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  1. Averett has a total of 0 positive plays throughout his career!
  2. Where is the read option? The run game has yet to show up but we are really not playing to our own strengths
  3. Sloppy start on offense. Looks like Texans has the run covered pretty well, which forces LJ to run himself.
  4. Remember the Cam Cameron days of 5-step dropbacks, 4 vertical routes and an automatic check down from Flacco to Rice gaining +7 yards every time. While none of our RBs are as elusive as RR was, this offense has an untapped potential in the easy passes to the RB’s.
  5. Seems like a Wormley kind-of-player as a 5-tech - most likely behind Campbell, Wolfe and Madabuike. Dylan Mack still needs to step-up as the back-up NT.
  6. I actually got both Queen, Madubuike and Harrison.
  7. AJ Epenesa Justin Madubuike YGM Josh Uche Malik Harrison Jordyn Brooks Patrick Queen Davis-Gaither Robert Hunt Jonah Jackson Ben Bartch Jon Runyan Tyler Biadasz Cesar Ruiz Bryan Edwards Denzel Mims Antonio Gibson Antoine Brooks Harrison Bryant Thaddeus Moss
  8. This has Ravens written all over it. Could be a could veteran presence to add to the rotation at ILB and provide value on early downs and blitzing.
  9. Josh Uche looked good at the Senior Bowl. I wonder if he will rise into to the first round? Seems like a versatile player who plays the runs disciplined and really gets after the QB when opportunities present themselves. I wish he would finish more plays but we could really use the chaos he creates. Bradley Anae likewise rushes the passer excellently but I’m uncertain about his abilities in the run game.
  10. This it worst case scenario! Time for the MVP to do his magic.
  11. Powers seems to be playing RG right now. Good block on that record breaking run.
  12. Any Michigan fans in here? I noticed Josh Uche a lot last year when watching tape on Winovich - how is he performing and would he fit into our defense?
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