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  1. I’m actually surprised that anyone scores lower than Villanueva, who really seems to struggle mightily. Remember when we signed him and we were worried about his run blocking. Pass blocking was his strength. 3/5 of our O-line will consists of new players by this time next year.
  2. The hype train around Araiza is already running - and probably with some merit given his godly numbers punting. I expect he will be drafted quite early. I agree that Koch is done, but are we willing to invest a 2/3rd round pick on a punter? We’ve had quite good success with specialist lately.
  3. Imagine the year JK Dobbins could’ve had this year. He looked better than Jonathan Taylor last year, and Taylor is now leading the league in rushing. Combine that with Roman + Lamar effect and it could’ve been a +1500 y season.
  4. The trade makes sense for a lot of reasons other than the fact that we probably can’t afford Mack long term as the 3rd RB. Colts would get bigger compensation than what they stand to get as the compensatory pick, Mack could increase his value significantly in a RB friendly scheme and we would (short term) fill a need. The question is how much of our long-term resources (draft picks) are worth compared to the short-term need. Given our current and future cap situation, we need (cheap) draft picks on the roster) I wonder if we could get more value for Ty’son Williams (with 3 years unde
  5. Josh Bynes will Inge again solve our LB issues. PQ is back on the field again.
  6. Agreed. And is it my or are they going in commercials on any given opportunity? No replays, no player focus, no nothing - only play by play and then commercials.
  7. Great that Lamar jukes out three defenders on a 2 yard run but 2020-Lamar tries to outrun the defender and turn the corner. He is either losing speed or is injured more than we know.
  8. Tyson inactive again. We might as well trade him now if we do not intend to use him this year. Not a lot of carries to go around next year when Gus and JK are back.
  9. Combining the fact that he looks less explosive running the ball this year compared to last and that he is missing practice each week, I think it’s fair to assume that Lamar has an undisclosed injury (maybe back) that is hindering him physically at the moment.
  10. Seems like our WR’s never slips a tackle and goes for 30 extra yards. We catch and slide - neither Hollywood or Duvernay have been able to outrun opponents.
  11. Wink is really using all of the creative blitzes today.
  12. Not worried about OLB depth as McPhee has played mainly inside and both Chris Smith and Hayes showed real ability during preseason. Would’ve been nice to have Crawford for this game to see what we got. Too many snaps for Jelly and Calais can be worrisome.
  13. How can you not be super excited after watching that? Super high quality from the stadium/media team.
  14. Lamar didn’t want anyone other than him touching the ball on the last drive. He is carrying this team.
  15. Have not seen anything from Madabuike in 6 quarters now….
  16. Disagree - AV looks much more natural in the left side and actually appears to lock his man up quite efficiently. Haven’t noticed Zeitler specifically but Bozeman looks really good. Strong at POA, good mobility, save snaps etc.
  17. Re: Aiden Hutchinson, I believe I read somewhere that he’s been slimming down to the 260 range to improve his outside play, which is a shame because I really liked him as a disrupting 5-T at 280+.
  18. Loved his physical presence his first few years in the league, but I’m interested in seeing how much of that is left. Without looking too much into his latest film, he appears similar to McPhee in playing style and demeanour. Will be difficult for Ferguson to make the team now. McPhee, Bowser, Houston, Oweh and Hayes appears to be ahead of him.
  19. Drake Jackson Chauncey Golston Tommy Tremble Dyami Brown Alim McNeil Shaun Wade Tommy Doyle Elijah Moore Robert Hainesey Jaelen Phillips Creed Humphrey Ronnie Perkins Rashod Bateman Gregory Rousseau Walker Little Amon-Ra St-Brown Paulson Adebo Chris Rumph Andre Cisco Kwity Paye
  20. If we end up drafting a C/LG and/or moving Bozeman to C, I would also consider Makari as an option as RT. Played LT in college and has performed well in all positions on the line throughout last year.
  21. So what is the intel on Quinn Meinerz - he looked super powerful on the film above where he even managed to pancake a DT in a 1-1 drill. I know the scouting community are raving about him at the senior bowl, but difficult to properly evaluate him.
  22. 3 Bills receivers lined up to the left and we only line two corners up across of them. Are we trying to date them to throw that screen cause that will work 10/10 times.
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