Dan to squeeze a couple more bucks out of the Steelers. Who would leave that job, probably the best head coaching job in the NFL, for this mess?
  9. Can I sign up for wins vs Cousins and Kyle and call it a day at 3-13? Maybe beat the Giants
  10. Callahan Practices

    I’m not even sure McVay knew if he was a disciplinarian or a players guy when he was hired because he was so young. Head coaches, much like players, need some time to find their groove. He knew he was an X’s and O’s wiz. That’s why the hire of Wade Phillips was so important. He was a bit of a softee as a head coach himself but his experience in handling the room was invaluable it McVay. I heard McVay went after him hard and all but demanded him during his interview. Not sure if it’s still the case but in their first year together I remember Wade handling the game (timeouts etc) while McVay was buried in the tablet with Goff when the defense was on the field. A lot of these young head coaches think they have it licked, McVay was smart enough to realize he needed help.
  11. Who do you want as HC

    Good point. If OConnell gets the job the story will be that Jay was the only problem and well reshuffle the offensive staff and be good to go. Mike Tomlin will want to bring his own people in on both sides of the ball.
  12. Callahan Practices

    I’m a big fan of ALL of it. This team has needed a kick in the rear like this forever. Im sure Callahan will also hold these guys accountable in the meeting room too, which is just as important
  13. Your not misunderstood Trent for 1st, 3rd and Ward or Trent for 1st, 4th, and Hunt Again, this was only texted to me by a friend who is a Browns fan. Didn’t read it anywhere, no link to post. Just a rumor
  14. Norman and Odell in the same locker room! Brilliant 😂
  15. I have no idea where they came from (texted to me from a friend) but 2 rumors I heard today: 1st round pick, a 3 and Denzel Ward 1st round pick, a 4 and Kareem Hunt Ward deal is a no brainer