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  1. I don't post much here but take a look at this OT. He played for my alma mater for four years and was a man among boys in the NAIA. 6'7", 305 and can do a standing backflip. The team was 4th in nation in rushing behind him and the rest of the line. I'd love to see him with the Vikes as a 7th rounder or UFA. He's a bit tall to play guard but that's where I'd slot him if he could make an NFL squad. EDIT: He's one of four NAIA players selected to play in the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl this Saturday if you're at all interested. #70.
  2. Boise resident here and BSU father and fan. Mattison is durable and a beast. A faster version of Leroy Hoard. Excited that he's on the team. Now we just need to grab Brett Rypien in a later round
  3. I don't post much on here but let's not forget that Carlson was given a new holder to start the season as well. He still needs to make the kicks but he wasn't given much of a chance to establish rapport with Wile.
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