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  1. Since Darrell Young left I’m still pounding the table for a fullback, and yes my hand is getting sore
  2. Wrong. I’d rather watch the rookie look like a rookie than the 10 year vet look lost
  3. It would be a penalty anyway lol
  4. Was hoping Pierschbacher, Martin or one of the janitors would beat out Flowers. This is most likely the 5 for week 1
  5. Love that Guice is playing into the 2nd
  6. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    I voted 55+ Only because he’s my keeper 😂. Seriously, don’t see any reason why he’d end up lower than 40-45
  7. I mean it’s probably the worst set of WRs in the NFL and he can’t get a rep 🤷🏻‍♂️
  8. Maybe he hasn’t earned reps in games. as Far as Treadwell, I’d rather shoot for someone with some return ability, but I’m sure teams would just wait for Bruce to cut him.
  9. When we started talking about a trade haul for Trent a couple weeks ago I was pretty disappointed that the consensus was a mid round pick. When Shefty came out and said there could be a 1+ on the table, I liked that take a lot better lol. I have no doubt Bruce and Dan are willing to let Trent sit the season, which is the worst possible situation for everyone involved. I’d be happy with a late 1/early 2 (assuming the other teams finishing record) and a young player that could help immediately.
  10. I know you were talking to Thai but sadly, it’s been at this stage for awhile. I went to the Indy game last year and the place was half full and around 50% were Indy fans, not Philly or NY fans, division rivals who’s fans are relatively close. No, these fans came from freakin Indiana and just about matched Skins fans to a man. I remember the 80’s and 90’s and even the first few years at Fed-ex everyone spoke of the college atmosphere at games. When a big play happened you could see both stadiums shake on TV. It’s all gone. It was back for a while in 2012 but that seems like decades ago. Dan and Bruce are despised yes, but that’s not why fans don’t go to games. It’s the product. November and December are meaningless every single year. Yes that’s mainly Dan and Bruce’s fault, but if they could win games the fans would be back to support the team and still despise those two clowns.
  11. What table are you sitting at?

    I’d be out in the parking lot with the 5 o’clock club. Riggo grabs us the tray of wings