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  1. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Josh Uche looked good at the Senior Bowl. I wonder if he will rise into to the first round? Seems like a versatile player who plays the runs disciplined and really gets after the QB when opportunities present themselves. I wish he would finish more plays but we could really use the chaos he creates. Bradley Anae likewise rushes the passer excellently but I’m uncertain about his abilities in the run game.
  2. This it worst case scenario! Time for the MVP to do his magic.
  3. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    Run, Run, throw to Hurst
  4. 12/29 - The Backup Bowl GDT: Steelers @ Ravens

    Powers seems to be playing RG right now. Good block on that record breaking run.
  5. Execution is getting sloppy - get Lamar out
  6. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    Any Michigan fans in here? I noticed Josh Uche a lot last year when watching tape on Winovich - how is he performing and would he fit into our defense?
  7. 2019 Rookie Talk

    Halfway through Hollywood’s rookie season and his highlight tape is already more impressive than any other Ravens receiver... Stay healthy and keep dominating, kid!
  8. Seeing Brady scratch his head in discouragement as Lamar is leading the offense on a time consuming drive is worth everything.
  9. Lamar is so clutch! We’re going as far as he can carry us - and I’m totally comfortable with that.
  10. It’s 3:00 in the night here in Denmark, but this is WORTH IT!!
  11. Marlon playing ST on that punt..... Don’t think he did that this season but he shouldn’t take the role of Bethel.