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  1. Q Dunbar Gifted to the Seahawks

    And as far as Allen. Anyone realize Haskins is the only one in the QB room right now? They brought in a kid who knows the system and can develop into a solid #2. I’m not going to call it brilliant or even savvy but it needed to be done.
  2. Q Dunbar Gifted to the Seahawks

    Dunbar made it clear a while ago that he didn’t want to play here. That gave away any leverage the team had. Rivera’s mantra coming in is that he wants guys that will sell out for the ultimate goal. If Dunny didn’t want to be here, no problem.
  3. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Rivera was able to hire just about his entire staff from Carolina, that’s telling me his guys are loyal. In one day he signed Thomas Davis, who was the king of that Carolina locker room. Maybe Bradberry just wanted to play in New York. Maybe Rivera/Del Rio are content with Kendall Fuller at a cheaper cost. There’s a million things that go into where these guys sign their 2nd contract.
  4. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    Clearly it hasn’t done that. Whoever the coach is, these guys aren’t going to trust their careers to an organization that hasn’t shown any ability to further them at all in years. Ron is going to need to prove it. I don’t think they ever had a real shot at Cooper. He was using this org to drive his price up. It’s still early in FA. I’d like to see them make a run at either Ebron or Vannett. A guy like Damarious Randall or Sean Davis can help at FS. Not every signing has to be a top of the market guy
  5. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I’m fine with not getting Hooper. Maybe Ron is smart enough to realize Hoopers play had A little something to do with Julio and Ridley on either side of him, I mean he did see them twice a year. Or maybe Hooper just didn’t want to com here. They have to prove things have changed before this becomes a destination for FAs.
  6. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I’m going to go ahead and say it. The lack of movement today makes me think a trade down from 2 is inevitable.
  7. Chargers extend RB Austin Ekeler (4 year, $24.5 M, $15 M gtd)

    My bad. Don’t know why I had that number in my head for Thompson
  8. Chargers extend RB Austin Ekeler (4 year, $24.5 M, $15 M gtd)

    I thought Ekeler could have done better. Just to compare, 3 years ago Chris Thompson got in the neighborhood of 5/25. Maybe after seeing the Gordon situation up close he just took the first thing that came along
  9. Rams new logo unveiled

    Teams have been known to leak stuff like this before and see the reaction before making anything official. Hope this is the case here
  10. He’s 37 and wouldn’t cost a draft pick.
  11. Peters being a free agent ruins Trents trade value. They should have traded him last season.
  12. How do you spend your first million?

    Yea I’m not feeling bad for anyone who blows through that kind of money. I’m sure the NFLPA and a couple guys in every NFL locker room has some good advice and resources for any player who gives a darn about what to do with his money.
  13. NFL Combine

    Can’t believe how Derrick Brown tested. I had him at least level with Simmons and Okudah. The tape and the combine were completely different for him. I know Washington wasn’t in play for the guy anyway but how far do you guys think he’s fallen?
  14. 2020 Draft thread

    I see what your saying, but it’s not like he waited for other jobs to open and made a choice. It seems he liked the roster/power he’d be given and jumped on it. I’m not saying he could have had any job he wanted but he would have definately got other offers, I’m sure he and his agent knew that.
  15. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    San Frans D line was excellent in that game. Shanahan and Garoppolo hung them out to dry.
  16. 2020 Draft thread

    All of this. Rivera and Del Rio have repeatedly said they took this job because they liked the amount of young talent on the roster. IMO you add a game wrecker like Young then a piece here and there, plus a much better head coach and staff and away we go.
  17. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I get that, but you could also say my star LT allows me to double your star pass rusher when he lines up over anyone other than the LT, allowing my OL unit to contain the DL. It goes back and forth. I’d take the star LT anyday over an edge. You can scheme pressure. Not having a left tackle usually leaves an offense looking clueless
  18. Update: Jordan Reed released

    In the end the guy has 3,371 yards for his career. Not even a dent in history. Time to go
  19. Redskins Excercise APs 2020 Club Option

    He’s earned it, no doubt.
  20. NFL Combine

    I heard Ruggs said he plans to run 4.19. I only saw this scrolling by on Twitter
  21. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    3 months ago I would have said add Pep Hamilton to that list
  22. 2020 Draft thread

    To be fair, if John Kasay doesn’t kickoff out of bounds Brady never would have had time to drive to the game winning FG. Peppers owes Kasay a beat down lol. Peppers was stellar that season.
  23. 2020 Free Agency Thread

    I’d be all over this for a conditional 6th of a pick swap of some sort if we can’t sign Hooper. Like Reed, Njoku had his fair share of injuries as well so he definately wouldn’t be my first option at the position
  24. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    Lol, you know what I’m thinking of. Glanville was with June Jones, not Gilbride at the U of Hawaii for a while. He might have crossed paths with Gilbride, who knows. Seen one Run n Shoot OC you seen em all
  25. Off Topic: The DC Defenders/XFL Thread

    Couldn’t remember if it was him or Buddy Ryan