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  1. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    Hey everyone, I've actually been lurking on this forum for a good 3-4 years before I finally decided to join last week. I don't really know much about the technical aspects of the game (formations, routes, blah blah), so I'll most likely be reading than posting. About You Username: Snicko Age: 26 Where's home: Sydney, Aus Occupation/Area of Study: Engineer Your Ravens fandom history When did you start following the Ravens: 2012 regular season What made you become a fan: I happened to watch a Ravens-Pats game in 2012 during a day off from uni. It went down to the last seconds, with the Ravens winning on the last play. Lo-and-behold, they ended up winning the Superbowl that year haha. Favorite current Raven: CJ Mosley All-time favorite Raven: Ray Lewis Favorite moment in team history: 2012 season Superbowl victory, the Mile High Miracle Your interests Other favorite teams: Packers Hobbies outside of football: Cricket, reading, hiking, hip-hop music Favorite movie: Too many to list Favorite TV Show: The Wire, Game of Thrones Favorite band/musical artist: J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Nas