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  1. Looks like Chris Moore is playing quite a bit today - on most instances as a replacement for Brown.
  2. He’s 29 at the start of next season, right? Speedsters like Brown rarely excels after 30, but I would love to have him prove me wrong.
  3. What is up with the commentators love of Hurst..... James Hurst!?
  4. Raven Review

    What really annoys me on most of the plays is the fact that when we bring pressure we usually back of and allow the easy completion underneath for 5-10 yards! If we trusted our pass rushers and our scheme we would be pressing receivers, tightends and backs at the LOS and challenge all underneath throws.
  5. Time for the defense to show it is the real deal!
  6. Perfect play call by MM on the 3rd down screen
  7. What to do with CJ Mosley?

    I don’t there’s any question that Mosley is a well-liked person within the organisation and I believe he is a central figure from a leadership standpoint. I think I remember Harbaugh mentioning Mosley (together with Suggs and Weddle) when talking about a defensive group of leaders which he consults with, so no doubt in my mind that he is a leader. The question then is, how much is that leadership worth? He’s currently not playing as a top 5 ILB but probably in that 5-10 range. Call me old school but I would prioritise defense and stability and pay him app. the same as McKinney and Kendricks.
  8. Great win and nothing better than a quite Heinz Field stadium. While this forum is quick to point out the incompetence of coaches and coordinators - I believe we have to give major credit to both of our coordinators for this win. The defense once again adjusted af halftime and shut out the Steelers in the 2nd half! The offense was consistent and innovative - both terms we’ve normally not associated with MM.
  9. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Season Roster Tracker

    Smart move to wait until Steeler-week before we’re unleashing Hayden Hurst!
  10. Ravens sign Hroniss Grasu

    Given that Harbaugh revealed in pre season that Bozeman is not ready to start and the fact that Lewis has looked less than impressive at LG, the signing of Grasu could potentially mean that we’re considering moving Skura to LG to replace Lewis.
  11. Great blitz called by Martindale on that 3rd down - and ANOTHER great play by Young. That rook is playing lights out at the moment. Very impressed.
  12. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Season Roster Tracker

    So do the Vikings! Any news on whether or not Vedvik is even ready to play yet?
  13. Two dropped passes by Crabtree- why is he not wearing gloves?
  14. Great defense and the offense looks to be moving the ball as soon as we’re not making personal mistakes. I like how the defense looks. Lots of movement and disguised blitzes. Bills should be shut out today!!
  15. Final Roster Cutdown: 2019

    Janarion Grant made the roster, right?